Illuminati symbolism in 2015 57th Grammy Awards


These award shows like the Grammys are used as tools by the Illuminati to push images, messages, and symbols into the subconscious of all of their viewers. These high profile rituals use energy to project the will of the occult practitioners of the Illuminati; a concept found in ceremonial magick, satanic worship,  and other left hand path belief systems. The reason I cover all of these symbols on is to try and spread awareness of the deception all around us so you can be better prepared to deal with them.

I covered the Illuminati symbolism  of the 2014 Grammys last year, and we saw a plethora of occult symbolism from the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce,  and Madonna; but what was most appalling was the witchcraft ceremony conducted by Katy Perry with her performance of Dark Horse:



So what can we expect to see at the 2015 Grammys?… Much more of the same. For instance, take a look at who is eligible to receive these highly coveted awards.

We see artists like Iggy Azalea being propped up with nominations for Best Album, Best New Artist, and even Best Rap Album (which is what really upsets me the most!). I’ve been covering Iggy’s Illuminati affiliations since her debut as a “rapper” a couple of years ago. The symbolism that she’s been presenting to us lets us know that she is being handled by the puppet masters.

When she first came out we saw the MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterfly mind control programming:


We could see that she was being handled because the first attempt by the Illuminati to put her on didn’t work out. She was originally intended to be the next Britney Spears but that didn’t pan out:


So now that they’ve re-branded her as a “rapper” we see her being promoted through the ranks and pushing the Illuminati symbolism at every stage, and being rewarded for her deeds.

We also see Beyonce showing up with several nominations for her self-title album Beyonce. This album is of particular importance because it featured several music videos (actually one for every single track). When you watch these videos you’ll see themes of Illuminati symbolism throughout- as I’ve explored in posts dedicated to the videos for like Yours and Mine (a compilation video of mind control), Partition, Ghost/Hauntedand Drunk in Love


Another highly nominated artist is Pharrell Williams, who has been giving us symbolism for a long time now with videos like Marilyn Monroe and other highly occult based imagery like the All Seeing Eye and 666 hand gesture:


Speaking of the All Seeing Eye symbol; Sam Smith is being touted as one of the greatest this year (six Grammy nominations) and we can suppose that he’s in on the gag with this image of him covering his right eye in the shadows:


Sam Smith was also featured on the Illuminati-fueled V magazine doing more of the same:


A singer/song writer named Sia is getting some serious recognition this year, and this isn’t without reason. In fact, she’s recently released a controversial video for Elastic Heart featuring Shia LaBeouf. In this video Shia is practically naked as he chases after the 12 year old Maddie Ziegler, who was groomed into this Illuminati garbage with her brainwashing on the show Dance Moms (which is a pretty horrific show and concept to begin with).



What most people failed to realize (besides the pedophilia angle of the video), is that the video depicts them dancing around in this birdcage, which is symbolic of mind control techniques as well:


We’ve seen this time and time again from the music industry because it indicates the person is a victim of MK ULTRA mind control, and the cage is an ‘alter’ that keeps them from breaking free. The trauma-based mind control techniques work something similar to an amnesic barrier that goes up right before something very traumatic happens (think car accidents). This is why we see it show up so often from several affiliated artists like Beyonce and Ariana Grande:



Shia LaBeouf has also been dabbling into a realm of either trying to expose the Illuminati or help them out with his own music videos like Haunted Love:


Getting back to Sia, I could tell she was involved with all of this when I included her in my book on hip hop conspiracies and the Illuminati occult magick of the music industry in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:

Sia Furler, who goes by ‘Sia’, is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame for writing lyrics for a plethora of pop artists, including Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and Rihanna. You’ve heard her voice on the Flo Rida song Wild Ones (although the video had a model named Analicia Chaves lip syncing her lines) and David Guetta’s She Wolf (Falling to Pieces). What’s interesting about Sia is that she spoke about the process in which she derives her song lyrics on an interview with Howard Stern in 2014. After she says she believes in a higher power, Howard asks if she knows where that comes from or if she has to be in some weird state to come up with them and her producer, Greg (maybe her handler?…), replies with:

She’s always in that state of mind… There’s no, like, analytical part of song writing, it’s just like, from the brain, out of her mouth.” – Greg Kurstin, Howard Stern Show, June 2014

Another artist being pushed heavily (with three Grammy nominations) is Jhene Aiko. I covered her in more detail in a post entitled Is Jhene Aiko in the Illuminati?… Yes:

Plus, take a look at the titles of her albums; it went from Sailing Soul(s) to Sail Out, to Souled Out. They’re all saying the same thing. Selling one’s soul. This is recurring theme in the music industry when these artist make the Faustian deal with the devil. Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Eminem, etc.

