Illuminati symbolism in Britney Spears ‘Work Bitch’ music video


Britney Spears posted the video for Work Bitch and it’s full of S&M bondage scenery, which is only logical since her last video had Smurfs in it right? See the Illuminati symbolism in her Ooh La La music video.

What stood out in the video (besides the shot of the girl giving us the one eye symbolism…)


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 2

…and this one with the girl behind Britney:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 1


…is the one aspect I noticed with the ancient goddess symbolism when Britney is standing on the circular island in the center of the round pool:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 4

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 5


This is ancient symbolism that has the male god symbol of the erect phallus in the center, with the female goddess symbol of the circle (for the egg, or the female yin energy). I go more into this in the Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post:

The wreath is yet another fertility symbol; circular to represent women’s organs (the “circle of life”). The candle in the center is the phallic representation of the man.  This same symbol is used at the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square. At the center is a 4,000 year old Egyptian obelisk with a circle around it (representing the male phallus and female fertility). The obelisk was moved from Egypt, to the Circus of Nero in Rome, where it witnessed countless Christian martyrdoms and executions. The lines emanating from the present location at the Vatican (its third move) make it a sundial. If the obelisk’s shadow lies within one of the eight sets of lines, it will indicate a sacrifice night.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Obelisk Vatican

The obelisk combined with the reflecting pool is also occult symbolism; representing the male god (obelisk) and the female moon goddess with the water. The female is representative of the water because of the constant state of transition and the hormones that cycle along with the moon’s rotation (the 28 day period). We see the obelisk/reflecting pool symbolism at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., the Oklahoma City Memorial, and the 9/11 Memorial; all of which have their own respective ties to Illuminati and conspiracy theories.

And one more obvious piece of Illuminati symbolism is the inverted pyramid that Britney stands atop while whipping her slaves that are wearing horns which are symbolism for Moloch aka Ba’al (or Ba’alzebub; Beelzebub- see Drake’s Started From the Bottom or other videos for more Moloch symbolism in the form of the owl god). The inversion is standard practice for the occult, most particularly Satanists, as they tend to invert everything to show the symbols are being used for black magic (evil; as opposed to ‘good’ white magic):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 3

Here’s the video:


Check out the thread of comments; there are some good ideas being presented about how this might be an anti Illuminati video. One contribution I could make to these ‘anti’ Illuminati theories would be that the white square they’re dancing looks like a cube buried in the sand. The cube is tied into all kinds of Saturn worship and Illuminati symbolism, so the thought that it could be buried would support these ideas as well.

IlluminatiWatcher Cube

Britney cube



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Thank you for this. I thought the pyramid/slave thing was totally uncalled for.

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    • All or Most of the LDS towers have the water refelection. They use it as a symbol for life and marrige… Or so they say…

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    • This track sounds like 2 robots raping each other

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  2. Completely disagree with the article. On the contrary, this video appears to be anti-illuminati. At present nearly all artists portrait illuminati symbolism openly (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kesha etc.) and Britney doesn’t really have any in this video, except of wearing the neckless with word “Chaos”. This video seem inspirational and it’s obvious from the lyrics, where she says that if you want this or that or anything, you’ve got to work for that to make this happen. Also, in the Bridge – “Hold your head high, fingers to the sky” is meant to inspire you and not bring you down. Also inverted pyramid is NOT illuminati symbolism. If it was, you’d have seen it everywhere, like the upright one. They are poisoning music industry with open symbolism and don’t hide anymore. The reverted pyramid is a Female Creative Energy, which Britney represents and overturned the illuminati upright pyramid, which represents the Male Destructive Energy. She turned everything upside down and now, being Creative Force, a Godess of light (which can be seen from her clothing) she’s at the top, and those with horns, that were at the top – now at the bottom and she’s punishing them. I hope, she won’t be punished in real life by them for such bold scene… She does represent a Goddess – Eternal Female, The Creative Force, the positive energy. We’ve been lied to for to long that female energy is negative and male is positive. The truth is just the opposite. Female energy gives life and male one – takes it away. If you need proof, just look around you, it’s everywhere. Who gives birth to new life? Each and every time, since the world exists? Female energy. And who takes the life away? Who is aggressive, dominant and goes to wars? Male energy. There you have it.

