Illuminati symbolism and analysis of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

The film Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley Kubrick’s last film, and he based it off the novella by Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler entitled Traumnovelle, or Dream Novella. It revolves around the difficulty of the protagonist couple played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as they struggle with themes of sexuality, monogamy, and distinguishing the difference between dreams and reality (hence the name Dream Novella).

With all of the theories involved with Stanley Kubrick’s films, (such as The Shining, of which I have an in-depth breakdown and explanation for in my The Shining symbolic analysis post), EWS appears to follow along the same path of a hidden expose. I’ll pull together an all-encompassing post to cover as many of the relevant theories for the film, including my theory that it is based on the Illuminati-shadow group’s obsession with goddess worship. Kubrick worked on the film’s script for almost 30 years and considered it to be his best work to date.


You can watch the full expose (with more images) here on my YouTube channel:


His unforeseen death a few months prior to the release of the film stoked conspiracy theories that the Illuminati took him out because he simply revealed too much this time. Warner Bros went on record as having digitally altered several scenes post-production and claim that it was in order to get an R-rating, even though we’ve never seen the uncut version. So did Kubrick intend to convey a message of elite obsession with goddess worship through magical sexual orgies? I think so.

Before I get into the different aspects of the film, I’d like to introduce a few pieces that influenced and help me get through the film that I’ll reference in the breakdown later.

 Introducing Sociology A Review of Eyes Wide Shut by Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider is an essayist and cartoonist who provides commentary via multiple channels. He provided a great, in-depth essay on the film and some of the theories behind it symbolism, which can be retrieved at I highly suggest reading his essay, but I will refer to it a few times throughout this post. Here’s a great paragraph to show what I’m talking about on how well it is written:

 The real pornography in this film is in its lingering depiction of the shameless, naked wealth of millennial Manhattan, and of its obscene effect on society and the human soul. National reviewers’ myopic focus on sex, and the shallow psychologies of the film’s central couple, the Harfords, at the expense of every other element of the film-the trappings of stupendous wealth, its references to fin-de-siecle Europe and other imperial periods, its Christmastime setting, even the sum Dr. Harford spends on a single night out-says more about the blindness of the elites to their own surroundings than it does about Kubrick’s inadequacies as a pornographer. For those with their eyes open, there are plenty of money shots. posted up an interpretation by Adam Gorightly that sees the film as one in which Kubrick tries to expose MK ULTRA mind programming into sex slaves. This idea of MONARCH programming has been postulated in musical acts such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. The sources that claim this programming exists (e.g. Cathy O’Brien) say that the programming starts at a young age, which is what we witness with the prevalence of former Disney Mickey Mouse Club members who become stars such as Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. We see Alice grooming her daughter, Helena throughout the film to follow in her footsteps, which could arguably be to become the next sex slave or goddess.


There are several other good articles and references including VigilantCitizen and Jay’sAnalysis. Let’s get into it now… At the onset of the film, we see two tennis rackets that are uncovered. Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman’s character) is standing between two sets of columns/pillars which some say are symbolic of Boaz and Jachin, the two pillars that were at the entrance to Solomon’s Temple (and see in Freemason temples, which is explained further in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube, &  Saturn Worship post). It’s also theorized that the drapes behind her are symbols for the pyramid; an esoteric Illuminati symbol.


The villain in Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol has Boaz and Jachin tattooed on his legs; and the name of the villain is Mal’akh, which is a reformed version of the name of the ancient horned deity Moloch (or Molech) as well. Alice Harford is the female protagonist in this film, and it should be noted that her red hair is synonymous with the Scarlet Woman that Aleister Crowley identified as the the goddess of his religion, Thelema. The Scarlet Woman represents the female sexual impulse and liberated woman, which Alice Harford alludes to desiring to be in her true form later in the film. She is representative of female goddesses, and the occult just love to have symbolism revolving around the Triple Goddess (three forms of goddess; one of which is the Earth Mother, aka Scarlet Woman, aka Babalon). We’ll revisit this again when we meet Alice and Bill’s daughter… When we are introduced to Tom Cruise’s character (Dr. William Harford; or ‘Bill’; some claim this is related to the ‘dollar bill’- filled with Illuminati symbolism), he has an equal yet opposing scene, note the shoes at bottom, same pillars, etc., but he’s in the dark (her scene had her in the light). This implies that she has been enlightened by the illuminated ones. This theme will pop up throughout as she gives us this hint of being in the know through the film.



When you’re watching the film, note the size and beauty of the Harford apartment. It has been speculated that this proves Bill’s connection to these elite types who help support this standard of living. Tim Kreider’s article says the following:

Kubrick and his collaborator, Frederic Raphael, discussed exactly how much money a New York doctor like Bill Harford must earn per year. The Harfords’ standard of living raises questions about their money, and where it comes from–from Bill’s sparsely scheduled private practice, or the sorts of under-the-table services we see rendered upstairs at the party? Dr. Harford is on call to that class of person who can afford not to wait in emergency rooms or die in hospitals–people like his friend Victor Ziegler, whose name denotes him as one of the world’s winners.

It’s all part of painting the scene of a world much disconnected from the other 99%ers. The comparisons are also drawn between the mysteriously well-to-do Harfords against the much better off Ziegler. Later you see the pinnacle of the elite (the Rothschilds) in the Somerton mansion which blows the other ones away.


The first instance where Alice displays her superior goddess status is that of her knowledge and awareness (as opposed to Bill’s) when he asks where his wallet is, and she knows it’s on his nightstand. She has the knowledge, while he is clueless. About a minute later, he asks what the name of the babysitter is, even though she literally just told him her name when she asked if he gave the phone numbers for Roz.

In the opening scene we see Alice and Bill’s daughter, Helena:

The name Helen has ties to the ancient pagans because of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Zeus and the most beautiful woman in the world. She also has red hair which is also symbolic of the Scarlet Woman again. The name Helena could be inspired by Aleister Crowley yet again, this time through the Gnostic Catholic Church, which is not a Christian church, but rather another occult organization stemming from Crowley’s Thelema, and affiliated with the Ordo Templi Orientis secret society. One of the prominent members of the church is named Helena Apiryon, and she wrote their creed in 1998 which states:

And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.

And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.

Here we see the name Babalon, which refers to the Scarlet Woman (which we’ll see shape shifting here in a few minutes…). We also see Baphomet, which we know as the occult image of the goat and identified with the Church of Satan:


Her name is also believed to be modeled after Helena Blavatsky, the occultist and founder of Theosophical Society that influenced Adolf Hitler (her concept of superiority of Aryan races and Atlantis in development of human history in The Secret Doctrine) and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s author L. Frank Baum.


The Wizard of Oz film featured the song Over the Rainbow sang by Judy Garland (note that the song Over the Rainbow was featured in other Illuminati-esque events such as Lady Gaga performing on Good Morning America and also the Sandy Hook shooting memorial which links to the record label of “Sandy Hook Records” that Judy Garland was on at one time; and all of that ties to the fact that Oz equals ’77’ in occult symbolism which is the publication of Aleister Crowley ‘Liber Oz’ or ‘Book 77’). These themes involving rainbows will be recurring in the film…


oz rainbow

The suggests more on the Wizard’s involvement with mind control programming, implying that the references throughout the film ultimately go back to this sexual programming:

The Wizard of Oz has been long acknowledged by Monarch insiders as a common programming matrix, which uses Wizard of Oz themes and imagery as a tool to program minds. (It has been rumored that Judy Garland herself was the subject of just this sort of Monarch-styled mind control.)

We’ll revisit this later in the film as well.

After the Harfords leave their house they attend a party at their friend (and patient of Bill’s), Victor Ziegler’s house. As they walk in we see the checkered pattern on the floor that is typical of Freemasonry temples:



“Ziegler” is a German surname meaning ‘brick-maker’. There is also a Jewish University in Los Angeles that ordains Rabbis under this same title. Some theorists believe this is a tie to Freemasonry and the Kabbalah, which the checkered floor and surname support.

Big ups to GLP’s forum on this subject, where a poster named Anonymous Coward pointed out that there is in fact a shape shifter scene in the film. Kubrick wasn’t known for inconsistencies in his filming so we’ve got to assume this is purposefully placed. During the first dance scene (Kidman and Cruise together), the band pauses for a break. She says she must go to the bathroom and you’ll notice an older man with white hair is walking with a girl with a dark red cape on (red might signify the Crowley Whore of Babylon; more occult beliefs previously mentioned). Right as they pass through a doorway (portal?…) she turns into an entirely different woman. Check it out; here are shots from 4:57-4:58 of the film:




Here’s an eight pointed star inside of an eight pointed star at the house.  This appears all over this first party house of Ziegler’s, and we will see it again later in the film at Milich’s Rainbow Costume store. Also-check out the blue Forget-Me-Nots in Sander’s lapel; they are symbolism from Freemasons and Nazis (Super big-ups to commenter Yeshi for finding that one, I totally didn’t even see it). From Wiki:

Freemasons began using the flower in 1926 as a symbol well known in Germany as message not to forget the poor and desperate. Many other German charities were also using it at this time. In later years, by a handful of Masons, it was a means of recognition in place of the square and compass design. This was done across Nazi occupied Europe to avoid any danger of being singled out and persecuted. The symbol of the forget-me-not in modern Masonry has become more prevalent and exaggerated claims about the use of the symbol are often made in order to promote sales of bumper stickers of the symbol.[5] Today it is an interchangeable symbol with Freemasonry and some also use the forget-me-not to remember those masons who were victimized by the Nazi regime.[6] In English Freemasonry it is more commonly now worn to remember those that have died as a symbol that you may be gone but not forgotten.


The placement of this eight pointed star is undoubtedly purposeful, and it supports my theory that this film is about occult goddess worship. This star can be seen as the Star of Venus, (aka Star of Ishtar; the Babylonian goddess) which both refers to ancient goddesses:

The same star can be found in Chaos magick which is a modern version of magic that utilizes various occult beliefs:

At Ziegler’s house you’ll notice that there is a statue of a god Cupid; (who is derived from the goddess Venus as Tammuz) at the spiral staircase:

We just saw that the eight pointed star refers to the Star of Venus, so we see yet another piece of goddess symbolism. Notice that it has seats set up around it that features the same men from the final scene of the film who take their daughter away. I’ll address this again later, but here is the image from the final scene of the film where Bill and Alice’s daughter goes away with the men:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Toy Store Men 33


Not sure those are the same men? I’ll zoom it in:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Tree Statue zoomed 9

Getting back to that statue of Cupid; it is involved in the goddess worship we see with the celebration of Valentine’s Day since Cupid was the god of desire. This theme is found in circles of occult and Pagan symbolism as pointed out in my post about Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions:

Tammuz, aka Cupid, was known for shooting arrows at the heart, which was considered the seed for all emotions in the body at one time. The tradition of giving flowers and candy comes from the occult practice during this celebration when worshippers would bring spring flowers, candies, etc. to the temple for the spring goddess (Semiramis) who had been hibernating and is now beginning to awake.

At the party, we witness a character playing the Hungarian Sandor Szavost as he hits on a bored Alice Harford, and we can guess that his name is inspired by the founder of the Church of Satan Anton “Sandor” LaVey.

Szavost also has a prepped come-on line, as pointed out by Tim Kreider:

Sandor Szavost, Alice’s would-be seducer, inquires whether she has read Ovid’s Art of Love, a reference fraught with sly implications. Art of Love is a satiric guide to the etiquette of adultery, set among the elite classes of Augustus’s Rome, full of advice about bribing servants, buying gifts, and avoiding gold-diggers. (Szavost’s drinking from Alice’s glass is a move lifted right out of Ovid’s pick-up manual.)

