Illuminati Roundup: TIDAL, Sia, Bruno Mars, John Stamos, Bieber, Drake, ASAP Rocky, and more

The community have been identifying “Illuminati” symbolism everywhere and forwarding their findings to me through social media, email, or simply through comments on the website. I get lots of images with symbolism that you all are finding online, on television, film, music videos, album covers, magazines, news stories, etc.

In this post I will regurgitate what I’ve been seeing (that couldn’t quite be worthy of an entire post), alongside the stuff YOU ALL have been able to spot. I appreciate all that you do and let’s keep trying to unravel this great conspiracy mystery until we find the truth.


Let’s see what we’ve been compiling (big ups to anyone that sent material over in case I forgot to mention your name).

I’ve been watching the rapper ASAP Rocky for some time now, and he is releasing his second album called At.Long.Last.ASAP that he openly said was the return of the “god MC.” This is a reference to the 5 Percenter belief system that the black man is god in a personified form.

At the beginning of his Peso video you can see the 5 Percenter hand gesture used by the group called the ‘God Body Nation’ or the ‘Nation of Gods of the Earth’:

ASAP Rocky 5 Percenter Peso Hand Shake

You’ll find this concept running rampant in occult circles, where practitioners believe they can personally ascend to the level of god. This is a controversial topic that I cover more in-depth with the likes of Jay-Z, RZA, in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:


ASAP himself said that the title of At.Long.Last.ASAP stood for ‘Arm Leg Leg Arm’ or ‘ALLA’ (similar to lyrics we’ve heard from alleged 5 percenters Jay-Z and RZA). Strange that he is making this turn, considering his first album had images that boasted his anti-religious stance:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom ASAP Rocky 2

This album also features FKA Twigz who has her share of All Seeing Eye symbolism and whatnot. She is also dating Robert Pattinson- the guy who played the vampire Edward on the Twilight films. Pattinson was chosen for the role because he is supposedly related to the original Dracula- Vlad the Impaler.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom FKA Twigz All Seeing Eye WO

I already did the Illuminati analysis from a video for a song on that album called Lord Pretty Flocko Jodye 2.  In this video we saw the push of the Age of Aquarius, and questionably programming of the death (or attempted murder) of Bobbi Kristina…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom ASAP Rocky 5

Kanye West has made plenty of comments to make us think he honestly believes he is some form of god-like deity. This include mention of how he would be in the Bible (if it were written in modern times). Some fans of ‘Ye decided to make a version of the Bible where the word “God” was replaced by “Kanye.” This blasphemous piece of trash was instantly removed by the people that put it together the same day it went on Etsy for sale. Good call.

Kanye West Etsy Book of Yeezus

In other rap news, Pharrell Williams produced the song Wonder Woman by the duo called Lion Babe. In the video for this song we see the triangle and Egyptian bust- both Illuminati symbols:

Lion Babe Wonder Woman Triangle Egyptian

We found out that Nicholas Cage is going to get buried in an Illuminati pyramid:


Nic Cage pyramid grave

Here’s an image from a magazine with more of the Project MONARCH programming:

Meghan Collison Russia MKULTRA monarch butterfly cover magazine WO

Watcher ‘xyzc’ saw this MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterfly at the beginning of Josh Groban’s Pure Imagination video. Do you think this depicts him as a victim of the MKULTRA sub-program of Project MONARCH?… It comes from his new album called Stages which might represent the stages of transformation one undergoes on that mind control journey…

IlluminatiWatcher Josh Groban Pure Imagination MONARCH MKULTRA mind control

The song was in fact from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), and we know that alleged occultist Johnny Depp played that role well while giving us the All Seeing Eye on the movie poster:

Charlie Chocolate Factory Johnny Depp All Seeing Eye Illuminati

A guy named Lil Chris from the show Rock School died at the age of 24. Gene Simmons from KISS (“Knights In Satan’s Service) was the man who ushered him into this sick music industry and DailyMail reported the following statement:

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, who propelled Chris to fame on Rock School after making him the lead singer of a student band, also tweeted: ‘Sad to report Lil Chris from the Gene Simmons Rock School TV show, has passed on. He was loved. RIP, Lil Chris.’

