Illuminati symbolism of “Home” movie- Rihanna, evocation of ISIS, occult magick, and more!

Here on I like to point out various conspiracy theories about the occult and then provide an example of where the entertainment industry is placing these hidden symbols and messages. I believe that as a community, we can continually provide ‘evidence’ to an ever-growing conspiracy that there are dark, occult forces trying to hijack our minds and steer our thoughts towards their will. The latest children’s film entitle Home is another stunning example of such a concept.

As of this post, the film isn’t out yet. However, I’ve been at this game for long enough to see all of the indicators that suggest it will be driving home this “Illuminati” agenda when it does come out. Let’s take a look at what we know so far…


In the trailer we see a zoom-in on the Dreamworks logo. You’ll notice that they show the “M” and “W” prominently before they reach the boy on the moon. This is a symbol for the Hermetic maxim of ‘As Above So Below’ which references the belief that things occurring in the cosmos are connected to things occurring in the material plane in which we operate:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Dreamworks MW As Above So Below


Ironically (or perhaps not so…), this concept of ‘As Above So Below’ was prominently featured in my Illuminati symbolism breakdown of The Lego Movie in which we saw more of these magick concepts which I’ll be explaining later in this article:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lego Movie Illuminati Star of Ishtar


That Dreamworks logo is something of strange significance, and I say this because the origins of it are surrounded by Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch painting of the boy on the moon:

Neverland ranch michael jackson moon dreamworks WO


Supposedly Steven Spielberg was inspired to create the Dreamworks logo from this moon boy; but nonetheless it’s a strange homage to occult belief systems that we saw in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY where the moon child ends the film. I explain how the end of 2001 segues into the beginning of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, making Alex the reincarnation of the alchemically enhanced moon child in my Kubrick film analysis book called KUBRICK’S CODE so be sure to catch up on that for this angle of the Illuminati agenda.

2001 moon child


Getting back to the trailer; right after the Dreamworks logo, they emphasize it even more by panning the ‘camera’ from the stars and down onto the Earth:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film As Above So Below


Since we’re over-analyzing; take a look at the hotel’s name. It says “Indigo Tree Hotel”:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Indigo Tree Hotel


What significance does this have? Indigo was the color that Sir Isaac Newton added to the colors of the prismatic rainbow when he was defining optics. Many don’t realize that Newton was an extreme occultist- constantly seeking the alchemical transformation of man referred to as the “Great Work.”

Take a look at this excerpt that blatantly tells us of indigo’s occult origins:

“The only reason Newton came up with ‘indigo’ is because for occult reasons he believed there must be seven basic colours that come together to make white. It certainly has little to do with physics and a lot more to do with the relationship between perception and language…”

Newton-Occult WO


As many of you know, we often times see the most common symbols of the Illuminati in these works of art. The general public likes to laugh at all of these, but all they’re doing is highlighting their ignorance in the matter by pretending symbols can’t talk to our subconscious.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about from the trailer (mind you that we see this symbols in A LOT of works of art, so I find it hard to dismiss this). First, we see the an Illuminati homage to the ringed planet that resembles Saturn:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Saturn


Next I saw the UFOs that are triangle/pyramid shaped; a symbol of manifestation (which will make even more sense later when I explain how the “Illuminati” are manifesting these aliens):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Triangle UFO


Satanists just love inverting everything to remind us that they aren’t ‘conformists’, so we hear the narrator say “he’s changing his world…” while we see an inverted Eiffel Tower:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Inverted Eiffel


If you look closely at the aliens on the left side of the image, you’ll see that one of them has an “X” on his head; this is the symbol I’ve uncovered as the Illuminati Mark of the Beast (also note the covering up of the other alien’s left eye- the All Seeing Eye of Horus):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Mark of Beast X All Seeing Eye


You’ll also see the demonic horns of Moloch sprout from the alien with the magick wand:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Horns


We also see this recurring image of the spiral throughout the trailer (it’s on the aliens’ chests as well):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Spiral


This is a symbol I uncovered in my post on the HBO series True Detective, where we learn all about the true agenda of the dark sun, Theosophy, and why the spiral is used by the occult to mark their territory:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom_True_Detective_Spiral_Moloch_Baal WO


The film is based from Adam Rex’s children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday which has an interesting storyline about an alien race coming to Earth, abducting the protagonist’s mother, forcing the human race to move to Florida, and the main alien character “O” (named “J.Lo” in the book) ‘accidentally’ summoning an evil race of aliens named the “Gorg” that want to enslave the human race.