Still at the house, Bill is enticed by two young females, and one of them is named Nuala Windsor. The name Windsor identifies with the royal house of the UK as the House of Windsor, where the bloodlines of the elite still hold power to this day. Theorists claim that Kubrick was trying to expose the secrets of the elitists such as the Windsor family in films like these.


Nuala’s friend asks Bill if he remembers her and said she was in Rockefeller Plaza and had something in eye and he helped her. Rockefeller Plaza has links to this film and the Illuminati because it holds the iconic gigantic Christmas tree right above the occult statue of Prometheus at the ice rink. Also it should be pointed out that her reference to the eye is symbolic for the all seeing eye.



Bill asks where the girls where they are taking him and the girls tell him they are taking him to “where the rainbow ends”. Again, a rainbow reference. Another idea about the rainbows could be an analogy to the Rainbow Room at “30 Roc” (30th floor of the formerly known as “GE Building” in Rockefeller Plaza; home of NBC, but now being renamed to the Comcast Building) that was a club/restaurant, run by none other than the Rockefeller family for several years before they sold it to the Capriani family in 1998. Interestingly enough, the Rockefeller family knew to sell this successful restaurant right before the 9/11 event, because the Capriani family would see a severe downturn in business and eventually had to close this historic landmark in the late 2000s (it’s since reopened).



I was also given information that the floor of the Rainbow Room also features the 8-pointed Star of Ishtar, which again links us into the film’s pervasive use of it:


After meeting the girls, Bill is sent for by Ziegler to attend to a prostitute named Mandy (who will appear later…). Mandy has overdosed and needs medical attention, which Bill provides. Note that the theme of mind controlled women (whether it be MK ULTRA, or just a good ol’ fashioned cult leader like Charles Manson), generally will involve some drug use. I think that Kubrick knew that and is displaying this as part of the overarching message of the film.

Another theme that recurs is that of mirrors. They’re always analyzing themselves in mirrors (e.g. shots before the love scene, bathroom scenes, etc.). The film poster also features the one eye and Bill and Alice in a mirror.


Eyes wide Shut poster

There are tons of mirrors throughout the film, which could be ties to Alice in Wonderland, especially given the female protagonist’s name. The mirrors might represent the characters having to look at themselves honestly in the mirror and seeing the farce of an image they are attempting to portray to the outside world. It could also reference Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There since Nicole Kidman’s character is named Alice and the film exposes what Kubrick ‘found there.’



Something odd; It appears that Bill’s ring is on his right hand for this one particular part of the film. In Europe, some couples wear the wedding band on the right hand, but that is not the case for this film. He wears it on the left hand throughout, except for this one scene, which is shot with mirrors as well:


A bit later, Bill and Alice are fighting and she asks about what he’s thinking when he’s examining a woman’s breasts in his office; almost like she knows he did that earlier in the day. This is another reference to her almost mystical ability to know what he’s doing without being there.

During the verbal altercation Alice argues that she (and other women in general) might want to have male ‘tendencies’ of promiscuity and gets mad that Bill doesn’t even get jealous over her. She reveals that at Cape Cod last summer she fantasized about a naval officer. Theories suggest this is supposed to be analogous to the event when L. Ron Hubbard stole rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons’ mistress Sara Northrup. L. Ron Hubbard was the founder of the Church of Scientology; of which Tom Cruise is a prominent member.

Even stranger, the Church of Scientology has a fraternal order established by L. Ron Hubbard entitled The Sea Organization (or Sea Org). It was established in 1967 aboard three ships: the Diana, the Athena, and the Apollo. Note that Diana and Athena are both references to ancient goddesses, with Diana being a moon goddess that can readily be referenced to Princess Diana who was murdered by an “unknown” cause. I’ve got endless amounts of material on Princess Diana on the website.

Continuing on the Sea Org group, recall that Tom Cruise is a member of the CoS and split off with Katie Holmes when he insisted on sending their daughter, Suri, to Sea Org. Here’s

The prospect of sending six-year-old Suri to the Sea Organisation, or Sea Org as it is known, is what is said to have been the final straw for Katie Holmes before she filed for divorce.

The clergy like group is run like a military clique from the Scientology Gold Base in California which has a sniper-style nest bunker on the site

If Sea Org members try to leave they are also given a ‘freeloader tab’ which is a bill for all the work they have received, and can run into six figures.

Under the influence of Scientology ‘elders’, Sea Org members are convinced to ‘volunteer’ for punishments which can include being given poor quality food, sleep deprivation or being banned from talking to anyone, ABC news has reported.

They can also involve manual labour, wearing black clothes to mark you out from everybody else – and can go on for years.

Then there are the alleged beatings at the hands of leaders and The Hole, two trailers which can hold up to 100 people forced to do group confessions all night.

In one episode detailed in an piece in the New Yorker, those put in The Hole were told that they had to play a game of musical chairs and only the person who won would be allowed to stay.

As the Queen hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ boomed out of the stereo, it took until 4am before there was a winner, by which time things turned violent with one chair being ripped in two.

And Katie had valid concerns, here’s what Wiki says about Sea Org and children:

According to Melton, couples with children must leave the Sea Org and return to other staff positions within the church until the child is six years old; thereafter the children are raised communally and allowed to visit their parents in the Sea Org at weekends. Children of members have themselves joined the Sea Org when they came of age.[21] Several former members have said they were advised (or even forced) to have an abortion when they became pregnant to avoid being sent to lower organizations

Just last year, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter Isabella decided on not joining Sea Org. Check out the tattoo on her forearm of the Illuminati triangle and all seeing eye from DailyMail:


Of course we could go on all day about this, including conspiracies that L. Ron Hubbard had frozen sperm that was used to impregnate Katie Holmes in order to make Suri the next leader of the CoS, but we’re getting too far off track.

There is an idea (from the original novel) that some or all of the story is indeterminably a dream or reality. If in fact it is a dream, I propose that the phone ringing is symbolic for alarms going off in Bill’s head. This seems to be when the weird dream-like part of the film begins with Bill heading out on the town in the middle of the night, which corresponds to the hours of sleep.

We are introduced to an older woman (albeit slightly), who plays the part in the theme of the Triple Goddess of the Crone. The Crone is symbolic of death, and that is appropriate since she is at the house where her father just passed away. She tries to give herself away to Bill, but he declines:



After helping ‘the Crone’ out, Bill is walking the streets of New York City and comes across a group of young men who start attacking him and yelling out gay slurs. I watched this scene several times, wondering why they thought Bill was gay, and why they were harassing him. It doesn’t make sense at all. However, you’ll notice that ALL of the young men are wearing Yale University clothing:



This implies that they are students at Yale, a university in Connecticut; not New York City (where EWS takes place). Kubrick placed this in the film because he was highlighting the homosexual hazing ritual of the secret society of the Skull and Bones, an idea we can see on Henry Makow’s website:

The revelations of Kay Griggs provide insight into how hazing operates inside the Illuminati. Kay was married to a US marine colonel who was an Illuminati insider. He was a trained assassin and worked in mind control among other things. He liaised with public names such as Donald Rumsfeld, George H. Bush, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger.

He called the people he was involved with ‘members of The Firm or The Brotherhood.’

“He mentioned how many …  are members of the “Cap and Gown” Princeton group or the “Skull and Bones” Yale crowd and how they performed sexually perverted induction ceremonies with anal and oral sex performed inside coffins.” 


Bill finds his way into a prostitute named Domino’s home. As things heat up in the room, the phone rings and the call is from Alice, who again seems to have a sixth sense about things, somehow knowing that he is up to no good.



You can see a book entitled ‘Shadows in the Mirror’ on her bookcase; (yet another reference to mirrors to add to the many images of mirrors).  Tim Kreider asserts that this scene where Alice calls Bill is more of a reference to the fact that prostitution is more of a social issue than psychological:

There is a moment in Eyes Wide Shut, as Bill Harford is lying to his wife over a cellphone from a prostitute’s apartment, when we see a textbook in the foreground titled Introducing Sociology. The book’s title is a dry caption to the action onscreen (like the slogan PEACE IS OUR PROFESSION looming over the battle at Burpelson Air Force Base in Dr. Strangelove), telling us that prostitution is the basic, defining transaction of our society. It is also, more importantly, a key to understanding the film, suggesting that we ought to interpret it sociologically–not as most reviewers insisted on doing, psychologically.

Other theories for why there are so many mirrors would tie into the mind control aspect. Fritz Springmeier is an extensive researcher and he said that mirrors are used in the trauma process to confuse the inner sanctums of the person’s mind and to trigger various alters (like drugs do). From his book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave:

Another thing which happens with the first splits is the creation of mirror images. Some of the time, in the early splitting procedures, the child creates extra splits. In the early stages, these strong extra splits are made into mirror images of regular alters. Some of these mirror images are known to be placed into the mind before any splitting occurs. As long as the victim’s dissociation exists, the potential for mischief exists for the programmers. This is why integration can be a positive goal for a Monarch multiple if the deprogrammer knows what he is doing. After suffering decades of the most horrible traumas imaginable and the most severe abuse as slaves, most slaves have minds which are habitually dissociative


Here’s an odd error in the film, I’m not sure if it has any meaning though. You can see the photos outside of the Sonata Café and it clearly shows Kip Fleming on the bass, Bobby on lead guitar, Larry McVeigh on drums, and Nick on piano. Remember this until about one minute later…


Once Bill is in the Sonata Club, we hear Nick say “…Larry McVeigh on bass, Kip Fleming is on the drums, and Bobby on guitar…” which is in violation of the photos seen on the outside of Sonata Cafe. This might just be a film mistake, but Kubrick was obsessive about details, so maybe there’s more to this? Any theories on this one??… This scene is where Bill learns of the orgy party and we see Fidelio is the password, which is Beethoven’s one and only German opera.

After the cafe, Bill needs to obtain his mask, so we see the Rainbow shop with an upstairs and downstairs (although we never see what’s downstairs). Some theories claim that there is a Freemason lodge adjacent to this shop, but I haven’t been able to prove or see that yet either. The film wasn’t shot in NYC, but rather London, as Kubrick had much disdain for the states at this point of his career.


We hear alarms again as Bill enters upstairs of Rainbow Fashions (he hears phones ringing and alarms throughout the film), and I’ve read online that he turns it off with a password of 56784. I haven’t been able to connect that to anything, so if you know, by all means comment below and I’ll update. Again, we see a tree inside the store.

When Bill gets to the back of the store, we can see the same curtain of lights we see at the beginning of film at Ziegler’s house, effectively connecting the two (as we will see again shortly with the 8-pointed star…). These white curtains of lights are also seen in Batman Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan, which was loaded with Illuminati connections of Sandy Hook and such:


Another idea that I saw (in a GLP forum that used this screenshot image I posted above) was that the 2001: A Space Odyssey black monolith stone is the same as this carpet strip we see between the two men:




Milich is distracted by his back room, and we see that same 8-pointed star from the beginning of the film at Ziegler’s. We see the disturbing interaction with the child-daughter of Mililch and the two Asian men as well. Is this suggesting the décor from Ziegler’s house party shares a common bond of indecency? Or is it just pointing out that there is a connection in this ring of indecency?



