Illuminati symbolism in Australian New Year’s fireworks


Yes, I’ve made a post claiming that the New Year’s fireworks celebration in Australia features Illuminati symbolism. In my defense, I was offered this show of Illuminati symbolism by way of commenter MariaM (thanks BTW). I looked up some of the images and I’ve got to hand it to her, there is in fact an All Seeing Eye in the fireworks, check it out:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Illuminati All Seeing Eye fireworks New Years


UPDATE 01JAN2014: I’ve received the email with the other Illuminati shots from the event. Check these out…


…first we have the Twitter page with the All Seeing Eye and the motto of ‘Shine’; implying Illuminati (illuminated ones; enlightened ones, etc.):


Australia all seeing eye ABC new years fireworks



And there were also the eyes watching us from the celeb table:


Australian fireworks new years all seeing eye


And finally we can see Saturn on the background, which is a common theme (see my post about Saturn Worship for more on that one):

The background of Saturn worship goes back to 600 BC with Greek poet Hesiod’s ‘Works and Days’ where he discusses the various ages of man. One of the ages was referred to as the Golden Age. The Golden Age was referenced in several prominent ancient cultures, similar to how the cultures would adopt each other’s gods and rename them. The ancient Romans worshipped the god Saturnus, who was the god of agriculture and time, and his reign was known as the time of Golden Age of peace and harmony. The Greek god that was the same as Saturnus was Cronus, the youngest of the Titans. The Carthaginian god Ba’al (or Moloch) was the same god, and devoured children (similar to Cronus who ate children).


Saturn Australia fireworks new years


Paul Watson from Infowars posted a video about Google’s Illuminati symbolism; pointing out that the background had a pyramid with All Seeing Eye above it. The video then goes into the Sydney fireworks as well:



The theme behind all of these New Year’s celebrations is that the Illuminati is moving in and watching over all of us (“watching” being a term used to describe one of the first acknowledgements of aliens/Illuminati-bloodlines as seen in the Bible with the Watchers). The Google participation is paramount because they’ve hired futurist Ray Kurzweil to run their engineering department and he is key to usher in the Transhumanism/POST-human movement. It starts with Google Glasses and goes down the slippery slope to brain augmentation (all of this is described by Kurzweil himself in his books). Get ready to make a choice between a virtual Facebook world and the three dimensional ‘old-school’ world. All of this is explained in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture.



If you don't believe the Google Transhumanism push, take a look at their Chrome logo, you can see the All Seeing Eye in its new robotic form (transitioning from the ancient Egyptians' Horus eye):

Google Chrome





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. its not just the all seeing eye, the eye is set in a crown, check out the shape of the firework display, the eye is set where it would be in a british royal crown!!

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  2. What century do you live in? Live and let live. Elton John on TV is what is wrong with the world? Being alert and question authorities, I believe is healthy. All my respect to Christians who follow Jesus’ message of Love thy next, forgiveness, and respect. Those who spread fear and ignorance with the words of Jesus, must not know the difference between The Old Testament and The New Testament.

    Btw you premise is completely wrong. Illuminati was a group of people trying to get equal rights for women, help the poor, educate the illiterate, get better medicine for all, better education, promoting the idea of revolting against the old worlds oppressing leaders. Sounds a lot like the mission of this site.

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  3. illuminati does not exists. i love rockefeller, and satanic rituals

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  4. The illuminati are a force in the world with evil intent to rule a world with no more than 500 million people and they will attempt to achieve this by destroying the Western Christian culture and create chaos. Think this is not true then you are asleep. However, Jesus Christ will come back to destroy them and their plans and if you find your way to belief and trust in Him then they can do what they like and you can feel safe. I just pray that more and more people will discover the love and grace God offers through Jesus.

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