What I find interesting is this recurring concept of evoking extraterrestrial deities we’re seeing more often. This all has deep occult ties with magical orders like the Typhonian O.T.O. who use magick rituals to try and evoke these demon spirits from the dark side of the Tree of Life (this would be the “Gorg” alien race I’m talking about).

The author of the book, Adam Rex, also came to prominence due to his contributions to fantasy art in Magic: The Gathering which suggests he might be into these forms of ritual magick.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Home Film Adam Rex Magic Art


The film is slightly different than the book; in that we apparently won’t be witnessing the abduction of the main character’s mother. Instead, she simply won’t be a factor of the tale. This is very common programming done in most Disney films where they immediately break up the family structure.

One theory on why they do this is to reinforce the idea that you don’t need to have close ties with your family. The “Illuminati” have attempted to destroy the family structure through various means in our history, and this particular avenue embeds the idea from a young age when minds are more susceptible to programming (e.g. Cinderella, Snow White, etc. all have missing parents; while other films like Bambi and Lion King have a storyline where kids are subjected to watching the parents die).

Taking a look at the characters of the film; we instantly see some familiar names to “the agenda.” The voice over of the main character (“Tip”) is our old friend, Rihanna:


I’ve covered the basis of her occult name in my beginner’s guide to conspiracies; A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS AND POP CULTURE, but she’s also given us more than her fair share of overt Illuminati symbolism as well:

rihanna 2

Rihanna Umbrella Triangle


Rihanna-Illuminati-eye-triangle WO


We also see that Rihanna provided some music for the score of Home, which comes from an entire conceptual album she is working on. The first single released from this album is called Towards the Sun and she has an interesting choice of lyrics…

Lost in the rock and roll
Got lost in a promise
Of a love I never know
Shadows chase me far from home
I remember when my heart was filled with gold
And you know
I’ve been burned
I’ve been burned
I’ve been burned
You’ve seen me lose control
It’s not worth
It’s not worth
It’s not worth
My soul

If you’re one of those that read my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, you INSTANTLY recognized the hidden theme buried in these lyrics…

You might also recall in 2013 that Rihanna revealed her interest in UFOs to the extent that she pays a ‘sky watcher’ in the Mojave Desert to keep an eye out (this watcher also supposedly sends updates to her from the Little Ale’Inn just outside of Area 51).

Before that revelation Rihanna was featured in the film Battleship, which also depicts an alien invasion. Her brother professed their belief in aliens since childhood where they would look for UFOs from their front step, and Rihanna believes that we’ll experience “the invasion” sometime in her lifetime.

If you want to take a deeper look into this dark void of the occult, you can see that they’re taking this alien invasion idea to another level. They purposefully use magick rituals to attract these extraterrestrials (hidden in another dimension) to our universe; particularly in the Typhonian O.T.O. (note that this publication of the OTO has a key note that they will be “Opening the way for the demons of the void”; aka the aliens):

Starfire Typhonian OTO WO


We saw the UFO craze reach a fever pitch in 1947 with the Roswell incident; but many don’t realize that just prior to this UFO crash the occult were focusing much energy into luring the aliens into our world.

In 1946 rocket scientist Jack Parsons (who may or may not be related to Jim Parsons- the actor who provides the voice over for the alien “Oh” in Home) helped the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard in a sequence of ritualized ceremonies meant to evoke the feminine entity ‘Babalon.’ These magick rituals were done under the advice of Aleister Crowley, who warned that they might be OVER-evoking spirits from this dimension.

Of course, the regular ‘Watchers’ to know that Crowley ALWAYS plays a part in these occult practices, so it’s no surprise to see his name come up, even in a “children’s” film such as this.

Is it a coincidence that Crowley died in 1947, shortly after the Roswell alien crash? Was the UFO found at Roswell the result of Parsons and Hubbard’s evocation of ‘Babalon’? In fact, Babalon could be considered the same female entity as Isis, who just so happens to be the figure tattooed on Rihanna’s torso…

To look a bit further into the importance of Isis, one could reference my article on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast and see that evoking Isis is PRECISELY what these occult orders seek to do:

The reason they do it is because they believe the fusion of X and O will initiate the goddess Isis who will grant their every wish and desire as a way of saying “thanks” for evoking her.

