Illuminati symbolism in Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s “PRETTY GIRLS” music video

Welcome to your home for pop culture Illuminati symbolism. Today I’ll be covering a recent music video by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. While neither of one these ladies are strangers to Illuminati symbolism; today’s discoveries prompt me to urgently stress the unfolding agenda that is clearly being staged in front of us.

One might watch their video for Pretty Girls and wonder what the fuss is all about.


Is it the “Illuminati” triangles on her earrings with floating cash (*indicating the selling of one’s soul to the Illuminati in trade of pushing symbolism) that concern me?…

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Triangle Money

Not really.

Is it the fact that Britney AND Iggy have been pushing these symbols for many years now (and I’ve covered exhaustively in previous posts):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Britney Spears Work 3

Not really.

Instead, it’s a much more sinister agenda that seeks to deceive us on levels we’re not prepared for. We mere humans play checkers while the Illuminati play chess.

Let me explain it better by illustrating what the real message is in this video…


Iggy Azalea as Lucifer: The Fallen Angel of Light

First, you’ll notice that Britney is hanging out by the pool at the beginning of the video. Look past that shameless plug for MateFit (a weight loss tea- meaning that it’s telling girls they should buy that if they want to look like Britney & Iggy). Instead, notice her earrings:

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Lightning Satan earrings

The earrings are bolts of lightning, which I’ve covered in the past many times as symbolism of the Anti-Christ (who “fell like lightning” from the Heavens in the Bible). I’ve posted about this with Taylor Swift’s music videos

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style Mark of the Beast X lightning

…and even Iggy Azalea herself in her sex kitten programming of the 2014 AMAs award show:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Iggy Azalea sex kitten lightning AMAs

Should you think I’m being a bit over zealous with this claim that the lightning bolt earrings represent Lucifer falling from the Heavens- take note to the next clip in which you see the Iggy Azalea Alien crashing to the ground in the reflection of Britney’s glasses:


Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Fallen Angel

Sure enough, the fallen angel-extraterrestrial emerges from the crash site and turns out to be none other than Iggy Azalea:

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Sexy Alien Eyes


Superiority from Beyond: Sexy Aliens

At some point in this video, you hear Britney introduce Lucifer-Alien-Azalea to her friends by telling her she’s an alien from another planet and they greet her with excitement and tell her how cool she is. Britney tells them that the cell is broken and Alien-Azalea fixes it for her with her super powers:

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Friends

Of course the giant 90’s cell turns into a Samsung Galaxy (another shameless plug), and the girls tell her how “radical” her alien powers are which is a trick called predictive programming that subconsciously tells you how we should act when our “alien brethren” are revealed to us.

In fact, the Vatican Observatory and the Jesuits have been hard at work to help push this alien agenda along (shout out to Watcher TBone for sharing this with me). From

The new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation has said that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered, which will pave the way to questions about God’s relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet.

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno speculated that the general public will not be too surprised when life on other planets is eventually discovered, and will react in much the same way it did when news broke in the ’90s that there are other planets orbiting far off stars.

Consolmagno, a planetary scientist who has studied meteorites and asteroids as an astronomer with the Vatican Observatory since 1993, told Catholic News Service that discovery of alien life will not prove or disprove the existence of God, but will pave the way to questions on salvation and how it relates to intelligent species.

They expect us to bow down and worship these extraterrestrials when they “reveal” themselves to us. They are getting the ball rolling by appealing to our senses through sexuality…

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Sexy Alien

…a concept I covered in an article about Alien Sexualization and Subliminal Messages:

Miley Cyrus Alien Real and True

Another big tell is the fact that the video depicts the girls coming from the planet of Saturn, which is alleged to be origination of the Archon-reptilian mind hijack signal (see my explanation of the Saturn-Moon Matrix):

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Alien Saturn 2

It’s certainly not a coincidence that the Catholic News Service provided an image of the planet Saturn along with that news story:

Catholic Saturn

Finally, you’ll also see the girls greet their alien overlords at the end of the video as they get abducted into their spaceship.

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Alien Abduction

Again; it’s a show of how we’re supposed to react to these other worldly entities when we’re confronted by them.


