Illuminati symbolism in Charli XCX ‘Break the Rules’ music video


Charli XCX is a singer who hit the scene when she helped Iggy Azalea with the song Fancy and now she’s got her own solo album releasing in December 2014 called Sucker. She would also go on to tour with Katy Perry on the Prismatic tour, and we know how dark Katy is getting from my post called Is Katy Perry in the Illuminati?… Absolutely. So let’s see what this teenage rebellion anthem with lyrics like these has to offer for Illuminati symbolism:

Getting high and getting wrecked
I don’t wanna go to school
I just wanna break the rules

Charli XCX Break the Rules


First off; there is one more lyric I’d like to point out because it reminds me of Ke$ha’s Die Young song that was predictive programming of the Sandy Hook shootings:


And never stop, it’s how we ride
Comin’ up until we die

Only time will tell if there is more to that line than what is on the surface. We all saw what happened with Ke$ha and her career; first she was instructed to sing Die Young, the song soars on the charts, the Sandy Hook incident happened, the song gets removed, then she comes out and tells everyone she was forced to sing the song. Fast forward about a year and now she’s trying to let people know she was drugged and sexually abused by her producer, Dr. Luke (who is well connected in the music industry). She went on record to talk about how he subjected her to drugs and sexual trauma, and stranger yet she was getting her message out by sending it on coloring book pages. Interesting choice of images to send it out on…


Kesha rehab letter kitten programming


Idolator quoted her as saying:

“These music business assholes (well, Dr. Luke) had almost successfully crushed my MAGIC,” Kesha wrote in another letter. “But that fucker didn’t win.”

Kesha’s been exposed to the ring of Illuminati elites, and she appears to be trying to reveal their secrets…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kesha Im a Survivor


Getting Charli’s Break the Rules video, we see all of the classic Illuminati symbolism images; the All Seeing Eye (while she’s holding a pentacle):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX All Seeing Eye



The horns of Moloch hand gesture:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX 666 3 horns


The ‘666’ Hindu mudra:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX 666 2



And you’ll also see it elsewhere in the video:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX 666 guy


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX 666 3



The school bus she’s singing on crosses out the message and helps push the rebellion angst:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX school for suckers



And in a creepy fashion; the bus full of school girls shows up at a lingerie shop to try on outfits (yes, you read that correctly):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Lingerie Pit Stop


The reason for this is to over-sexualize children and at the same time push the pedo agenda. The Illuminati conduct magick rituals and this include sexual deviancy on all fronts. Why do you think we see the high school aged girls being flaunted as sexual objects in this video shopping for lingerie and whatnot:



IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX blur lines



Who’s working at this lingerie store?… A guy who’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Je suis le Roi’ which means ‘I’m the King’ in French. Normally this wouldn’t mean much to the uninitiated, but the true message of this is saying that he is driven by Moloch since Moloch means ‘king’:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Je Suis le ROI Moloch


You’ll also notice her giving the peace hand sign, or the ‘V’ which is actually an occult symbol for Nero’s cross. I cover this in the Hidden Illuminati symbolism on Peace Tea cans post:

Texe Marrs details what he theorizes as the true origins of this sign, and calls it Nero’s Cross, or the broken cross in Chapter 25: Victory for the Devil. He covers different aspects of the hand held peace symbol, including the claim that the thumb holding the pinky and ring finger represent the vulva and the two upright fingers represent the horns of the devil; effectively making a symbol for intercourse with Satan.

The sign is also described by Dr. Cathy Burns as a symbol for the esoteric concept of duality and opposites in Freemasonry, with order out of chaos and Satan reigning over heaven and hell with the androgynous Bapohmet.

Texe also goes in on Winston Churchill’s use of the ‘V’ sign and how he has all sorts of ties with being a Freemason and even a Druid. Here’s a shot of a page that shows some of what I’m talking about:

Winston Churchill V Sign Illuminati


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Peace V


I’ve made a post that FULLY explains the sinister meaning behind the ‘V’ hand and the summoning of Typhon- the lord of the Abyss, so you should also check out Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The Mark of the Beast- X.

