Illuminati symbolism in Belly ft Weeknd’s “Might Not” video

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I’ve seen so many music videos that contain Illuminati symbols and hidden messages that it’s exhausting to point them out anymore. In fact, I wrote the book on it so I felt that there wasn’t much more to say about it. I think I may be wrong…


The Weeknd & The Mark of the Beast

Previously I suggested Weeknd might be somehow implicated in the big Illuminati agenda because of his video called Earned It that was featured in the MKULTRA of Fifty Shades of Grey article for it’s “X” symbol and how it is the calling of the Mark of the Beast:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Weeknd Mark of Beast X Earned It video WO


Weeknd has even doubled-down on the “X” Mark of the Beast by fusing it with the “O”; the precise symbolic formula required to summon Typhon (the Beast of the Abyss that was so revered by Crowley, HP Lovecraft, and Kenneth Grant). The symbols corresponds to the alchemical process of transformation with the X inside the O being the chaotic formula of the prima materia (primordial chaos). This means it is a reference to keeping people in the base frequency and never moving beyond it; which is precisely what Weeknd’s “XO” means (see next paragraph).

Weeknd XO mark of beast


The meaning of “XO” was at one time meaning and hugs and kisses but the new meaning is Ecstasy and Oxycontin. Furthermore, people are getting this “Mark of the Beast” tattooed on their body- somewhat prophetically filling Biblical concerns about wearing this symbol (or am I being a bit too paranoid with that thought?…):

Weeknd XO Overdose tattoo mark of beast


Since that song, Weeknd has risen to become one of the most popular singers/rappers in the music industry and now he’s in a new song with the rapper Belly that advances the Illuminati agenda one step further…


Might Not (have religion in the future age…)

To me it seems this song is about taking too many drugs and not making it through the evening. Of course, one could take the more critical path here and realize the promotion of drug use helps the Illuminati and the privatized prison industry:

Everybody ’round me sayin’ I should relax cause
I’ve been goin’ hard ’til my eyes roll back but
All I want to do is forget about my past and
Smoke a little weed, really nothin’ too drastic

Further in we hear a lyric that caused me to write this particular piece because Belly talks about the “new religion” being “no religion”:

She told me no religion was the new religion
She said she don’t believe in God but her shoes Christian

This couldn’t illustrate the point any more clearly when you consider the destruction of religion (particularly Christianity) is one of the key tenets of the Illuminati and this new age of occultism; as is laid out by Kenneth Grant’s Magical Revival book:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Grant Magical Revival Illuminati Crowley Christian

So it’s not so surprising to find the video with supporting visuals of this new age Crowley, Grant, and other occultists sought to draw in:

Belly Might Not Weeknd Cross


Classic Illuminati Symbolism

In the video we also see Belly showing the familiar 666 hands; a symbol that is so pervasive in the music that we simply can’t ignore it:

Belly Might Not Weeknd 666


In Conclusion

So there you have it- one more song that contains veiled occult language that shows us the direction they want to take us. The only way to overcome this is to become aware of the symbolism and language they are using to convey messages to one another while instilling it into our subconsciousness.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. humm…i wonder what your real first name is.. so mysterious “Issac”…lol.. did you choose that because of your fondness for Issac newton?
    Good point to stress by the way, that you don’t have to be christian to be anti-Illuminati.
    Upon researching even just the surface layers of all this crap (new world order, Illuminati, ancient aliens, mk- ultra ) it is difficult to deny the satanic influences… even if your not christian.
    In fact.. my research into trauma based mind control, actually lead me back to Christianity. i was a practicing wiccan for the last 17 years..and didn’t even believe in satan!
    i was more shocked than i EVER thought i could be upon my realization that the trauma(of trauma based mind control) is induced through SRA (satanic ritual abuse). This research lead to images and video of satanic circles and i was SICKENED to see how similar these satanic circles were to the wiccian circle i was part of… PLEASE wiccians investigate this for yourselves..

    Issac, thanks so much for being here and doing all the work you do.. this is not easy info to digest and sort through..not your pleasant dinner convo..thats for sure..

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  2. hello Watcher
    The “old” weeknd died in his new song video:
    Now he is the starboy with crux necklace and pink crux symbol…
    Anyway its good clip with amazing light of Mclaren on night ride.


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    • Thanks Greg– I see him leaving the Cross behind as well. Guess he’s making a turn for the dark side… (it does look like Kylo Ren’s saber too!)

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