Illuminati symbolism in Big Sean ft. Drake and Kanye West “Blessings” music video


The latest video from Big Sean just dropped and this one is called Blessings. In it we see other “Illuminati” affiliated rappers like Drake and Kanye West, so this one will go into the archives as just one more piece of evidence that suggests we’re being led down a path of occult obsession.

For those of you who are new to the IlluminatiWatcher community, the growing theory is that these musicians are either willingly (or unwillingly- as is my stance) pushing Illuminati and occult symbolism at the request of their handlers. I’ve been putting together this comprehensive argument for several years now, and videos like this support this strange theory (*I’ve also got my YouTube video breakdown at the end of this post).


First, take a look at the single artwork and tell me we’re not in for some dark occult symbolism:

Next, we see Big Sean rapping in a Confessional booth. He’s talking to a priest (who is played by himself), which supports this argument of these rappers promoting the idea that we can all become gods in our minds. I’ve broke down this entire theory in my hip hop conspiracy book, SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where we explore the origins of sacrilegious names like Yeezus, Beezus, and J-Hova.

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings Confession The Tightest Triangle

If you don’t see the sacrilegious message here, all you have to do is listen to the lyrics. How are you gonna rap about “p*ssy being the tightest” inside of a confessional?…

This should come as no surprise if you consider his previous sacrilegious symbolism in his girlfriend, Ariana Grande’s, Right There

Next up we see Mr. Minerva himself, Drake, as he continues his support of the “6” movement by showing us the ‘666’ hand:

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings Come to my Side 666

You see, Drake is from Toronto, and Canadians just love them some Drake so they are very quick to defend this symbol by claiming it is because the area codes for the city are 416 and 647. Or maybe it’s because there are six boroughs. As it turns out, nobody knows. People from Toronto don’t even know. This is where conspiracy theorist dicks like me jump in and tell you that he is promoting the number of Satan; the 6.

And it’s not like I don’t have evidence to support this theory. For years now I’ve been showing you the hidden language in music videos of the ‘666’ hand; aka the womb of the Illuminati:

A$AP Rocky in Lord Pretty Flacko:

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom ASAP Rocky Lord Pretty Flacko 666 hand

Katy Perry:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Katy-Perry-Snoop-Cali-Girls-666-Hand WO


Here’s Big Sean doing it:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Big Sean 666 triangle WO

Here’s your boy Drake in that Tuesday video with ILoveMakonnen:


Pharrell in Marilyn Monroe:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Pharrell-Marilyn-Monroe-Illuminati-666-Hand WO

And now we’re back to this Blessings video where we see Drake plugging it a bit more:

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings mano 666

It seems that his latest album called Views From the 6 has been part of this rollout. It’s a way of ‘safely’ implanting these occult symbols and beliefs upon an unsuspecting public. If you look at the comments I’m getting on my post about the Satanic Symbolism of Drake’s Views from the 6 album, you’ll see how quick the public is to defend this kind of behavior.

I mean, seriously, he shows it to us right on the album cover of his latest mixtape with the hands praying to the 6. Even if this is Toronto; why would one pray to a city and not God?

Drake 666 if youre reading this its too late WO


Getting back to the subject at hand; we see in the Blessings video that Big Sean is in a crucifix type position on the stairs:

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings Freemason steps stairs

This is a symbolic gesture we’ve seen from multiple “angles of attack” in the past. First off- the stairs are Freemasonry symbolism that depicts the initiatory path one must take to enlightenment:

This supports my theory that Big Sean is showing us his occult transformation into a new being through Alchemy. The followers of the occult know that one must destroy the personal ego before being reborn into this new “master of knowledge” (which is why Charles Manson kept ranting about the death of the ego in the 60s to his “Family” members).

We see this depicted in Big Sean’s latest project video (for the album that Blessings comes from) with Big Sean in a body bag to represent the dissolution of his mind and the death of his former self:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Big Sean Complex Bodybag WO

Not to mention we’ve seen the Freemason stairs in a lot of recent videos as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Chris Brown Illuminati New Flame Scarlet Whore Mason Stairs

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ariana Grande Freemason stairs

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Meghan Trainor Lips Movin Kitten Stairs

To finish off that thought on the two-stage symbol; we see Big Sean laid out in the crucifix stance to apparently mock Jesus. We recently saw Kanye West do a similar ritual on the SNL 40th anniversary show:

Kanye West SNL 40 Inverted Cross Jesus Walks

You could also tell from the lyrics to Blessings that this song has New Age type concepts embedded in it (e.g. The Secret with its manifestation through thought and the “As Above So Below” of the movement of the stars):

Always down for the cause, never down for the count
I guess when your stars align you do like the solar system and plan it out
So I’m goin’ overtime on the overtime
Yeah I’m not invested but you can’t attest it
Million dollar goals, man its to manifest it

Take a look at what sits next to Big Sean on the stairs; the Beats Pill. I’ve covered this in my post on the Beast by Dre: Beats headphones are Satanic post.