Another common theme is to be possessed by multiple spirits, a concept of alter egos. Many rappers and musicians do this (see Eminem, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, etc.), most notably Nicki Minaj, with alter ego Roman Zolanski; one of many. Here she is being interviewed by Rap-Up (go to 2:40 if you want to skip the rest):

Her rap alter ego J. Hennessy also appears on the EP. “I literally feel throughout the day I go through 12 different personalities in my head,” said Jhené, who is a Pisces. “She’s an aspiring rapper. She still sings, but she’s more aggressive. She likes to really talk a lot of shit and talk about things that a lot of R&B singers don’t talk about.”

She recently released a video called Spotless Mind that features her multiple personalities (no doubt a play on Jim Carrey’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which shows us a mind control process). These alter egos are covered in great detail in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MICbecause they are part of the big agenda by the Illuminati to indoctrinate these artists to push their symbolism and themes.

It should also be noted that one of her Grammy nominations are for a song called Black Majik which fit right into SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC‘s themes of occult magick (you spell it with a ‘K’ to denote it as “real” magic and not stage tricks- you can see that Common and Jhene were aware of this because their song has the “K” in it which would make occultist Aleister Crowley very happy).



Another newcomer nominated for Record of the Year is Meghan Trainor. I pointed out some Illuminati symbolism in All About that Bass that included the doll programming and All Seeing Eye:


Now that we’ve covered some of the big names being nominated, let’s take a look at who is being slated to perform. The performances of the show are what really drive the Illuminati symbolism home, so when I see names like Madonna, Ariana Grande, AC/DC, and Ed Sheeran; I sort of cringe inside to know that we’re going to see some serious high profile ritual going on.

For instance, Madonna has been on a rampage of driving her occult beliefs as of recent with her Secret Project Revolution and new album which features a song called Illuminati in which she claims to know who is really in this shadowy group.


In fact, the Illuminati song caused such a splash that RollingStone interviewed her and said the following:

“People often accuse me of being a member of the Illuminati, but the thing is, I know who the real Illuminati are and I know where that word comes from,” Madonna says. (Her definition: scientists, artists and philosophers who flourished during the Age of Enlightenment.)

She was also recently featured on the cover of the aforementioned magazine with Katy Perry, indicating that she is grooming her as the new Illuminati witch:


We also see Ariana Grande performing, which may or may not be rich with Illuminati symbolism. I’ve covered her background in-depth in a post dedicated to investigating her Illuminati affiliations as well:


Ed Sheeran is another new face to this game, and I’ve got to believe he’s being groomed into the industry as well. For whatever reason he’s being given a pass into the rap genre (even though I’m an avid hip hop fan and really don’t like his music). We can see that he’s involved because he chose an interesting title for his first album of X:


This is of major occult significance due to the presence of the Mark of the Beast- signified by the X. Technically, it’s the combination of the X and the O typifies the Illuminati agenda in the push of Lucifer and the satanic agenda, as laid out in occultist Kenneth Grant in his exploration of Aleister Crowley’s sexual occult magick and attempts to contact extra terrestrial entities like Nu-Isis (referred to as a “cosmic energy”):

The Heart of the Sigil of Nodens is identical with the Mark of the Beast: , the fusion of 0 and X which produces the lightning flash. Nodens is the God of the Great Deep or Abyss, microcosmically identical with subconsciousness. He reigns over the Abyss and controls and harnesses its lightnings. “Flashed forth as lightning from the depths” describes the act involved in the establishing of the Scat. The Seat of Stone is lsis, and upon this foundation the Goddess is established and rules the heavens, the
earth and the deeps beneath the earth. In other words, the Goddess who grants all desires is invoked by the union of
the X and the 0 (the Phallus and the Kteis), the Scat being the vehicle of her power. Isis is therefore her vehicle, for
Isis bears the fire of Nodens within her womb, and her vehicle in the macrocosm is the transplutonic planet known
to occult tradition also as Isis. 

The moon is the most material expression of Nu-Isis so far as concerns the earth. The emanations of the lunar daemonic principle are extremely powerful. They are concentrated in the moon’s mundane vehicle which is the
body-mind complex of the female. Their restrictive forces have to be transmuted if the earth is to prepare for the
influx of Power which flows from the throne of Nu-Isis.