More importantly, is the film industry using predictive programming to inject the thought in the masses’ minds that an alien invasion is imminent? The occult practitioners do in fact seek to call upon the dark forces known as the Qlippoth (aka the Gorg in this tale), so it’s not a far fetched idea. Perhaps the reason they are forcing us to think about these things is to focus our energy such that the sorcerers are able to harness it and channel their “masters” into our world.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. They could have built the Hadron Collider to bring the “aliens”, really demons from another dimension into our dimension. The company logo for Cern is 666. They are in charge of building this machine.

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    • Ah yes- good thoughts. I’ve heard Freeman talk about similar ideas so I think you’re onto something.

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      Forget the far-fetched belief that it will create a black hole, two distinguished physicists have gone even further claiming nature itself is stopping the troubled £4.4billion project from getting off the ground.
      In a theory reminiscent of the time travelling film Back to the Future, the theoretical physicists Holger Nielsen, from Denmark, and Masao Ninomiya, from Japan, have concluded that its discoveries could be so “abhorrent to nature” that they are coming back to stop their own creation.

      They have outlined their thoughts in a series of papers with titles like “Test of Effect From Future in Large Hadron Collider: a Proposal” and “Search for Future Influence From LHC.”

      The pair’s hypothesis centres around the Higgs Boson, a mysterious tiny particle and building block of life that it is hoped the LHC will discover.
      They have come up with a theory that it will “ripple backward through time” and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

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  2. There were also those problems with the machine where every time it would get started “something” would stop it and even scientists conjectured it could be something/someone from the future wrecking it. I thought that was funny.

    I also find it interesting that 10-15 years ago you never would have had a Hawking level of scientist mention aliens, “god concepts” etc. It’s like something has loosened, the time has come to prep people for it.

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  3. Fish head may imply the Atlantean connection… Right down to our fish-headed hornswogglers at the Vatican…

    You do great work.

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  4. Hello Watcher! I expected a post ablut Madonna’s fall in the BRITS Awards! See the video please and give us your analysis pelase!

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    • Ah shucks, I guess I should take a look! I just posted on Twitter (@IlluminatiEyes) a photo of her on the front of Rolling Stone doing the All Seeing Eye.

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  5. Random thought:
    Maybe HAARP is used to control cloud cover in a span of two weeks between the New Moon & Full Moon.
    Stay with me…
    With all of the Blood Moons we’ve been having, I’ve noticed that in my hometown of Detroit, I never really see cloud cover.when the Moon is at its fullest. Perhaps HAARP is ensuring the Dark rituals have more power in the way of unobstructed views of a full moon.
    We have been lead astray… Maybe there is no such this as EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS. Maybe what are being paraded as Aliens from another planet are EXTRADIMENSIONAL beings. EXTRADIMENSIONAL beings are the 1/3 of the Angels that fell with Lucifer. And these Millions of unclean spirits are awaiting to fulfill the prophesy that is as old as time— having a EXTRADIMENSIONAL unclean spirit in flesh and blood (Cain & Abel ring a bell?) what if Lucifer was able to seduce eve and produce an heir. After all, wouldn’t that be a definite AntiChrist? Look to the Royal British Crown and you will find the blood of Lucifer (through Cain’s decendents) and the blood of Christ (blood samples taken from the shroud of Turin) in a living vessel.
    Besides what is a star child? A human/EXTRADIMENSIONAL being hybrid.

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    • Supposedly they shut HAARP down. No clue if that’s true or not, I mean, we get told some whoppers once in awhile so who knows. Good thoughts though- I like that idea that aliens are really just demons and we’re going to be tricked into thinking they’re something else (e.g. friend or foe).

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    • Even Barbara Hand Clow, who says she has communicated with extraterrestrials, argues that they don’t travel here physically because that takes too much energy. She warns that if the media/government ever shows us footage of an alien invasion it will all be a lie and done with special effects.