We also see Milich’s daughter do this controversial whisper into Bill’s ear. It is said that the subtitles show the dialogue:

 ‘You Should Have a Cloak Lined with Ermine’


That dialogue is telling him to get a cloak that’s lined with a certain pattern, which is found to be in possession of royal monarchy. This reinforces the theory that there is a privileged elite and bloodline tied to these characters. We’ll come back to this Milich/daughter scenario again later as we explore her role in the Triple Goddess formula…

With costume in hand, Bill walks up to gates of Somerton; the mansion in which the infamous orgy scene takes place. We hear a crow cawing three times, which could be a metaphor for denying Christ as Peter did in the Bible. Surely the house he is about to walk in is a mockery of Christ with its reversed-mass and orgies. He also provides the password for entry with Fidelio, which was a Beethoven opera. The connection here is pointed out by Tim Kreider:

Asked about Alex’s fondness for Ludwig Van in A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick answered, “I think this suggests the failure of culture to have any morally refining effect on society. Many top Nazis were cultured and sophisticated men, but it didn’t do them, or anyone else, much good.”  This point is reprised overtly in Eyes Wide Shut when we hear the title of a Beethoven opera used as the password to an orgy

As he walks in we see female goddesses holding up lights; indicating Venus the light bearer or Lucifer, or the Illuminated ones:



It seems as if every scene up until this point features a Christmas tree,  usually upon entrance. Wikipedia says that Lee Siegel believes the purpose of the Christmas tree motif is:

because it symbolizes the way that “Compared with the everyday reality of sex and emotion, our fantasies of gratification are, yes, pompous and solemn in the extreme…. For desire is like Christmas: it always promises more than it delivers.”

The Somerton mansion is the only location in the film without a tree, and there is no Christmas music to be found on the film, so there is some very peculiarities with this theme that needs explored further.

The mansion referred to as Somerton in the film is actually a mansion that was built for Baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild. That name of Rothschild should ring a bell because of their ties to conspiracy theories and their history of running the banking industry; which effectively made them the wealthiest family in human history. The Rothschild family name means “at the sign of the red shield”, derived from the location of the house in the Jewish ghettos of Frankfurt where the ancestors trace to. Their financial power was used to help the British win in the Napoleonic Wars against the French and their Jewish background led to conspiracy theories that not only persist to this day, but were the subject of Nazi propaganda films.

Getting back to the Mentmore Towers, we can see this mansion in the film Batman Begins as Bruce Wayne’s Manor which is directed by Christopher Nolan (again tying EWS to Batman films). Some say that Nolan has access to esoteric knowledge through the placement of themes in his films like the ‘SANDY HOOK’ that appears on the map before the shootings occurred.

When Bill is in the house you can witness the creepy mask and the ominous music. Theorists claim that the chanting is reverse of Catholic mass, which is close, but not quite. The music is a backwards liturgy of Orthodox Christianity.

The masks at the mansion are Venetian, and authors Tim Kreider and Thomas Nelson claim that it links to Venice’s reputation of being a center of eroticism. The sexual ritual shows that the previous party at Ziegler’s was just a ‘disguise’ to the Somerton mansion party in which people really let loose. This is one of the themes of the film, showing us that everyone puts on a mask to hide their true nature and desires (to be promiscuous, presumably).

I’d also like to point out that the masks worn at the ball are reminiscent the secret society who held orgies in the HellFire Club (as seen on Ghost Adventures which prompted my post about the symbolism found in the caves and Orion’s Belt):

The caves were hand-built for 2nd Baronet Francis Dashwood in 1748-1752 in West Wycombe. It was built as a mockery to churches (it’s actually built under a church and the entrance was designed to look like a church entrance, even though satanic rituals occurred inside). Building it under a church is a call sign of Illuminati symbolism, they love to have reflections and juxtapositions such as these. Dashwood co-founded the Hellfire Club, a secret society that included John Wilkes and Benjamin Franklin. Dashwood was a known Pagan and they routinely performed Pagan rituals to gods such as Bacchus (a.k.a. Dionysus), while also performing black magic.

The Hellfire Club was known to worship Venus, which is yet another link to this Illuminati Triple Goddess theory I’m presenting for the film.

Interestingly enough, this article points out that in Milton Keynes, England there are a pair of statues that feature masks from the film. It also claims that the Rothschild family is the largest landowners in Buckinghamshire, where the statues are located:



These statues are also located in Buckinghamshire where the Hellfire Caves’ secret society was located.

At the epicenter of the orgy/ball, the master (referred to as ‘Red Cloak’) makes commands and the women in the circle obey; indicating MK ULTRA slaves (there will be an interesting connection here with Red Cloak later). The audio track we hear is composed by Jocelyn Pook and is entitled Masked Ball. She created it from a fragment of an Orthodox Liturgy and played it backwards with changed Romanian lyrics. The lyrics are played in reverse to indicate the presence of evil since satanic groups like to invert all symbols and meanings (*think inverted crosses).



The VigilantCitizen article about this film covers some interesting aspects of a Hindu protest of the use of the  Bhagavad Gita that was pulled from the film after a protest (big ups to Conspirazzi for enlightening me to this). VC also goes into some Crowley-sex magick stuff too:

The interior scenes of the party were shot at Elveden Hall, a private house in the UK designed to look like an Indian palace. When the “festivities” begin, a Tamil song called “Migration” plays in the background, adding to the South-Asian atmosphere (the original version of the song contained actual scriptural recitation of the Bhagavad Gita, but the chant was removed in the final version of the movie). This peculiar Indian atmosphere, combined with the lascivious scenes witnessed by Bill as he walks around the house, ultimately points towards the most important, yet most hidden part of the movie: Tantric Yoga and its Western occultism derivative, Sex Magick. This last concept was “imported” by British occultist Aleister Crowley and is now at the center of the teachings of various secret societies:

“Aleister Crowley’s connections with Indian Yoga and Tantra were both considerable and complex. Crowley had direct exposure to some forms of these practices and was familiar with the contemporary literature of the subjects, wrote extensively about them, and – what is perhaps the most important – he practiced them. In his assessment of the value of Tantra, he was ahead of his time, which habitually considered Tantra a degenerate form of Hinduism. Instead, he claimed that, “paradoxical as it may sound the Tantrics are in reality the most advanced of the Hindus”. Crowley’s influence in bringing Eastern, primarily Indian, esoteric traditions to the West extends also to his incorporation of the elements of Yoga and Tantra into the structure and program of two influential magical orders, the A.:A.: and the OTO.”
– Martin P. Starr, Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism

The above quote stipulates that Tantric concepts were incorporated in two important secret societies: the A.:A.: and the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis). The OTO is still extremely influential in elite circles and reaches the highest levels of politics, business and even the entertainment industry. At the core of these orders is the Thelema, a philosophy created by Aleister Crowley that he summed up with the saying “Do What Thou Wilt”.  This saying is actually a translation of “Fais ce que tu voudras” the motto of an 18th century secret society, the infamous Hellfire Club.

The Hindu protest was claiming that…

When thousands of Hindus watched the latest movie by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, “Eyes Wide Shut” they were stunned.  While they have been admirers of the stars, what lay ahead, was completely unexpected.

The orgy scene in the middle of the movie has the recitation of the verse from the Bhagwad Gita, one of the most revered Hindu scripture.  The shloka

Parithranaya Saadhunam Vinashaya cha dushkrithaam Dharmasamsthabanarthaya Sambhavami yuge yuge

which means :

“Whenever there is a decline of Dharma and the rise of Adharma,O Arjun, then I Shree Krishna manifest (or incarnate) Myself. I incarnate from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked, and for establishing Dharma”

American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) expresses shock and dismay on behalf of a billion strong Hindu community in the world at the insensitivity expressed by Warner Brothers at the depiction of this key Hindu verse.

One of the theories for the inclusion of the Bhagavad Gita was that Kubrick was trying to invoke an other-worldly avatar. The concept of this in Hindu is that you can invoke an avatar of the supreme deity, Vishnu, to come down and bring social order. Perhaps Kubrick was trying to destroy the evil forces of the Illuminati through this invocation…

After some time Bill gets escorted by a strange mask-toting woman, and we hear the song “Strangers in the Night” play as a mysterious woman warns Bill to leave. Notice the blue light coming in the windows; which looks like the blue light from Bill and Alice’s bedroom, and in several scenes of Bill throughout this dream-like evening:



You can see William Ramsey discuss how these 11 women are the ’11 magical consorts’ on his documentary for Occult Hollywood:



He also details the Freemason double headed eagle you can find hidden in the film as well; go check it out:



After ignoring the warnings, Bill is confronted by Red Cloak and told to give the password, and he finds out that “Fidelio” is for admittance, but not for the house (is this the House of Rothschild, indicating that his type are not allowed?). They require him to remove his mask, and the phrase they use is “Would you kindly remove your mask?” I found this peculiar in that the video game Bioshock revolves around a man who is mind controlled using the same phrase. Every time the character is asked to do something he is asked with the phrase “Would you kindly…” in order to establish the control and have the mind control alter take over.

Before the problems escalate, the mysterious woman comes out in a theatrical manner and says she will ‘redeem’ him as a sacrifice. It seems that Bill was setup from the beginning to become an unknowing participant of this ritual A sacrifice of the goddess would fit nicely to the Illuminati obsession with ritual. This would explain how they knew who he was even though he had a mask on.


Here is where I can tie together all of the three goddess forms of the Triple Goddess. This theme is found in circles of occult symbolism as pointed out in my post about Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions:

The Semiramis (or any goddess who represents Semiramis) is believed to go through the same cycles of life over and over. She is believed to be three different forms, referred to as the “Triple Goddess.” These three forms are: fertility goddess, aka the Maiden; the Earth Mother, aka the Mother; and the old lady, aka the Crone. These forms are believed to be based on the phases of the moon, which is why we get concepts such as the “moon” goddess

The cycles of holidays throughout the year is celebrated by this Illuminati group who watch the three forms of goddess go through the annual cycle. She starts out the year as the fertility goddess of youth (Bill and Alice’s daughter), then transitions into the Earth Mother of sexuality (or Mother Gaia) who is played by Mandy, the overdosed prostitute who is also supposedly this sacrificial woman at the Somerton party. Towards Halloween she eventually gets old and turns into the Crone who represents death and endings (played by the first house Bill visits where the woman’s father dies). The sacrifice of the Earth Mother (Mandy) is observed in EWS. The death and rebirth cycle is completed when we see Bill and Alice’s daughter at the end of the film.

Another interesting theory brought up by Tim Kreider is the parallels drawn between Alice and the prostitute (Mandy):

Alice’s real status is unmistakably suggested: the wife as prostitute. She’s identified with the hooker Mandy through a series of parallels: they’re both tall redheads with a taste for numbing drugs, we first see them both in bathrooms, and Mandy’s last night “being fucked by hundreds of men” is distortedly echoed in Alice’s dream.

That portion of the theory goes on in further detail in his article, claiming that Alice might simply be one woman. Even more interesting (and disturbing) is his idea that their daughter Helena is being groomed into this servitude role of a prostitute:

She’s also grooming her daughter Helena (named after the most beautiful woman in history) to become a high-ticket item like herself. During the montage of their day at home, we see Helena alongside her mother in almost every shot, holding the brush while her mother gathers her hair into a ponytail, brushing her teeth at the mirror, learning to groom herself. When we overhear her doing word problems with her mother, she’s learning how to calculate which boy has more money than the other. We hear her reading a bedtime story aloud, reciting the line, “…before me when I jump into my bed.” In this film, a line about “jumping into bed” can’t be innocent. Her mother silently mouths it along with her, echoing and coaching her. At Bill’s office, we see a photo of Helena in a purple dress, like the one worn by the girl her father paid for sex the night before.