The video culminates with Rose McGowan making an appearance:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Rose McGowan


She was placed in this video to help support this agenda because she’s been connected to this conspiracy for some time now (not necessarily from her own doing). Rose McGowan was put into a cult that got into sexual abuse of children- a common trait in these sick occult circles. Here’s an article from Yahoo with more:

McGowan also describes watching how the men in the cult treated the women. “At a very early age I decided I did not want to be like those women. They were basically there to serve the men sexually — you were allowed to have more than one wife.” The cult’s women would sometimes travel to area bars to try to recruit, an act known as “flirty fishing.”

McGowan’s father realized he had to leave when he was asked to draw cartoon literature that advocated child-adult sexual relationships. Soon after, Rose, her father, and some siblings left the cult in the middle of the night. They hid in a stone house, and avoided the cult members who came looking for them. “I remember a man trying to break in with a hammer,” McGowan said. The Children of God sect has since been renamed The Family International and has “renounced its advocacy of sexual sharing” and adult-minor sexual relationships.

The Rose McGowan Wiki page also details disturbing aspects:

Daniel McGowan ran an Italian chapter of the Children of God, to which both he and his wife held membership until 1978. McGowan spent her early childhood amid the group’s communes, often traveling Europe with her parents. Interviewed by Howard Stern, she stated she had avoided the group’s calls for members to become sexually active as children (“I waited till I was 14.”) and described the practice of ‘flirty fishing’ as “creepy”.

An HBO documentary called Children of God: Lost and Found highlights this cult (who also had Joaquin and River Phoenix as members):




And not to harp on McGowan’s occult role too much, but she was also dating Marilyn Manson and was in his Coma White video where she helps depict the occult sacrifice of JFK:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rose McGowan Manson Coma White

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rose McGowan Manson Coma White JFK Cross


So we see McGowan at the school dance, and she proceeds to slime the girls with a substance (for unknown reasons?…):


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Rose Dumps gak 1


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charlie XCX Rose Dumps gak


The girls get slimed and throw some more Moloch horns out, but the true purpose of this strange act could be due to a concept Freeman and Jamie Hanshaw explain in Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation, Vol. 1 with the origin of porn showing in nickelodeon venues, which would eventually roll over to the actual Nickelodeon channel for children which had a show called You Can’t Do That on Television which slimed kids in a similar manner.



They continue to slime people to this day, even at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards:


Kids Choice Slime


So let’s take a step back and look at this video. We have a video of ‘sexy’ underage girls ditching school, going to try on lingerie, and then getting ‘slimed’ at the dance by an actress with a history of occult connections. We also could see how ‘sliming’ is a back handed form of sexual ritual conducted by these Illuminati magician types because even Aleister Crowley believed in the power of semen and bodily fluids, and even included rituals with these things in his initiation of the OTO.

In an interview on InterviewMagazine with Charli reveals her knowledge of the industry’s dark secrets:

I have a dark side. I think everyone does, especially in this industry. At the moment, the music I’m making is like an explosion of love. It moves away from super dark, its more romanticized and floral, but still quite black. 

I cover the importance of these magical rituals and the disturbing sexual connections in my hip hop/pop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: Magic Behind the Mic:



Here’s that Charli XCX video:









Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. and the girl at 0:49 is wearing an eye necklace

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  2. What you are saying is interesting, but there something I don’t understand:
    ‘666’ Hindu mudra

    I have had stupid classmates all my life, but that’s not 666 hindu mudra; that’s how people smoke weed; do you know that right? that point doesn’t make sense

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  3. No one seemed to have noticed the subtle way they had that guy in the lingere shop wear the shirt ” Je suis le Roe” and with her name being Charlie and all… then fast toward 3 months and the Charlie hebdo event occurs… what was the motto that was used over and over, JE SUIS CHARLIE!


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  4. Did I hear this correctly : Did she sing: ‘…Going to the discotheque, getting high and getting raped…’ I listened to it a few times and with all the will in the world can’t make it into anything else…Makes me sad to think that girls are now being programmed to want to get raped.

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  5. The song is catchy as fuck 😀 (Is Charli XCX Illuminati? I don’t give a shit)

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  6. Y’all are stupid – it’s a pop song.

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