Illuminati symbolism in Eminem ‘Berzerk’ official video


The full video for Berzerk officially dropped from Eminem’s upcoming album, the Marshall Mathers LP 2 that comes out on November 5th. I posted up some symbolism that was found with the artwork for the release of the single:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Illuminati

But here’s a couple of quickies that can be found on the full video…


Eminem flashes that ‘666’ hand gesture that we see throughout the music industry:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 1

We also see him give us the ‘666’ around the eye, which is indicative of the all seeing eye of Horus, which means that he has been exposed to the practices of occult magic that the “Beast 666” Aleister Crowley ushered in with the Aeon of Horus:

A few weeks later he (Crowley) was contacted by his Holy Guardian Angel named Aiwass (“Aiwass” means “Lucifer” in Gnostic terms) while in Egypt, who dictated to him the document that would later form the Thelema religion, The Book of the Law. This book is where Crowley discusses the “Aeon of Horus,” a time in which the people will ”Do what thou wilt” (reinforcing the concept of freedom; so long as it is in line with what you believe your true calling in life is, or your “true will.”).

Followers should seek and follow their own true path in life, and following their “True Will” and fulfilling any desires or purpose of life without the aid of God or authority.  To find your “True Will” you should perform magick. The magick and rituals help find this True Will and include daily sun devotions, yoga, and sexual activities such as Tantric sex.

Crowley believed that Horus wanted him to be the prophet that was to inform the human race of the entrance into this Aeon of Horus era, ushering in the 20th century. Thelema religion says human history can be divided into eras of different magical and religious expressions. The first era was the Aeon of Isis; the second was Aeon of Osiris, and the third is the Aeon of Horus (what we’re experiencing now; since Crowley’s introduction into it). Here’s where we can see the tie-in between the Ancient Egyptians, the occult, and the modern day “Illuminati”:

Aeon of Isis: This was known as the era of Goddess worship (e.g. Egyptian goddess Isis). The emphasis at this time period was on matriarchal values, and the balance of human nature.

Aeon of Osiris: This occurred during the medieval times with male god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Osiris). The emphasis during this time was on patriarchy and male dominated values.

Aeon of Horus: This is the modern time with child god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Horus).

This current Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was intended to usher in is why we see the musicians doing the symbol for the all seeing eye, or the Eye of Horus (on the US Seal on the dollar bill pyramid). This symbol for the eye is found in Freemasonry as the Eye of Providence as well.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 2

We see it all over the place in the music industry:

beyonce 666 2

drake 666

beyonce 666

JustinTimberlake illuminati 666

gaga 666 2

IlluminatiWatcher 666 Depp Dicaprio

At the end Eminem and Rick Rubin are playing cards and the final card tossed down is Ace of Spades, but if you’ll notice there is a beehive on it…:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 3

…This doesn’t seem too nefarious, but if you follow the symbolism for beehives, you’ll find out that it has origins of Illuminati presence. Bees in general are revered in secret societies, as I detail in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

The Freemasons adopted the symbol of the bee and beehive in the 18th century as a symbol for industry, wisdom, obedience, and regeneration. This is no surprise since the Freemasons have rich occult symbolism that follows along the tradition of the Romans and Egyptians. The Master Mason is given this instruction during the initiation into the third degree, being told that all men must continue working intelligently, as part of the industry theme. The state of Utah is steeped in Freemason symbolism, since its predominant religion is Latter Day Saints, which was founded by a former Freemason, Joseph Smith. The state flag bears the seal of Utah which features a large beehive and the word “Industry” scrolled across it, the state insect is a honey bee, and the baseball team of Salt Lake City is called the Salt Lake Bees. The importance of the honey bee is further addressed in the LDS Book of Mormon, with the word “Deseret” being translated as another word meaning honey bee. Utah has several functions with the term “Deseret” attached to it such as Utah’s second-largest newspaper the Deseret News, the Deseret Book industry that sells LDS books, Deseret Industries that operates a chain of thrift stores all over Utah, Deseret First Credit Union, and so on. Also there is a Deseret Chemical Depot that stored chemical weapons such as sarin, mustard gas, and VX.

Hook yourself up with a copy and get the knowledge dropped on your mind:

Finally, here’s the video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Even his avatar.Man..i dont understand slim shady.Hes one fucked up dude

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