Illuminati symbolism at 2014 American Music Awards


The 2014 AMAs were aired on Nov. 23rd and those of us in the know were able to spot some covert occult symbolism. Let’s check it out…

You can watch the YouTube breakdown of the event here:




The performer with the most symbolism was Selena Gomez. She performed with Illuminati images against the background that just verified my theory about her “moon goddess” position within.

Selena Gomez Moon Goddess 2014 AMA

After we see the moon we get to see more of the All Seeing Eye (and is that a triangle inside?…)

Selena Gomez 2014 AMA All Seeing Eye


We also saw the alchemical transformation of Selena as she donned the white wings. In Alchemy, the “Great Work” of personal transmutation is depicted by the different colors of birds- the black raven, the white/yellow swan, and the red phoenix:

Selena Gomez 2014 AMA white wings transmutation

Selena is being displayed to us as the Illuminati moon goddess, which we saw with her Slow Down video where they showed her as Princess Diana (again; more moon goddess symbolism). All of these names are important to the occult (the moon goddess is Selene, or Selena):

Selene moon goddess


We saw Fergie (who sounded an awful lot like Iggy Azalea) come out to a set of All Seeing Eyes:


One of the eyes even had a pair of Moloch/Devil horns:



And you’ll also notice triangle shapes all over the place:



A more esoteric concept would be that of the entrance to the mystical place between the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin:

Fergie Boaz Jachin 2014 AMAs

You can see this (and those eyes) directly on Freemasonry artwork:

Freemason From Darkness to Light artwork


Charli XCX performed Boom Boom Clap and showed us some of the darker S&M aspects of the Illuminati (these are part of the ritual sex magick practices where all things taboo are fair game):


Charli XCX 2014 AMA wTF


Iggy Azalea (a terrible white rapper from Australia who somehow won the best hip hop album of the year, SMH) also gave us more Illuminati sex kitten symbolism:



You can also see the lightning bolt across its head; which is symbolism of Satan:


“Power”ful indeed, even Church of Satan founder preferred the lightning bolt:

Church of Satan Lightning Bolt Pentagram Anton LaVey


Taylor Swift performed Blank Spaces and showed us some of the Luciferianism symbolism with the flaming rose while some of the men behind her (who weren’t killed…) were depicted with the ‘X’ over their mouths.

Taylor Swift AMA Lucifer Rose

Taylor Swift rose AMA Illuminati


The symbol of the burning rose could mean one of many esoteric concepts. The Rosy Cross (a group of occultists who study Kabbalah and Alchemy) uses the rose in their symbolism, as do other Illuminati-affiliated groups. Some claim the burning rose symbolizes the attainment of the Philosopher’s Stone, while others claim the fire represents the awakening of the Kundalini serpent life force (one of the main goals of yoga and tantric practices).

Freemason Albert Pike said that the rose represents the resurrection of light and the Golden Dawn use it to symbolize the connection of man to the divine (the Philosopher’s Stone, or the “Great Work”). We saw this in the Illuminati symbolism of Die Antwoord as well when Marilyn Manson presented it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Ugly Boy Manson burning rose

Kind of makes Taylor Swift’s lyrics have a new meaning when you take another look at them from this occult perspective:

I could show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin


Jennifer Lopez decided to opt for the introduction of the burning flame of Lucifer as well:


And after that we saw her perform from the black cubes of Saturn:


…while she also pushed the sex kitten programming symbolism:


The 2014s was just more of the same old tired Illuminati symbolism, but don’t get weary or be too lax about things. The occult agenda is rapidly unfolding before our eyes, and if you’re not aware of the big picture it won’t be good. I explain how this entire agenda was crafted in two books. The first is the beginner’s guide to conspiracies, A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory:

…and in the second book I focus on the music industry and how the Illuminati has infiltrated hip hop. We learn about the magick rituals (like what you saw at the AMAs), and some of the Illuminati blood sacrifices (like 2Pac and Michael Jackson) in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:




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You can watch the YouTube breakdown of the event here:











Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Charlie’s hands are in the proper agenda position too!

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  2. As always, good catch! I watched the ama’s and was blown away by Fergie’s “in your face” symbolism. You caught alot more than I did. I wanted to point out that Fergies’s performance was VERY similar to Kenny Chesney’s on the CMA’s this year…hmm

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    • And that was nothing, watch this in all its occult splendor:

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  3. The lightning bolt literally breaks cat’s head in two, therefore Iggy is a “broken kitten” literally.

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    • Sorry I used the word “literally” twice in the same phrase.

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  4. How could u forget Lorde’s performance in a box? One of MK ULTRA’s method of torture is to keep the subject caged/in a box….

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    • that girl is more than creepy, everyone thinks that is cool being like this but they don’t realize that Lorde is under mind control and in some point she is going to break down just like beyonce or miley. we lost that girl so long time ago.

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  5. don’t forget 5 seconds of summer’s performance of “I do this for you” me and a friend were watching and realized that they were performing a song by another group. they lights flashed red,black and white( we’ve seen those colors all over the place this year especially in music videos), the colors of the satanic church and the camera kept zooming in on the x’s that were on the drums. they were basically saying they do it for satan

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    • Unsurprising since they were ‘discovered’ by One Direction … and One Direction has a financial interest in seeing that they do well (hence why they endorse a lot of 5SoS’s music via Tweets)

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      • One Direction – suggestive name, but Id rather go for No(ne) Erection, lol….

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        • Beside, many groups who have “5” in their names lately: 5 seconds of summer, (and S.O.S. in it, nice try, guys!) PENTAtonix, FIFTH harmony, its just what I noticed and remembered…. Definitely connected to pentagram….

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  6. “Sweet and innocent” Taylor doesn’t look that in these pictures … she looks darnright scary

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    • She was never “sweet and innocent” it was/is just an illusion created by her PR team. Needless to say she’s just another talentless and overrated t.w.a.t.

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      • Yeah she’s talentless. I hate her.

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  7. No wonder Fergie and Iggy Azalea sound/ed the same, they are both talentless. And wiggers. Iggy more than Fergie tho.

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  8. I can’t believe that Fergie keeps doing this mk symbolism, i used to believe she was a serious singer, because she had a nice voice but this performance of fergie it was awful i can’t believe that all the industry is so wasted and everybody likes Lorde only because she looks different. thanks

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  9. They are hopeless.. I shame on they…

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  10. Im a parent of two children, 12 and 8. It is amazing to me that this is acceptable in todays messed up society. My kids are not allowed to listen to all of this garbage nor are they allowed to watch tv! The only way to the ONLY GOD is through Jesus.
    The only way to help these people is to forgive them for their actions and pray for them to some how get back on the right path with Jesus. These people may come across very famous and strong but it actually shows you how WEAK they really are. To sell your soul for fame and fortune can only be a sign of weakness. I applaud the TRUE actors and musicians that stay on the right path with Jesus and stand up to these weak people in the illuminati.

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  11. woww “Sweet and innocent” Taylor doesn’t look that in these pictures … she looks darnright scary

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  12. “Sweet and innocent” Taylor doesn’t look that in these pictures … she looks darnright scary

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