As of this writing, they haven’t released a cause of death. They’re saying there is “nothing suspicious” about it (he’s only 24, mind you). So it’ll be interesting to see where this heads. Hopefully he wasn’t a victim of the Moloch sacrifice, like so many others as I conjecture with the history of the Illuminati blood sacrifice (see  SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).
RIP Lil Chris:
IlluminatiWatcher Lil Chris Moloch Mano Cornuto

John Stamos was rocking the All Seeing Eye:

John Stamos illuminati All Seeing Eye WO

Watcher S.A.M. sent me an image on Facebook of a French-Israeli singer named Yael Naim’s latest album cover that had a dual-symbol of the owl as her All Seeing Eye; perhaps navigating her through the darkness. Her wiki claims she was actually in the Israeli Defense Forces, so there are military links. She’s achieved some level of fame with her song New Soul that was featured on Apple’s MacBook commercials; prompting me to wonder if that “new” soul was some kind of Faustian bargain (again, this is the primary topic of SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC which I keep bringing up because it is so relevant to what is going on):

Yael Naim Older Owl All Seeing Eye cover

I was updating my post for the children’s ‘occult’ cartoon called Ever After High when I watched a music video for a similar series called Monster High. In this video, we see the male character doing the “V” Sign of Typhon/Nodens near his eyes:

IlluminatiWatcher Monster High All Seeing Eye Typhon V

If that’s not enough- he also starts throwing All Seeing Eyes at people in the video:

IlluminatiWatcher Monster High All Seeing Eye Battle


I watched the hilarious Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central and I noticed that Bieber came down from the top of the stage and came crashing down with angel wings on. This is symbolism of the fallen angel- Lucifer. We also saw this Calvin Klein ad of him that shows most of his tattoos:

Calvin Klein Justin Bieber ad

If you look closely, you can see on his right forearm he has a tattoo of the Nodens ‘V’ sign with the Mark of the Beast ‘X’ on it:

Calvin Klein Justin Bieber Mark of Beast X V tattoo

I got some interesting links to some artwork from Drake’s OVO tour, and on it we see the Seal of Solomon used to magically control demon spirits (on the nose of the person in the upper left image), and several All Seeing Eyes, some triangles, etc. (*note that I blurred out some of the explicit images):

SFW Drake OVO Fest All Seeing Eye Seal of Solomon Triangle

While I was surfing that website with the Drake images- I saw Pimp C with the Hidden Hand inside of his jacket:

Pimp C Hidden Hand OVO Fest

Madonna has been on a real campaign of pushing the normalization of occult ideas. Here we can see her push the Hermetic teaching of As Above, So Below with her tweet:

Madonna Tweet Twitter babies As Above So Below

Madonna talks about how ‘great’ it would be to be in the Illuminati when asked about this new Tidal music service in an interview found on

If you refer to Tidal as Illuminati, you are paying us the highest of compliments,” the singer wrote on her Instagram. 

“As I’ve stated before it is another name for “The Enlightened Ones” a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shaped the world for the better! Do the research and find out for yourself! #knowledge is power #rebelheart”

Perhaps that is why she’s pushing the Illuminati symbolism of the All Seeing Eye in a recent Cosmopolitan photo shoot:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Cosmo All Seeing Eye patch

Which you’ll notice has the Illuminati Vow of Silence symbol in it as well, which she also posted to her Instagram:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Vow of Silence

This Tidal music service is the latest push by all of the Illuminati-connected artists such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Daft Punk, et. al. It’s name in and of itself is enough to ‘ring the alarm’ (that was a Beyonce pun) because there is major theme of the word ‘Tidal’. This is most likely a reference to the tidal wave; a symbol of water which is yet another push on the Age of Aquarius. This concept is one in which the new age of mankind will be dominated by group consciousness and technology.

