Illuminati Symbolism from Rapper Tee Grizzley

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Today we’ll take a quick look at an up and coming rapper named Tee Grizzley who is now on my radar…


The 666 Hand

Grizzley’s first couple of videos showed us repeated symbols that are worth noting.

The symbol in question is the 666 hand:

Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” video: 666 hand


This controversial symbol is alleged to mean several things. For example, in Hinduism it is a symbol of the womb, or “yoni.” This lends itself to the ideas of Illuminati theorists that believe it is actually a symbol for the womb of the “Illuminati.”

They believe this womb is the unholy trinity which corresponds to Semiramis, Ba’al and Tammuz (or whatever other trinity one can find in pagan/occult beliefs).

Lil Yachty in Tee Grizzley’s “From the D to the A” video


When it comes to these ideas in higher powers and “Grand Creators” we often hear of Freemasonry involvement. Given their secretive nature and esoteric roots; it seems only fitting that they get mixed up with conspiracies of the Illuminati.


Their symbol of the compass and square symbolizes the occult magick of ‘As above so below’ which traces itself back to Hermeticism and ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

A Masonic Temple in Grizzley’s “From the D to the A” video

Duality and the Faustian Bargain

The cover art for Grizzley’s debut album My Moment shows the Freemason concept of duality (black and white checkered floors represent this).

Another consideration is that Grizzley is praying for help as he approaches the music industry which wants him to play with the Devil and take the Faustian bargain…


In Conclusion

The concept of rappers being offered a Faustian pact with Satan is nothing new. I talk about the entire history of music  industry and the deals with the devil in THE DARK PATH (starting with jazz/blues musician Robert Johnson).

Another source for understanding why hip hop seems to be inundated with these esoteric themes is presented in my rap-specific effort called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC. In it we explore the history of hip hop and how it’s being merged into pop music to reach a broader audience. The end game becomes clear when you understand how the occult works…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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