Illuminati symbolism in Avril Lavigne ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ music video


Thanks to commenter ‘AnotherWatcher’ who pointed this out; here’s Avril Lavigne’s latest video called Here’s to Never Growing Up and the abundant Illuminati symbolism found within.

The first shot is of the band, with the drummer’s eye patch covering up one of the eyes. The Illuminati calling card is highlighting one eye: symbolism for the all seeing eye, or Eye of Horus:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 1

There’s a high school dance, and the students are dancing on the Freemasonry black and white tiled floor (as seen in A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long Live’ video); while obviously not dancing on the actual dance floor:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 2

Devil horns show us the Moloch bull horns which we see in all sorts of entertainment:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 3

Avril Lavigne gives us the pyramid symbol with her hands, at first covering up her eye…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 4

…and then the full-on pyramid, as we see Jay-Z and other Illuminati types flashing:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 5


More Moloch horns:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 7

Finally, there’s this mysterious phone number on the chalkboard, that gives you a prompt for an automated thing for Avril Lavigne’s “secret” project. You can call it if you care to, I don’t think they charge anything (it didn’t say it was, but don’t hold me liable): 310-878-9132

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 8

Avril was also in a recent magazine shoot for Nylon that gave us a shot of one all-seeing eye of the Illuminati:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Avril 9

Here’s the video:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. does this mean that avril is in the constant child alter and now aware of it doesnt want to come out of it?

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  2. When she puts the radio over her head it also looks like Mickey Mouse ears

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  3. Thank you so much for hearing me out! She’s so obliviously envolved with them right now… It’s sad.

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  4. why do avril is illuminati i also done all this symbols but i still believe in GOD.

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    • IlluminatiS belive in GOD….
      doesn’t the organization was built to prove that genesis 1 is true……

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      • illuminate? what does it means?

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        • To “illumine” or “illuminate” means to light up or reveal. That’s where the term “Illuminati” came from: they are (supposedly) the enlightened ones.

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  5. i think that is not enough for one who love avril alot !!!

    please give some more reason to believe it strongly

    thank u for other subjects.

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  6. u do these symbols cos u’ve seen some1 famous do it, plus if u do it, it’s not hocus-pocus thingy,it’s just ur hands, but these ppl do it 2 show that they’re Illuminati and the Illuminati & masons are very superstitious…

    can u guys get an article on 13 bloodlines? rockerfella,rothschild and shit like that?

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  7. Rly? she is just saying fuc k you with her finger and covers her eye with that finger it’s like saying fu ck Illuminati

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    • Thanks to commenter ‘AnotherWatcher’ who pointed this out; here’s Avril Lavigne’s latest video called Here’s to Never Growing Up and the abundant Illuminati symbolism found within.

      First shot is of the band, with the drummer’s eye patch covering up one of the eyes.
      U r rly sick , Pirates were illuminati 2 ur right! (sarcasm)

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    • Thank u so much she is just showing her new tattoo the f ck u is that called illuminati really guys maybe she thought it was cool so she did it a lot of people do these and they aren’t illuminati

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  8. You’re stupids!!!!!!!!!!
    Vocês são tão ridículos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. I just think she’s a disrespectful bitch.

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    • Thats the way she dont be stupid asshole

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  10. My Name is Noelle and I am 24 Years Old! I am a Christian and I have been a Christian Since I was 12 Years Old! HOW DARE YOU, HOW DARE YOU, HOW DARE YOU! Avril Lavigne is AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and GREAT! FYI, Avril Lavigne is a Christian! AVRIL LAVIGNE is NOT in the ILLUMINATI! YOU DUMB, DUMBY NO, PUTTING YOUR HANDS in front of YOUR FACE and PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR or to the Side and PUTTING YOUR HANDS Together is NOT A SIGN or THE SIGN of the ILLUMINATI! GET OVER YOURSELF! The FLOOR BEING BLACK and WHITE, REALLY YOUR Making the FLOOR Being BLACK and WHITE into a BAD and EVIL Thing! I LOVE The Colors BLACK and WHITE! Next thing, NOW YOUR TRYING MAKE an EYE PATCH LOOK BAD and EVIL! NO, NO, NO, NO, and NO an EYE PATCH is NOT EVIL and it’s NOT PART of the ILLUMINATI! An EYE PATCH is a PIRATE Thing! That is a STAR on Her Hand, NOT a Pentagram! ARE YOU That DUMB that YOU DON’T KNOW The Differents between A STAR and A Pentagram! Avril has a STAR on Her Hand, SHE DOES NOT have a Pentagram on Her Hand! Avril has a STAR on Her Hand and She a Heart with the Letter D in the Middle of the Heart and She has that for Her EX Husband! Avril Lavigne DOES NOT have a Pentagram ANYWHERE on Her Body! Avril Lavigne is a Christian! Avril LOVES God! Avril Lavigne Worships God! Avril Lavigne is NOT an the ILLUMINATI! YOUR STUPID and WRONG, if YOU Think Avril Lavigne is in the ILLUMUNATI! I AM A BIG, BIG TIME Avril Lavigne FAN! Avril Lavigne ROCKS! I AM A HARDCORE Avril Lavigne FAN! Avril is the BEST and the GREATEST Singer/Songwriter EVER! Avril’s Songs and CD’s are AMAZING and GREAT! PLEASE, GET OVER YOURSELF and GET OVER The WHOLE ILLUMINATI Thing! Please and Thank You!

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    • Yeah..i checked her pussy and i didnt see any illuminati symbol…

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  11. I think she’s not. In regards with the film making, either short stories, music videos and what so ever, Directors are the one who commands what are the actions necessary for the artist to do.

    Avril grew up singing in church. she started singing when she was still 2, she even have another version of her song Alice praising and thanking God.

    Doing those signs doesn’t mean someone is already an Illuminati, not unless she already gave out her soul, and do the ritual for acceptance.

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