Illuminati symbolism in 30 Seconds to Mars ‘Up in the Air’ music video


I’ve previously posted about the satanic and Illuminati symbolism found in 30 Seconds to Mars’ front man Jared Leto:

Their album covers and concerts are full of it too. Shove it right down the throats of the fans until it’s buried in their subconscious. A stretch of an idea that I have is that ’30 Seconds to Mars’ is actually a play on words for ’32s to Mars’ meaning 32nd degree Freemasons (33 is the highest degree). Not sure where to take that one but thought I’d sprinkle it out there for now.


And now they’ve got a new video called Up in the Air that features even more by way of Illuminati and satanic worship that we find so prevalent in the entertainment industry.


The video starts out with the coin of the skull that we find with secret societies such as Skull & Bones that are known to have Illuminati membership (since the Bavarian Illuminati itself was a secret society). The phrase around the coin says “Provehito in Altum” which UrbanDictionary claims means “Launch forth into the deep”:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 1

Next up we get a shot of bull, reminiscent of Moloch and the bull worship that is used by these Illuminati satan worshippers to this day at locations such as Bohemian Grove. If you’ve read my other posts on music videos such as Drake, Iggy Azalea, and others, you’ll know what the deal is on this already. I go into further detail on the importance of Moloch, owls, and Satanic horns in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls and the Horns of Satan post:

The oldest mention of a horned deity starts with Nimrod, El, and Moloch. These somewhat-interchangeable deities were thought to be depicted as either a single or double horned-god who was worshipped in the Bronze Ages of Mesopotamian culture. He was one of multiple gods in these ancient Pagan cultures that we see the Canaanites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Babylonians devoting much energy and bloodshed. They were worshipping this deity to the point of sacrificing their own children (although some argue there is no definitive evidence of this, while others claim a counter-conspiracy cover-up of the disturbing practice). These ancient cultures believed that sacrificing their infants would appease the deity and they would in return have financial blessings, more fertility, good fortunes, or any other type of prayer worthy gift (see This form of idolatry is what influenced much of the teachings of the Bible (about having false idols and such).

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 2

An upside down burning pentagram, it doesn’t get any more satanic than this. Ph.D. Stephen Flowers wrote about the Pentagram of Set (the satanic order known as the Temple of Set, established by Michael Aquino) in Lords of the Left-Hand Path: Forbidden Practices and Spiritual Heresies:

The clearest, simplest, and yet most profound symbol of the Setian cosmology is provided by the Pentagram of Set. Aquino discusses this symbol in Appendix 1 of The Crystal Tablet. The perfect circle (which is a mathematical function of pi) around the pentagram represents the “mathematical order of the objective universe,” while the pentagram itself can be seen as representing the consciousness and rationality inherent in the subjective universe. The fact that its points do not touch the circle signifies “that the Powers of Darkness are not derived from or dependent upon” the natural order. The pentagram is shown with two points upward “to imply change and movement in place of stasis and rest, and also to proclaim the evolutionary dialectic of thesis combined with antithesis to produce synthesis— instead of a foreordained and unavoidable absolute standard.”

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 3

Butterflies are symbolism for the MK ULTRA/Project MONARCH brainwashing that happens with all of these musicians and their need for alter egos like Nicki Minaj, and now the latest trend is for actors and actresses to push this symbolism in their music crossover videos, like Vanessa Hudgens, Shia LeBouf, and others.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 4

More pentagrams, this time its juxtaposed against the word “FAITH,” showing us the gods the Illuminati worship:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 5

A sequence of shots with a woman taking a pill with a pyramid on it (pyramids=Illuminati, as on the Great Seal of the dollar bill):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 6


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 7

A focus on one eyeball, a prerequisite for all good Illuminati musicians; I go into further detail on the importance of the All Seeing Eye in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture post:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 8

Here’s some more Moloch:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 9

A double-whammy of a pyramid on fire, with the flames “illuminating” it for all to see:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 10

This same pyramid is tattooed on lead singer Jared Leto, and is actually a Wicca concept referring to the elements of nature; this particular pyramid referring to air:


Five Elementsjared-leto1-600x288

Serpents are symbolic of the devil, like in the Bible’s Garden of Eden and they appear in the video as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 11

Another shot of the Project MONARCH butterflies:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 12

Interestingly enough author Neil Strauss was featured in the video, he did a few cool books about pick up artists, Motley Crue, and others:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 13

In the final credits one of the figures in the video gives us the middle finger while wearing a goat-like helmet with a pyramid on the forehead:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 15


And finally we get a nice shot of a burning pentagram:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 14

BONUS: I missed a couple things, here’s an image that says “SISYPHUS” which was Greek mythology:

In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth) punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 21

And one last message at the end of the video says to “FIND THE ARGUS APOCRAPHEX” which is apparently some cryptic message that 30 Seconds puts on a lot of their stuff. I’m not gonna speculate on it, if you’re in the know on this please comment and enlighten me.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom 30 Seconds to Mars 22

Here’s the video, it’s over eight minutes long, it must be some kind of epic ballad of theirs, I have no clue because I don’t listen to them:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The bull with Vita Don Tesse also resembles the woman riding the beast in the book of Revelations – the Harlot. Realling interesting article about her here.

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    • “Provehito In Altum” is a Latin metaphor and can be translated in three different ways:

      “March on into higher grounds”
      “Launch forth into higher grounds”
      “Launch forth into the deep”
      So how about instead of using the one that sounds bad look at the others you moron, get a life instead of randomly accusing people of being apart of a cult

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      • Well said…besides they are not part of a cult…they are a cult on their own…

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        • ”Yes…This a Cult”
          and one ‘hell” of great one 😉

          and…”It’s only for those who understands”

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          • In fact, what 30stm had done is helping people get through their life.

            What you have did with the evidences seems legit, but what is the good of accusing them for you?

            Maybe you have to start listening to them and get a life.

      • I think someone needs to find a better way to spend their free time from the sounds of it

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        • Dumb asses always want to be kept in the dark.and live their ignorant lives. This woman just let u know who i have actually been listening to and they are probably programming you to accept what they are by featuring it in their videos and of course an idiot like u fell for it its not the writer of the articles fault that you fell for it

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      • Well yeah if u read the bible, satan is in the bottomless pit and will be released in the end times. “Provehito In Altum!”

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  2. The Mask at the end of the music video is a BUNNY mask not a goat. It was featured in the Hurricane music video. The artist who made the masks on Etsy sells them as BUNNY or RABIT masks. The band now sells them on their web site as a RABIT MASK.. The “triangle” is a Triad, also known as an Air Symbol, that is the bands logo.