This is why these musicians keep pushing the themes of immortality, robotic transhumanism, and water based symbolism, like in this fan art for Madonna’s song Holy Water:

Madonna fan art Holy Water

Speaking of the transhuman push of Daft Punk; Madonna is also pushing the Illuminati-transhuman-immortal beliefs in a Noisey interview:

Now that you’re a mother yourself, and having lost your mother so early on, does it make you think about death? Are you scared of it? 
Well who isn’t? Nobody wants to die. I want to live forever and I’m going to.

I’m there.

If you still don’t believe they are pushing this transhuman revolution of mankind; take a look at the subtle Mark of the Beast symbol that flashes by on her Ghosttown teaser video:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Ghosttown Mark of the Beast

Of course, this happens right after they show Jesus Christ burning on a cross:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Ghosttown Burning Cross

But there’s nothing satanic about her works. Sure.

Recently I pointed out the Illuminati Mark of the Beast in the Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk video in the post exposing Bruno Mars’ Illuminati affiliations:

Bruno Mars Illuminati Mark of Beast X O Uptown Funk

A rapper founded by Tyga that goes by the name of “Honey Cocaine” was recently seen on the Instagram wearing a shirt with the inverted pentagram on it:

Honey Cocaine Pentagram Facebook

Florence + The Machine have a new album and if has a video for a song called St. Jude that has a theme of the dark spiral throughout. This concept is seen in my expose of the HBO series for True Detective as an occult symbol of importance:

Florence Machine St Jude Dark Spiral prayer

Florence Machine St Jude Dark Spiral

Here you can see the stones lined up in a similar pattern:

Florence Machine St Jude Dark Spiral stones

Sia released another video that features Maddie Ziegler who is proving to be another victim of the MKULTRA mind control stuff (which supports the theory I present in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC about Sia channeling entities as she mentioned on Howard Stern).

They keep subjecting her to these “avant-garde” videos and Sia’s latest called Big Girls Cry is just more of the same. It should come as no surprise because she is one of those poor kids subjected to the “Dance Moms” obsessions. In fact, this video is pretty awful and it depicts the girl being choked and hanged for period of time, so that’s lovely:

Sia Big Girls Cry Choke Maddie WO

We also see the familiar All Seeing Eye with the 666 hand over it:

Sia Big Girls Cry Maddie All Seeing Eye 666 WO

Another 666-All Seeing Eye was found on a Huffington Post blogger’s story (Zeba Blay) about her online dating story, and for no reason at all she included this image:

IlluminatiWatcher All Seeing Eye 666 Zeba Blay

They claim it’s artistic and creative expression, which is priceless because we see it all of the time. It’s funny how they can be unique and creative but they somehow all do the same symbols?…

Getting back to Sia; she was in the April 2015 INTERVIEW magazine where she was interviewed by friend Kristin Wiig and they discussed some ‘alien’ ideas:

WIIG: Do you believe in aliens or mermaids or something?

SIA: I do. I think that it would be unwise of us not to believe that there is life outside of us, intelligent life. And so I do believe in aliens. I have seen the [former] Canadian minister of defense discuss the fact that he knows that the American government is working with five different species of aliens presently. Which is a real fucking mind-blower. I want to believe in a way that makes me feel a little bit scared. So then I like to think about dogs because it makes me feel safe. And mermaids. I believe in Daryl Hannah.

VEVO has a new trophy for select garbage like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video when they cross the 100 million plays mark. Notice the Mano Cornuto Moloch horns are used to represent it:

Vevo certified Moloch WO

Watcher xyzc found this 2010 cover of WIRE that has musician Chris Watson with the MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterflies all over (including covering one of his eyes):

Chris Watson WIRE magazine cover MKULTRA Project Monarch butterfly

Thanks for reading! Be sure to sign up for the free Watcher email newsletter for the latest jump on Illuminati symbolism and follow the conversation on social media.









Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. thx but you didnt mention on Rozzy( R .Ross ) and C.briz

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  2. I was going to email you stuff about Maddie Ziegler and her sudden appearances in Sia’s music videos (Which get millions of views).

    I also think she is being used to push the idea of the Age of Horus.

