Illuminati symbolism in ‘Captain America: First Avenger’


The film Captain America: The First Avenger was released in 2011 and introduced the character known as Steve Rogers who would later become the super hero Captain America. He must battle the Red Skull (a Nazi villain) who is in pursuit of the Asgardian Tesseract in order to use its energy to rule the world. The Tesseract is in and of itself a symbol of the Illuminati, given that it is a cube within a cube that we’ve seen in the various other films, such as The Avengers and Transformers, who also use it as an energy source:


The cube and Tesseract are described (*similarly- Tesseract=Tetractys?…) by Freemason Manly Hall:


By connecting the ten dots of the tetractys, nine triangles are formed. Six of these are involved in the forming of the cube. The same triangles, when lines are properly drawn between them, also reveal the six-pointed star with a dot in the center. Only seven dots are used in forming the cube and the star. Qabbalistically, the three unused corner dots represent the threefold, invisible causal nature of the universe, while the seven dots involved in the cube and the star are the Elohim- the spirits of the seven creative periods.


Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s ok. Just know that the Illuminati believe all of this and take it very seriously.

The film was also funded by Merrill Lynch, with production by Paramount Pictures:

Marvel has never produced a movie on its own until now. To fund its slate Marvel arranged a seven-year $525 million revolving credit facility with Merrill Lynch Commercial Finance Corp., secured against the movie rights to 10 comic-book characters, including Captain America. Paramount isn’t putting up any production money; it will receive a fee for marketing and distributing an initial 10 movies, the first of which is expected to hit theaters in two years. To ensure the maximum possible audience, none of the movies will be R-rated

And that’s not getting into the fact that Walt Disney now owns Marvel Comics…

Both companies use notable Illuminati symbolism in their logos. The banksters over at Merrill Lynch use the bull-god Moloch:

Merrill Lynch bull moloch

We know Moloch was the deity of child sacrifice that I have plenty of other stuff about on this website:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch

You remember Merrill Lynch right? The ones that took TARP bailout funds (taxpayer money) and proceeded to lose more money, while handing out $3+ BILLION in bonuses?? Memory lane:

Last year, Merrill Lynch agreed to take $10 billion in TARP funds and suffered losses of $27 billion last year. It promptly paid $3.6 billion in bonuses, blowing an even larger hole in its balance sheet. Bank of America eventually received $20 billion in additional TARP funds to assist in its acquistion of Merrill.

This is old news, but it’s also a stunning reminder of how a program that was ostensibly designed to steady the financial system was used to pump up the bank accounts of Wall Street executives.

This level of compensation, approved at the urging of then-CEO John Thain, was simply looting. It represents a diversion of public money into private pockets without any justification.

Bank of America would eventually buy out the troubled Merrill Lynch; ironic that the Bank of America would be so closely tied with Captain America…

And Paramount uses the pyramid:

Paramount Logo

The poster for the first film also shows us the triangle formation; or the Illuminati pyramid symbolism of the male power of Captain America as well:

The upright triangle represents solar power, or in the Hellenic tradition, the element of fire. The ancient deities that were affiliated with the sun were done so in order to convey the symbolism of strength and power (e.g. the Egyptian gods Horus and Ra, or the goddess Isis). The association of power and the sun eventually finds its way into a symbol for male power. This is appropriate since patriarchal-dominated societies are known for wars, primal urges, aggression and instantaneous flare ups. The lunar association with the goddess is tied into the inverted triangle; but we’ll get into that later.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Captain America First Avenger Pyramid Triangle


The film uses transhumanism predictive programming to show us how it’s possible to improve the God-given body to the status of ‘super-soldier’ through the use of science and technology. The use of the scientific method gave Isaac Newton and other Age of Enlightenment figures the ability to make great leaps in technology, while also challenging the status quo of religious beliefs (e.g. Geocentrism in which the belief was that the Sun revolved around the Earth). I summed this up previously in my post about Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Illuminati symbolism:

 The ‘Age of Reflection’ refers to the Romanticism period (1800-1840) of thought, both scientifically and intellectually. It essentially sought to unify man and nature through science; an opposition to the Age of Enlightenment that sought to divide out the two. Granted, the Age of Enlightenment had prominent Illuminati-Freemasonry ties and historical connections, considering how the two had roots through prominent intellectuals like Isaac Newton (known Freemason), Robert Boyle (known Freemason), John Locke (probable Freemason), and Francis Bacon (rumored Freemason). So one could say the Age of Reflection is in opposition to the practices of the Age of Enlightenment, and therefore the Illuminati. But I’m not going to. And the reason why is because the Age of Reflection believed in a concept of a ‘Golden Age’. Romanticism had four basic principles: “the original unity of man and nature in a Golden Age; the subsequent separation of man from nature and the fragmentation of human faculties; the interpretability of the history of the universe in human, spiritual terms; and the possibility of salvation through the contemplation of nature.