I believe that the symbolism of the Triple Goddess is held up through both theories, but I subscribe to mine because of the ubiquitous goddess symbolism found throughout the film in statues and anecdotes.

After the party, Bill comes home and wakes Alice up who is laughing, yet she says she’s having a “bad” dream. She reveals that her dream was about ‘weird things’ which includes another visit from the Naval officer. The next morning Bill investigates what happened to him and he walks into a hotel with a presumably gay male attendant. The hotel attendant seems to be interested in Bill (which makes the second time he has been accused of being homosexual in the film thus far, for no apparent reason). The man says Bill’s piano player friend, Nick, came in early in the morning with two ‘big’ men. Oddly enough, he makes the sign referring to phallic ‘big’; and says he wouldn’t want to fool around with them “if you know what I mean.”


Also, theories in forums claim this man does other Illuminati symbols with his hands and claims there is an odd bracelet which is indicative of something (I don’t know what that is though). He is believed to be part of the one (and only) gay-male couple at the Somerton mansion the night prior also.

After the hotel, Bill goes back to the Rainbow costume shop. Milich’s daughter comes out with the same two Asian men from earlier and Milich acts as if everything is kosher now. He was only pretending to be upset with the Asian men the night prior. He excuses it by saying he came to an agreement; and offers his daughter to Bill as well. What’s ironic (and threaded throughout the film) is the juxtaposition of commercialism and Christmas. Tim Kreider points out:

Even Milich, the Scroogelike owner of Rainbow Costumes, calls holiday greetings to the two men who have just come to “another arrangement” concerning the use of his daughter.

Milich is obviously very much the handler of his daughter, and we see this role of the handler in MK ULTRA MONARCH mind control (according to the theories of Springmeier mentioned earlier).

After some more fruitless investigation and being followed, Bill picks up a copy of the New York Post and goes into a café to read it. He sees a headline that says ‘Ex-beauty queen in hotel drugs overdose’ and it turns out to be Amanda Curran (who Ziegler called ‘Mandy’; the overdose goddess sacrifice). What’s weird is that the article points out that she

“has many important friends in the fashion and entertainment world”

and also that she had a relationship with a guy named Leon Vitali. It proceeds to say that insiders claimed that Vitali adored her but not for

“how she wore his stunning clothes in public, but for how she wowed him by taking them off in private, seductive solo performances.”

So we’ve got a mention of her ties to these Hollywood-Illuminati types, and then it describes how she did these seductive performances, which are just like what we see in the Somerton orgy. It’s the last thing said about her in the article, so it must have meaning. It also says

“It was only a matter of time”

when referring to her overdose. This was repeated throughout the film, even by Bill himself. I think Kubrick highlights it to show how the “official story” gets repeated by the mainstream media until it’s a “truth.”

To elaborate more on this newspaper article, notice how it said she dated Leon Vitali? Well, lists an actor by the name of Leon Vitali who is actually Red Cloak at the Somerset scene! This effectively could be saying that Red Cloak and Mandy were an item in the film. The actor Leon Vitali was also in Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon film as Lord Bullingdon, (the Lyndon’s step son), The Shining as the “personal assistant to the director”, and Full Metal Jacket as another assistant.

When Bill is walking through the streets and being followed by a mysterious bald man, I propose that this bald man is Leon Vitali; aka Red Cloak. I say this because you can see that Kubrick had a banner made with Vitali’s name on it in the background:


Here’s the zoom-in:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Vitali closeup


Here you can see the bald man who I’m claiming is Red Cloak:


Another oddity is my proposed Red Cloak looks just like another infamous man who sports the ‘devil’s haircut’:


You’ll recognize Aleister Crowley because he plays such an intricate role in these Illuminati conspiracies due to his heavy persuasion of the occult beliefs upon the entertainment industry and other occult magick practitioners. In fact, after a revealing conversation I had with theorist William Ramsey (and Crowley expert), it was found that Crowley was actually born in the same town (Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England) as the actor Leon Vitali!

Bill goes over to Ziegler’s upon his request and finds out that Ziegler was actually at Somerset. After some haranguing, Ziegler says,

“who do you think those people were?”

and that if he told them who they really were he wouldn’t sleep well. This is Kubrick telling us that we would have a similar reaction if we understood how deep the rabbit hole really went.

Ziegler says

“suppose I said that all of that was staged, It was a charade, it was fake.”

Bill asks why they would do it, and he said it was just a way of keeping Bill quiet about where he’s been and what he’s seen. Bill pulls out the New York Post article about Mandy and this is where Ziegler admits that she was the woman at the party. After some back and forth he reiterates the lie (like the MSM) and says,

“it was only a matter of time, you even said it yourself”

Ziegler then threatens Bill to keep his mouth shut and he goes back home. Here we see a longer shot of the tree and Bill as he turns the lights on it off, which is the last we see of the trees.



As Bill makes his way to the bedroom, we see that Alice lies on bed with the mask he wore on his pillow:



We are never told how this happens; was it Alice who found the mask? Was it a solidified threat from Ziegler and the boys club? The novel asserts it was Alice (well, her equivalent character under a different name), but it doesn’t necessarily have the secret society threat at the end like the film does, nor Ziegler’s character, so who knows what Kubrick was trying to convey.

The next morning Bill and Alice wrap up an unseen conversation and she says that Helena will be up soon and they are to take her Christmas shopping. In the final scene at the toy store we see they’ve got a game called the Magic Circle and pentagram stars all over the ceiling.



There are a ton of bears all over and she even asks for one. The bear is symbolic of child abuse, with the internet meme of pedo-bear, and even Miley Cyrus’ 2013 MTV VMA performance reiterating that:


In fact, Tim Kreider points out those connections between Helena’s Christmas list and the tragedy surrounding all of Bill’s female encounters in the film:

Helena’s Christmas list includes a blue baby carriage (like the blue stroller seen twice outside Domino’s apartment), an oversized teddy bear (next to a rack of tigers like the one on Domino’s bed) and a Barbie doll (reminiscent of Milich’s daughter) dressed in a diaphanous angel costume just like the one Helena herself wore in the film’s first scene. She herself has already become a doll, a thing to be dressed up with cute costumes and accessories. Another toy, conspicuously displayed under a red ring of lights, is called “The Magic Circle”; the name is an allusion to the ring of ritual prostitutes at the orgy, and the bright red color of the box recalls the carpet on which they genuflected to the high priest, as well as the felt of the pool table over which Bill made his own bargain with the devil. The subplot with Milich and his daughter is clearly echoed here, in another place of business, as the Harfords also casually pimp their own little angel out to the world of commerce

In the final seconds of the film, we see that there are two old men are in the background of this toy store. They are claimed to be the same men at the first house party at Ziegler’s house. We then see the daughter, Helena as she disappears with them while Alice and Bill are talking.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Toy Store Men 33


You can clearly see Helena leaving with the two men. Now take a look at the Ziegler house at the old men at the table by the Cupid statue:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Tree Statue zoomed 9


And here’s a zoom in on them at the toy store:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Toy Store Men 32

If you’re still in doubt that she is being sold out to some disgusting sex-ring type organization, check out this screenshot that  commenter ‘Unknown’ found that proves that Helena had a painting in her room that had the letters SEX on it:

Eyes Wide Shut SEX Painting above Helen

If you don’t see it, take another look; once you see it you can’t unsee it:

Eyes Wide Shut SEX Painting above Helen spelled out

So the film ends with the sacrifice of their own daughter to this shadow group, wrapping up the goddess-sacrificial symbolism we see in the Illuminati groups. The prostitution ring you saw in the film has basis in real world crimes. We saw this in a $7M prostitution ring bust in 2011. Here’s CNN:

Seventeen people and five “corporations” connected to a New York City escort service were indicted in Brooklyn Wednesday, charged with running a high-price prostitution and drug ring.

The alleged racket earned more than $7 million in three years, catering to high-rolling customers who could drop more than $10,000 a night, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

Fees for High Class NY’s escort services allegedly ranged from $400 per hour to more than $3,600 per hour, and clients often spent more than $10,000 in one night, according to the indictment. Authorities claim the money paid for sexual contact with the escorts as well as cocaine and other controlled substances.

Lastly,  I’d like to cover a few interesting points and debunked conspiracy theories that I’ve found online from several sources.

There are claims that Stanley Kubrick holds the Guinness World Record for the number of takes due to this film (he supposedly has Tom Cruise walk through a doorway 90+ times); but I haven’t been able to confirm that. I think these are unfounded, because I’ve also seen that The Shining holds the record for the number of takes at 140+, but wasn’t able to verify it either. I did, however find that EWS holds the Guinness Record for longest constant movie shoot at 400 days.

There are also claims that Kubrick died 666 days before the events of EWS took place (in the film). The claim is that the events on EWS happen on January 1st, 2001, but I haven’t been able to confirm that anywhere. So if you take Kubrick’s death on March 7th, 1999 and convert it to Julian date, you’ll see he died on the 66th day of the year. 66 does have some symbolism in occult circles, namely conspiracy theorist Freeman points this out in symbolism found with the O and X such as in the logo for Xmen and Russell Brand, and also in the FX network. So, if we take 365-66, we get 299 days left in 1999. Add 366 days to that for the leap year of 2000 and we are at 665, with January 1sth, 2001 being day 666.  Even if the January 1st date isn’t accurate, Kubrick did in fact release his most famous film 2001: A Space Odyssey which could correlate to January 1st, 2001.

There are claims that Kubrick makes a cameo in this film in the Sonata Café, but that is unfounded according to author Geoffrey Cocks who wrote The Wolf at the Door: Stanley Kubrick, History & the Holocaust (and I haven’t been able to see it when watching it). There’s dozens of forum posts and websites with more details on some aspects, but I tried to grab the most valid stuff that seemed relevant and present it. Feel free to comment with anything else I’ll be sure to investigate and update the article where appropriate.

You can learn more about the faked moon landing conspiracy theories in The Shining or perhaps you’d like to learn more about A Clockwork Orange and the mind control aspects…

Watch the “EYES WIDE SHUT” video I created for my YouTube channel for even more images:


…and if you like the website and analysis, check out the RESOURCES page where I have all of my books, my interviews, and a newsletter signup, including a promo video for my beginner’s guide to conspiracy theories.

I’ve got a comprehensive e-book and 2+hour documentary video that compiled several of Kubrick film analysis’ (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut AND the exclusive 2001: A Space Odyssey) into a downloadable PDF & video project I called KUBRICK’S CODE. Check it out here:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great analysis. What do you think of the film: ‘Mulholland Drive’?
    It’s got some similar themes of mind control in the elite. It also has some weird Illuminati style characters.

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    • I’ve never seen it, I’ll have to add it to my queue… What in particular did you see in it?

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    • I think exactly the same about mulholland drive, a lot of elements make me think this movie is also trying to tell us about the same things than in eyes wide shut. Lynch was a fan of kubrick, but even him thought kubrick didnt finished eyes wide shut like he wanted it to be…

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    • Ferdinand Rothschild’s home (Waddesdon Manor) in Hampshire UK – is the United States Great Seal over 2,400 acres.
      They tried to obfuscate – but the lower left “leg” of the Eagle remains visible.
      The triangle point to the “arrow” held remains. The olive branch side ends at the Rothschild archive.
      Also in “terrain” you can see formations of tunnels.
      51.841070, -0.936544

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    • As a Goddess devotee I get very upset to see this. If they truly truly cared about Mother Earth, which is WHO the 3 aspects of Goddess is, these Illuminati dirtbags would not be poisoning our Earth with chemicals. So, NO, they arent devotees of the GODDESS. They are fulfilling some weird sexual goddess archetype for their disgusting rituals.