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    • Mid Air: I like your view on that, I think you could be onto something. Your points on the inverted pyramid would in fact correspond to female energy and Britney enslaving the horned devils. It’s hard to tell what’s Britney’s stance is on all of this cuz in the last video she was still showing illuminati symbolism. Maybe this is part of her rebellion that we saw when she shaved her head?….

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    • I totally agree with you Mid Air : They are poisoning music industry with open symbolism and don’t hide anymore. That’s where u captured me with ur comment ur so right I tried to teel the exact same thing in this one :

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    • I don’t think Britney has creative control over her videos and one this well produced will undoubtedly have been financed by satanic elite. The whole music industry is infected.
      I like Britney and I admired her valiant efforts to break free from her handlers. Sadly, however I don’t believe she was successful. God knows what her true umtampered nature is but I still don’t think she is being portrayed as a feminist icon.
      The focus is still sex and Britney is playing her usual role. I just dont think Britney could have broken her programming, be producing these tracks and be working in the industry like this as a free woman.
      Also, lots of satanic stars have inspirational lyrics. They aren’t going to trick and inspire your devotion to these secretly satanic artists with openly evil, negative lyrics.
      Lastly, I disagree with your assertion that male energy is the sole destructive energy. The workings of energies in the universe are, I believe , balanced when all is correct. Both energies, male and female are valuable but both can be destructive when imbalanced too much femine energy can lead to weakness and giving away your innate power. Too much selfish aggressive male energy can also, obviously be disasterous. Too achieve harmony male and feminine should be well balanced. Certain research suggests that way back in antiquity the female energy was dominant, suprisingly this led to a very masculine matriarchy. Female leaders enslaved men and believed sperm production was their only value. Men were not seen or treated with respect or kindness.
      When either energy becomes too dominant imbalance will occur. Balance is key. Female energy could not create life on its own without male. Neither is positive or negative. imbalance is the only undesirable situation with these energies.

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  3. I thought I was the only one who that that way with Mid-Air. I just wrote a facebook post about how the imagery strikes me as anti-illuminati. The girl who shows the ‘one blue eye’ is being destroyed by Britney, and if you pause that scene just a few seconds before and get the entire body shot of that girl with the dark hair, she is wearing shoes made to look like Hoofs. and there are two black spirals coming down the side like baphomet horns. There is also two large red lights with a circle-pendant like thing in the middle, maybe meaning that Britney has entered the kingdom of Baphomet and destroys him. I also have found this quote on Christianity teachings about the ‘inverted pyramid’ saying
    “I. In the kingdom of the world, everyone scrambles for the top. II. In the kingdom of God, Christ calls us to the bottom.”

    I know in the greek orthodox religion there is a lot of iconography of saints and jesus “stepping” on tiny devils and that is what Britney does throughout the video, which looks similar to the orthodox iconography of saints destroying satanic figures. she steps on all the women who are dressed in black and seem ‘evil’ in a sense.
    I also believe she has tried to rebel against this system before and letting the industry know how she really felt during her supposed “break down.” But I do think Britney is a lot smarter and in tune what the heck is going on then what everyone gives her credit for. During her rebellion days 2005-2008, paparazzi have recorded Britney saying some profound things that have now been removed or extremely difficult to find. Luckily i was able to see them. I never thought she sounded overly crazy, but then again when you are one woman battling an army of powerful men, it can be a bit overwhelming. As far as it goes, i don’t think she won, because the world believed she was just 100% nuts and pumping her up with psychotic medications against her will after admitting her under a 5150, not giving her any benefit of the doubt. A lot of people argue with me and say “but the news clearly showed Britney was crazy.” Like it is convenient to believe the news? Since when did we start taking the news as a reliable source? I’ve been researching Britney for years now, and it is such a complex topic that most people can’t even begin to fathom. But, with the premiere of this video has given me hope that a glimmer of the old Britney is still there. The strong and spiritual Britney. I don’t know if we will ever get the truth but I continue to search for clues and answers. I know this rant may sound like i’m a bit crazy lol, but I would use the word ‘passionate.’

