Illuminati symbolism of 9/11 Memorial Museum


The 9/11 Memorial Museum just opened up and as much as I hate to be borderline sacrilegious I’ve got to point out the blatant Illuminati symbolism that may (or may not) be present here. I was thumbing through some images and things just started jumping out at me and as much as I wanted to just dismiss them and chalk them up to my mind playin’ tricks on me (that’s a Ghetto Boys reference), I’m a bit curious…

For example, why are the reflecting pools around the Memorial Museum black cubes? I literally just posted about the symbolism of Saturn and black cubes in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube:


The lineage of the Illuminati traces back to mystery schools of the east. The cube represents earth in Pythagorean, Indian (Indian deities standing on cubes), Egyptian (Pharaohs sitting on cube thrones), and Platonic traditions. It’s even realized as a sacred symbol today by the Freemasons (believed to be Illuminati affiliated) when they stand on an oblong square (cube) during particular rituals to the Worshipful Master.

And now we’ve got the memorial pools in New York City:

911 Museum Memorial Saturn Black Cube Illuminati

If you read that Saturn/Black Cube post I linked above, you’ll see that there is most definitely an obsession with the black cube and the dark side:

Black Cube Saturn Alamo

Black Cube Saturn Statue

Black Cube Saturn


Combine that with the actual meaning of a reflecting pool being Illuminati moon goddess symbolism and you’ve got to wonder. Rituals often take place over water and this ancient symbol is typically displayed with obelisks, which are ancient Egyptian male/phallic symbols which generally are found to reside by the body of water (e.g. the Washington monument by the Reflecting Pool). The female is representative of the water because of the constant state of transition and the hormones that cycle along with the moon’s rotation (the 28 day period). We see the obelisk/reflecting pool symbolism at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., the Oklahoma City Memorial, and the 9/11 Memorial; all of which have their own respective ties to Illuminati and conspiracy theories.

In the book Symbols of the Goddess by Clare Gibson, you can see why the Illuminati use this symbol:

Our collective unconscious, however, transcends such superficial connotations: in accordance with a more profound, metaphysical response, it associates the symbol with the tides, water and feminine fertility, but also with coldness, death and the underworld, and thus, since all of these are her attributes, with the Goddess.

So let’s see what some of the exhibits inside are going to show us. We can see the emphasis on the trident symbolism on the website 2010 article Historic Twin Tower “Tridents” Installed into 9/11 Memorial Museum:

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum and The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey today installed two historic Twin Tower ‚tridents? into their permanent location at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The pair of towering tridents will be visible from the Memorial Plaza through the Museum’s glass atrium.

These seven-story steel structures were part of the original façade of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, once forming the distinctive Gothic arch motif at the base of the skyscrapers. The forked columns are so large that the Museum Pavilion’s structure will be built around them. The steel icons were recovered from the World Trade Center site during the recovery effort in 2001 and 2002. The Port Authority has worked to conserve the steel columns and other historic World Trade Center artifacts at JFK International Airport’s Hangar 17.

‚The ‘tridents’ are visual references to the towers that once stood at the World Trade Center,? Chairman Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said. ‚Installed within the Museum, they will symbolize our resolve to overcome the devastation of 9/11 and signal a hopeful future as they greet visitors to the site.?

‚We are proud to be resurrecting the Twin Tower tridents at the World Trade Center,? 9/11 Memorial President Joe Daniels said. ‚The tridents will stand as a powerful message of hope and endurance in the face of tragedy, complementing the hundreds of trees that will surround the two Memorial pools. In the months to come, additional World Trade Center artifacts will return to the site – including a section of the North Tower’s antenna and a fire truck that responded on 9/11.?


911 Trident Illuminati

911 Trident Illuminati symbolism


The trident is supposedly Illuminati symbolism because we’ve seen it with ancient gods and goddesses, including the fleur-de-lis, which I detail in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture:

The symbol of the Fleur-de-lis is a depiction based on the
argon, therefore derived from the bee. The Fleur-de-lis lily symbol is
shown all over France, America, and Canada in coats of arms and
flags. The Fleur-de-lis is also depicted behind the image of the
Baphomet devil, with the symbol above its head.
The Fleur-de-lis is also depicted in the emblem of the Priory of Sion,
made famous by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code book. This secret
society existed and was supposedly disbanded in the 1950’s. The
conspiracy theory behind the Priory of Sion is that they would place
royal bloodlines that contained some of Jesus Christ’s secret blood
(e.g. the Holy Grail) into positions of power. This bloodline is found
in the Merovingian dynasty, implying that they were privileged elites
placed into power because of their royal bloodline. The name
“France” literally means “country of the Franks” so you can see that
the Merovingian Dynasty, France, and occult worship all have a
solid connection and history. France also has tons of megalithic sites
like Carnac, where you can see the focus of astrological importance
several thousand years ago, which tells me that there is ancient
cultural importance placed in this territory. The Ancient Astronaut
theory references megaliths found all over the world that seem to
point to a secret understanding of the nature of our universe that is
being kept from the populace either through nefarious purpose or
lack of understanding.