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    • There are also poster that has word PORN in Helena’s bedroom.

      Kubrick films have many layers and are at the same time telling multiple different stories, that still completely connect. The Shining of course is the best example, EWS being the second. This is something that lots of Kubrick fans dont really understand, and no wonder because it takes semi genius to really understand Kubrick films, so its no wonder making them seems to be impossible. And it probably would have been for anybody but Kubrick.

      EWS seems to have aspects that are even out of my reach, although Im really far right on the bell curve. There is “numerological layer” in it, and no wonder cos numerology is so important for occult secret societies. And can be found throughout bible also.

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    • The Woman sacrificing herself is not MANDY. Different actresses. Also Ziegler told “yes, she was the woman from the party”, but Mandy was at the Ziegler’s house party too. Listen this conversation carefully. Ziegler’s minions took Mandy at her home and killed her.

      Also it seems that Domino got murdered, probably cos she really got HIV and thus became unusable sex slave.

      Nightingale got murdered too. And I would suggest that the man whose daughter called Bill for housecall could have been murdered too. He was insider, but when doesnt mafia kill their own members?

      I think everybody who got lost or died, actually got murdered by the cabal. That would be very Kubrickian interpretation. Perhaps I truly get my evidence after couple of more years of viewings and research.

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  2. password of 56784

    5678 are in numerical sequence, the 4 at the end ties back to the initial 5 creating an endless cycle 45678

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    • May 1967 and May 1984-

      May 4th 1967- Lunar Orbiter 4 launched by US; begins orbiting Moon May 7

      May 19th 1984- STS 41-D vehicle moves to launch pad

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  3. Fractal theory is used throughout EWS. Stand between two mirrors and you can see unlimited fractals in both mirrors.

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  4. The password Fidelis means faithful. Fidelis is the name of a hymn where a woman sacrifices herself for her husband. Mandy sacrificed herself for Bill. She takes Bill’s place, but why? Is Mandy faithful to the cult by sacrificing herself so the cult can have Bill’s daughter? Alice sacrifices her career, and sexual desires to be Bill’s wife and mother to their child. Why does she stop working? Why does she stay married to Bill when she dreams of other men but can’t or won’t act out her fantasy or maybe she did? Is Alice faithful to Bill because of their daughter? More disturbing is the lack of interest from Bill and Alice as their young daughter maybe be sacrificed to this cult as she walks away with the two older men. How could they let go of her hand and let her out of their sight? Are women groomed to be faithful by sacrificing ourselves? John Lennon wrote, ” women are the slaves of the world”. The divine feminine was worshipped for thousands of years. Kubrick points to a world that has forgotten the divine feminine and the true meaning. Instead, we have corrupted, distorted, and lost our way. We live in colored light, fantasy haze, perpetually dreaming distracted by fairy tales (Christmas) while power and money make toys of us all. Or, the entire movie is a dream and Kubrick would like us to wake up and stop the cycle (password 5678456784..) of insanity. Just a thought. Thank you. I enjoyed your article very much. I would appreciate your comments. Karen

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    • Karen, I like your angle of approach with the idea that the modern woman’s role is what’s at the forefront here. Perhaps it’s a mixture of the modern woman and the ancient Illuminati-goddess woman as a comparison. What’s that password you have typed in there mean?

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    • The password used in the movie is actually ‘Fidelio’ rather than fidelis. (Fidelio was Beethoven’s only opera.) But you may be on to something regarding the idea of a woman sacrificing herself for her man. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the plot of Fidelio:

      “Fidelio (originally titled Leonore, oder Der Triumph der ehelichen Liebe; English: Leonore, or The Triumph of Marital Love) … is Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera …

      “The libretto, with some spoken dialogue, tells how Leonore, disguised as a prison guard named ‘Fidelio’, rescues her husband Florestan from death in a political prison.”

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  5. Great analysis, i’ve been enjoying reading this.

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  6. the # 56784= 666 (7-1=6 5+1=6) (8-2=6 4+2=6) and 6

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  7. I found it really interesting that when he entered the diner the morning after the party and approached the counter, there are 8 cups right next to him. If you look up the meaning of a Tarot deck’s card 8 of Cups it says(in one description):
    The Eight of Cups is a card of change and transition. The card evokes an immediate reaction of sadness and a sense of solitude. The young man in this card has turned his back on all he has accumulated or accomplished before. He disappears by night into a barren and difficult terrain with only a cloak on his back and a staff in hand. The character in the Eight of Cups has lived and experienced life’s joys and sorrows. His journey is undertaken because of a sense of restlessness and unhappiness experienced as the result of achieving all he has desired, yet finding those things to be less fulfilling than expected. This individual has chosen to forsake the familiar and the comfortable in the pursuit of higher goals. He is embarking upon the spiritual journey because he has not found deep satisfaction in the things of the world, the things with which he is familiar.

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    • Interesting- yes, I’ve recently done some things on Crowley’s Tarot Thoth 8 of Wands as well. Interesting…

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  8. did you notice that “has many important friends in the fashion and entertainment world”” is written twice in the newspaper?

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  9. ‘56784’
    -When interpreted through the numbers’ kabbalistic meanings, we get:

    5:The number of the human being.
    6:Equilibrium; harmony – balance.
    7:The number of the Universe.
    8:Infinity – Paradise regained.
    4:Time which is illusion.

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  10. Another important detail:
    The “renessanse bronzes” are the female light holding statues at the Somerton mansion!

    Sandor’s Forget-Me-Not:
    The blue flower pin he wears on his jacket, symbolizes freemasons persecuted during nazi Germany, according to the main wikipedia entry on freemasonry.

    Removed from Wikipedia:
    The MK-Ultra CIA connection on the speedball (drug) entry. Gone. Figures.

    Most importantly:
    At the end, Bill mixes up the two places the Party and the House. He asks: “Was she the woman at the party?” to which Ziegler answers “Yes” (his party at the start, not the house). Then Bill says: “Well, you called it (your party) a fake, a sharade …where somebody ends up dead!” This mixup directly implies that Ziegler was directly involved with Amanda’s death, which is why he gets so frustrated at this point.

    Ziegler was Kubrick’s creation entirely, as his character was nowhere in the original Traumnovelle book.

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    • Um why? So you can burn in hell with them?

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  11. Please notice that the “Rainbow” Shop does not actually have two entrances as previously stated. The shop underneath actually has a name of it’s own. Look very closely at the picture of the Rainbow shop and you will clearly see that below is titled “Under The Rainbow”. Also an important point is that the blue-ish tinted color is again evident in this “under the rainbow” shop.

    This next part is something that I’ve picked up on, being a huge Kubrick fan. The most important thing to remember when watching his films is that EVERYTHING means something. That is why it takes him so long to film such masterpieces because every piece of detail relates to some sort of symbolic meaning, if not multiple meanings.
    Notice that the Rainbow shop has two messages.
    On the left side of the rainbow, we see “Tuxedo Rentals”, where as on the right side is listed “Costume Rentals”.
    This, in my opinion, could represent the difference between living for the day, and living for the night.
    Dr. Bill does say on a few occasions that he is in need of a ‘tuxedo’, along with the other elements of his attire that night. But if the cape was to cover the tux he was renting, why would he need to rent one, when in fact, he was already wearing one?
    To me this mean that “Tuxedo Rental” represents what normal people rent in every day living, to use during the day. But “Costume Rental” refers to what some people wear only in the shadows. So even though a “tux” is included with the costume he rents, it is not actually a tuxedo suitable for daily use (because again, he is already wearing a tuxedo).
    Now think back to the original sign. “Tuxedo Rental” to the left, “Costume Rental” to the right.
    We read things left to right so assuming that tux is where it begins and costume is where it ends. This immediately made me think back to what the girls at Ziegler’s party said to him. “To the end of the rainbow” “Don’t you want to go where the rainbow ends?”
    So the costume rental represents is next step to finding out where the rainbow actually does indeed, end.

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    • Wow! Please excuse my grammar mistakes, I should have re-read my entry upon posting. : )

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    • Interesting points. Perhaps the Hermetic ‘As Above So Below’ is portrayed here. Good observation on the Tuxedo vs. Costume theory too.

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      • Guys did you notice the really big headline on the first page of the newspaper that Bill was reading? It read: LUCKY TO BE ALIVE

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    • Re: The Rainbow Fashions shop, with two mannequins displayed above the shop sign.

      For me, the first thing that came to mind was the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow…”

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  12. Fascinating analysis. Very thought provoking,

    But, which ‘One and only gay couple at the Somerton Mansion’???
    I haven’t come across the scene?

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    • It’s there, I’ll try to upload someday here. My laptop died and I’m in the process of fixing everything.

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      • I believe there are two couples of the same gender, one male and one female in the same scene.

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    • I’ve got the image in the KUBRICK’S CODE book, I’ll upload to this post on the next revise…

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  13. References to the cloak and prostitutes remind me of a theory I found that Crowley was actually Jack the Ripper. He even floats the word “murder” in his “authobiography.” Maybe Kubrick’s critics feared he was getting too close to that theory?

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  14. Not really sure about the numerical sequence, but here’s my hypothesis:
    As said, it implies a circle 5678456784
    Interestingly 5+6+7+8+4=30 then 30÷5=6. How many times do you hear the sequence in the movie? If three times, then I guess we’ve got a point here.

    But why would Kubrick want to expose illuminati so much? Does it have to do with his leaving Hollywood?

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    • I only saw the sequence once- when entering the Rainbow fashions. Good thought though, perhaps it shows up elsewhere?… And yes, Kubrick moved from Hollywood and refused to step foot in America.

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    • I believe this 56784 number has some significance, but I can’t decode what. It’s not a Prime, Fibonacci, Bell, Catalan, Hamming, Polygonal, nor Perfect number. And I don’t buy it’s about endless cycle because if it is, it should be in value of pi (3.14159…, ratio of circle’s circumference) but no.

      The Roman number equivalent is LVIDCCLXXXIV. “L’vi” in Italian means “the will”. DCCLXXXIV, reminds me of MDCCLXXVI written under the pyramid at the back of one dollar bill, which links to the number 666. So, 56784 might mean “the Will of the Beast.”

      Also, 56784, can be May 6, 1978 4:00, which is the date/time when a UFO crashed into a mountain in Bolivia that caused supersonic blast and witnessed by many people. This raised the interest of the US Military and CIA, and transported the UFO to US before any investigation begins. However, US denied any involvement and transportation the unknown object.

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      • 1st paragraph: I totally support that.
        2nd paragraph: Going from 784 to 1776 is a bit far
        3rd paragraph: Wow dude, awesome and really
        accurate. The best one so far!

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  15. I can’t find evidence that the two men walking away at the end are taking Helena. I’d like to believe they are because it would make sense with all of the MK symbolism, and it kind of looks like she is holding one of their hands. I compared the two men from that scene to the two in the Zeigler Party Scene sitting under the stairwell, and they do not match up as the same men. But I also don’t think that they were put in there randomly. Why would two old men be looking at teddy bears in a toy shop and why would Kubrick make them the closest background extras to the main characters? I blame warner bros for cutting 45 minutes off.

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    • I also found a few things after re-watching the movie… should have jotted them down, but one major one was the text “Direct” (Directory) & “Information” in the hospital scene when Bill seeks to find out what really happened to Amanda’s body. The word directory was cropped in the frame to read as “direct” to symbolize that Bill made the effort to investigate her murder and seek “direct information” or “truth” instead of blindly believing the newspapaer.