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    • Thanks Sammi, I’ll take another look at everything with the info you provided. Thanks for not being a dick about me being wrong either, I usually get the shit trolled out of me on this website lol

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      • Basically because you genuinely seem interested and would like to know, I will give you the real meanings behind the symbols – and what they mean to me, as a ‘fan’ of the band. I am doing this because you didn’t accuse the poster above me of being a ‘stan’ and you thanked him/her for the comment. There are more heated/irrational comments below from some of my fellows, which can easily be dismissed as ‘brainwashed fan’ I can assure you that I am not brainwashed, and that your are mistaken, you said above that you would take the new information on board and do some more research with the comment above, I hope you will take the time to read and do the same with mine:

        A (very) brief backstory on the lore and core message of the band: The pursuit of art and the following of ones dreams, never giving up, believing in yourself and others, loving and learning about yourself and the world. The constant journey to self improvement and one’s personal evolution. This is what the main messages from the songs mean, and every symbol involved with the band are there because of this underlying theme.

        1. The Triad, which is what you called the pyramid in your post, this is the main/current symbol that the band uses mostly. It is either depicted as the photos above show it, as a triangle with a line through it, or in its most recent iteration: it is inverted, so that it is a small, solid triangle hovering above a solid trapezoid, basically the image in negative. While symbols of any sort can freak most people out (look at this blog) – this symbol has come to mean lots of things, none of which are illuminati/devil worship. Many people that like/see the band just thing that it is their symbol, and you are right to presume it is more than just a graphic design. You are also right, Jared chose the triad from the Ancient symbol for Air (also used in Wicca), and has adapted it to mean DREAMS. As in, one reaches for their dreams, it is a reminder to follow your dreams, to have dreams, etc. It is a symbol, to signify a dreamer, and has become so important in the band’s current message/music that it is now the main symbol for the band.

        2. Provehito in Altum – urban dictionary isn’t the best when it comes to Latin translations, but it is kind of close and the meaning is still there, and many, many fans of the band think that ‘launch forth into the deep’ is what it means – because it is basically that sentiment. Another rough translation of the latin phrase is ‘reach up unto the heavens’ which is a little bit closer to the actual translation, which directly is ‘to be devoted to be carried on high’ They all mean the same thing essentially – reach for your dreams, follow your ambitions, follow your heart, you can do it, etc etc etc. What this phrase means in regards to the band, it is their motto – and it appears on all of the bands so called ‘crests’ as it were. It is a positive, uplifiting, affirmation.

        3. Sisyphus – Sisyphus Corporation is the name of Jared Leto’s umbrella company that has all of his businesses under one roof, they are The Hive – a boutique PR and Guerilla Marketing Firm, Adventures in Wonderland – a VIP ticketing experience for live events, VyRT – an online social theatre where artists and patrons can interact and share remotely, and The Lab – a recording studio. Sisyphus also handles Jared’s day to day/promo for his acting career, however he still employs an outside publicist though most of it is done in house. Everything in Sisyphus was born out of Jared’s necessity for the services that each of his companies offer – because he didn’t like what was available to him, so he started his own company to create a service/product that he wanted to work with, now each of them run successfully out of the same central offices in LA, and all have multiple clients, not just 30 Seconds to Mars – so Sisyphus is not a vanity project, it is a legitimate business, with a CEO, COO and board of directors, etc. It was named after the greek myth, but I believe that it is more a reference to the inner struggle we all have as dreamers and artists to realise our art/dream – the inner struggle to always want to do better and never reaching it – but we keep going. Again, a sad myth, but a positive affirmation. I personally have not asked Jared what his connection with Sisyphus was – but I have inferred my meaning from everything else to do with the music/band.

        4. The Argus Apocraphex – An ancient/hidden text that we must ‘find’ – or ‘seach for’, again the symbolism of the journey to one’s dreams, always bettering oneself, the struggle within that we must overcome on a daily basis to become better humans to ourself and others, etc. This is entirely my own interpretation of this part of our lore, as this is one of the main mysteries. Some of my fellows believe that the words refer to Hidden Giant, and we are supposed to find the Hidden Giant – which many believe that the ‘giant’ is the Echelon (the name of the community, I will come to that later, because I know you will have objections to that!) which is also a very mars sentiment, we are stronger united, build eachother up, love eachother, etc.

        5. Up in the Air Short Film – this film is a love letter to art, fine, dangerous and all in between. Jared took masters in their relevant artistic fields and portrayed them as they are: artists. The entire piece is a mixed media audio visual art piece, with lots of moving elements – yes, it is scattered with 30 Seconds to Mars symbolism, most of which you picked up, some of which you did not (for example in the middle of the film, the morse code for 6277 is played where it appears tape has run out – which is MARS on a telephone keypad, nothing sinister there!) All of their videos have lots of references to the folklore of the band, that is Bart Cubbins (director) handwriting. Dita & the Bull – sometimes what you see is what it is, she was performing one of her burlesque acts at Jared’s request, because he respects her as an artist and wanted to include her in the film. Damien Hirst – his painting is featured in the film, as a backdrop for a model holding multicolored balloons blowing bubble gum, Jared loved the painting so much that he asked Hirst to adapt it as album artwork. Acrobat with Cyr Wheel wearing gas mask – Performer from Cirque de Soliel, only wearing mask as an homage to previous short film, Hurricane. The Olympic Gymnasts with Holi Powder – this was just a beautiful visual, and was an obvious choice for the song ‘up in the air’ and the use of holi powders, well its just stunning against a black backdrop – they are used in the end as a massive colour fight, which is occasionally recreated in their live performances. The Sculptures set Alight – the name of the album, Love Lust Faith and Dreams, was depicted by the sculptor and then set on fire – the upside down pentagram is that particular artist’s interpretation of faith, the Band’s symbol/interpretation of faith is an arrow pointing upwards. The live animals used were also interpretations of the four core themes of the album – the snake is Lust, which you will find common in lots of lore/mythology.

        The poster above explained the Mask, and the girl in the image you’ve captured wearing it, is actually a fan of the band that was included in the video and her ‘fuck you’ is a reference to ‘i’ll do what i want, no one can tell me that i cannot follow my dreams’ A slightly more aggressive version of the band’s overall message.

        I said earlier that I would touch a little bit on the Echelon, which is our name, a name to identify oneself by – to signify that you are a dreamer, and believer (in oneself, and in those you love). The name derived from the very early beginnings of the band in 1999-2000, where the fans titled themselves ‘Mars Army’ to promote the band that was just starting out, at that time street teams were a very big way music was promoted and bands relied heavily on as much word of mouth promotion that they could get. ‘The Echelon’ was the name for active members of the street team, ones who organsied guerilla marketing events, basically people who love the band – eventually the distinction between being a Mars Army member vs being an Echelon was erased and we all became Echelon. A community that was created around this band and these ideas, a place where individuals from all walks of life can come together and share in the joy of music and a message of dreams/love. There are elements of spirituality, religion and faith that come from this community, and I can see where someone on the outside looking in can be extremely sketched out – particularly by our tongue in cheek tag lines, like ‘yes this is a cult’ and ‘echelon – you wouldn’t understand’ and ‘we’re not fans, we’re family’ – this is mainly because of the core message of the band, and what the music means to us personally, touches at such a deep level there is an intensity that doesn’t exist in other ‘fandoms’ it isn’t because of the illuminati though, or subliminal message brainwashing – it is because of the positivity, and life affirming message – that anyone who is a dreamer, an artist, or someone who is struggling to better themselves will relate to, on a deep level.