    Also I’m not sure if it has been mentioned but in the “Chandelier” video, the choreography is strange too, it looks like she’s going a bit crazy which can suggest MKUltra but also she flashes the all-seeing eye near the end of the video, you’ll probably know it when u see it.

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    • You can send that email to me: And yes- it’s all pushing the obsession with the youth in the Aeon of Horus, you are correct. ALSO- Watcher XYZC wanted me to forward this message over to you:

      “Chandelier” is indeed about MK ULTRA, its not just me who says that, but also many other ppl on the net. Whats really troubling me about both this vid and “Big Girls Cry” is Maddie’s mimicking of blowjob. Call me mad, I dont mind, its up to u to notice and draw a conclusion. The vids could have been done very well without that gesture, but go figure…

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      • Thank you very much for that comment and input from XYZC – I watched the video and I actually agree of the mimicking that he mentioned. It also looks like she is taking drugs a lot through the video judging by the hand gestures.

        Also please check out the similarities between this gesture : The first pic is from the chandelier video:

        And then Big Girls Cry:

        Both very similar, it probably suggests the all-seeing eye and it can also suggest that these videos are like a continuation of each other – (same clothes, same wig, same kinda dance thing) so the hand gesture is there like a hint to suggest that.

        (Sorry for my not so articulate response but I hope you understand what I’m saying)

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  3. Hey . Check out Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink’s new music video called Worth it, its full of illuminati symbolism .
    oh and theres a new artist called Natalie la Rose . She just reached the top 10 in the USA with her collaboration with Jeremih called Somebody. In that video you can notice the illuminati vow of silence

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  4. I continue to tell people that Illuminati is ISLAM.

    Hence ‘At.Long.Last.ASAP’ or ‘ALLA’ by ASAP Rocky. ALLA = ALLAH

    And in the Drake OVO concert pics, you can see a Muslim man wearing a hijab thing.

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    • Chill out, Illuminati is not Islam. Keep researching and get rid of this stupid theory.

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    • Hello Jordan, please do not disrespect the [holiest] beliefs of more than billions of people.

      ‘Allah’ is the holiest of the holy names. It is one of God’s names as he tells us so himself in his glorified book, the holy Qur’an (and even before Islam the word ‘Allah’ was always used amongst Arabs when they wanted to refer to One True God who is invisible for he is greater than to be seen). What you are missing here is that ‘Allah’ is Arabic not English.

      Allah in Arabic can be rooted to either of these:

      1. Elah (god, the flawless glorified obligatory being, the source of every other ‘being’, who only and only him deserves to be worshiped). Elah + Al (Al in Arabic is almost like ‘The’ in English) = The God.

      2. Valah (Wonder, Love. It means the being who men’s wisdom can never reach him for he is infinite, and men are always in wonder about him, or the being who men’s wisdom is in everlasting love with, fugitive to him and in wonder about him.) [sorry for my bad English]

      God has infinite names because he’s greater than to be defined by words. Still, ‘Allah’ is what God tells us to call him when we say prayers 5 times a day because it is a word that contains all of those infinite names of him. Even before Qur’an, people have used this word. They believed in an invisible god who had two daughters! (this is mentioned and condemned by God in Qur’an)

      But when we are normally talking to God, we mostly use the word ‘god’.

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      • Glorified holy book? The Quran? What a joke!! Your prophet denies the Son of God!! Gods name is I AM!! AHAYA IN HEBREW! Your Mohamed married a child of 6 or 7 and had sex with her at 9!! He also says that sex with a goat is okay as long as you kill the goat when your finished as apparently the the sin you have just committed on this poor animal is also passed onto it? And take my religion to the people with a sword? And somehow you call this a religion of peace? WHAT A JOKE!! Your daughter gets raped by some animal that’s brought up believing in the Quran, and what happens to him? NOTHING!! But your poor daughter that was just forcefully raped will now be murdered by those that should protect and comfort her!! Your words mean nothing when the actions of Muslims show a totally different light!!!

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    • Muslims are afraid of Satan, the Antichrist and the Illuminati, too. Their antichrist mythos has him with only one eye.