      Another piece of visual symbolism I noticed maybe because I am a Cinematographer and can see how a Director like Kubrick may have purposely used this was the scene when Bill re-visited the Mansion the night after the party. The shots of him are close-ups of him behind the bars//gates to the main entrance. These bars, the way they’re shot in my opinion symbolize that Bill’s life is now imprisoned by having no choice but to keep a secret… During that scene it also becomes more clear to him that he must keep quiet or bad things are going to happen as he received a warning letter.

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    • Take a look at the one old guy and how his hairline recedes into a deep ‘U’ shape. You’ll recognize it in both scenes.

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    • We’re led to believe that bad guys/stranger danger/etc. are all characterized by certain “types” of people and that’s why peodophila, child abductions, etc. is so rampant because you’d look at those 2 men and not think anything of Helena going off with them or a woman. Most involved in this shady, evil child abduction~prostitution rings look harmless in society and THAT’S how they’re able to get away with it. : (

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  16. First of all, thanks to the author and the commenters for the engrossing analysis. Cant get enough of it. I have two thoughts that I would love opinions on:

    1) Maybe this is already implied but I havent seen any direct commentary on the thought that Alice had actually participated in the mansion orgies in the past. So her “dream” was just actually a confession since it so closely resembled what Bill had just seen. This falls in line with the Alice is in the know and Bill is ignorant theme that starts the analysis above. Also it furthers the point that the secret scoiety is much more in control of Bill’s life than he ever thought and makes him look all the more foolish when he exudes his somewhat cocky behavior in some scenes. At then end scene I feel Alice cements this theme when she says is doesnt matter whether it was real or a dream. Finally this makes the grooming of Helena all the more ominous if Alice had participated in the orgies.

    2) Ive seen analysis that implicates Ziegler as Red Cloak when you compare The Taping Red Cloak does with his rod on the red carpet and Ziegler’s tapping of the cue ball on the red felt of the pool table. Intersesting parrallel could just mean he is invoking some sort of ritual for good luck for the encounter that is about to happen. But what I really want to ask is there anying to the placement of the balls on the pool table? Especially when you see they have moved around from cut scene to cut scene. Knowing what a stickler Kubrick is for detail, I cant beleive this is just sloppy continuity. Some things I did notice was that all the red(ish) balls are grouped together between Bill and Ziegler at one point. Onviously the symbolism of the color red is prevalent through out. Every female charchter has red(ish) hair, Bill’s red vest at the end. The red couch he is sitting on after Bill and Alice’s late night talk and on and on. I didnt count but I bet there are only 11 balls not counting the cue ball on the table.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    • I was thinking the same thing, not only most of the women in this film has red hair, along with his daughter, but the color red is very prominent in the film, you can pause this movie at any moment, and you will see the color red, whether red writing, red objects, you can watch the movie, watch a few minutes with just the thought of spotting the color red, and you will see that as the camera moves, there seems to be a consistent desire to have a red object in the scene, the camera moves there is a red object and when it pans away, there is another red object that appears, the color red should be anywhere on the screen through the movie

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    • look at the balls on the table – orion’s belt anyone? I cant find any mention of this anywhere else on the net. Am I the 1st to realise the balls are positioned just like the constellation?

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  17. 2 things.

    the final scene in the toy store has a sign that reads “stairs to all floors” I think it’s an odd sign. seems to suggest something about having or gaining access to anything… all floors is a pretty big statement. Could this also have to do with the occult or the Masons?

    While reading this I kept thinking about the big coverup in Omaha NE that lead directly to Washington DC having to do with a drugged child prostitution ring. And there is a spin off to that having to do with missing children and a possible connection to mind control disinformation slaves. That is a big mess that should have been a National scandal, but it got swept away and only people who were in the Omaha area and bothered to pay any attention back in the late 80s knew about it or remember it.

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  18. The most telling clue that Nicole’s character is illuminated is the movie poster. The Title is “Eyes Wide Shut.” The only character with their eyes shut, Cruise’s character. Nicole’s character has eyes opened and only one eye showing (the All Seeing Eye.)

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  19. “I’ve read online that he turns it off with a password of 56784. I haven’t been able to connect that to anything”

    The name that stops the alarm

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    • Both numbers add up to 30 which in one numerological system means: “The Loner – Meditation

      This is a number of retrospection, thoughtful deduction, and mental
      superiority over others. However, it belongs completely in the mental
      plane, and those represented by it often put all material things to the
      side, not because they have to, but because they wish to do so.
      Consequently, the Compound number 30 is neither fortunate nor
      unfortunate, because it can be either, depending entirely upon the
      desire of the person (or entity) it represents. The vibration of 30 can
      be all-powerful, but is often indifferent, according to the will of the
      person. Those whose name equals 30, or who were born on the 30th day of
      any month, generally count few people as their friends. They tend to be
      taciturn loners, preferring to be alone with their own thoughts. Social
      functions and public gatherings are not their style. 30 doesn’t deny
      happiness or success, but fulfilment is more often found in retreating
      from the chaos of the market place so that one’s mental superiority may
      be used to develop something worthwhile to the world… to write ideas
      which may change the world… or to protect and develop one’s personal
      talents, such as art or other gifts. It indicates a lonely, yet frequently rewarding life pattern.”

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  20. Except the two old men in the toy store you can also see a young man approach Helena when she walks to the two men. The two men use a teddy bear to lure her. That young man is the waiter from Ziegler’s party. He looks at Helena when she walks to the two men. He is holding some kind of bag in his hand. It is clear that these three men are working together and that Helena is in great danger.

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  21. I recently watched the movie around two days ago. What I can not seem to get out of my head is one of the paintings above Helena’s bed. In one of the scene’s (I think when Tom Cruise’s character goes to check on her) there is a painting of what initially seems to be some trees, however, upon closer inspection you can clearly make out that it spells out “sex”, similar to the lion king sex symbolism.

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      • I can’t tell you exactly when it was in the movie, I wish I had noted down the exact duration. However, after a couple of Google Image searches, was hard to come up with the key words, I managed to find a frame which shows the scene with the painting directly above Helena’s head.
        Is it just me that caught that? As I can’t seem to find anyone else posting about it online, would be a good add to the analysis above in my opinion if you can incorporate it.

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        • HOLY CRAP, I do see it! At first I didn’t but now I do. Good catch- I’ll add it into the post. I think it DOES seem out of place to put an abstract painting into a child’s room… Good find! Thanks for being persistent.

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          • I can see the word sex, but to me at first glance, it’s an ‘eye’.

          • and a pink dickie next to sex

          • Has no one spotted the Eye of Horus projected onto Tom Cruises’ back yet as he comes back from the party in his hallway? Am I the only one?

  22. thought provoking stuff. Thanks for taking the time to write and share. The gay heckling stuff is a stretch, though. I have another explanation, having lived in NYC most of my life. Good looking guys are called fags or homos sometimes on streets. Its not that uncommon. Plus Yale kids always come into town to party. It’s the closest city to New Haven. There’s a Yale Club in NYC, too. I saw it in the movie as just some random stress that NYC throws at people, usually at the worst time.

    Springmier (sp) is quoted like mantra by people all over symbolism sites. But I’ve read one of his books. In it, he writes that David Bowie is a famous rock star who committed suicide on stage. That’s not true. It’s a glaring error that shows incredibly poor research and a lack of cultural awareness. If there’s one mistake like that, there’s more. I would suggest reading his work like speculative fiction. People should be more discerning, even if they want to believe fantastic stories about terribly powerful people.

    that said, again thanks for all the interesting thoughts and effort.

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    • I’ll have to take your NYC expertise into account; I didn’t know that was still a thing to heckle people for being gay. However, what made Bill (Tom Cruise) look gay to them? Was he in a gay district? If so, why were the frat boys there too?… And yes, I’ve heard similar arguments about Springmeier. His wiki page says he was arrested for armed robbery, so who knows. Anyhoo- glad you liked the article my friend.

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  23. Fantastic article!! Did anyone mention that the sign “Stairs to all floors” in the toy store might be a nod to the masonic staircase?

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  24. As I posted across my social media on 9/22/2014: “Notice the 🙂 on my 8/28/2014 posting? Because somebody has to die. The prophecy for The New World Order is to have a minimum of 12 kids. Otherwise, you die.” . This is a true prophetic word from the Lord. For every child you have, we further suppress the Illuminati. But the most effective way of suppressing the Illuminati is putting an end to male homosexuality (lesbians aren’t as much of an issue). So to eliminate male homosexuality, the ends do justify the means.

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    • What do you think they have to gain by decreasing the population? I’m not arguing the fact, just curious what you think.

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    • I just read that and it’s incredibly powerful. Quite an eye opener, if you’ll excuse the pun. Thank you for the link.

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  26. “And that can be accessed on both platforms; you can access that same data. It also allows you to convert audio files such as those in the MP3 format. ESRB ratings are usually on the lower left panel of every video game.

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  27. Did anyone else notice over the prostitute Mandy…. while laying in the chair under deep drug induced trance like coma., the painting of a pregnant woman laying in the same form. Any thoughts on the connectiin with the character and that particular painting?

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    • Excuse my spelling error it is 4 in the morning …. zero pun on that number 4 either

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      • P.s the time is different on this site I take…. Iam CST which is two hours later than what the site states the time I am posting…. just a clarification

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  28. Amazing, amazing analysis. Thoroughly absorbing. An epic read.

    One question. You state:

    “Ziegler” is a German surname meaning ‘brick-maker’. There is also a Jewish University in Los Angeles that ordains Rabbis under this same title. Some theorists believe this is a tie to Freemasonry and the Kabbalah, which the checkered floor and surname support.”

    Unlike pretty much everything else, there is no support given or link provided to verify this information. Which Jewish University in Los Angeles ordains Rabbis under the title “Ziegler”? The only thing I’ve been able to find is the Ziegler School at the American Jewish University; Ziegler is the name of the school, not the title of the ordainees.

    Which University are you referring to?


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  29. Mozart was a Freemason, and there are theories that he was killed by them for revealing too much in his masonic opera The Magic Flute. Moart’s Requiem is playing when Bill is in the café reading the paper that says ‘Lucky to be Alive’.

