Illuminati symbolism in Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl performance

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As many of you know, the Super Bowl Halftime show is not just a performance by an artist; but rather a coordinated high profile ritual. I say this because the Super Bowl is always the top viewed show on television, and the Illuminati handlers would not let a good opportunity like this go to waste.


For example, have you ever wondered why we generally see pop stars performing at these events?… Super Bowl is about football and it surprises me that they don’t cater to the demographic that watches the sport (men). I realize that bands like Aerosmith have played before, but I find it curious that it’s almost always a pop star that is more geared towards teenagers. As I explained in detail in my music conspiracy book; SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, it’s part of an effort to influence the minds of the unaware into the world of the occult…

Bruno Mars performed at the 2014 Super Bowl Halftime show and we saw black triangles on the set (and some pretty cold James Brown moves…). These triangles may seem harmless, or even coincidental, but in reality the symbolism of the triangle is part of an Illuminati ritual that millions of people just took part in.


Bruno Mars Illuminati Super Bowl performance black triangle


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Bruno Mars Super Bowl Triangle 2


As I explain in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series post about the triangle; it is actually a symbol for manifestation.

The three sides of a triangle represent the number 3, and this concept is used in gematria, the ancient Babylonian/Hebrew numerology practice that assigns numbers to words or letters (and also other mystical schools of thought). The number 3 is representative of the spirit realm (or the Heavens), while in contrast, the number 4 represents the physical realm (the material, three-dimensional world we can relate to). The number 3 is a number of the divine, showing the union of male and female that create a third being. It’s the number of manifestation; to make something happen.



From we see more esoteric explanations for the reason I say it is a massive high profile ritual:

This is a phase that indicates the principle of magical manifestation. This basic principle is rooted in the number of three. It is a metaphysical belief that in order to manifest something, three components must come together. These components are time, space, and energy. The functioning of the components is such that if a time and a space are selected into which energy is directed, a manifestation will occur. 

A convenient method of directing the energy is through a triangle formed with both hands by placing the tips of the index fingers together while placing both thumbs together with all other fingers extended. This symbolic hand gesture may be employed in a ritual, chanting, or charging an object. 


Even if you don’t believe that, the Illuminati and occult types who run the entertainment industry do. I’ve posted a whole article about Bruno Mars and his Illuminati affiliation, where you can learn all about Bruno Mars symbols and Illuminati related conspiracy theories.

During the performance the Red Hot Chili Peppers also performed; and they were spoken of on on the true basis for ‘sex magick’ on my post about Aleister Crowley and the magick trance on the entertainment industry:

Another example of this concept would be Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are no strangers to Crowley seeing as how they have an album entitled Blood Sugar Sex Magick which has obvious occult references to sex magick.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magick

Getting back to Crowley, his interest in the occult and magick continued and he proceeded in seemingly innocuous activities such as yoga and Tantra. These activities are practiced by celebrities and are viewed as some kind of New Age, peaceful actions; but their roots are more evil than that. Even though yoga is good for clearing the mind, it pushes an anti-Christian concept of finding God within you, which abandons Christian teachings of following the true Creator and glorifies the person themselves. The Tantric practices are another form of sex magick, which is simply a ritual. These themes will come up again, since Crowley was able to push this agenda of promoting the importance of “self” over religion.


As you can see, the argument for the Super Bowl performance being a mass ritual seems to have more substance than some would believe. If it’s still a bit fuzzy for you, I’d advise you to learn more by going to my START HERE page where I can further guide those that are new to this train of thought.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This article sucks. You gave no real information.

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    • Agreed 🙁 I saw a lot but always check to see if there’s something I missed.

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    • I am a Christian. However it was brought to my attention after superbowl that Beyounce was satanic. After researching her I thought I’d look in on Bruno Mars who I love more than any artist in the world! When you are a Christian you die to yourself daily. God is #1 has to be #1 or you will not spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Eternity in heaven is more important than anything this world has to offer including music you absolutely love with all your heart! I will research this further. I can’t lie the idea of giving up his music makes me feel a part of me will die if I have to do so and I can’t do it alone. I will need God’s help and more. I haven’t read enough yet to conclude the truth about Bruno.

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  2. the pepsi commercial intro 18 seconds in has three concentic circles with obelisk in middle. that symbol is on rothschild coat of arms.the burial mound of nephilim og of bashan.knights templar royce cave.aerial view of vatican.aerial view washington monument.symbol on obey illuminati clothing line.temple of heaven bejing china.the maitreya project has three circles with maitreya in middle.the three circles represent the trinity worn by melchizedek.putting a obelisk in middle represents self deity or i am god.the symbol is little known but their most blasphemou

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    • there many more examples of that symbol including pictures of molech.he sits in middle on top of 3 concentric circle.old testament they sacraficed babys to they worship moloch at bohemian grove etc.

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      • royston cave circle symbol is from knights templars.3 circles with pyramid in middle

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        • the symbol on rothschild coat of arms 3 circles with pyramid in middle is same as templars carved on royston cave

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          • 3 circles with pyramid in middle or obelisk or pentagram is satanic and a illuminati symbol check out shaygrays new album cover named illuminati.check out the wii game cover the conduit.or check out the pentacles of the 7 planets

  3. World’s top secrets were eventually made public by the illuminati where are our fathers before who were free marsons kept secrets hidden for all these centuries.
    I am new but interested!

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  4. You imbacils the illuminati is a group of highly sofisticated people not bunch of black people who ddnt even finish high school. They cntrl th wrld not entertainment they have no time for such bullshit.They are siting confortably as they make laws and creat riligions wich they use to control you GUYS.Imagine a world withaut rilgion……..Exactly see what am talking abt.If musicians put contravercial shit in there videos or say they were in illuminati its just for FUCKING intertainment perposes or just to stay in th lime light.Reflect on what I’ve just told and I sugest u shut down this ridiculous websit becaus you are inbaracing yorselves in the eyes of thos who know better u stupid useles lifeles no good idiotic sceptics.Piece of advice stop bieng a bunch of Fat VIRGINS and find a girlfriend desparate inaf and pleeeeeaaaaas get your Lazy asses of of those poor wonout couches and go GET SOME JOBS.

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    • Wow! Is that actually English you are trying to communicate in?Telling people to get a job when you yourself should go and get an education.
      Your lack of belief in a subject does not make it untrue. Do some research yourself, otherwise you are just being ignorant.

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