Age of Aquarius Goddesses

You’ll also notice that recurring theme of water in the video- the Lucifer alien falling into the pool…

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Sexy Satanic Alien of Aquarius

…and the “Pretty Girls” hanging out at the car wash:

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Friends

This is all more of the push on the Age of Aquarius and the water goddess symbolism we’ve seen in the past from the likes of Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks: The Illuminati Sex Kitten:

Azealia Banks Fantasea Aquarius All Seeing Eye Aquababe


Orthodox Christian Father Seraphim Rose wrote a book called ORTHODOXY and the Religion of the Future in which he predicted all of this happening (this was written clear back in the 70s). He details the agenda of the alien visitation and how many people sought to become part of this movement and become “Contactees”:

…often bringing pseudo-religious messages from them about “highly evolved” beings on other planets ho are about to come to bring “peace on earth” and are often connected with UFO religious cults.

He details how we’ve been programmed to believe that aliens will solve all of mankind’s problem and even alleges that our search for “higher intelligence” could in fact be a pursuit of demons. This is precisely what we see in modern television and entertainment where many seek to make contact with ghosts, Bigfoot, and hunting UFOs.

We’re being deceived into pursuing these demons.

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Alien Abduction

This New Age and Age of Aquarius symbolism is prevalent all around us, and that is precisely why we saw Whitney Houston and her daughter sacrificed as the goddesses of water (in bathtubs) and why rapper A$AP Rocky programmed it into his music videos.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Whatever symbolism is pushed, I just feel sorrry for Britney. She seems so out of it. And, they had to make her wear the leopard print for another nudge at her programming. 🙁 thx Isacc

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      • And remember when she broke down a few years ago her Illuminati father took over her life and career. She was out of sight for a few months for her to be re-programmed. But I often wonder whatever to her two boys – they were so truly beautiful and have not bee seen in years now.
        Wonder what they did with them ?????

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        • They are on her instagram from time to time. She had a show in las Vegas for 3 years or so so that they wouldn’t have to move around non stop. They were also in her video for the smurfs soundtrack, along with her niece behind them. Once in a while in interviews she mentions them, and sounds pleasant and enthusiastic

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  2. I ran immediately to your site after seeing this video and you did not disappoint! Iggy’s glowing eyes are downright creepy. There is something very “off” about the way the girls are talking to each other when Britney introduces Iggy. Their tones and inflections are so weird and sound nothing like normal “fun” valley girl talk. The whole thing is spooky.

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  3. Seraphim Rose was not the person many believed to be. First of all he had sexual relationships with a certain number of young monks, his favourite being a black one, forgot his name….

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    • I read that he was a homosexual man but I haven’t read that level of allegation. Is he more well known in your neck of the woods?

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  4. “Her cell is broken and….. she fixes it for her” – u could interpret this the other way, that aliens were messing with our DNA (cells) for eons, which is true.

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    • Or simply that extraterrestrials have advanced technology because Modification & manipulation will continue w/ or w/o gadgets Ever seen post-apocalyptic movies?

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  5. Iggy Azalea inside that bubble = another hint of her being unable to escape her programming/mind control

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  6. The bolt(s) of lightning could also mean a fractured mind/personality

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    • Bolts of lightening are also a MK Ultra trigger, they symbolise the electric shock trauma/programming that victims receive

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  7. Lol, Isaac are your posts getting dumber or are you?

    Seek help because you might go all Jared laughter on us, and since none of this is proof and you listen to Britney Spears you’re the biggest faggot on the internet since Chris Crocker.

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    • Whoa I admit Sir might have bias & personal points when it comes to religion but it comes from the right place Take what you receive & assess that Don’t be such a hater just because some1’s truth isn’t what you believe Everything he speaks on are the entities of Qabalism, Aleister Crowley, & Egyptians no matter how it’s described or symbolized through rituals/ceremonies & programming

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      • Bias and personal points are respected, this is the biggest waste of time and if you have to create some stupid gay reality because your life is in the shitter. I just think it’s pathetic and faggy for Isaac to listen to Britney Spears and then post his delusional fantasies on the internet. I see a murder suicide in his future.

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        • He listens to Britney Spears because that is where the latest relevant symbolism is found. I’m tempted to ask what musicians you recommend analyzing- but you clearly don’t understand the basic concept here so flutter on away.

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          • ‘Relevant symbolism ‘ lol no, delusional fantasies.

            The entire genre of: Black and death metal.

            That could a least be a conversation, this is a video based off a cheeky romantic comedy called ‘earth girls are easy’.

            But that doesn’t matter, you time on jerking off to triangles.

          • Ah- valid point. It does seem like a play on that film.