        As for the length of the video, it is short for one of Bart’s films – everything about it is art, there is a lot more production involved, it is a unique creation for this band – not a means for the record label to promote a single, because that is certainly not the type of band that 30 Seconds to Mars is….

        This is the most I’ve ever explained Mars/the lore to anyone, because usually if you don’t get it… it just isn’t for you and I’m really ok with that! But I thought I’d give it a go, give you my truth and all of the facts so that you can come to your own conclusions.

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        • Wow, that’s a great breakdown, I appreciate that. I’m not a listener/fan of 30STM, so I really don’t know the basis for all that stuff. I did love Fight Club, Dallas Buyers Club and Requiem For A Dream though, so even though Leto does all that symbolism garbage I’ve got to admit he’s a talented guy.

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          • The problem is with you Antiilluminati/Illuminati conspiracy-fanboys, dear writer, is that you accuse everyone of everything, and explain every symbol, scene as illuminati, without properly looking into it. AND you don’t really know anything about art, different meaning, artistic symbolism, and are afraid of everything, what’s uncommon. This leads to posts like this one.

            But the saddest thing is, that many morons even learn your ignorance, since they think you are totally right, and then they follow you blindly. Which is the problem of you and them being stupid. Like sheeps, following the one with the bell in the canyon.

        • Couldn’t of put it better myself! Well done Christina, Jared, Shannon and Tomo would be proud <3

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        • I am a 30 seconds to mars listener and if you look at the lyrics to city of angels Jared states “bought my fate straight from hell, second sight has paid off well, for a mother, a brother and me”. I don’t know what your objections will be but to me that sounds pretty subjective to the concept that he does have some sort of ties with satanic worship.

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          • It could also be a reference to the fact that he was raised by a single mother who had 2 kids by the time she was 18 and lived on welfare. Essentially, his childhood could have condemned him to a “hell”-ish life, but rather than just giving in to whatever fate might have had in store, he chose to look towards a better future (“buying” the fate hell had in store for him by taking a “second sight” or “second look” at the possibilities available to him,) which helped his mother, brother and him to thrive instead.

            Also, the name “30 Seconds to Mars” isn’t a Masonic reference. They named the band after David Bowie’s song of the same name.

        • So I read most of these long boring and some informed comments, but I couldn’t help notice that no one could truly explain why there is some Illuminati related symbolism being portrayed by Leto himself and in the video. I understand that there is a following of sheep to this band like there is to people exposing the satanic cult/Illuminati, so I’ve braced for neanderthal like responses. But no one has addressed that even a little, just long blah blahs about the art of art, well thanks so much for that because if you are not an artist in any fashion you will not understand certain symbology used. That being said, who is to say that the art portrayed isn’t meant in the same of satanic symbology and these songs are voices of demons to and against God? I like this bands and I’m not a follower because I’m not weak ad no one should follow anything or anybody, but I did hear lyrics before by Leto saying he sold his soul for his mother, brother and himself to have what they have. Or at least it sounded like that. But I guess I was mistaken because when the artists say that kind of shit it’s considered art? But who critics art? Could they be devil worshipping or is it that I’m reaching to blame something. Everyone out there and those who posted on here that deny the truth of evil in the world should just kill themselves, that’s art. Maybe people should open their eyes a little wider and stop listening to anyone but themselves, not the person the zombie box has made you, the real you, the one that wasn’t made to fit into the world like the ones who control it want you to be. There is evil, there is good and everyday we are in the middle of this. Look around you, across the whole world. Evil is winning because retards like everyone here are worried about trivial shit like this instead of being a better person and helping others with real problems. Drink the Kool aid and make room for more intelligent people with hearts of Lions. Fucking pukes =)
          Love your fellow man!

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          • “Bought my fate, straight from hell…” is a reference to how tough things were for his family growing up. He has consistently said “me and my brother left Louisiana with our food stamps in one hand and a guitar in the other.” Jared always preaches love and following your dreams. The need to tear others down and denigrate their love and art is what is evil and wrong with this world…

        • Thank you 🙂

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        • Thank you for speaking TRUTH sister 😉

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        • wow that was amazing! thanks for explaining in so much detail. It really gave me much to think about.

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        • Thank you so much for that. Connection – deep. Point – made. Now I realize why I cry when I first listened to their songs, and they still touch me deeply until this day. They went so creatively into having all these beautiful positive messages for their fans, only the intellectual can interpret. Its unique, and not everyone understands unique. I see it nothing more as something beautiful and touching music. Music is my life, I love all types of music, and I do get the same feeling when I listen to other songs, but with this band it’s almost like that for every song and thats why I love them so much. Who doesn’t like to have a good feeling in their hearts when they listen to something beautiful that touches them? I wouldn’t understand THAT….

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        • Wow thanks Christina that was a great read, and I am part of Eschelon! Very articulate and intelligent.

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  3. It might be part of their logo, but it’s still a pyramid, which is a symbol of the Illuminati, and is in almost every damn video or tv show or commercial or movie out these days. They know what they’re doing. Grooming and training us to accept them and what they believe. Preparing us for the future…..but hey, that’s just a conspiracy, right?

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    • it is not because you appreciate a band and their music that you are instantly turning into a illuminate…

      you guys should try and listen to their songs and leave the illuminati watch aside for an hour, it would do good to you. (and no offense here, just saying, because they’ve got great ones with beautiful messages in).

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      • Yes!! And thank you as well for speaking TRUTH about 30STM ♡

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        • There’s no sheeps here, its art its music its dreams its inpiriration its love its hope. Leto has a gift and he gives it all I agree stop looking at the trivial shit and look at the good. They are very honost and if they were satanists they would sing it out loud. If love for a belief is satanic I’m in … Peace out # let’s make a better world

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    • The pyramid you refer to sir. Is the Air triangle often used in Wicca and by witches that also do not practice witchcraft. However, it is the alchemy symbol for Air. It would be best to do some research into occult studies and religion before eagerly posting. Some of us people who use these symbols in our own practices feel very maudlin blah when people do not do their research. It is a symbol worth respecting. Not just a triangle, and not just a pyramid.

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  4. I love your posts…keep going..