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  30. good stuff!

    couple of questions and a few thoughts. replies from author would be great.

    i noticed all the christmas trees, and the obviously missing tree at the mansion. perhaps that is simply to reflect the fact that the ultra elite party mansion is ‘godless.’ i mean, it is christmas, you think of christ etc. but not at that house. more like Xmas, perhaps with three XXX.

    what is with the christmas lights on the trees and on all the walls etc. they are all exactly the ssame color. what is the significance of theose colors?

    you mentioned that they somehjow knew who he was. however, it was clearly explained. he was th eonly one who came by taxi, which was suspicious. which is why they checked his jacket pocket and found his receipt for his cloak/mask. his name/signature was on it, so that is HOW they knew he was Bill Harford.

    i know that most think that it is all a dream, but I have a feeling it is all real. people die. people disappear. connections are made and followed up. yes there is the weird blue light behind the windows etc. and yes it happens during night time. but isn’t that when the after party usually starts in REAL LIFE? It seems to me that he got that call, left home and was in such a weird/confused mood that he just did some reflecting through real life stimulation and got swept up in a strange creepy ‘adventure’

    couple of things… whats with the chick getting HIV results? good thing he didnt sleep with her.

    whats with the painting of the pregnant woman above mandy like someone mentioned. could that be the reason for her death? did Ziegler get her pregnant on accident, and then had to get rid of her?

    furtherm,ore, did he ‘get rid of her’ at his house at party number 1, or did she survive and make it to part number 2? wouldn’t she feel like crap still? or was the one that got the HIV results perhaps the one that redeemed Bill, as she knew she was infected? whats up with the HIV thing?? is that to scare REAL LIFE party goers, as in a message to the REAL WORLD we live in? a last laugh to those elite bastards, that they have to deal with karma too? was that chick part of the ‘magical ring??’

    the Russian daughter’s whispering: i have a feeling that she knew about everything! (I guess she was enlightened, too?) think about it:
    she lives in a COSTUME store. some of these party goers probably got their costume RIGHT THERE! and i bet there is a connection between the Russian and Ziegler, considering the fact that they have the same light-curtain thingy and also her dad is pimping her out. so my point is this: when she whispers that he should be “wearing a cloak lined with ermine”….. she is pointing out the fact that most of these party goers (who she might have met at the store or even at the MANSION, are basically royalty/super elite. in other words, she seemed to suggest that he stood out like a sore thumb, compared to them. like you said, he was well to do, but nothing compared to THEM. she seemed to know where he was going, I think.

    last but not least, I think you might be right about the female cycle thing. hard to explain but let me try: what if this is not about worshiping women so much as it is about enslaving them and turning them into SEX DOLLS. what if Alice WAS once part of the mansion parties? what IF she was indoctrinated a long time ago? ‘forever’ is not her thing, she mentions at the end, when Bill wants to make things right forever. perhaps she is surprised she made it that far with Bill, considering her past?
    what if she was MK ultra’d and that she was grooming helena? what if this whole thing is more sinister and is about child abuse? what if they ‘groom’ them young, get them hooked on drugs (Alice did drugs too) and then abuse them, upgrade them to (‘supposed’) sex goddesses when adult and then let them turn into ‘crone,’ if they haven’t ‘overdosed themselves’ yet?

    last thing: someone mentioned the color red being EVERYWHERE. that’s got to be a hooker thing, like the red light district. got to be! perhaps he was trying to convey that all women are prostitutes? not that i necessarily think that lol.

    just some thoughts!

    very creepy movie, now that i see so much of your before-mentioned symbolism.
    i get the feeling that Alice was part of the cult. also, my hunch tells me that ziegler might be the red cloak. just seems fitting, somehow. especially when the guy with the mask who nods to Bill is supposed to be a rothchild, given his mask. then the red cloak ‘could’ be ziegler, right?

    Thanks, feel free to reply and keep up the good work!

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    • I believe that Alice was and has always been a part of the mansion people. She might be bloodline or just a highly trained and controlled sex slave or both.

      When Alice converses with Bill at Ziegler’s bash she seems to be testing Bill to see if he recognizes or responds to the environment. He however is very programmed at that time and is clueless to what she is hinting at and who she really is.
      Alice too is very programmed and seems to slides in and out of her sex slave alter into her good wife persona, so she herself is very confused. She seems to recognize Nick Nightingale which is why she makes excuses and hurries off when Bill wants to greet him.

      Bill is clearly seen as a stud throughout the movie. And he probably is nothing more than Alice’s stud/sperm donor so that he can father Helena. Helena is important as she will carry on the line of highly trained and controlled sex slave. Bill is little more than a front to add legitimacy to Alice’s respectable housewife alter.

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  31. Perhaps the band switching instruments is another pointer to shape shifting.

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    • Or maybe just showing that no one in the movie is really who they say that they are.

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  32. When the Kidman character says that the daughter is expecting them to take her Christmas shopping she starts crying. This is a telling moment as she knows what the little girl “expects” is not what is about to become of her.
    The last conversation in the store depicts two people drifting in and out of ther MK alter states. Not sure if they are dreaming or awake. They are so mind controlled that they allow thier child to walk off into what is probably an initiation and or sacrifice with the two men. Jonbenet was also ritualized at Christmas time.

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  33. I have always been curious to kubricks films. The Shining and EWS are two of my favorite movies. Awesome write up, and looking forward to breathing some fresh air into this article!

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  34. At the toy store Helena shows her mother a Barbie with butterfly wings.. Her mother smiles and nods as if all is well and ‘the grooming’ has been successful.. That’s when the little girl fades of with the older men… There’s really no need for that shot.. It’s got to be a nod to MK-ultra.

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  35. Alice was once a part of the manson. Check out how she stands naked at the mirror .. Kind of how the woman were standing naked at the party.. Plus.. How did she find that mask.. Am I missing something here?

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  36. As some other commenters have also mentioned, in the toy store the sign hanging from the ceiling reads “Stairs to all Floors,” surrounded by six stars. Could be a reference to the Masonic Winding Staircase or Jacob’s Ladder, symbolizing the rising path of the initiate into the deeper mysteries. On the Masonic 1st Degree tracing board, there is a moon also surrounded by six stars – maybe another reference to moon goddess worship?

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  38. Really enjoying the read….fascinating stuff 🙂

    I found the rainbow reference very interesting. It has popped up a couple of times for me just today actually!!

    It may seem a little left field, but after reading about the large hadron collidor at CERN approaching new ground with the possibility of creating miniature black holes and the potential to open another dimension I thought it could be some form of insight given by Kuprick that the illuminati may not have wanted revealed. The Theory behind the experiments contrasts the big bang theory and is actually called the rainbow universe theory…. but would provide a gateway in understanding that currently does not exist between mainstream physics and quantum physics, as well as with our current theory on how the universe began.

    Anyway, here is a link…..keep in mind I actually haven’t seen the movie yet, this just resonated in me so i thought I would share it 🙂

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  39. Les femmes qui ont déjà eu des kilos à perdre seront surprises de constater que le surpoids dû à la ménopause
    n’a plus rien à voir avec les kilos superflus qu’elles
    avaient pu accumuler plus jeunes.

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  40. I wonder if the mirrors represent eternity like they are supposed to in the mormon rituals in the sealing room. It’s part of the marriage ceremony where the couple are supposed to be married forever and become gods and godesses. That ritual is described or shown on videos that have been posted on youtube. it’s an interesting and freakish luciferian watch.

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  41. I read your article on “Eyes Wide Shut” and found it informative. I was wondering if you knew about the reference in Jeremiah 10:4 about “not adorning trees with gold and silver and hammer and nail like the pagans do” or Christmas being on Saturnalia, a raucous orgry type affair usually involving some sacrifice, or the origin of pagan tree worship in relation to Babylonian sun worship of Mardok. Tree worshippers also in Egypt. That the date and practice is all pagan hodgepodgery, which would explain the prevalence of the trees in the movie.
    I just thought I would add something to your study. Thank you.

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  42. How does the “eye” fit into the whole scheme of things ..even reading about MK ultra mind control ..I still see the word “eye”….the “all seeing eye” etc.

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  43. I think its interesting in the opening Alice undresses past the two pillars before the curtains drawn as a pyramid and the window being the all seeing eye. Cruise is in front of curtains that are pinched in the center, so the curtains make a 5 pt star.

    At the party you have the star of ishtar or innana, the tree of marduk, and cupid statue.

    The two models are like sirens leading him to the end of the rainbow, the hungarian lothario is like a sphinx asking Alice riddles and inviting her upstairs to his idolatry garden, and ziegler is like pan with his semi-dead victim beneath the painting of the goddess of fertility.

    The models name is nuala, a cipher for a luna, moon worship.

    And this is all happening during Saturnalia.

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  44. Did you notice there is an Eye of Horus projected onto Tom Cruises back in the EWS? Very few people seem to of noticed it though.

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  45. Leaders are more likely to be successful, rich, better looking,
    more fun to be around with, more confident and relaxed.

    (Pacland) Manny Pacquiao may get “roasted” by character assasins convention in New York today.
    Not that I would ever want to pour any gasoline on an already burning fire, lol.

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  46. I’m not sure if anyone is going to read this, let alone the author of the article. But here’s what I think about the movie. Alice was a MONARCH victim. She was tortured to get her personality split and programmed as a sex slave in her alternate persona. She was then brought to her ‘regular’ self to release her into the ‘regular’ world where she met Bill. But the network of crazy people that abducted her when she was little kept close to her, without her or Bill ever noticing them. Whenever they wanted, they would get close enough to her to say a trigger word and have her switch personality to the ‘sex slave alter-ego’ and do with her whatever they wanted, and then have her switch back and return to Bill as if nothing had happened. That’s what happened sometime ago with that ‘Naval Officer’ dude she can’t forget. Ziegler is part of the whole deal that keeps close to Alice to keep her on-check, that’s why he’s Bill’s patient and invites Bill and wife to his parties every year. They (Ziegler) bring over that pianist Bill knew from college (he fell into the occultist group through other means, perhaps while studying at the same university he shared with Bill…) they brought Nick because *they knew* he knew Bill and it would be most possible that Bill would recognize him and try to talk to him. Everything else was staged to bring Bill. He had the urges, he liked what he saw a lot, he would never forget the free ride he got and was totally hooked. now, it was important that he understood that this was no phony crap to fool around with, he needed to really understand that the last barrier of honesty was to be put right after these guys. You’d have to lie to everyone, the whole world, for the rest of your life, but not these guys, to them you’d be absolutely, completly honest and truthful. You’d have to accept to do even the most objectionable and abominable things, like giving your daughter up to them to have them do to her whatever it took to get her to be a sex slave servant too. You see how he ‘really gets it’ in the end, and almost by accident says the ‘trigger word’ for his wife, ‘forever’. He is trying to explain how enlightened he is now and uses that word in the last phrase and as she is trying to tell him that the word forever makes her uncomfortable and scared she bluntly says ‘let’s go fuck’. alledgedly in the same action ‘older men’ take their kid away. It just gave me chills like no other movie ever could and I guess none ever will.

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  47. Hi! I just watched the movie for the first time last night along with your article comparison (Great Stuff!) Now you raise the point that in the scene where Bill and Alice are making love on the bed, Bill’s wedding ring is on his right hand. The ring is actually still on his left. (I did the test, I took a photo of myself looking in the mirror. The left hand becomes the right) I have not had a chance to put all the evidence together to form a concrete hypothesis so I will just say that it references the mirrors theme, “through the looking glass”. maybe suggesting he’s crossed over the mirror, the movie poster shows Alice through the mirror or we see her reflection, so the scene with the ring would correlate with the poster. I have to watch it again and think more on this. Ultimately my point is that the ring is still on the left we are just seeing them in reverse.

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    • Of course! The reason for the mirrors is to tell us: The Left hand becomes the right, it’s a flipped image and perception! Thank you.

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  48. I didn’t read any of the comments so forgive me if these points have already been discussed. As for the goddess references you missed a blatant 1 in the giant painting on the bathroom wall, where Mandy OD’s, of the pregnant Mother goddess form. I also noticed something that may or may not be interesting. Mandy’s last name is Curran & she’s the tragic beautiful girl destroyed by sexual objectification from, presumably, a very young age & drug use. There’s another great 90’s movie that has a girl who fulfills this archetype & has the same last name. Jenny from Forrest Gump also carries the surname Curran. HIV plays a role in both films except that in EWS it’s the hooker that gets this virus & of course Jenny dies from it in FG. The hooker in EWS still fulfills this archetype as well. Coincidence? Possibly, but interesting nonetheless

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  49. One detail that I have not found mentioned anywhere online yet has to do with the “crone” scene. It involves yet another shape shifting doorway. Earlier, the woman at the party changes upon moving through the a doorway. Later the musicians change on the inside of the Sonata.
    In this “crone” scene, As Bill walks down the hall the towards the bedroom, we see a jade statue sitting on a table. The jade statue is centered directly under a poster of a vase. Moments later, when Carl heads down the hall to enter the bedroom, the jade statue has completely vanished from the top of the table.
    This was meant to be seen. What is the meaning? More shape shifting? Not really. Perhaps all of the magic doors tie into the dream theory? But the woman at the party is supposedly “pre-dream” in that theory. Does the significance of what happens with the “crone” pre Carl have to do with its disappearance?