This is why we see the X Mark of the Beast by many artists today:



I fully explain the reason “X” is the Mark of Beast in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The Mark of the Beast- “X”:

X: The Mark of the Beast

X: The Mark of the Beast

We’ve seen it in high profile rituals (like the Grammys will be) including Madonna’s Super Bowl performance and her Mark of the Beast symbolism, so this is just another example of why Ed Sheeran used this ‘X’ as his breakthrough album title. You’ll also notice that Ed Sheeran has been giving us his fair share of Illuminati symbolism as well, further proving his affiliation:


We can’t forget to mention AC/DC who was part of the heavy metal wave of Illuminati symbolism back in the 70s and 80s until the Satanic Panic exposed many of the dark secrets of the music industry. Of course, the Illuminati managed to mainstream many of the concepts bands like AC/DC and the Rolling Stones brought to us like the Mano Cornuto horns, which Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey demonstrated as a hex on television:


We can see that the Illuminati agenda shifted strategy after the Satanic Panic and managed to change perception of this occult symbol which is now seen as a friendly play on “rock n roll” when in fact they are a witch hex known to evoke Satan:



AC/DC (a term alleged to mean “Anti Christ Devil’s Children”) was also recently involved in a case where the drummer Phil Rudd was accused of contacting a hit man to assassinate two people. Just one day after he was arrested, the charges were dropped; meanwhile it “nicely” fit into the schedule of plugging their latest album which was releasing at the same time (seems like a publicity stunt to me…).

There is also predictive programming due to one of their popular songs called Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) which is all about hiring hit men for murders, so maybe they had this coming…

You can see official Grammys artwork that even implies we’ll be in for some mild form of mind control so I expect to see a decent amount of symbolism…

GRAMMYS Post-Show Analysis

I was privileged enough to conduct an experiment with Freeman and Jamie Hanshaw on where we did a live play-by-play analysis of what we were all watching. Of course, YouTube promptly shut the video off, so it might never be seen again, but keep your fingers crossed as we try to find an alternate way of getting it out to the masses…

So let’s take a look at some of the topics we covered in the show (and some others I came up with since the show).


America is on the Highway to Hell

Of course we saw the Grammys open up with AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and all of our ‘favorite’ celebs wearing the devil horns:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry ACDC Grammys Devil Moloch horns WO


I should’ve known they’d kick the show off because the did this in the past when they had Jack Black make everyone say a prayer to Satan. That makes this ‘evocation’ only appropriate as well.

Staying on that theme of horned deities; there was one other over-the-top Satanic performance when Madonna did her new song Living For Love which followed the theme of her video with her simulating sex with the horned deity himself. You could say this is Pan, Moloch, the Devil, or whoever else you’d like, but to me it’s all focusing energy to the anti-Christ:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Madonna Living for Love moloch baphomet sex WO


She ended her show with a levitation…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Madonna Grammys levitation WO


…which was also how we saw Nicki Minaj end her Grammys performance when she had a mockery of the Pope and an exorcism of one of her alter egos (see SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC on the significance of these alter egos and channeled entities):

NIcki Minaj grammys levitation WO


Another strange theme we saw was the coupling of older men with younger women. We saw Tom Jones with Jessie J:

Tom Jones Jessie J WO


(*and it should be noted she was into levitation as well in one of her videos called Thunder that I’ve covered):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jessie J Thunder One All Seeing Eye 4


We also saw Lady Gaga paired up with Tony Bennett:

Lady Gaga Tony Bennett WO


We also saw Paul McCartney kissing on Rihanna:

Paul-McCartney-Rihanna GRAMMYS kiss WO


Technically Kanye was on stage as well, but that’s beside the point.

Could it be that the spirit of Roman Zolanski that Nicki Minaj “exorcised” from her body is showing up elsewhere? We know that Roman Polanski was accused of having sex with a 13-year old many years ago (hence the reason he doesn’t show up in US soil anymore). Perhaps the demon spirit is lose and infecting others. Just an idea… Freeman pointed out that the Rat Pack had connections with Sammy Davis being a member of the Church of Satan so who knows.


Hands Up Helter Skelter

The recurring theme that seemed most obvious was the perpetuation of the police state argument we see America going through right now. This has been highlighted over and over with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” imagery, which we saw SEVERAL times during the performances.