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    • Hello Aleksandr, I’m also Russian. Thumbs up to you for doing this great work in Russian, in addition to all the English material available on the net. I’m very interested in the topics of masonry/illuminati/MK Ultra/BETA kitten programming in the Western and West-inspired media and keep reading about this a lot. Your efforts are HIGHLY appreciated! Keep writing, even if you get a lot of opposition from obscure users who do not understand the seriousness of the problem. Sooner or later, they’ll get it all. Maria

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  5. they are desensitizing the coming generation to images/concepts of evil, dark entities and the occult. If you make poison appealing enough, people will gulp it down.

    I’ve been listening to 50’s music and have also been on a 90’s music nostalgia binge (grew up in the 90’s) and I noticed that there was fairly minimal occult/illuminati symbolism and references in lyrics, artist imagery and music videos in the 90’s. There were exceptions here and there but it was nothing like what we see today. Obviously it was nonexistent in the 50’s because they knew society was not ready.

    i really do think everything changed after 9/11, even in music. It didn’t happen immediately but look at where we are at today. Everything is so blatant now and I think it’s because they are getting closer to their end goal.

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    • df- I agree with you on that music comment. I listen to all sorts of music genres, and I find that if I listen to the darker stuff of the last 10-15 years I can feel more tension than the older stuff. I think the modern stuff has this evil Illuminati influence and it comes through.

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      • Illuminati comes from Illusion these r all just Illusions of ur mind Illuminati r not playing with ur mind U Urself is the one that plays with ur mind

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        • There so many references of Illuminati or the new ones Wicca with some sort of connection with the paganism and it is real Paganists belief was in sth extraordinary they believed in ancient battles and so on… That’s where it is based all this Illuminatism and Wicca on. It has its roots in Paganism! (if u wanna learn more about Paganists and/or these Wicca and Illuminati search the web or ask ur friend that knows these stuff or ur religious professor)

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        • True about the illuminati’s and the illusions of the mind!!

          As for the very long, very true, extremely informative post before about the symbols and the truths behind the phrases and beliefs of, Jared Leto, 30STM, and us Echelon’s…. you rocked on your explanation!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Actually there were a few small things you said that I didn’t know about! 😉

          Your Fellow Echelon

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  6. Wow you never realize the symbols and signs are everywhere until you start looking, Great Posts, keep them coming.

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  7. Hey Watcher!!!

    I encourage you to check out “Fall Out Boy’s New Video/song “Light Em Up”

    They were on some late night show performing the song and a Stone hedge symbol was dropped down center staged in the middle of the song and midget druids started coming out and dancing around, sounded liek a references to human sacrifices.

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  8. it’s not a pyramid it’s a f-in triad please and it symbolises Air!!!!!!!!!!!! God!! -_- do urself a favor and shut up on things u dont know

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    • Hi
      U should read Ephesians2:2 in the Bible.It tells u about the Prince of the power of the air.

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      • Well done Bonita. That’s a great scripture & totally relevant.

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  9. by the way watch the clip at 8:21 you’ll read special thanks to the SISYPHUS CORPORATION duuhhhh hhhh ur funny though :p

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  10. THE JOKE OF THE YEAR ! hah ! this is so pathetic …
    ps :The Eye of Providence = the illuminati ! NOT the triad wich symbolise the air !
    BULLSHIT ! –‘

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  11. Jakim idiotą trzeba być żeby pomylić królika z kozą. Poza tym, jak się nie znasz na symbilach zespołu to się nie udzielaj. I nie, nie przetłumaczę tego na angielski! Ja się nauczyłam tego języka to i wy możecie polskiego. xx.

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  12. When I first saw this video, I thought its really creepy BTW I love the song 🙂

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  13. this is garbage..! later on, i’ll explain why, dude..!

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  14. If you don’t like their videos don’t watch it -.-

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    • “If you do not like the drugs – do not swallow them”. The position of a unicellular egoist.

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  15. I like your observations but let me add some things. Sisyphus is a corporation that Jared’s involved in that’s why in every ending of his videos we see Sisyphus. Leto is obviously a member of illuminati himself since he made it clear that he “gave up his soul” in some of his songs, like: Stranger in a Strange Land or Search and Destroy. I really get upset b/c i think he’s a great artist and is being used by this society. Also, i agree that illuminati tries to get us adapt to this new world order but hey, they kinda build up the country-u.s- indirectly. I mean just look at the one dollar bill. It is good to not be a sheep and realize what’s goin’ on. Music is really effective on washing brains. All i can say is, just have faith in God and so not worship satan. Celebrities do that w/out knowing

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  16. The pyramid is the symbol of air. it’s present in most of their songs

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  17. Seriously. This bull about Illuminati and 30 seconds to Mars being involved is such straight minded shit that you people thrive on. Get a life and post relevant, factual shit. People like you have no back bone. Get a job, get a life and obsess over something else. There is no such thing as Illuminati. There is no evil. Don’t bother yourself with that shit. Mars is an idea, it is a family and yes, it is a cult. So shove it you single minded asshole.

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  18. The bull is from Greek mytology, it is Zeus who stole women called Europe as his wife. Also, Jared is really interested about Greenland`s paganic religion, not part of Illuminati. Argus is also from Greek mytology, it is giant with 100 eyes, so Argus Apocraphex means “Hidden Giant” and I personally think it refers to Echelon, NSA spying system, as he sings “What`s all the fascination with the Echelon?”

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  19. This was absolutely hilarious. Thank you for brightening up my day, or year even. I don’t think I have been this amused in a very long time. Have you considered getting some professional help with these delusions you have?

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  20. You people are all fucking insane. There is no such thing as god or satan. The Illuminati probably don’t even exist anymore, and if they did they are certainly not trying to brainwash the entire world. I cannot even fathom the truly sad and meaningless lives you all must lead, being so afraid of even your own god damn shadow. Who gives a shit if you don’t like the music or the video? Instead of passing judgment of every fucking person you see, fearing that they’re out to kill you or taint your soul (souls are also fictional by the way), why don’t you just live and let live? Life is so much easier that way. This website is, hands down, one of the most embarrassingly pathetic things I have ever come across. 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto are not satanists, they are not evil, they are artists with their own unique style and if you don’t get it then that’s your own shortcoming. Jared, Shannon, and Tomo preach love and acceptance of EVERYONE and they actually act on it, something that religious nutjobs like yourself only claim to do, but instead you turn away anyone who isn’t a fucking carbon copy of your own neurotic self. That is NOT love or acceptance and it is the very thing your god and Jesus preached AGAINST you fucking morons! STOP trying to brand everything you don’t understand as evil. This is why there is so much tension in the world, people like YOU are the root cause of it, not the people you fear without cause or reason. Open your damn minds, stop living in the dark ages, and just accept people for who they are instead of trying to ruin everything for everyone. If you ask me, YOU are the threat to peace, not the “Illuminati”.

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    • People who actually delude themselves by thinking there is no God or Satan is even more sad than people who profess they’re satanist. Not believing in God or anything for that matter, must be hands-down the most crappiest way to live. Where is your purpose dude? Jesus saves & people go to hell because they choose to go there, not because God sends them there. Don’t wait til it’s too late to realize the truth. Satan has a lot of people fooled & you are playing right into his hand.