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings Beats Beast Pill

Finally we wrap up this whole shit-show with the rappers looking upwards to their mini-god; Kanye West. You’ll notice that Kanye has his hands in the Moloch symbolism; the Mano Cornuto hand:

IlluminatiWatcher Big Sean Blessings Kanye West Mano Cornuto God

Take a look at the video for this post that I’ve got on the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel (and subscribe while you’re there):


So there you have it; one more piece to the puzzle of this theory that the “Illuminati” are compiling occult symbols all around us to trap us into there matrix of evil.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Kanye is inverted on the “cross”.

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  2. People should know Jesus is the savior to escape all this evil.

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    • u donoey! Research Billy Meier and stop believing in a bloody book that has been manipulated by the illuminati just to control u even more and never set ur spirit free…
      Do sum serious research, christianity is on the right track but Billy Meier explains it all… listen to talmund of jmmanuel.
      All christians… Ur welcome!

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      • How is the Holy Bible munipulated by the illuminati ?? I always forget what book it is but it tells u how satan tries to get jesus to sell his soul for gold and jewlery

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      • Just checked out your guy…

        Um, I don’t see what he believes to be any different than the religious or sects.
        Its the same as the rest: One guy(always a guy…hmm, wonder why…), who was chosen to be visited by an outer limits denizen with a special message just for him to give to the world…

        I am sick to death of other human-folk playing “know-it-all” over the human condition, beckoning(if not insisting) we all follow them. Walk beside me or get ran over, buddy.

        When your guy has his special visits less all to his self, I’ll be less a cynical-crack about it. Until then, your dude is just like the other 501C3(federal TAC exempt) groups offering “answers”.

        I think its funny you lob rocks at ideas others complete themselves with while believing the guy you do…lol.
        Is this really Tom Cruise posting under an alias?

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      • Uh? That’s not true. That will never be true. How do you know that Billy is not lying? How can you tell that humans are lying? You cannot! Be careful what you believe in young kid and be careful of the internet. Satan will always be in the form of a human because secretly those people have given their lives to Satan so that they can be rich and famous and tell lies about God. God is Holy. If God was what you say He is, why would He have sent Jesus Christ? Why would he deliver us from evil? Why would he listen to our prayers? Son, I rebuke all those demons which are causing you to believe the lies of Satan, I REBUKE every contract that you’ve made with the devil, I REBUKE everything evil manifested unto you. Son, I will pray for you. Son, I wish I had enough space to show you God is not what you, Billy and Satan are saying he is. Every living spirit that is causing you to believe the lies of Satam, I REBUKE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

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  3. im from the greater Toronto area and this 6 thing makes no sense. if he can bring KD to the raptors ill let it slide, otherwise screw him. had to stop listening to his album, so much 6 symbolism. felt like i was praising demons. f that. it sucks that mainstream hip hop is so garbage that drake is making the only decent music.

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    • Im from Toronto as well and ‘the 6’ is the dumbest thing i’ve heard of. Not every Canadian supports Drake btw. If they are gonna use a number to reflect Toronto by area code, ‘the 4’ would have made more sense. 416, 647, and 437 are all Toronto area codes. Drake should double check this with his dark passenger to see if he’s cool with that.

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      • Funny… I was taught that the 6 is our backside. Many have their 12 stuck in their 6.

        All jokes ass’side; does anyone else wonder if we all had better math skills, some things wouldn’t seem so ‘magikal’?

        The popularity of the subject seems more an indictment of those peeps math and astronomy skills…public school educated, I guess. Its so embarrassing.

        Numbers have meaning… Seven and nine are popular, tho they all are awesome. What’s your number? There are web sites to show how. This one may even have a calculator… Its good to know who we are.
        I’m a 3… Its the flouncey number. I’m joshing. Its just the number I get when I add all my numbs together.
        I don’t understand 11’s power. Its a 2…

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  4. Hey, this was an excellent analysis. But two things I’d like to point out is that women aren’t allowed in the free mason’s… My fathers in it and although he doesn’t tell me alot I do know that for a fact. Also I don’t think the masons have anything to do with the devil or anything satanic for that matter, because its a rule to even be accepted in, you have to believe in god in some sort of way.