Pharrell Grammys Dont Shoot Hands Up WO


Common Grammys Hands up dont shoot WO v


Beyonce Grammys hands up dont shoot WO2 v2


I’ve argued this before in the past, but I believe this could be part of the Age of Aquarius conspiracy with Charles Manson’s HELTER SKELTER attempt to start a race war. I’ve covered this before in the HELTER GAMES: How Manson & the Hunger Games programmed the Ferguson Race Riots:

During the trials he actually kept going with that quote, implying the music has a hidden message that speaks to our subconscious:

The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music. . . It is not my conspiracy. It is not my music. I hear what it relates. It says “Rise,”  it says “Kill.” Why blame it on me? I didn’t write the music. . . .

That same post also went on to highlight the Freemasonry connections this “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” symbol has with it as the “Grand Hailing Sign of Distress”:

This gesture is meant as a sign to protect a Freemason who is in danger. When other Freemasons see this they are supposed to come to the aid of their fellow Mason. Supposedly this is what Latter Day Saints founder Joseph Smith was doing before he was killed by a mob as a last ditch effort to save his life. The sign is accompanied by the phrase “Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for a Son of a Widow?”. Strangely enough- Charles Manson gave this sign during trial because he believed the judge was a 33rd degree Freemason.

Freemason Dont Shoot Protest Sign of Distress


Hollywood LOVES Their Magick

As many of you know, the ritualized magick is a requirement for any good occultist, so it should’ve been no surprise to see it represented so well at the Grammys.

Katy Perry performed with shadow Gemini twin figures behind her, which was a much more subdued version of her if you compare it to her Illuminati symbolism rich Super Bowl performance where we saw different aspects of Crowley’s Scarlet Whore of Babylon. As a side note- one of the Watchers out there let me know about the Princess of Swords Tarot card which in astrology is the sign of Venus in the air. This could very well be the Katy Perry we saw during the Super Bowl when she flew through the air on the Star of Venus (the pentagram):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry Super Bowl star brighid 1


We also saw that Beck won album of the year (and even he was shocked by that one). Beck is a Jewish Scientologist, so you can only guess the conspiracies of his ties into “the industry” with that. Kanye had jokes and acted like he was going to snatch the mic like he did awhile back on Taylor Swift, and I don’t think he was necessarily wrong to make these allegations (see the Kanye rant article).

As much as I think Beyonce is overrated, I’ve at least heard her songs before. I had no idea Beck was even still making music…

Getting back to magick, we saw Stevie Wonder perform “If It’s Magic” with Usher. While Freeman, Jamie, and I were commenting on the night’s performances, we heard their ideas of how Pan would be represented at the Grammys. They were correct in predicting that since we saw Madonna’s horned beings on stage, but we also see Usher’s new bearded look which certainly resembled Pan as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Usher Grammys Pan WO

Pan Moloch Horns Devil Satan


Hozier played their hit song “Take Me To Church”, which has lyrics like this:

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the Goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice

The song is “officially” about the anti-homosexual stance of the Catholic Church, and it has a video depicting violence against a gay couple, but I can’t help but notice the talk of pagans and goddess sacrifice since that theme occurs so often in the entertainment industry.

Right after that song, we saw Annie Lennox come out with Hozier to perform “I Put a Spell On You”; which is yet again more talk of magick ritual.

There were some awards given out before the televised portion, and that includes Aphex Twin who won best EDM album for Syro. He is an open practitioner of Chaos Magick; a topic I cover in the Illuminati Symbolism of Die Antwoord:

I should also mention that they sampled the artist named Aphex Twin for Ugly Boy and he is known for being a follower of the ways of magick, according to this interview from

You’re a known practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. How did you get into it? What role, if any, does it play in your creativity and music writing?
I wouldn’t claim to practice TM, though I know the techniques. Most people develop their own style after being a student, and I will always be a student. I found meditation after studying hypnosis and magick.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Chaos Star


Finally, we saw my predictions of the Mark of the Beast when the fusion of the X and the O came true with the latest Illuminati-puppet, Ed Sheeran. He sang a song with Electric Light Orchestra (an appropriate choice of “Evil Woman”), and when this happened it fused the X with the O. I say that because Ed Sheeran is symbolized by the “X” (that’s his album title and you can see it on his guitar):

Ed Sheeran ELO X Mark of the Beast Grammys WO

Ed-Sheeran-X-album WO


Meanwhile ELO is representative of the “O” because their album artwork always places their name inside of the circular UFO, which is an “O”:

Very Best ELO O WO


If you think I’m being overly paranoid, check out this ELO album cover where we also see the lightning, which is precisely what I talk about in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The Mark of the Beast- “X”:

Nodens is the lightning war god, and in the book it claims that he “flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in the celestial realm; a seat of stone where the goddess was established.” The book goes on to talk about the heart of Noden’s sigil is the same as that of the Mark of the Beast; a fusion of X and O which produced the lightning flash from the depths. It is believed that this initiates the establishment of the goddess because the union of the X and O is analogous to the union of the phallus and vagina.