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  6. am sure the almighty,creator of the universe is closely and i say closely watching satan and all his plans soon HE will put a huge fullstop on him.
    another thing am suspicious about akon and his airtel star search in africa and uganda can somebody shed some light on that coz when i look at an airtel poster i see 66 but dont know where they hid the other 6.thanx

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  7. Having now seen the film, I have to agree with a lot of what you say. The premise is actually that an alien race (the Boov) colonise Earth, relocating Humans and by the end of the film, the two races are living in harmony. Foreshadowing of what is to come?
    As for the mother, she is in fact a key factor, and the whole plot revolves around Tip trying to find her but it is another example of peril placed on the family unit and putting fear into a child about what would happen if the mother was taken away, as per pretty much every Disney movie.

    I was also surprised to see Rhianna shoehorned into the plot. Not only is she supposed to be playing a 12 year old girl, her voice acting is terrible so there is clearly an agenda as she’s certainly not there on the merit of her acting ability, not to mention that every song in the film is hers. Even the Sean Paul track featured in the trailer is replaced with Rhianna.

    Good work, by the way. I have your book on my Amazon Wishlist and will get round to it someday!

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  8. I saw this in the movie theaters with my friend. I cath illuminati symbolism in a flash and I saw a straight forward illuminati pyrimid with a hole (the eye) right on a snowy mountain. If you want to find it, it is at a part where it is just showing the alien and the girl flying in their rocket ship. When it gets to a snowy mountain, it should show a triangle with a hole in it. No one else has discovered this subliminal message yet and I am only 13 years old!

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  9. When they rapture happens the anti christ (Which will be known by another name) will make people believe that the rapture was an alien invasion that way people will be easily more vulnerable. . . That way people will get the mark of the beast and will have gained more souls. Its not aliena it was God. Because its all predicted and the bible tells you. . . Then theres Satan telling you what he plans are. So dont be fooled by satanist Rihanna.

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  10. I’ve seen the film as well.

    You mentioned that in the book the main alien is called j’lo? Jennifer Lopez (J Lo) does the voice acting for the mother. Thats’s just a funny coincidence.

    The pyramid shaped UFO is flown by the Gorg and when it arrives in our solar system, it litterally flies through the rings of Saturn.

    There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I noticed, but that image of the pyramid flying through Saturn was just whack.

    Oh yeah, the horned alien’s stalve has a pine cone shaped rock on the top of it. At the end, it’s revealed that the gorg are not actually a big scary race. The central gorg is actually in armour. When the Gorg takes of his armour, the creature resembles a five pointed star fish. Gorg is actually the last surving member of his race and the pine cone on the stalve is actualy his eggs/semen.

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  11. So let me get this straight….

    These aliens have developed technology that allows them to travel to earth from other parts of the galaxy (or from other galaxies), yet are subject to the whims of some human bozo who has access to no such technogy, but nevertheless can merely “summon” them and force these advanced beings whose scientific knowledge far exceeds that of the collective of humanity to travel millions of miles (or light years if you prefer) solely for appeasing some lower life form because said lower life form performed some Harry Potter spell or “magic” ritual…..

    OK. Got it.

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    • If there truly are any such entities they might be *wanting* to enter our realm. This ‘ritual’ then supposedly opens some kind of rift to make it possible to do so.

      See this article:
      – the similarity between this ‘Lam’ entity and ‘grey aliens’ is pretty striking and, as the article claims, these people even directly refer to a such connection (aliens = demons).

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  12. Did you even watch this movie!? 😂 Nothing you said even matched to the plot of the movie. Also, you have pictures here that aren’t in the movie either so idk where you got those from. This is the most far reaching conspiracy I’ve ever seen in my life. Fail. 👎🏻 Go watch the movie and try again.

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    • Did you even read the article? There was little mention of the plot and it was speaking about the trailer not the movie itself ( often scenes appear in a trailer but not the movie itself)

      Personally speaking, having seen the movie, this is valid assessment of what the creators were putting across and furthering the agenda that is going on before your eyes..if you’ll open them to see it.

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  13. So excited when I saw that fish-head! Thought you were gonna break out some knowledge about the ancient fish gods that became the modern Roman Catholic church. Maybe something about the Nommo, or just Poseiden as another representation of Satan.


    When you learn the depth & breadth of symbolism the Neo-Illuminati co-opted your work will transcend others in your field.

    Icke’s got great info, but you’ve got to look deeper.

    Check out Robert Sepehr, Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman, Brien Foerster, William Henry.

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