Illuminati symbolism in 2013 MTV Movie Awards

UPDATE 25AUG2013: If you’re looking for the 2013 MTV VMA award show symbolism, click HERE.

UPDATE: I watched the MTV Movie Awards aired but I didn’t really see shit to be honest.  I guess they can’t all be winners. The only thing I noticed was the shot of Saturn in the background as they gave the awards out.


For now, let’s talk about the Hunger Games: Catching Fire presentation. Liam Hemsworth presented the official trailer while the symbol behind him burned.


Like I mentioned in that article when I pointed out the coincidence of Suzanne Collins living by Sandy Hook with the Connecticut school shooting post, the logo is taken from a Nazi Gunner badge from WWII:


Also, you’ll notice that when he presented the trailer there were a couple of images on the screen behind him. The images were the moon and Saturn. Saturn Worship is huge with the Illuminati, David Icke claims that everything goes back to it.

Here’s the official trailer for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire film coming out November 2013 that was premiered during the awards show (here’s some posts about the Hunger Games Tower and also Katniss’ Baphomet Dress):

Selena Gomez performed Come and Get It and happened to do so on top of a series of black cubes, another reference to Saturn (hit that Saturn Worship link above for more on the cubes):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom selena



Also, spoiler alert, but I was wrong about my Dark Knight predicti0n, I guess it wasn’t so clear of a winner, whoops.


The annual MTV Movie Awards are on tonight, 14APR2013, so get ready to be assaulted with entertainment industry’s Illuminati symbolism.

The acts on deck include Selena Gomez, who’s given up symbolism shots in the past. She’s going to perform a song called Come and Get It which sounds rather suggestive because it was influenced/inspired by the other MK ULTRA victim Rihanna.


Lots of Illuminati one eyed, all seeing Eye of Horus shots:





Here’s one I’m not entirely sure of, but the argument is that it is a symbol for MK ULTRA, or Project MONARCH where people are brainwashed by the CIA or Illuminati. The butterfly is a symbol for it because it’s a Monarch Butterfly. From Disney’s Waverly Palace:



And Waverly Palace gave us another one all seeing eye shot:


And most recently she was in a film called Spring Breakers with the Illuminati possessed James Franco:


Another guest at the Awards will be none other than Tom Cruise:


I don’t need to even tell you that he’s got his share of Hollyweird-ness with all of that Scientology stuff. As much as I truly do love Tom Cruise in the films, he’s a bit off. His ex-wife was talking about how he insisted on sending their child on some weird Scientology brainwashing cruise trip.


Here’s a Rock of Ages video expose, it doesn’t address all of the symbolism in the film either. Tom Cruise is wearing a Baphomet belt in it too. The film is basically trying to show Catherine Zeta Jones’ character as the dorky Christian and whatnot and how lame they are. All Christians aren’t dorks, but the film tends to think so:

And yet another guest of honor is Emma Watson:


She’s got a whole bunch of that one-eyed crap too:



Here she is at the behind the scenes of the awards giving us the Moloch devil horns with her friends:


We’ll see what goes down tonight. I’ll re-update this once we see what happens, hopefully I can find an uploaded video also. We also know that the movie of the year will go to the Batman Dark Knight film that was the pinnacle for Illuminati symbolism with the Sandy Hook image found on the map and the countless amount of stuff going on with the Aurora Colorado shooting.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The black and white picture you have of Selena shooting her head and the shirt says “Jesus saves” is photo shopped. The real picture is on Vigilant Citizen. Plus you should notice her neck isn’t even that long gurrrlllll. Lol. So you should edit that cause it’s false info 😀

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  2. is Selena’s tumblr (I know it’s real, she proved it several times.) I’ve been following her for a long time and she’s always been a big fan of Rihanna. I don’t think Selena is in the illuminati, she mostly writes her own songs and let us pick the songs to be on the album. She could be possibly be mind-controlled, but I think she’s not, on the WOWP show she’s just carrying out illuminati symbols because it’s a Disney show, not because she’s actually a victim of Monarch programming. Selena answers a lot of personal questions on her Tumblr, maybe you can find a sign there? Also, once, Justin Bieber (illeskidwithswag on Tumblr > I’m sure that Tumblr is Selena’s and she once posted Justin’s username and shorty after deleted it because many of her followers wanted it) answered a question asking if he believes in the illuminati, he responded with ”nothing to mess with”.

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  3. you should watch spring breakers. although its not obvious at first there are a TON of symbolism mainly surrounding the disney stars. its kind of like an initiation film for them since only selena and vanessa have intense scenes with james and its pretty disturbing.

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    • I do intend on watching that film, for as much shit as I talk on James Franco I really do enjoy his films. Even if he’s brainwashing me subconsciously with his Satanic beliefs-lol

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  4. That’s Zendaya not Selena.

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