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  4. Did you heard about the TMZ interview where Britney stated that “they were pushing for a sexual music video”? There’s clearly an indicator there. Really interesting! Worth watching the rebel Britney speaking up!

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  5. The lyrics are not anti-illuminati. The illuminati is basically telling Britney if she wants to continue her lifestyle, she needs to work. She is wearing sex-y clothing promoting “work”. There is the illuminati sun, pyramid, devil horns, one eye, bondage and other signs that others have picked up on. In her personal life she not want to be part of the illuminati, but in the music video world I do not believe she could make a video that is anti-illuminati. When she is standing on the pyramid she is representing how good and evil exists. She is not necessarily triumph. I hope the New World Order does not happen as soon as we think it will.

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    • xD Believer xD from ur name only u squeal urself xD ur a believer xD maybe u should become a belieber Oh w8 the beliebers r believers 2 I just found that JUSTIN BIEBER IS A BELIEVER xD (sarcasm) I’m just kidding xD

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      • What the hell are you talking about? You seem confused.

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  6. The words are pure illuminati. Those devil worshipers are constantly sending messages in music to:
    1. work
    2. buy into the notion that paper money has any real value
    3. And spend your life trying to get more.
    “Work” is a new theme from the board rooms of the illuminati – a message to the public (their slaves) to “get back to work,” as the saying goes, to make the elite more money. Another song title “Work” by A$AP Rocky who is an illuminati schmuck, solidifies the concept of working for your masters. They are now promoting work. It’s the new propaganda to encourage people to work their entire lives for materialism, instead of working for your community. Work is a distraction from learning the secrets of the mystery schools and becoming spiritual.
    Britney may be a smart girl – I know you fans love her, but she is a part of the illuminati music industry. And this video has all of the devil symbolism that Lil Wayne and the rest have. Like someone else said, I don’t think anyone is powerful enough to get an anti- illuminati message on TV. Not at this point in time in the beginning of the new world order.

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    • The song “Work” is not by ASAP Rocky, it’s by ASAP Ferg.

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    • Actually, the song “Work” is by ASAP Ferg.

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    • Agreed. It’s a credit to Britney that she is still seems to be functioning and hasn’t been destroyed by the trauma based mind control. (Don’t know if I could survive that ordeal.) I don’t think Britney would willingly remain in this toxic industry (no pun intended). Not since her attempt to break her programming. Cyrus, Perry, Rhianna, ora,swift ect, ….these girls need some escape route.

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  7. I just love how her fans tries to make up some rebel thing she’s doing, and tries to put her as an icon of rebellion, when we all know she is just a project, nothing more, MTV puppet

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  8. The meaming of the lyrics can be found in the video. The word “WORK” is used like “you better work like a sexual slave for a rich man, be the best slut so he can buy you thi
    ngs” Do you want a mansion? Party in France? You better be a sex kitten all the time with the sugar daddy. you better work BITCH! You want a hot body? (cosmetic surgeries) you better work bitch… so the sugar daddy can pay you the surgeries…. be a good sex kitten thing.

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  9. I totally agree with Mid Air & Anna they are right! , if you observe correctly you notice it yourself. The Final part says it all with the inverted white Pyramid and mannequin Explosion speaks it all! the 3 sharks symbolizes trinity of protection and warning symbolism of those Illuminati who whats to go against her. Sea creatures are noble and white in creations. If you are aware Britney was there, part of the whole editing part on the whole music of what she wanted it to be.

    It is so obvious look at “Rihanna – Pour It” Youtube views, which was release 2nd OCT day after Britney’s. Rihanna has 46 Millions views now compared to Britney only 27 million views. Using some rational thinking at mind the logic goes behind, who watchers a porn like self indulgence music video as that!? as often.