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    • If you know nothing of Islam dont make stupid comments. If you did any research or had any brain to do so before you speak you would know that Jesus himself referred to God as “Allah” wake up!

      Post a Reply
      • And can I also say to Christians out there, mainly the original poster.

        That one of the pillars of Islam is to believe in Jesus Christ and we pray to him and all the prophets several times per day!!

        Sorry to rant but I’m always stopped on the street by Christians, it goes like this,
        Them: Take this leaflet,
        Me: No, thanks I’m Muslim.
        Them: If you don’t believe in Jesus you won’t be saved.
        Me: I do believe in Jesus, I’m Muslim.
        Them: but you must pray to him.
        Me: I do, I’m Muslim.

        It’s always refreshing when there’s non Muslims who take the time to learn about anothers religion, as above posters excluding original poster.

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      • Liberal apologist fool.

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  5. One of TIDAL’s anagrams is DALIT. And DALIT is the name of the Hindu Untouchable caste. In the “artistic” context, by extrapolating, it means that no matter what these creeps (aka artists/singers) do, nobody can do anything to them. No matter how filthy their vids/songs are, they are untouchable, just like elites they are. I dont buy the TIDAL = Age of Acquarius version, sorry. U or some may be rite about it, it just doesnt resonate with me.

    Post a Reply
    • I could see your point on that. I’m curious about this TIDAL stuff so I’m sure there will be MUCH more on this later…

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    • xyzc…DALIT’s are the lowest of the lowest class, not the elitist. DALITs do the work that no one wants to do like clean the floor, bathroom and so on.

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      • I notice Americans (many of us) like to absorb other cultural lingo, tweeking it to their(our) own expression. “Untouchable” poetically brings to mind all kinds of ideas… Take the word “sh7t”, for instance: Sometimes we are ‘The Shietzen’. Other times, ‘A total schat’… See, poetic

        Many religions guard against the arts because of the way it distorts,dilludes,illudes,distracts,enchants and ultimately can possess an innocent observer.
        I used to think these were ignorant and dumb… Now, not so much, but then, I’m oldish. I may be just getting old. (Neh… Art today is smutty, lacking real math, history and culture, representing basically the artist’s self adoration and egomania. Thanks anyway Madonna & pals, likenesses, wannabes, consumers and human ignorance. Twinkies and Koolaid are good for humanity,ecology and the atmosphere… In hell…

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      • Read my post again and wear some glasses just in case.

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        • I get what you posted…
          I’z suggesting it all a gimmick and pointing out that this sort of speak is considered dangerous by some.

          No one is ‘untouchable’… Not even the pope, else the wall around his city needn’t be, right?
          No, we are all touchable; if not completely touchy…

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  6. Hey Isaac, I would like to point your attention to three videos which premiered a moment ago, but I believe you haven’t covered them and I think the’re interesting.

    1) The first one is “That’s My Shit” by The-Dream:

    It’s seems to be inspired by “Eyes Wide Shut” which you so amazingy wrote about. A almost naked woman on the floor, surrounded a group of men who observe her with absolutely no emotions on their faces (so this is no cliched strip club music video scene with horny guys throwing cash), almost like it’s an experiment. Other women perform servant roles, wearing butterfly-shaped masks (1:03) – and they are all brunettes, while the main woman is the only blonde.

    2) “Blessings” by Big Sean –

    Full of “mysterious” symbols, especially the white stairs to the sky which Sean eventually climbs. Also, at 2:50 he seems to pose as Jesus Christ dying on the cross (while lying on those stairs). The lyrics are suspicious too (he will give “heaven on earth” to his friends are willing “go to hell and back” for him).

    3) “Four Five Seconds” by Rihanna –

    This one looks like the simplest video ever, with Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney just performing in front of the camera, but one thing that caught my attention is the fact that all through the video, Rihanna is exposing the left side of her body (to the point where you can more or less see her breast – 2:12), while the right side stays covered. I think this is supposed to be an allusion to the Freemason initiation ritual (, where the newly admitted Mason is supposted to be “both dressed and undressed” at the same time, by exposing his left side naked, but not the right one.