The transhumanism ties goes deeper as well; given that the Illuminati have never stopped their quest for the Fountain of Youth. The transhumanism movement seeks to make our minds live forever, through a digital means. I go into details of this in my book:

Take a look at Captain America’s adamantium-vibranium shield; it is a pentagram (a star within a circle):

Captain America Shield PentagramPentagram Inverted

The upright five pointed star is for white magic and spells, while the inverted is for dark magic or Satan worship. The inversion shows us two points going up; taking us to the horns of Moloch or Satan. The Illuminati implant this image as a talisman to devote energy and attention towards Satan. Albert Pike once said that the Kabalistic pentagram carries the power of commanding spirits used for invoking demons.

Albert Pike is a prominently featured Freemason throughout Washington D.C. in case you wondered how he fits into all of this…


We’re also introduced to the HYDRA organization; a terrorist group that takes on the name of the Greek mythological character of Hyrda, a serpent monster with reptilian features. You can see the reptilian/serpent imagery on the logo (that has the skull akin to the Yale Skull & Bones secret society):


The reptilian beings trying to dominate our planet is common knowledge in conspiracy theorist circles, and this instance is nothing new. They seek to control the planet, and have ties to the Nazis (some theorists claim that the Nazis simply went underground and still run ‘the show’). Check out the Wiki page description for HYDRA:


HYDRA is a criminal organization dedicated to the achievement of world domination through terrorist and subversive activities on various fronts, resulting in a fascist New World Order. Its extent of operations is worldwide; always attempting to elude the ongoing counter-espionage operations by S.H.I.E.L.D. HYDRA is funded by Baron Strucker’s personal fortune, based on his recovered hoard of Nazi plunder from World War II, and funds established by the original leaders of the Japanese secret society that became HYDRA.

This theme of evil reptilians is nothing new; David Icke has been warning us of the reptilian shape shifters that are believed to be the ‘true’ Illuminati; the top of the elite. These reptilians are able to shape shift and control our society in such as way that we focus on material goods, destruction of empathy, and various other themes that invoke negative feelings in order for them to consume them as a form of energy. It gets really deep, really fast, so if you need more on that check out my book (see the plug two paragraphs ago), I try to break it down in a somewhat-sensical fashion.

*SPOILER* The film ends with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury character pulling Captain America into the SHIELD group.

Nick Fury is depicted with the patch covering one eye, effectively symbolism for the All Seeing Eye:

The idea of an omnipresent being watching over us is referenced the Bible several times (1 Peter 3:12 and Proverbs 22:12) and this also includes the Biblical reference to The Watchers, aka the Nephilim. These were the hybrid offspring of extraterrestrials who were called the ‘sons of God’ in Genesis and the daughters of men at the time on Earth (Ancient Aliens had an episode in season 6 called Alien Breeders that covers some of this).

Samuel Jackson Nick Fury All Seeing Eye Illuminati

See the post for Illuminati symbolism in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It was inappropriate for America to cage its men for commending ladies on the beauty of their bosoms,cleavages and rears, Lucifer told our government through the slimeball womens socalled movement to make it illegal to compliment breasts,cleavage and rears.

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    • Nick Fury’s one eye could be another reference to Saturn/Kronos/Odin etc. in the Marvel films, the other being Anthony Hopkins as Odin himself. The tesseract or the cube is also symbolic of Saturn and it’s hexagonal north pole. A hexagon is just a 2-dimensional representation of a cube.

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  2. It must be difficult, almost schizophrenic, to belong to the ruling elites – being a human being – if such elites are supposed to believe that humanity is nothing more than an unwanted viral infection of the Earth. It’s like being a scientist, not being able to bypass this human prison of inescapably subjective observations. Unless, of course, “they” aren’t human. “They” might also be hypocrites :-).

    Imagine the look on the elites’ faces when every single human would be voluntarily willing to commit suicide. Power would become meaningless and so would their absurd belief system. It’s like when all “foreigners” would leave the country all at once so that right wing fanatics would loose their eternal focus and hobby :-).

    Agent Smith: “I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it.”

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