        • danger, l think yo one v them coz why do u surport such, coz the whole video shoz nothin’ but satanic

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          • U r a tarded fag

    • Why are you so mean? No need for that here, if you don’t agree with it you can go to TMZ or ESPN and drink their kool-aid.

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      • I am making fun of you because you waste time, and there’s real threats that would worth attacking. Instead you insult women and come off as a singularly of insanity, all things considered YOU drank the cool aid.

        Attacking pop culture makes you an easy punchline, much like David Icky. Symbolism does exist it’s just not there to brainwash you into whacking it to Israel.

        You don’t follow my allegations because you’re a hack fraud loser who can’t accept responsibility.

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        • What do you mean by whacking it to Israel? And can’t accept responsibility for what? You’ve got some disjointed and fragmented ramblings going on there, danger. Plus, you seem unnecessarily angry. You could bring this up in your next therapy session. Isaac is truly classy for allowing your posts to stay up considering how you’re attacking him.

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    • I cant believe anyone believes this shit lol

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    • An interesting read as well!

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      • Who is this chick? To my old ass, she looks like some amalgamation of Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Nicki Minaj, etc.
        (Never turned the sound on, though.)

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  8. Finally the pretentious, pointless and man-hating shit is here, courtesy of Taylor Swift

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    • Haha- I posted about it this AM, but thanks! I was waiting for it to be released since they made such a big to-do about it. And yea, I think there was a certain feminist aspect to it…

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  9. When Iggy hacks the ATM doesn’t it look like she’s using Sign of the Horns?

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  10. AWESOME post Isaac…loads of really interesting insight and knowledge..

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  11. This is so stupid! Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Co. are normal Girls and there is NO Illuminati, programming or mind control! What you do is Character assassination you could go to jaile for that! Guys don’t believe things like that. Thank You.

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    • If these people are normal we should all pray to NOT be normal! Jeremy, with all due respect, if you believe what you are saying you have not been paying attention. Please wake up and smell the “trauma”. Look up MK Ultra and Monarch Programming. They were invented by the CIA – this is all documented fact. Also, look up “Laurel Canyon”, which was one big CIA psy-op, along with most of the movements, crazes and uprisings of the ’60’s and ’70’s. Nothing is spontaneous or an accident; study your history. I wish you well.

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    • Actually I think this was one of Mr Weishaupt’s best posts ever.

      Great spiritual insight.

      Please keep going Isaac.

      This is an area that needs exposure.

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  12. I feel sorry for Britney and not Iggy. Britney is one of their victims but not those who choose to be with them. Britney has lost the light in her eyes, she seem dead inside.

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  13. Great article! Honestly speaking,as I watched this video, the Illuminati symbolism practically jumped from my screen! the whole ‘iggy’ crashing in the pool and Britney watches on unfazed? does anybody finds that weird? I mean if I had an alien crashing in my pool,I’d have some sort of reaction…it’s almost as if Britney was expecting her by the way she just lowered her shades. what I also found strange was the convo at the car wash,that sounded nothing like fun and definitely creepy. the sad thing is that people are blind to what they are being fed by these so called pop stars…

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  14. “The earrings are bolts of lighting, which I’ve covered many times in the past as symbolism of the Antichrist…” Lighting bolts are also symbols of Nazism. Just saying…

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  15. Isaac,

    Many of your readers (and yourself) may find this link quite interesting. The link is as follows:

    In relation to the link, as I am presently reading a paperback version of the 1994 Dean Koontz novel by the title of “Winter Moon,” I find it ironic to discover that the information from the article conforms to Koontz’s story but, specifically, eerily to the point on pp. 97-99 and pp. 145-146 (the reference to “Childhood’s End”).

    Now Koontz novels would certainly be an interesting topic of discussion here, do you not agree? Transhumanism is only the tip of the iceberg, symbolism aside.

    — Eric

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    • By the way, in addition to the SyFy “Childhood’s End” trailer, the film “The 5th Wave” (released early next year in 2016, I understand) starring Chloe Grace Moretz is an excellent example of yet another film to come out on the subject (and the furthering conditioning/deception); and certainly SkywatchTV’s point of concern in the article as it points to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s book, “The Phenomenon of Man” for it but, more specifically, the reference to his “five elements of evolution” (a la “The Fifth Element” — yet still one more film).

      — Eric

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  16. wait… how is she Lucifer again? Lucifer’s a hot chick? that confuses me.

    the first sexy aliens I can remember are from “Dude, Where’s My Car?!”. loved that movie!

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