Illuminati Roundup: Lauren Conrad, Kardashians, Jared Leto, Nickelodeon Perversion, and more

It’s that time again! Time for dumping several symbols and agendas that you and I have been seeing lately. Shout outs to everyone who sent me info via Facebook, Twitter,, and email. I’ll try to point out who provided what but things are quickly getting out of control! Is the agenda advancing at an exponential pace? Or are you all becoming experts in spotting their deception? Either way, let’s take a look…

XYZC sent me some interesting links- including one about the director of some Nickelodeon-kids shows who also just so happened to direct a film about a white guy who enjoys watching a black man make love to his wife called The Cuckold.


Nothing strange there at all.

Check out the guy’s IMDB page screenshot:

Jonathan Butler IMDB Cuckold Bella and the Bulldogs

K.O. saw the promotion of this new show called Lucifer and it makes me wonder if this is just one of the many themes being provided to us in order to make us sympathetic to dark heroes; a concept explained in Illuminati Dark Hero Programming in Film and Television:


The show is being played on FOX, which I’ve already explained for its hidden symbolism of satanic numerology in my Mark of the Beast article.

Fleurdamour saw this All Seeing Eye on the Cirque de Soleil ad for Kurious:

Cirque de soleil kurious all seeing eye

Check out more of Jared Leto’s satanic symbolism on his shirt (but don’t listen to me- I’m being paranoid; as per his fanbase):

Jared Leto Pentagram Shirt

The article actually draws the viewer in by telling you to “check out his muscles“, while they overlook the obvious question of why we obsess over celebrities that are adorned with satanic imagery.

Lauren Conrad is pushing Minnie Mouse fashion on adult women (strange- but true; that Disney mind control runs deep!). Fleurdamour found the following at Kohls:

Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse Disney fashion

An issue of GOLF suggests more of the All Seeing Eye:

Golf All Seeing Eye magazine cover

An issue of Selling Halloween does some mind control over the All Seeing Eye symbolism:


Selling Halloween Butterfly All Seeing Eye cover

That only seems fitting, given that Halloween is one of many pagan-originated holidays

Nicole Kidman seems to be pushing more mind control symbolism by taking the role of OMEGA watch ambassador for the De Ville Butterfly series:

Nicole Kidman Butterfly mind control watches

She’s been in films like Stepford Wives and EYES WIDE SHUT with similar motifs of mind control, and her father was allegedly tied to some pedophile rings at one point; so who knows what’s going on there…

Kylie Jenner was in hot water for these Instagrammed images of her supposedly in ‘blackface’, but the truth is the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye:

Kylie jenner All Seeing Eye


XYZC sent in a bunch of familiar symbols like that of the MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterfly on the cover of this magazine:

CosmoBiz Project MONARCH butterfly album cover

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea are pushing more of that alien sexualization agenda on the cover of their single Pretty Girls (which also has the Saturn symbolism):

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Alien Saturn

I’ve provided a full analysis of the music video for Pretty Girls, so be sure to check that out as well:

Britney Spears Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls Sexy Alien Eyes

Speaking of Britney- posted another story of Britney acting “weird” (*aka mind control breakdown):

“Her eyes were completely glassy, and she was acting very lethargic,” the source says. “After her massage was over, Britney was asked if she wanted to add another 15 minutes. She looked at the masseuse with a confused look on her face and asked, ‘What does that mean?’ She didn’t seem to understand. The employees were saying, ‘Wow, what’s with her?’”

After pampering, Britney stood up to leave and dropped a bunch of change on the floor. But she didn’t even bother to pick it up!

“Maybe that was supposed to be the tip,” the source says. “Because she sure as hell didn’t give one! She was sweet – but just an idiot.”

Here is a symbolic representation of the Illuminati Vow of Silence from Sammi Sanchez:

Sammi Sanchez Vow of Silence

Here are some more All Seeing Eye symbols (a blatant rip off of the Batman posters):

Joker Game All Seeing Eye poster

A Balkan festival snuck one is as well:

Balkan Festival All Seeing Eye

The Kardashians are always at it… This time a photo shoot with a snake on the Freemasonic Moses Pavement floor of their home:

Kardashians Snake Black white masonic floor

Rachel McAdams will be starring in the second season of True Detective (see my analysis of Season 1 HERE). She was doing a photo shoot for Marie Claire and you’ll notice that she’s doing the All Seeing Eye symbolism:

Rachel McAdams All Seeing Eye Marie Clare

Laura found some interesting items, including Dave Grohl’s “award” from KISS members (notice that Gene Simmons is putting a witch hex over his head- let’s hope nothing bad happens to Dave from this):

Dave Grohl Gene Simmons ASCAP Moloch Devil Horns

Chris Brown has a stalker, and she has an interesting choice for a tattoo (All Seeing Eye of Horus- also seen as foreboding danger before the death of TLC’s Left Eye)…

Chris Brown Stalker Eye of Horus


Rapper Travis Scott continues his ‘devilish’ ways (see my full analysis on Travi$ Scott HERE):