    Hope you find that interesting.

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  7. @ Watcher
    Good work as always bro and just fyi all Israeli citizens must join the IDF for at least 2 years. (im no fan of isreal as a side note)

    @ the moron who said Illuminati is Islam.. LMAO how pathetic. The reason there is so much Islamaphobia is because they are scared to death of it as it teaches the Truth and exposes the one eyed crap (look into Al Dijal). Oh and btw Jesus himself referred to “God” as “Allah” wake the eff up!

    its so funny how “hip hop” used to be anti establishment and now its just a “pawn in the game” for the power structure. Here in LA i see young kids all the time sporting stupid ass Illuminati clothing that they have NO idea what it represents symbolically. e.g. Skate kids wearing “Thrasher magazine” gear with tons of satanic images, hip hop kids with OVO and Kayne crap etc.. what a joke

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    • I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

      The ignorance many possess regarding Palestine and Jerusalem and all the phewy amid the subject matter is awesome, and not of the auspicious kind… I wonder how any American state’s people would behave if the original tribe from those lands were granted it back and they had to simply get out or “else”; with the rest of the world seeing to our submission. I think we’d hate it more than those suffering the Westbank.

      As for the Mormon tradition, I always thought it was a morphism of Freemasonry, with a pinch of Judaism… To that poster you addressed: I know my saying this about mormanism may peeve you and I am sorry for it. I am not anti-spirituality. Religion, however, has done NOTHING but pit man against man & other crazyass shit, so, yeah, it sucks a lot in my witness of it.

      Would God really zap a whole soul for being a victim of 4th generation crappy parenting, bad genetics, poor public education and primativity; as these are the biggest reasons most idiots seem to sin? That don’t seem fair… According to some traditions, I should be eaten as meat for not having a certain ” race” of mom. That pisses me off…racist asshole tradition!

      Thanks providing, I-dub-ya!(iw,*wink*)

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      • Imma bout to give this mike back to you but…

        No “religions” haven’t. Every religious war was actually a war of power and money that used religion to secure the people’s silence.

        What Church went to war in the Crusades? None. Kingdoms with kings went to war with the Pope’s blessing. Kingdoms sent knights to the crusades for trophy.

        And before people mention the Inquisition (I’ll use a Jewish scholar this time) Steven Katz in The Holocaust in Historical Context wrote “in its entirety, the thirteenth and fourteenth century Inquisition put very few people to death and sent few people to prison; 90 percent of its sentences were canonical penances”

        Most people who were executed during the Inquisition were related to the Templars in some way (or the pre-Templars) and now looking at Free Masonry and how they’ve manipulated the world I am really wondering if the rumors of what they were up to back then were true.

        It doesn’t excuse it, but at the same time the US government killed more people the first month of the Iraq war then the Inquisition did in all the hundreds of years of its commission.

        Money and power have always been at the root of all evil. This century alone over 200 million people have been killed by their governments and over 50 million have been killed in pseudo wars.

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        • OK,OK… Money&power are the first dominos. I do agree.
          Organized religion is a tool…yeah, I see that; for good and bad.
          Sorry for my earlier spray.
          I tend to skip the details and put a general lable on big complicated things like politics, church/temple and social trends.

          If there was not a million differing religions insisting their way ‘The Way’ I’d not think it a dividing cause.
          Can someone explain their tax exemptness…as the make political contributions. We should all want to “own” a religion and bank too then!
          Here’s an even easier method for success:
          Apparently, we only need to learn some ‘special-math’, procure a human willing to be killed on an alter for us, choose some syllables to chant, with hand-jive and Voilà! Superbowl rings for everyone!
          So silly, really…tho, perhaps very real. However, I am confident most fail horridly by it.

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      • The Illuminati wishes to subjugate and control the world… Islam wishes to control and subjugate the world… there’s the only link that I can see. Two factions, one prize. Only the strongest, most intelligent and most subversive will win.

        There is no place for Islam in the imminent New World Order.

