Illuminati symbolism in Azealia Banks ft Pharrell ‘ATM’ music video


Illuminati songstress Azealia Banks has a new video called ATM. She hit the industry with the video called Yung Rapunzel that was loaded with Illuminati symbolism and is continuing that theme with this latest one.

This ATM song features Pharrell, but I think even he knew it was trash so he is nowhere to be found on the video. The hook on it (by Pharrell) is one of the all-time worst earworms that you’ll regret if you listen to so I’d turn it down if I was you…


We don’t get as much symbolism as I had anticipated for a song about money with Azealia Banks, but here’s what I saw…

She gives us the ‘V’ which would typically indicate a peace sign, but not in our conspiracy-theory riddled world:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Azelia Banks ATM 1

The ‘V’ is a symbol that fills an entire post, but I’ll keep it brief here. The occult symbolism behind what is supposed to mean ‘peace’ is actually Satanic in nature. Not only is it an inverted pyramid, but ‘V’ is the number ‘6’ in Hebrew. The occult Kabballah worshippers are the ones who notice this and place emphasis on it. You can read more about this ‘V’ theory at Freeman’s website with his post about Madonna’s Super Bowl performance.

Lastly we see Banks wearing a shirt with an all seeing eye and her hands doing the horns of the beast. Notice that she is dancing in front of a large ‘V’ that is in the formation of a dolmen:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Azelia Banks ATM 2

Here’s that video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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