    On the simple contrary it speaks those who are born gifted fame talent and those are not. Micheal Jackson Britney and all are born natural talents they are all were being approach cause they had fame. Look at Jay-Z and Beyonce where are they today!? was it of their natural inborn talent? or they so wanted to just be on top? Ask your rational and sensible mind. Ask yourself about natural fame speaks more then wanting to be perfection. Any perfections driven is part of the Illuminati and satanism. He never reaches satisfaction with always wanting to prefect things. Britney on the whole doesn’t care much on being prefect she does what she loves that’s all where life is more beautiful.

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    • For real? That seems a little naive harry. Britney is not in any position to be taking a stand, never mind entertaining the notion she could become an actual threat. Satanic propagandist’s are not above lying to the public you know! They can and do throw some “positive” imagery in there, to distract and deceive.

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  10. well caught you on something, you are arent wise much on this stuff.

    2. I do see a very anti-Britney of you. compared to your Rihanna’s post, much favoritism there.

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  11. I believe all of you guys are extremely incorrect. Of course there’s tons of occult symbolism in it, only inverted to trick simple minds. On the other hand britney spears IS NOT in control of the music video direction and the lyrics which she doesn’t write herself. This symbolism thing in videos is put there simply to distract simple people like you from the bigger picture which is NEVER in a music video. On top of it all, you should admit that most people don’t care about celebrities but as soon as they hear “illuminati” this and that they all start reading the articles and stuff. Point is, this is just another marketing tool on top of it being a full on distraction! I mean instead of this site focusing on the true nature of the “game” they’re stuck decoding symbols in entertainment as if these benefit anyone/anything. In reality you guys are Contributors of the “illuminati” by wasting people’s times with your “music video symbolism” articles. Yes I am a initiate but won’t mention of what and in reality you guys are causing much more harm than good regardless of what your motives might be. For example one thing you should be looking DEEP into that’ll give you clues how we’ve structured the world is GEOMETRY. Which is NOT the study of lines but partially of angles which is the entry point of spirits into the physical realm and mainly geometry is, GEO comes from geography and METRY is a clear reference to metres/meters. So what geometry truly is, is the calculation of distances to and from specific places on the planet. And if you follow my instruction, a great revelation shall come upon you for the nature of the world is totally different from what you gollum think and expect of it. This isn’t hateful towards you but the attitude of the truly enlightened compared to the 98% of the world. I’m not speculating here, this is NOT what I believe but what I KNOW for a fact, so if you people keep debating on who’s flashing “All seeing eye’s” and “horns” etc. You’ll never get the bigger picture and will forever sink in the ignorance of your own intolerance. Thanks for your time. “The World Is Bigger Than MTV”. Hotep

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  12. Akh Nu Hotep that was indeed beautiful.

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  13. Akh Nu Hotep that was indeed beautiful.

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  14. I found the lyrics kinda odd. Seems like thats what her handlers are telling her if she wanted to leave or have a break from showbiz. If u want this or party here u better work b!tch

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  15. They use people, she is a victim…I kinda knew it when I was ten years old. We all knew.

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  16. I used to listen to Fiona Apple and Britney Spears in the same night before I even knew the meanings of their songs. No one is fooled besides the inbred (dynasty) , they think they can manipulate but its all for us. US…We, don’t have to do anything and revolution is on its way Mr. New World Order. Why not peace, why not happiness? because money doesn’t come from this. They will all be judged and NO medium of exchange, by which humans pay for their purchases and repay their debts owed, WILL BE SEEN BY THE EYES OF THE HOLY.

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  17. I like the video and the song. Who is that blue eyed brunette in the video? Does anybody know? I think she’s hot

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  18. I though the upside down pyramid is an anti-illuminati symbol (killuminati).
    So do you have any idea what the anti-illuminati symbol(s) looks like?
    Thanks for the infos 🙂

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  19. In the second photo, the woman on Brittany’s left looks like a man.

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