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  21. U guy that thought all of these ur just a maniac man that wants to find a meaning in everything, a big conspiration that u think u can stop it by just doing what ur doing in this site. Nvm ur just a psycho like all of those conspirations that believe in certain “lunatic” things and Im not mentioning all these cuz it is sth I care about I wrote all these just to show that anyone who has those beliefs shouldn’t be criticized by anyone especially u refering again to the guy that did this site illuminatiwatcher xD how pathetic xD I can only luagh at ur bullshit (just for the record I’m 17 I know almost every thing that has to do with these things the Illuminati and stuff and also I’m Orthodox Christian I was baptised like one, that has nothing to do with all these I hope I’m just mentiong it). Here’s an advise… keep doing what ur doing if u think ur doing sth good I won’t stop u there is free will right? Just let anyone, like 30 seconds to mars for example who did this “Illuminati kinda video” as u believe, do what he wants u hv no right in changing things or saying that 30 seconds to mars has to anything with Illuminati I don’t know if really do but just Stop being so interested in all these find another hobby. 😀 xD 😛 xP

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    • One More thing… I’ve come up to… All these Illuminati symbols u think illuminatiwatcher r just things like a fashion or sth how to explain … hmmm… almost every artist i see in ur, so called site, has done that thing with the one eye and I’m telling u… so? He is doing that thus he becomes one of the Illuminti it’s like saying that I’m an Illuminati 2 because right now I’m just doing the same thing right now just to show u ur lunaticism. Man just mind-up ok? U won’t be doing this ur whole life u will eventually stop. And someday in ur life or everyday u’ll see someone doing that thing just from “coincidence”. And it WILL be coincidence cuz u r giving so much effort to this u strongly believe all these “bullshit” and so many others like these: or this: Catherine Beyer

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  22. Another thing I noticed in this video that you didn’t mention happened around 2:20. It featured a guy with his limbs grasping the inside of a hula-hoop as he spun around inside of it. It appeared as though his body plus the circular shape of the hoop created the image of a pentagram.

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    • What if it’s an allusion to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man not pentagram?

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  23. Sisyphus wanted to live. Sisyphus was worried about dying then he kidnapped the Death
    but Zeus and the others wasn’t agree with this act, Then he was sentenced to rolle a rock for eternity. He works for an unachievable work. It is a metaphor saying that we all must live a beautiful life and die because we can never appreciate a work unachievable. SISYPHUS IS JUST LIKE EVERY PERSON L IVING. We don’t wanna die. Do you? This is why 30STM tell us that we have to live every moment we can. My doubts for 30STM does’nt exist anymore.

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  24. I’m 51 years old. I consider myself a “good” person. I was just recently, 10 days or so, turned on to 30stm and got none of what you imply thru your words about what YOU SAW. I ask, are you afraid that you are so weak minded that listening to their sounds and words might chnage you and corrupt your soul? I pity you if you are. I saw that “Find the ARgus Apochrophyx and found plenty available yesterday morning… hidden books/secret knowledge… cept I think the secret isn’t a secret. It’s that together we stand and divided we fall, and so fall we must to achieve our objective if winning the final battle is what we want. you should reread victoria Vici – she makes very good pints –

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  25. Launch forth into the deep is: Duc in altum processíssent

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  26. I know there is a lot of illuminati in just about everything going on.. but I personally listen to the lyrics of a lot of songs and with 30 seconds to mars being one of my favorite groups their lyrics actually are meant to uplift people and keep them from being shackled down by society. Not saying you are wrong but in my listening to them they are always talking about how each person can do better and how we can all help each other.

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  27. First of all I think you are a complete an utter idiot. So that ‘pyramid’ is actually called a triad, it is one if the symbols for the elements meaning air. They use this not only because if it’s meaning for air but also it’s other meaning for belief, which each of the element symbols have. Find The Argus Apocraphex means find the perfect way of life. One that is peaceful and happy. This video focuses upon the juxtaposition of love, lust, faith, and dreams, and what each if these things means to the human race. Hence why the ‘satanic’ pentagram is used in oxymoron to the word faith.
    You need to rethink your superstitious illuminati, free mason believes. Free Masons derive from the Stone Masons back in the dark ages. Stone Masons built things, they primarily worked around the royal families. It all relates to the Knights Templar and that sort if thing. Free Masons do exist, but they are not a secret society; they are a society of secrets. And to be fair their secrets are not that secret at all. Every year it is known they donate lots to numerous charity’s. In fact in nothingham town there is a Free Masons Building, and they have meetings quite regularly and hold charity events. And as for the whole thing about the illuminati all seeing eye, it is a symbol if wisdom used thee out the ages. All this superstitious nonsense is utter crap. And u do believe you need to research the things you are talking about, before posting it all online.

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  28. Hi, I read the whole post and I must say I found it kinda funny… anyway, I can tell you I’m an “Echelon” or in your words a “fan” of 30 Seconds to Mars, that’s why I can tell you that the meaning behind the statement “FIND THE ARGUS APOCHRAPHEX” is: Find yourself, find what makes you happy, find your utter self. The Argus Apochraphex in this case is a way of living, a way to escape from the harsh reality. Also the word Echelon (as we call ourselves) refers to the one hundred eyes of Argus, which is the keeper of the gate of Apochraphex, everything is connected as you can see and appears constantly on every 30STM videos because of Jared Leto’s (frontman) fascination with mythology and symbology.
    I hope you’ve cleared some of your doubts.

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  29. There are so many things wrong with your arguments that I don’t even know where to start.

    Skulls are everywhere. It’s impossible to say every single one of them is Illuminati. The same goes with bulls. Both of those are ridiculous reaching. As are butterflies. Like, seriously? Part of a secret brainwashing project? C’mon.

    It would appear to me, since faith is in front of the pentagram, faith is stronger than hell. That must have escaped your small mind. Oh, and by the way, the whole video is a hallucinatory trip, hence Up in the Air, so the girl is taking a pill representing getting high on MARS not on ILLUMINATI. It’s a triad. Triad on fire not some stupid Illuminati pyramid.

    Snakes have been in countless things and it’s ridiculous to call every single snake a sign of invoking the devil. That mask: a bunny mask. Hardly a goat. Find the Argus Aprocraphex literally means find the hidden giant, aka greatness inside of you.

    Basically everything you’ve posted is just reaching. Reaching for something that’s legitimately not tangible. You have some wild theories that you’re trying to stretch to cover this too. Nice try though.

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  30. The pentagram is actually not satanic. Its a pagan symbol meaning WOMEN DIVINITY. Which is why it annoys me when I see it in satanic movies.