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    • I am trying to be as delicate as possible since my cousin’s husband is also a Freemason, as well as, your father and you love him, of course.

      Any secret society with levels, be it the Masons, Mormons, or Scientology bring people in under the auspice that they can keep their religion and just “add” to it, or even under the argument that it is the same religion. The person initiating the new member is only partially lying as it is sometimes a theosophical argument (Mormons) that they are teaching the same “God” ultimately even though technically it is not or that they are helping the person to better understand “‘their” God.

      As you progress they slowly remove the Christian/Jewish/Muslim “god”, replace it with a theosophic unified “god”, slowly walk the individual towards they idea that they are their own god–and not in an humble sort of way, but a prideful way that is the basis of Luciferian/Satanism.

      To quote Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate: Vanity, gets them every time!

      When we believe we are “god” we end up with fewer excuses to live a humble life of servitude to our brothers. This is why the elites are “elite” they believe that they know better, they are endowed with more knowledge, and we are their enemy in some cases, or pathetic retarded children in others.

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      • Amen to that Skyrim. Well done, Co-sign

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      • I can see your point, however I have to disagree. Like everything, it all depends on intent and interpretation. All things can be interpreted as the Ego/Separate Mind/Lack Perspective OR as the Oneness/Divine Love/Connected perspective.

        What spiritual seekers such as myself believe is that we *are* all Divine sparks, all Divine. But not in a prideful, ego way. In the unconditional love, Divine Love, oneness way. We are all part of the Divine/God/All that is and therefore all holy, and powerful.

        That belief increases unconditional love and service because when we love ourselves first (in a Divine Love way), we naturally become more kind and loving to others. And naturally give service to others. When we realise that we are all connected and all holy (where is God not? Everywhere- in every particle and atom of the universe…), we treat each other with unconditional love and kindness.

        So yes we are all Gods/Goddesses and that is why we are so powerful to send love/light to the world and recognise each other (Namaste- the Divine spark in me recognises the Divine spark in you).

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      • You explained that very well. I do have a problem with your assertion,

        “As you progress they slowly remove the Christian/Jewish/Muslim “god”, replace it with a theosophic unified “god”, slowly walk the individual towards they idea that they are their own god…”

        This seems to imply that one wouldn’t have a choice but to accept and abide by that way of thinking. There are those who are humble by nature, meaning it is nearly, if not impossible to sway them. They are in fact turned off by arrogant people and will not be around them unless absolutely necessary. That is how I am and have been all my life. I don’t have people around me who won’t let you get a word in edgewise and who feel they’re never wrong, topped off with selfishness. These people disgust me.

        Man father was a mason since before I can remember. For perspective, he died when I was 43. If they were walking him toward selfish pride over at least 40 years of my life, they failed miserably. They might have been better served to walk him there briskly or pickup a nice jog, even though an all out sprint would not have gotten him there.

        Were I to join the freemasons it would be in his honor and because it’s a family tradition. This is not to dispute your very well written statement, it’s to illustrate the other side of your claim. If I become a mason and encountered those with the attitude that you outlined, it would be the only time I’d grin and bear it because of the two reasons I gave at the start of this paragraph. Guaranteed it wouldn’t change me though.

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    • Thanks for reading; also, there is an Order of the Eastern Star that allows women. Not sure if that changes anything for you, but I’ve read about it.

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    • A woman cannot be a freemason per say, they do have their own name for there groups.. I used know a guy that was one and he told me about it, I don’t remember the name of the women’s tho. …

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      • Any organisation that is sexist enough to exclude women gets no respect from me. Just saying.

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  5. I’ve seen many neo-panther/american-islamic sorts talking about “reclaiming” what’s theirs… Yeah, it does all smack of ‘race-war’ tinder, I know… However, the Afro-american has had history similar to the native(indigenous) peoples that colonists shoved out, as far as being systematically treated like crap goes.

    They teach that masonry is not from Europe/Christians/Templars. They stole it from africa during the many crusades.

    Farakan rants about black history ignorance among blacks and calls out to them to study and recover what is rightfully their’s.
    I’m not sure everyone is using the symbols and sacred math for the same reasons all the time…
    I wonder what Jay-Z & pals were actually getting at in the song ‘Run this town’?