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  50. Fidelio was wrote in the paper by the pianist like 6 de 40 wich means 6 /40=…

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  52. I was wondering if there is a relation with the spooky piano song and the scenes attached to it.
    Is there any binary or alphanumerical cracks here?
    Here are the notes of the piano sequence:


    Maybe the notes dont have a meaning for themselves, but maybe this song plays a role in reprensenting someone or a situation, in parallel to what we see.
    Maybe i also smoked too much and should take a nap

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    • Everything has a meaning! You are on to something that needs to be explored, think about the bar code, it’s written the exact same way, nothing is ever put into a movie any movie for no reason, time and film costs money and everything has a meaning, everything is arranged for mind control and suggestion. Thirteen is their sacred number.

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    • I agree with Berni! The notes of 0-1-1-0-0-1 repeat until the 8th line where the 13th note comes in. Fascinating! Keep smokin’!

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  53. You accidentally refer to Somerset in a couple of places when you mean Somerton.

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  54. The difference between Jon Benet Ramsey and Helena Hartford was that the former was being groomed publicly by her mother. Patsy showered Jon Benet with ostentatious display of seductively glittering costumes and coached with her endless hours of pageantry stuff. The message was loud and clear: her daughter to the highest bidder. Helena, on the other hand, was being groomed in a subdued way, minus the gallantry. But both of these winsome little girls were headed to one direction-perpetual sex slaves.

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  55. As long as people spend their time with bs like all that teenage angst garbage made up by Americans who are scared of their own shadow and sexuality, they are unable to see the very evident problems of the world: Oppression and murder because of
    A) Greed
    B) Poverty
    C) Lack of education or plain old stupidity
    D) Racism
    E) Intolerant garbage from books like bible, torah or qu’ran which are filled with xenophobic, antisemitic, sexist and homophobic lies, hate speech and propaganda, telling people to oppress and murder other people.

    But hey, it makes more sense to blame singers for the problems of the world, why think if you can believe nonsense, right?

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  56. Most important and shocking of all is that Kidman’s father was a member of the Ninth Circle. Just google it. Kidman was probably abused and programmed in real life.

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  57. One thing no one seems to mention is that correlates with your connection between how Milich treats his daughter and how Bill and Alice raise Helena, is the price paid for the costume, and the two figures in the lesson Alice is doing with Helena. I’m going entirely from memory, but you might like to check it. I think the costume hire was $375, and the total in the two figures Helena is doing is $3.75.

    I could be wrong, but it would be a deliberate link if true.

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  58. This totally ties into Pizzagate. The Satanic pedophiles related to the John Podesta wikileak emails. Alefantis even posted a pic on an underage boy with the mask on. There is a girl and another boy but hard to tell if they are underage.

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  59. Awesome job well done! Brilliant comments and insight into minds that may God keep us from and protect us against, for we are created in Love and our lives are lives of life and life in abundance, we are peace, we are compassion and we are Living. Thank you, this movie is so filled with information, and every comment and insight is appreciated.

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  60. EWS Helena is standing beside a board game: Magic Circle, The Magic Circle is an informal term for what are generally considered the five leading law firms headquartered in the United Kingdom,[1][2][3] and the four or five leading London-based commercial barristers’ chambers. Kubrick blew the lid on everything, child abuse, mind control, rituals, satanism, the mirrors tell us everything is switched, what is perceived as good hides actual bad, very bad intentions……all the world is a stage, their great magician taught them to recite and remember his words, in his plays, his words have been forced fed to all of us throughout our lives…… brilliant that this movie set in the Big Apple, our modern day Babylon, and filmed in London, the money capitol of the western world, is money not the root of all evil? Really learnt a lot from everyone, thank you.

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  61. In the first shot in EWS the 2 tennis rackets beneath the lamp seem to be forming a rudimentary vesica piscis (the womb of the universe,one of the most magical symbols) In the parallel shot soon after (Dr. Bill in the same room/frame) not only is Cruise in the dark but the lamp has disappeared completely, also the tennis rackets are now covered, Perhaps indicating the Doctors lack of illumination in contrast to his wife.
    The use of fairy (Christmas) lights throughout seem to indicate the illuminated – in the normal world the lights are mainly coloured, indicating the spectrum or fragmented pure white light possibly denoting people with fragmented vision.
    White light abounds amongst the initiated, for instance at the first party the illuminated stairs with the white sheet lights becoming more intense towards the top also after the ritual party Dr Bill is being tailed in the street, although the lights in the street are mainly coloured his follower seems to be always close to white light. The white light maybe represents pure light, the spectrum (or rainbow) through the prism (or pyramid) perhaps denoting true vision or the sight through the pyramid.
    The lights seem to be used as auras for certain people e.g. when Dr. Bill is walking with the models at the first party the girls heads are first surrounded by wreathes (in background) then with white lights, they then proceed to a shot where the girls heads are surrounded with white lights & Dr. Bill’s with coloured lights. Also Alice’s Ishtar star auras.

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  62. Also the Hungarian’s name, Sandor Szavost may reference Anton “Sandor” LaVey but it also contains the Hungarian name Soros, – admittedly a simple name that could easily be coincidence but isn’t that the point?

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  63. I don’t fully believe this but I’ll offer it as a theory:
    Maybe Kubrick made this movie under contract to the Illuminati as a white-washing exercise to portray themselves in a not-so-sinister light as the secret society in the story of this film are presented as just a bunch of super-rich golf pals who are part of a secret network who indulge in sex parties with hired, legal aged prostitutes who are willing & know what to expect. There is a ritual but it’s harmless as the most sinister aspect of it is basic female nudity & someone banging on the ground with a stick. If you intrude or bother them you will be repeatedly but politely threatened in a most gentlemanly way.There is paedophilia on the fringes (Millich) but the girls are only debatable under age (his daughter) & seemingly willing.
    Maybe this was the message that was required to be put across but Kubrick, beneath the surface, portrayed a definitely under age child being groomed then handed over by her parents as a sex goddess. Perhaps this was the last straw after the subtle implications in previous films.

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  64. PokerStars a plus de trafic que toute autre salle de poker en ligne et de loin.

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  65. Re; Musician mismatch. I played in a trio (guitar, bass, drums) where we would rotate instruments sometimes to keep things more interesting for us. We were just playing country and rock covers. Maybe Kubrick was alluding to this flexibility and versatility among players.

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  66. Sometimes I think Dr. Bill is under mind control throughout the film. Explains how things are always “off” and his indifference to his daughter’s abduction.

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    • You may have something there. His character is introduced forgetting things multiple times, a strong hint. Would explain a lot.

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  67. Did you notice the cover page on the newspaper he read about Mandy’s “overdose” read “LUCKY TO BE ALIVE”? I thought that was may have applied to him

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  68. Agree that many movies draw on mythological symbols. This is called “art”. Ancient poetry and myth strikes a chord with the audience, it moves people on a deep subconscious level. Stephen King uses a lot of mythical themes. “Misery” seems to me to have been lifted straight out of “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves. This book also includes a chapter called “Poets and Gleemen” which explains precisely why stories like Star Wars became extremely popular, despite terrible writing. Forrest Gump (the movie, not the book) is basically a modern retelling of Parsifal/Percival/Peredur, a notoriously difficult and complex story which no one has ever really got right (but many storytellers have attempted). If all our art and culture were based on the Bible, and pagan themes were outlawed it would be a very dull world. Biblical myth is garbled and censored by religious interference. Noah, and Jonah are pagan sun God legends distorted beyond all recognition. Samson is about the only biblical story which has kept some of the power of the pagan myth it came from.

    The whole idea of the Illuminati is bollocks.

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    • hello isaac, why do you call yourself weishaupt ?

      regards louis

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  69. Wow! I have this movie on dvd and watch it regularly. You pointed out things i missed that was in plain sight. Another play on illuminati symbolism. This movie has so many layers. I finally know who the red cloak is now. No wonder the shoot lasted 400 days and the movie is 165 minutes long, kubrick needed that kind of time to convey the subliminal messages. We are talking about the rulers of the world! This is a great analysis but it is so many more that point out great things and occult symbolism. Normal people cannot get this movie. They will find it hard to follow and boring. But people esteeped in esoteric knowledge will find it very intriguing. They somerset party is a “masquerade” party. They knew bill was a outsider because they did not recognize his mask! The Rothschilds is the family the movie is based on. EWS is the most influential movie of all time because it is based on true events.

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    • Just a few things I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen mentioned:

      Lights are clearly used as symbols throughout, and if you’ll look for it you’ll see white spherical lights used several times; the vanity lights in the Harford bathroom, the lights on the tables at The Sonata, and there are globes at the top of the gate at the mansion. These most likely relate to moon worship, but I thought of them again when I saw a photo of Trump and that Saudi Prince with their hands on that white globe thing.

      Another clear nod to the occult is that “Sonata” is an anagram for “O Satan”.

      Also, couldn’t the homophobic heckling of Bill by the Yale boys be a little jab at Tom Cruise’s rumored homosexuality? Kubrick’s daughter is a Scientologist, so it wouldn’t surprise me if part of his casting Cruise was a way of taking jabs at Scientology (Cruise being the most influential living member) and at cults in general.

      Black and white as a pattern is seen elsewhere besides Ziegler’s mansion, but notably Domino’s coat and her name itself.

      The song playing after Ziegler’s party when Alice and Bill have sex has the lyrics “I’ve done a bad, bad thing”. To me it’s Kubrick telling us this is him doing a bad thing, in that he’s revealing secrets of the most powerful people in the world in a film that the studios had no choice but to release. I mean, it’s a KUBRICK film with two of the biggest stars in the world. They can make all the cuts they want but the truth is everywhere in this film. It’s also the only song with lyrics (in English) in the entire film. I love it. It feels like a wink to those of us who are interested directly from the director himself.

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  70. The red cloaked man, Leon Vitality. Leon spelled backwards is Noel.
    Also, the topless female patient Dr. Bill is examining. She looks like she could be one of the “goddesses” at the mansion. Perhaps even one that spoke to Bill at the mansion?
    And at the toy store, when Helena asks for the giant teddy bear, behind her are the photos of children, right underneath the tv screens that say ….,STOP (with
    a blue pentagram right underneath the word stop, near the ceiling, Could the photos represent missing children pictures (like the ones on milk cartons)? Or maybe something else?
    And Kidman’s brown coat looks like the color of the teddy bears.

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    • About the big teddy bear. You can see in the photo that there is a doll laying between its legs. Only one shot later (in the movie) the doll is laying in its arms. Very weird.

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  71. Hello,

    This same email is going out to multiple outlets.

    I am contacting you today in hopes of reaching someone who at least cares about truth, beyond that is left to interpretation and free will.

    For years now, I have served as a slave to the Illuminati. My handler I guess as it’s called is one of the biggest names in the world today.

    I went along for this ride little by little, innocently, and naive, picking up bits of information throughout my experience. It’s been years now, and it’s been quite the experience.

    I have a number of plans, ideas, and goals, but for now I just wanted to reach out. If you’d like to communicate at all, please create an @protonmail email and email me.

    All is appreciated.


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  72. hello, video is delete youtube, can upload again? good analysis, sorry my bad english

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