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  31. Well, Great Balls Of Fire! You forgot to mention the best parts… ‘DA WHIP’.) hmmm maybe your next story! ps.. don’t worry the ‘AIR’ will put out DA FIRE, or was it WATER. jerks xoox

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  32. Dude, that pyramid is 30stm’s logo (or whatever you call it)

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  33. Wow! This is a very colorful and hotly debated discussion! Personally, I believe you can see pretty much anything you want to in anything you watch. Mold it to your beliefs however you like. Anything with art is subjective. I f you want to see negative in MARS music or videos, you will. You can pretty much mold any song or video by any band or artist to fit your beliefs. There will always be controversy because we are all different! That’s the way it should be! Art should always be thought provoking. I applaud Jared Leto for being such a forward thinker and giving us his visual and audial masterpieces! Think what you may but it boils down to your own personal reception of the music and videos, and how they relate to your own life. I find the music of 30 SECONDS TO MARS to be positive and uplifting. I’ve been able to apply the general meanings in most of their music to my life and they have made me a better person. I appreciate and admire the band for the genious they put in to every song, video and performance…as it applies to my life.
    I am proud, and I am ECHELON.

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    • Exactly!!! Dreamers!! Believers!!! Do’ers!!! My life has changed and has a different meaning when I listen to their music and connect with it so much!! Because I believe in myself, I dream, and I ‘reach for the highest’! PROVEHITO IN ALTUM Echelon proud also!! =)

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    • Although it wasn’t my intentions for this to be a soundboard for 30STM fans, I’m actually quite happy to see the various responses and defenses from the fans. I think you’re right, to a degree, about seeing what you want in symbolism. I’m just throwing out the most conspiracy-riddled viewpoint to see what others think.

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  34. I don’t understand why you feel you can make such statements about the video and about Jared without even bothering to listen to the music or learn what the band is all about.
    30 Seconds to Mars teach and encourage belief in ones self, bravery to fight for you dreams and to never give up on yourself or your dreams.
    The video is scattered with band symbols not Illuminati symbols. The song is about reaching a point where enough is enough and choosing to let go of the past and become the person you want to be. It’s about self empowerment. Which is the main theme of band in everything they do and say.
    All art is subjective.

    Do your research before you accuse anyone of anything.

    Echelon proud!

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  35. are you serious about this article?!?! first, the coin with skulls at the beginning of the video is the symbol of the band, typical for A beautiful lie era of 30STM, second, what you called ,,pyramid” is actually The triad what is the symbol of the band too and thats why Jared has is tatooed, third, the mask is not goat but a bunny mask which also appeared in Hurricane video of 30 STM. And four, you have confessed that you don´t listen to them, so why don´t you just stop making up these stupidities about how iluminati they are! Who is a fan of this amazing band knows how great they are, how they love their fans, how they have close relatioship with their fans, how they encourages us to dream and have faith. Next time you write something like this, first be sure you are not wrtiting total nonsences. (Sorry for my bad english)

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  36. Illuminati – comes from the latin word ‘To illuminate’ or shroud with light. Satan has the ability to pose as an Angel of Light. Symbolism or not, the lyrics in 30 seconds to Mars songs; clearly prove that they are singing to a higher being and it is definately not God. Their lyrics promote apostasy, anarchy, suicide and drug addiction. There is an english saying, “if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, then it must be a duck”. Satan will use backward masking, subliminal messaging and everything to make the Anti-Christ look real and acceptable. Everyone who is caught in a spiders web, will eventually be eaten by the spider itself!

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  37. IlluminatiWatcher;

    When people revile you, hate you, or attack you, you can be sure that you’ve come to the right conclusion.

    I believe that you are correct in your assessment of 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve been a fan of this band for 7 years (since before its mainstream/international success), I have listened to all their albums (Self-Titled, A Beautiful Lie, This Is War, Love Lust Faith + Dreams), and I’ve seen them in concert twice, and even if you knew nothing about the “Illuminati” or any sort of conspiracy, you would have to admit that there is something really odd about this band (and the music industry, in general). Not that this band wasn’t always deep into the dark and the occult (their symbols have always included glyphs, phoenixes, skulls and blasphemy, violence, and sex have always been a staple of their lyrics), but after A Beautiful Lie, a shift occurred. Their music videos have always been “edgy”, symbolic, and strange but starting with the This Is War era (2009), their usage of “Illuminati” symbolism became utterly blatant(the “Triad” suddenly appeared, whereas before it had been practically nonexistent, becoming so prominent as to become the band’s logo).

    I first realized that something had gone horribly wrong when I first saw “Hurricane”; that video is full of symbolism, BDSM, subliminal imagery and shocking imagery (previously unheard of for the band, as before that, their most shocking video had probably been From Yesterday or The Kill and those videos were nowhere near as explicit as Hurricane). But at the time I just rolled my eyes and chalked it up to another celebrity following after Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga, trying to be deliberately shocking in order to garner attention. Before This Is War, the band had only enjoyed moderate success, and I viewed it as a desperate ploy for attention. But it wasn’t just Hurricane, all their videos, and the very music itself, changed tone. The music had adopted a revolutionary, prophetic, aggressive, pseudo-religious lyrical content, as if Jared Leto was a savior and he was dispensing a new gospel: telling his followers what to do, how to act, what to believe, and what to expect. This is especially eerie as an old 30STM song called End of the Beginning says “It’s the end here today. But I will build a new beginning. Take some time, find a place. And I will start my own religion.” Around this time, accusations of 30STM being a cult emerged, and honestly, if someone didn’t know any better, you could easily assume it was. The Kings and Queens video was also strange, it went hand in hand with the pseudo messianic-feeling I had received from the songs themselves, as it showed the band leading a flock of seemingly disenfranchised and oppressed youths away on bicycles as the sun sets: a symbolic exodus. Then in the This Is War video, the band is shown fighting in a war-zone, only for the Triad (Wiccan air symbol) to appear in the end, and absorb into itself all the weapons and vehicles of war on the battlefield: possible reference to the Bible “they shall not learn war anymore” or worse, to the government’s plan of disarmament? It would fit with the overall salvific tone of the album. At the time I thought nothing particularly sinister about any of this, except for the Hurricane video. I naively thought the band was exploring new artistic horizons, but I stopped watching 30STM music videos. I still went to go see them in concert though. 30STM soon reached astronomical heights of popularity; their music was now being used in commercials, video games, movies, etc.

    About a year ago, I started waking up to the reality that surrounds us, the elite, the so-called “Illuminati” that controls us, politics, the media, etc. My eyes were opened and everything suddenly made sense to me. But in relation to the “Illuminati” influence in music, I had foolishly assumed my favorite bands were exempt, surely 30STM, MUSE, and AFI could not compare to such talentless hacks as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Kanye West? Surely my favorite bands were different? My fears were only confirmed. Earlier this year, I had bought a ticket for the Carnivores Tour (Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI). I attended the concert a few weeks ago. The day before I went, I was on the internet looking up some information on the tour, and I found an interesting picture, it was a poster for the concert, showing all three bands’ logos:

    All triangles, a known symbol of the elite, (and a symbol they’ve abused to death and shoved in our faces at every turn). What are the odds that three completely different bands, with completely different styles, and completely different beginnings, with absolutely no relation to one another before this concert, have the same shape (with a few differences) as their symbol? It’s especially egregious considering artists (especially rock artists) are known for trying to be unique, bold, different, in other words, to stand out. Having extremely similar logos is the very antithesis of being “different”.