The trident is explained by Texe Marrs in his book on symbols Codex Magica as the symbol of the triple phallus. It is seen in symbolism that is most familiar as the Devil with his pitchfork.

In India, the trident-bearer is Shiva, who is the bridegroom of Kali, the triple goddess. Kali is supposed to have been invoked from Miley Cyrus through her ordeal with Robin Thicke at the Illuminati symbolism filled 2013 MTV VMAs (and also her new look with the tongue out all of the time). Here’s conspiracy theorist and occult expert Freeman explaining it on his website:

Our celebrities are used as symbols to rally the forces of war. Kali, consort of Shiva, symbolizes the “Time of Death”; The Black One. Once Kali had destroyed all the demons in battle, she began a terrific dance out of the sheer joy of victory. The unleashed form of Kali often becomes wild and uncontrollable. Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight. Kali is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess.

Notice in this video of Miley’s performance at the VMAs she is stroking invisible hair; another indication that THEY have her invoking Kali.

So Miley invokes Kali, the ‘time of death‘, the ‘black one’ and now we have the memorial to 9/11 as a black cube.

The lyrics to her Illuminati symbolism filled music video We Can’t Stop seem to ring a more ominous tone:

This is our house
This is our rules
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop


And wait, there’s more, we’ve got emphasis on death at the memorial with human remains buried underneath…

The architects of the memorial includes Michael Aran, who is a citizen of Israel (strange it wasn’t a natural-born American citizen? Or not?… I suppose we’re a melting pot so maybe that isn’t so odd), and served as a commando in the Israeli Army!  Take a look at what Wiki has to say about Aran’s involvement in the project:

Unidentified human remains recovered from the World Trade Center site would be interred at the bottom of the north tower footprint at the site’s deepest point, 70 feet underground. At street level, with the help of landscape architect Peter Walker, Arad proposed a cobblestone plaza with moss and grass and planted with eastern white pine trees.

“This design proposes a space that resonates with the feelings of loss and absence that were generated by the death and destruction at the World Trade Center,” Arad said in the statement.

Seems a bit ritualistic to place human remains underneath the memorials doesn’t it? Especially when you consider the Illuminati symbolism prevalent throughout.

Freeman discussed the Illuminati symbolism of 9/11, pointing out that magic rituals have been taking place since the beginning of time, and the Illuminati continue to do so. Having the towers come down on 9/11 was the result of the evocation of evil forces, since the magic beliefs are that jumping from the 9 to 11 on the Kabbalah Tree of Life indicates skipping God (the node of ’10’ the one and the zero) and instead finding some sort of ‘enlightenment’ without God’s help. Aleister Crowley believed in that exact sequence and you can see how many of his followers try to stay on that path nowadays. It gets deep and dark pretty quickly (and confusing), so if you’re new to these topics check out my post on the Kabbalah conspiracy theories & Illuminati symbolism in pop culture for more on that.

I’ll update this post if/when more symbolism comes forth.

I’ve already got an update; and unfortunately it supports some of this sick theory I’ve laid out thus far. The NYPost ran an article about some outrage surrounding a recent cocktail party held at this museum/cemetery.

The woman’s disgust was shared by dozens of visitors attending Wednesday’s public opening of the museum — including a group of first responders who had been turned away the day before as staff set up for the party.

“You don’t have cocktail parties at a cemetery,” fumed Joe Kisonas, 54, a retired FDNY fire marshal from Rockland County.

Kisonas and two of his retired first-responder buddies were confused when a museum staffer denied them entry at 5 p.m. Tuesday, saying “they were closing to clean.”

“They lied to us,” said Kisonas, of Rockland County. “Just tell us they are having a gathering.”

Disturbing, but it goes along with everything else here as what might really be goin on…


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Here’s an editorial blasting the crass commercialization of the gift shop and cafe at the 9/11 museum.

    The only defense I can give the museum is that they do in fact have to cover their operating costs, so either the taxpayers fund it as a non-profit public entity or they do have to sell something to generate income. And I’d rather see them make the money than have any go to all the ghoulish street vendors who set up shop selling photos and trinkets around Ground Zero as soon as the dust settled. But it’s all appalling.

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  2. Really? There were Huddersfield, even thousands of people that died on that died! Why do you have to ruin it? There was a terrorist attack for God’s sake!

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  3. This is so disrespectful. They don’t care, however, God will pay them back 100 fold. Let the elite have their fun, for God is not mocked. When they face Christ it will betoo late for I’m sorry. Just pray for those who lost a loved one that day. They really need it.

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  4. Excerpt from a new book by Kerth Barker, “Deconstructing the Illuminati”:

    “In Satanism, the black cube is traditionally used to represent the god Saturn, which is another name for Satan. The Kaaba building is a cube-shaped building covered with a black cloth. So the Kaaba is a building that is shaped in the graven image of a black cube… it represents the god Saturn.”

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