Travis Scott Slayer GQ

Mohamed found some very strange red and green coats in the morgue scene of Eye Wide Shut further adding mystery to the elusive KUBRICK’S CODE (on sale now!):

Eyes Wide Shut morgue red and green coats

Geo saw symbolism on the Toshiba Facebook page of the All Seeing Eye…

Toshiba All Seeing Eye

…and even more disturbing; a transhumanism robot (who appears as a young Asian girl- further supporting the idea I conjectured on Robert Phoenix’s FARCast about how they’ll first use robots to entice sexual perverts):

Toshiba Transhuman ChirhiraAico robot

XYZC spotted what appears to be a pentagram on the necklace of Paris Jackson (who’s been talking about this kind of occult stuff before):

Paris Jackson Chet Castellaw Pentagram necklace


Thanks again to everyone who sent me links/photos/etc. and thanks for reading! Be sure to keep up with the community by following the resources provided in my START HERE page!





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Aw, Paris tried to break away from that crap. What happened to her when she was hospitalized after her “suicide attempt”?

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    • She tried, but obviously she failed. Unfortunately u cant escape from that alive or undamaged, thats the truth. Besides, its about the creepy Jackson family, not the Flintstones….

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  2. Monarch slaves aren’t allowed to have a watch. I remember reading this in the book, Trance Formation of America by MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien. So possibly Britney Spears has no real sense of time and that is why she didn’t know what 15 minutes meant.

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    • If Cathy O’Brien said, it doesnt mean it has to be true by all means. Countless MK ULTRA’s wear watches….

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  3. The purpose of Nickel Odeon today Alike Disney is Pedophilia Yes oversexualizing & exposing children younger & younger I saw 2 years ago Good Luck Charlie introducing lesbians at 11 in the morning It’s satan Please stop thinking that You are scaring yourself The pentagram is just like the Tree of Life symbol

    Post a Reply
    • I’m upset with how Disney as been pushing this kind of agenda it’s 2019 I am already seeing the effects with little boys thinking it’s okay to make up and girls been over friendly with each other
      As adults have less control over media we need to be concentrating on talking and watching what is going on

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  4. I remember when I was young and we thought it was funny when a picture was taken to do the rabbit ears on someone above their heads.

    This stuff is ingrained from young!!

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  5. You should look into jaden smith’s false propet attempt by naming his clothing line 666 and claiming to be chosen by 1 out of 6 angels looking for 6 prophets

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  6. You are just some newbie illuminati watcher this is not heavy.. yout article is mild stuff

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  7. Praying for them all. Poor people. They’re all victims. I feel so sorry for them. Britney Spears is not an idiot, she’s a victim. I wanted to cry when I read about her incident. God is truly tired of this and all those devil worshiping Illuminati “handlers”, rapists, child molestors and murderers are going to reap his wrath some day. Rich men and women will be praying for a rock to crush them to death to escape the wrath of God, yet there will be no comfort or escape for them. I feel the most sorry for them. Evil never prevails.

    Post a Reply
    • Don’t agree there. I too hate evil and harm, but the All Loving Source Energy (aka unconditional love, Divine Love, God…) is full of mercy and grace and love. He/she would never subject even the most evil to revenge. It doesn’t work that way. And I know that for sure.

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  8. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s marriage is a sham. Every time I see a picture of them together, they’re not really looking at each other, or they both look truly uncomfortable and out of place. And environmentalism and veganism are part of the Illuminati agenda for sure. No one can remain healthy for very long without eating meat.

    My Great Aunt ate from the four food groups and she was never diseased, sick, senile or too thin. She was extraordinarily healthy, happy, wise, bright and had an amazing memory. She lived to 105 until she died of natural causes(nothing was wrong with her, she was just very old).

    Yet I know of a raw organic vegan who exercised daily and followed a “healthy” vegan, non meat, non dairy diet and she also died of natural causes at age 27 from a heart attack. She did not have heart disease. She was undernourished as she was not eating a balanced diet and getting her daily supply of her needed nutrients like people who eat from the four basic food groups.

    I pray that Ian and Nikki abandon this environmental/vegan non sense as soon as possible. I truly think the Illuminati out them together. I don’t sense that they’re truly in love at all. I’m not saying this to be mean at all. Their marriage truly seems like a hoax to me and I have the feeling it may end soon.

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    • I think what they put in food is far more dangerous than being vegan. I am not vegan but meat is so pumped full of hormones and processed etc that I stay away from most of it. That can’t be healthy. And it’s not just meat, either, gmos are in everything. It’s much harder to make actual healthy choices because there’s such a monopoly on the food industry with processed, hormone injected junk.

      As for Paris Jackson, it is very sad as you can tell she was trying to speak out and then got locked up for it. Now that she’s out I haven’t heard anymore about her putting the truth out there.

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  9. So, I do not understand this one: “Mohamed found some very strange red and green coats in the morgue scene of Eye Wide Shut”

    Can anyone explain? Thanks!

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  10. Hi! Loved your books! I wondered if you are going to explore the Corona virus as a conspiracy!!!???

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