    That set off red flags for me, but at that point, there was no way I could back out of the concert. So I attended. The concert was so obviously occult, dark, and “Illuminati” oriented that, although my friends knew nothing about the elite or the “Illuminati”, they still felt that something very strange was going on. They just didn’t know what it was. The most outrageous display belonged to none other than 30STM. I had gone to a 30STM concert before so I knew that their concerts tended towards the ostentatious but the one I attended recently left me completely speechless.

    Before they came on stage, fans paraded around the amphitheater waving flags with the band’s logo (the Triad/symbol of air), then they stopped, stood in place, waving the flags as if heralding the entrance of a monarch. After a while, the lights dimmed, and the song “Birth” from their new album played (even the song usage was significant, here are the lyrics: “I will save you from yourself, Time will change everything about this Hell, Are you lost? Can’t find yourself? You’re north of Heaven, Maybe somewhere west of Hell,”) and Jared Leto erupted from the darkness waving a flag himself, dressed in a royal purple robe embroidered with the Chi Rho (Papal symbol for Jesus Christ/an indication of Christ status), and wearing a crown. Adding to the blasphemous nature of it all, Jared was wearing long, flowing locks and a thick beard. It’s clear to me that the new “look” is no accident. It was obvious to everyone who attended that Jared was making himself out to be a savior/messianic figure, a Christ. My friends turned to me, knowing that I had attended a 30STM concert before, asking me what this was about, and I honestly had no idea. They thought it was strange and felt uncomfortable about it, I was horrified. He eventually removed the robe and the crown, and was wearing his usual muscle shirt underneath. But he wore a rosary, and a large one at that. I thought that was also unusual. Suddenly, Jared Leto commanding us to sing, showing us how to sing, and telling us he loves us took on a completely different feeling. There have always been vague proclamations of “God” in 30STM songs, but they’ve never mentioned any affiliation to any religion and seeing what I’ve seen and knowing what I know about the elite’s god, I wonder what “God” they were talking about?

    Other interesting highlights:

    They played their hit “Kings and Queens”, and they timed it so well as to play the song at the exact moment the sun was setting, probably in reference to the music video. I felt extremely uncomfortable with it, knowing that the elite loves to stage mass rituals and that they engage in sun worship.

    They played End of All Days (from the new album Love Lust Faith + Dreams) which is a song that features metaphoric, prophetic speech, like a secular version of Revelations, describing the state of society today and referencing an apocalypse and judgement. They played that song while screens behind them showed various red blood cells, viruses, illnesses, etc.

    They played This Is War while the screens behind them showed various acceptable political (politically correct) opinions (I.E. Nixon is a liar, Bush is evil, Mandela is a hero), as if to further cement those opinions in the audience.

    They played Up In The Air and the screens behind them played the entire music video, including the pentagram with the word “FAITH” superimposed on it. (That’s actually what caused me to find this site, I wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the strange imagery in that video.)

    The rest of the concert consisted of the band’s typical antics: they brought people up on stage with them, Jared Leto personally sang alongside people in the audience, he spoke individually to people, he told people to flash the “Triad” with their hands, etc. By the end of their performance, most of the people I talked to had forgotten about all the strangeness and were enraptured by the band’s performance and Jared Leto’s interactions with the audience. I was left feeling very hollow.

    Other unsavory things about the band:

    -Extreme violence and gruesome content in the lyrics (especially in This Is War and Love Lust Faith + Dreams): “I was hung from the tree made of tongues of the weak
    The branches, the bones of the liars, the thieves…Skinned her alive, ripped her apart
    Scattered her ashes, buried her heart…Honest to God I’ll break your heart
    Tear you to pieces and rip you apart”- Night of the Hunter, “I’ll wrap my hands around your neck, neck, neck, neck, neck, neck, neck, neck. I’ll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love, love,” – Up In The Air

    -Allusions to dystopian/futurist literature:

    To the right, To the left
    We will fight to the death!
    To the edge of the earth
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world
    It’s a brave new world!

    A brave new world
    The war is won
    The war is won
    A brave new world – This Is War

    Stranger in a Strange Land is the title of one of their songs (a song that also happens to include a blasphemous double-entendre: “If you’re looking for Jesus, get on your knees”).

    -Promotion of anarchy, revolution, apostasy, lewdness, violence.

    -Possible veiled references to government conspiracies/programs such as the ECHELON global system for the interception of private and commercial communications: “Around the world, electronic messages are intercepted by a collaboration amongst several spy agencies headed by the American NSA, termed ECHELON”. The song titled “Echelon” seems to be speaking about this system, especially since it says “And be afraid, afraid to speak your mind.”

    -Allusions to some future catastrophe/apocalypse/war throughout all the albums. This actually seems to be the only constant lyrical thread running through all the albums.

    Oh, and to everyone insulting this poor man without taking at least a second to consider what he’s saying, that’s very immature of you. It seems that 30STM is a cult indeed.

    Also, to all defending 30STM’s occult symbolism, just because someone defines a symbol to mean something else doesn’t change its original usage or function. I can shove my middle fingers in your face and tell you that to me it means that I love you but you’ll still probably punch me in the face, and rightly so. Likewise, their “Triad” is a triangle, and a triangle is highly symbolic, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, this symbol has been co-opted by those in power (that shady conglomerate referred to as the “Illuminati), as a symbol of their organization (basically celebrities who flash that symbol or use it are demonstrating that they’re cooperating with those in power). And there is no possible way that anyone can deny that the elite are using that symbol and that they hold it in high regard, if you doubt this, just look at a one dollar bill. Why that symbol? Because it holds many esoteric/mystical connotations that are important to them (to put it lightly).

    And no one would be alarmed if it was just one band or even a few bands using skulls, butterflies, triangles, pentagrams, snakes, bulls, glyphs, phoenixes, etc. Rock bands have been using similar symbols for years. No one was coming up with any “Illuminati” symbol conspiracy theories in the 90s or early 2000s. But suddenly, almost as if overnight, we see the mainstream media loaded with these symbols. Nowadays, nearly every music video includes these symbols in some way. We could almost say we’re being bombarded by these symbols. Surely that is not a coincidence.

    To everyone quickly dismissing this as some tin-foil hat conspiracy, be aware that there is a war for your mind, and the media is their greatest weapon. All this is easily verifiable if you would stop fawning over celebrities that don’t even know you exist and start searching for the truth.