ELO Surrender Lightning FUsion X and O WO


You’ll notice that this album cover has the fusion of the X and the O. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. The fusion of X and O to the song “Evil Woman” successfully displayed the Mark of the Beast but most were unaware of that.

One more Mark of the Beast “X” was Beyonce’s performance where the men were arranged as such:

Beyonce Grammys Hands up dont shoot X WO v



We saw a lot of the magick trickery and over satanic perversion that we expected to see. We also saw President Obama and his message about how these celebs have the power to change world, which only feeds into their already inflated egos. They believe they are the modern day gods and goddesses, and why shouldn’t they think that? People worship them and bow down to their feet, begging for a photo or the chance to impress them as if there is something that makes them extra human and superior. It’s almost like the perpetuation of the divine right to rule, but we’ve made our own kings, queens, and monarchy to be subjugated by.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check out the “START HERE” page where you’ll find all of the resources necessary to find more conspiracies, videos, social networking, and YouTube channel links.

You can watch the De-Occulting of the Grammys video that Freeman, Jamie, and I put out on my YouTube channel (*HURRY BEFORE THEY TAKE IT DOWN AGAIN!):


If you’re truly ready to explore Illuminati symbolism and want to learn about the entire overarching agenda, check out the IlluminatiWatcher bundled products:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. is there anyone to save from satanic illuminati elite in USA music industry? or is everything shit in USA?

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  2. Quick correction: Jessie J was actually with Tom Jones (“What’s New Pussycat” fame). He is well into his 70s!

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  4. I was waiting for you to publish this. I think Beyonce purposefully took the Precious Lord song to prevent the Holy Spirit from making an arrival on the scene what would have happened if Ledisi sang that song. Beyonce faked it and kept the appearance of “spirit” without actually bringing any.

    That was her role this time, making herself a goddess and taking away from thoughts of the Christian God.

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  5. The shadow arms behind Katy Perry during her white dress performance mimicked “as above, so below.” The Eye of Horus was prominent behind ELO (flames on stage right and a menacing eye that turns into the world in space on stage left), and was featured in the lighting structure behind Miranda Lambert.

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  6. Something that I don’t hear talked about much is celebrity name similarities: Pharrel Williams/Will Ferrell/, Steve Perry/Tyler Perry/Katie Perry, Ice-T/Ice Cube/Vanilla Ice, Gwen Stefani/Stefani Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga), Demi Lovato/Demi Moore…should I keep going? not only are the names strangely similar, but many look alike, so much so I often can’t tell them apart: Beyoncé and Rihanna and Shakira (all first-makers), Arianna Grande and Selena Gomez, Ke$ha and Ashley Tinsdale and Courtney Stoddard. I can always remember Kim Kardasian (she’s got the big butt), but remind me again who the hell Nelly Furtado and Demi Lovato are?

    I’ve mostly focused on singers, but these name games/doppelgängers are everywhere in the “entertrainment” industry.

    By the way, I enjoyed your Grammy talk on Freeman’s show (the part I saw, anyway), but I hate it when interviewers get so distracted by their technology that they don’t listen to their guest. I like Freeman (and Jamie even more) just fine generally, but I couldn’t bear watching him basically ignore everything you said. I couldn’t help but notice that the only time he was truly present was when HE was doing the talking.

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  9. I kinda feel sorry for these people, or some of them. Miley Cyrus obviously is being programmed/abused and she looks horrible! Madonna seems to have thrown away her very soul just like as if it were nothing but some of those haulter tops she used to wear a long time ago and really as she old as she is! I think they may even be laughing at her! Paul McCartney I don’t trust, but I think John Lennon had good intentions against the Powers That Be! He’s dead of course and I am starting to think that the only good ones are the dead ones

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    His impressive roster of notworthy Asian celebrity
    clients include Sandrine Pinna, Barbie Hsu, Terri Kwan, and
    Mavis Fan.

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