Illuminati symbolism in Eminem ‘Berzerk’ single release


Eminem just dropped a single called Berserk that will be on his upcoming album Marshall Mathers 2 that drops on November 5th, 2013. The track has Rick Rubin production, and I can’t really say that I like the sound on it, but that’s beside the point.  Take a look at the visual that dropped for the single via

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Illuminati


He gave us the Moloch/devil horns and the all seeing eye. These are both symbols used frequently by the Illuminati to convey messages to each other (and the unsuspecting masses). The horns of Moloch aka Mano Cornuto are known to be spells, or hexes; while the All Seeing Eye of Horus indicates he might be part of Aleister Crowley’s magical ritual for pushing us into the Aeon of Horus.


Does this mean he is back on the Illuminati bandwagon? He’s got plenty of other artwork that indicates he is enslaved by the dark energy, but a lot of this music and art seems to convey a sense of struggle to be released from the grasps.

eminem recovery

eminem recovery

Here’s artwork from Relapse with more of the All Seeing Eye:

Eminem Relapse All seeing eye


It appears that Eminem did a music video teaser on ESPN’s Saturday Night Football, in which he acted strange to say the least…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 1


They intro the preview to the video, (and announced that it will be part of the weekly games to play the single), but only after he acts doping. Some could argue this is a sort of mind control breakdown, like we saw Britney Spears go through a few years ago.

In the music video he spits about writing pen on the pad and makes the ‘666’ hand gesture, right in front of our eyes:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 2


That ‘666’ hand symbol is nothing new for him either…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Berzerk Illuminati 666


I’ve created a whole new post to cover the few images that I found from the full Berzerk video HERE and also a post for the lyrics involving the demon entity Rainman HERE. But for those of you who want to go as far down the rabbit hole as one can go, check out the guide to hip hop and the Illuminati in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:



Here’s the odd video clip from ESPN:

Here’s that single Berserk:


I’ve created a whole new post to cover the few images that I found from the full video for Berzerk HERE.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Has it ever occurred to you that it might just be a random pose for a photo? If I have a look through my pictures on Facebook in some of them you can only see one of my eyes. If I was famous the illuminati fearing butters would jump all over it.
    The guy makes devil horns. Suddenly he’s illuminati. Rockers have been making that sign for years. Get over it and make a website that actually has some use or reason.

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    • My guess he did it deliberately to make fun of the idiots who believe in Illuminati.

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    • did you realize most of the “rockers” have been puppets for years and that’s why they do it so often

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  2. If it was only this pose on one random photo of one artist. Music industry is full of this symbolism, in videos, lyrics and clothes. Rockers are also using some of this symbolism but primarily satan’s not illuminati.

    I really like this website, keep on the good work!

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  3. You people are stoopid

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  4. This is the most bullshit I’ve ever seen on one website, no doubt whoever came up with this illuminati shit is a hardcore Christian dweeb.. If I was a famous celebrity then I’d do all of that just to see how you guys respond hahahaha. Celebrities probably keep throwing these “symbols” around more because you’re giving them attention.. and that means more money hahahaha, you’re just making them richer you dumbasses

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    • I’m muslim & they teach us about this signs trust me u couldn’t be more wrong about eminem here is why: 1.The illuminaties never make fun from the upper family but in berzerk song eminem mock one of kardashians(kardashian are one of highest family) 2. in first verse e’m said “Just like I did with addiction I’m ’bout to kick it” all Illuminati artist advertising drinking & snorting 3. & beats headphone ,eminem was the first artist who use these headphones & The model “Studio” is the model they made just eminem you can see the first model on “You Don’t Know” music video [UNCUT & UNRATED VER.]on head of obie trace head in plane after that became famous & dre withe jimmy lovin cane along

      i know it’s hard to accept this things but trust me if someone like eminem was illuminati he never became addict or he have alots of brands like jay-z or he always won alots awards like beyonce or justin.b

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  5. There is a definite pull by the media to desensitize people to the demonic and depraved. People with no hope and no moral compass will follow anything thrown at them which makes them better followers of media hype and in turn better consumers. This whole ideology of live for self and get rich or die trying is the new meme for this generation. Buy luxury goods and make more money so you can spend it buying useless things for yourself – it really just makes a very few select people rich and powerful. The celebrities of today get paid an extreme and ridiculous amount of money to contribute very little to society. The devil is real folks and he will try to convince you he isn’t and that neither is God and that as long as you live for self you will be happy but the truth and consequence will reveal itself to the world tragically to the horror of humanity – the future and destruction of this planet is coming.. that you can be sure of.

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  6. Some of you are extreme sheep simply based on your comments. So the first guy thinks the artists themselves are doing it out of coincidence. No you idiot, photoshoots and how an individual poses is not decided by the artist themselves. You think putting up a 666 sign conveniently on your eye is complete coincidence right.

    Yewgysery Tarded you are a perfect example of someone who’s a puppet. You have no discipline to think for yourself and Jay you clearly were a waste of sperm and add nothing to our society with comments like that.

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  7. First of all … Tnx Sheep & some of u! U really understand what is goin’ on! But others … Jay Chrapp, Yewgysery Tarded … U r so fuckin’ blind & Idiots. May be 1 of ‘me(illuminatis)
    Am killuminati

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