    “You won’t get a song on the radio unless the government approves it,”-Pete Seeger

    “Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business…the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products.”
    Noam Chomsky “Force and Opinion” in Z Magazine

    Thank you for the valuable work you’re doing, IlluminatiWatcher.

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  38. Find the Argus Apocraphex- Find the hidden meaning

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  39. Muy buenas, me llamo Christian y soy fan numero #1 de 30 Seconds to Mars.
    Y quisiera hacerles constar de que si no os gusta un grupo sea por lo que sea no os da derecho a inventaros sandeces y estupideces sobre ellos, por que 30 Seconds to Mars no son satanicos ni sus videoclips tampoco.

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  40. How I stumbled upon this article is absolutely hilarious…my father was a Mason as was my Grandfather…neither believed in the illuminati propaganda as far as I know. Now being born into a family of Masons means I too can join the Sisters of the Masons (and yes our ring looks like a pentagram to some our symbol is a star) being brought up in a very religious household…I did as most and chose my own path. I’ve spent most of my life studying theology, seeking truth basically. I don’t even believe in a hell or satan. I do believe in following my dreams, and seeing them through. I happen to love 30STM…but I’m the same age as Jared Leto so I’m a bit older than most of their “fans” (which we don’t call ourselves that as you know) there are many that don’t care for the new LOVE LUST FAITH AND DREAMS but I most certainly do. Those four words make up our life on this planet. I follow no one…I did follow the Grateful Dead which use skeletons and roses as symbols…SO I must be a Dead Head too…a sheep I am not by any means. I am a spiritual fruit not a religious NUT. Music is magic at its BEST. ..and without it I would be lost. 30STM give people hope where they had none. They sing of truth. Whatever they’re doing MORE POWER TO THEM!! Listen to the song ALIBI and then tell me they or Jared is into worshiping anything evil…now that he’s taken on the role of the ‘JOKER’ I’m sure that’s symbolic of a demon or whatever right? Thank u to Christina on here for stating true facts 🙂 I AM ECHELON AND PROUD… Never give up on your dreams!

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  41. Of all that happens in and around us, the talents, the folklore … the dreams… All mysteries will be revealed one day, perhaps we should guard ourselves and preserve for we never know, if we are closer to the edge?

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  42. It turns out that the place I began working in 2 months ago is where this video was filmed. I became very interested in finding all the exact places where each scene was shot here*. They left behind some papers that gave important clues that made my searches easier. Now I’m a fan of “30 seconds”.

    *finding the PINK wall was a bitch.

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  43. It’s pretty simple. We communicate through symbols, don’t we? But I wouldn’t write into this video some secret agenda.

    Now what, if I want to use triangle shape or pyramid as my logo I’m screwed? Triangle is just ideal no matter where you look, you have to balance three things not just two, in health, in photography, in life! I’m both health professional and photographer so I know what I’m talking about. It’s all about three. Where do you think the concept God-Son-Holy Spirit was born? It’s inescapable it’s so written into our collective subconscious. We operate this way, because nature is designed in this way. And so far we haven’t reinvented the wheel.

    And symbols, some of them contradictory in my opinion, are there for us to stop for 8 minutes and think or at least look at well done photography. What led me to this site was my kids jokes! Think about it!

    As for the rest I often assume artists talk about people in their lives, or their perception of the world, emotions, so-called inner life. They are very narcissistic so I reckon they are more inclined to paint the picture of themselves than to control our subconscious minds.This video/short film paints a picture of some part of reality as perceived by someone. Full stop.

    I’m sorry to say so but with the Illuminati interpretations you make 30 Seconds To Mars probably 1000 times smarter than they actually are or intend to be. I hope I’m wrong and they are walking geniuses trying to control the masses, but to what extent? To start a revolution or to make ordinary people buy their CD? From what I can tell, nothing sells like good quality video that is candy to the eye and brain teaser to roll when you’re extremely bored.

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  44. Thirty seconds to mars means alot to people,they saved some of us in our biggest problems,enlighted our lives,and motivated us to keep on going,but i am not really knowleged about them with these kind of things,that they are illuminati,but,i dont know if this is real or not,yours seems real,but i will keep on knowing,anyways,thanks for your info…
    Because the first time i heared their song,i hot hooked up and attracted,that was Do or Die,but i will do some more research so i will get alerted,besides,even though im a die hard fan,i can let go.. as soon as i find more results,Thank you…

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    • Anais,

      You state that 30STM has “saved some of us in our biggest problems, enlightened our lives, and motivated us to keep going,” but have you thought about the true source of what you’re seeking? You look to fallen man to give encouragement. You look to fallen man to provide answers. You look to fallen man to save you. Do you not know that mankind does not have the answers to life, life’s issues, or how to better life?

      The greatest adage among most peoples is to treat others the way we want to be treated. We call this adage the golden rule, yet most people don’t know where it originated? When they do, they won’t acknowledge the one who spoke it. Why? Because the one who spoke it into existence revolutionized the world in his day and still does so to this day! He spoke of equality among all races, among men and women, and among all social levels. He literally leveled the playing field. He has brought down entire kingdoms, empires, and societies with his constant, unchanging, unwavering message of love and hope.

      The problem lies not with the message but its exclusivity. Most people believe that there are many paths to eternity, to enlightenment, and to salvation. What most people don’t want to hear is that there is only one, true path to any of these things. They don’t want to hear that mankind doesn’t have all the answers and that mankind can’t solve its problems. They don’t want to hear that true life is not in us but given to us by the one who created life and IS life.

      For you see this one who turned the world upside down with his message of love and hope but exclusive in design also stated that he IS the way, the truth, and the life. None of this exists outside of him for we all live and move and have our being because of him. All things were created by him, for him, and through him. He is the same today as he was in yesterdays and will be the same in days to come. He IS the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the author and the finisher, the first and the last. He sets up nations and their leaders and takes down nations and their leaders.

      Whereas you look to mankind to provide for you and teach you, mankind will fail you time and again. Mankind has finite thinking and limited resources. Mankind is subject to the laws of physics and mathematics and chemistry and biology. The one created all these is timeless, limitless, all-powerful, all-knowing, and superior. He has all the answers and the power to solve every problem. Stop reaching out to mankind that will fail you at every turn and deceive you at best. Look to the one who is just, pure, holy, righteous, merciful, compassionate, and loving.

      This one who created all became one like his creation to fulfill the destiny of redeeming mankind from its fallen state and restoring mankind to perfection in the future. Our shortcomings, failings, and wrongdoings required one to be pure and perfect in order to compensate for the fallen state of man. He couldn’t be born of man because he would have been subjected to the same fallen state of mankind. He had to be born of supernatural miracle to be set apart (holy and pure and undefiled) to pay the price we owe for our rebellion.

      Turn to the one who is the Anointed One, the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior….he IS the Holy One – JESUS!

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