    I don’t want to fan racist flames…I swear it. Fact is we are a melting pot and by nature of mixing ‘metals’, it is an energetic process that emits heat. Some of us do get burned and don’t appreciate it. I can imagine and expect those who feel victimized to even the score at some point.

    I don’t refute anyone’s theories. I hope to be adding and expanding possibilities than shutting anyone down or out.

    I’m just not sure Ke$ha’s triangles are thrown in the exact same spirit as Jay-Z and his Kabul. To us, out here, they all seem like ‘family’, but in real nature, family ain’t even ‘family’ a lot of times.

    Post a Reply
      • Aw, ya caught me commiting a posting sin, not reading an entire site before posting in it… I am a pop-off, mostly, yes.

        OK…’run this town’ means more than just running the… God, I so hate devil-shit just for this sort of double-speakitry.
        And Kesha, *scoff,snort,spit* I hate MTV…

        Man, I just don’t understand wanting to be in league with the devil. But folks do meth and heroine for fun so why not worship Belzibub too…its all good. *yawn*

        Its funny to me that we think the human so much smarter than all the other animals when we’re the only idiots that think to adore something that promises to burn us all, sacrificing lives for it & shit. A banana slug has more class!

        I’m not sure what our place in the universe is about, but am quite sure its hilarious to the others. We are the cosmic production of ‘Jackass’.

        I look at our spiritual weaves(or knots) and figure reincarnation a must to cosmically raise the soul beyond one life’s ego. Our ego is such a mo’fo’, we require a thousands human life times for a soul to wisen… This would be God’s trump card on ole Satan. It only gets what we offer.
        I am not shaped by man’s words on the gods,god,Satan or me. Everyone has made up their own godamned story to follow, so I’ll figure my own too then. Thanks anyway, Mormons & other groups with “fathers”… I got my own dad and tho mine is yours; yours ain’t mine.

        Thanks for the site. Its well produced, very fair in sharing sides and respectful of all. How jesusy of you, really.
        Thanks. I go read more and write less now.

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        • LOL @ Earth being the universe’s Jackass! That’s a good way of looking at it! And don’t worry- post away my friend.

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  6. @Illuminatiwatcher, you did a nice job in dissecting the “Blessings” video and making us realize the demonic messages these musicians are putting out. That’s great. But you miss out one important symbol I sighted at the top of the Confessional Box. Watch the video once again, you’ll notice it as the camera rolls down from the top (you’ll even notice a bright light oozing out to hide it) to show Big Sean’s “Father” face. TAKE NOTE!

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  7. @Illuminatiwatcher, you did a nice job in dissecting the “Blessings” video and making us realize the demonic messages these musicians are putting out. That’s great. But you miss out one important symbol I sighted at the top of the Confessional Box. Watch the video once again, you’ll notice it as the camera rolls down from the top (you’ll even notice a bright light oozing out from behind to hide it) to show Big Sean’s “Father” face. TAKE NOTE!

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  8. @Illuminatiwatcher, you did a nice job in dissecting the “Blessings” video and making us realize the demonic messages these musicians are putting out. That’s great. But you miss out the Pyramid symbol I sighted at the top of the Confessional Box. Watch the video once again, you’ll notice it as the camera rolls down from the top (you’ll even notice a bright light oozing out from behind to hide it) to show Big Sean’s “Father” face. TAKE NOTE!

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  9. O lord , the illuminati the booming to all media entertainment .As the traffic non-occultism how our fates ? here i sometimes feel sad

    Sorry Bad english… im from Bali, Indonesia

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  10. Perfect analysis there..thanks 4digesting it 4pple lyk mi..
    May God protect the righteous and make them even more righteous though they live in an evil society…
    And 4 the belivers,l urge u Never to give in to any form of satanism please…
    Christians, we shall conquire all evil not by our own power or by might but only by the help of the HOLLY SPIRIT

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  11. Oh he will Vicky, perfect that which he has called, as Christ said, Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the world, but light shall shine upon us and the gentils shall run to it

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  12. I see a lot of symbolism in television commercials & movies, but it seems as if the rappers seem to get most of the attention from theorists, is there a reason for this?

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    • Maybe because of their race? Most rappers are people of color so is it because they are starting to have more influence on Caucasians? They are not at the top of any of these organizations so why are they constantly researched. Why don’t we dig more into the everyday things that are in plain sight or even the guys we should really be concerned about because the majority of the Top Dogs are “White Males”.

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  13. Keep on enlightening us from these dark forces.We are in the last days.God should protect us from these manipulations.

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