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    • Thanks Billy! And yes, hip hop is a key tool being used to spread negativity at this point, that is clear my friend!

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  8. Drake’s OVO (October’s Very Own) tour? Like OVO meaning “egg” in Portuguese and Latin? That’s wierd, is there any FM or illuminati symbolism of an egg?

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    • Cirque du sole had show named OVO… These are visually stunning and cult artsy to the max.

      ‘Egg’ makes me think of the riddle Golum challenges Bilbo with…

      The abyss mistifies just to keep you peering down… Take breaks often, friend!

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      • ‘Mystifies’… I public ejikadid,yep.

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  9. beliefs*
    BTW I myself have completely stopped watching movies, music videos or even listening to any music I don’t approve it’s meanings since I visited here. Reading IW does not make me go watch even more to research these MVs myself, but the opposite. To inform other people that their favorite celebrity ‘idols’ are spreading Satanism among the youth.

    Before I visit this site, I was like you Mr.Alex. I didn’t care about the lyrics, the meanings and even the symbols of Satanic beliefs in the movies/MVs even though some people (Muslims) had warned me about them. I took them as extremists! Never took them seriously and never paid much attention to them (I’m Muslim myself)!

    But after I watched Arianna Grande’s latest MV at that time which I have forgotten it’s name, I saw major Freemasonry symbols in it, I could no longer ignore what I was seeing with my own eyes like I always did past 7 years. I was filled with anger at myself for ‘choosing’ to remain a fool. Then I googled and found and saw evidenced, well written analyzes about those symbols. For the first time in my life I noticed it’s not only Muslims who have detected some Satanic symbols in entertainment industry, but people in USA have done so as well. I could no longer ignore these facts and now after about 6 months, I haven’t seen more than 3-4 movies like Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit that I have considered Illuminati-free! and 0 Music Videos.
    It’s not like that I’m afraid such symbols would affect me, no. But to know people who are making these movies, musics are spreading Satanism and doing so deliberately and on purpose and maybe they are Satanists themselves, this I cannot ignore. I simply can’t see this as ‘entertainment’ anymore.

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    • lol sorry I meant to post this in Bruno Marc article in replay to Mr.Alex…

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    • It’s tough to keep an interest in some of these forms of entertainment after you learn of the darkness in their symbols. I still enjoy some of the stuff, but I’m finding it harder to do so. Good on you for being able to fully unplug from the stuff. I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone necessarily but that’s very strong of you to do so. I don’t want to push negativity or anything and I hope people don’t stop enjoying music, film, etc. just because they think they’re part of the Illuminati (which seems fairly true at this point). We still have to walk amongst the rest of the world and whatnot, so I think it’s important to find joy in these things but remain vigilant and able to discern what is occult and what isn’t.

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  10. IW, I saw another use of the alchemical Saturn X symbol in a fashion line from Nicole Scherzinger, the former singer of the Pussycat Dolls. She has a deeply trashy throwaway clothing line from the online fast fashion outlet Missguided under the name Nicole X. Remember she is the performer who caused a conspiracy theory uproar by saying you have to “sell your soul” to get into the music industry. She also was first in a girl group called Eden’s Crush, a name which could have a rather sinister occult meaning. And she is a judge on the UK X Factor.

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  11. Good article as always Isaac. Man that hag witch madonna I wish she would hang it up. Her wickedness gets worse with each passing year.

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    • Haha, tell us how you really feel! LOL Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad to have you on the site. You promote some good discussion. In Madonna’s defense (even is she is a Satanic witch), she looks pretty awesome for her age!

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  12. Hey thanks man.. I appreciate the kind words. i get in a bad mood when Im exposed to the Illuminati culture nonsense 🙂 She only looks good with heavy stage makeup and her hands covered up. Just see some press shots of her in a tshirt… yikes!

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    • Thank you, please come again

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  14. Why have you deleted your twitter account? Pressure?

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  15. Mate you are way to paranoid and concerned with things that DO NOT EXIST!! There is no devil, the mark of the beast and all its symbolism and gestures are not even real man, these artists are playing with your mind, theyr just fuckin around cuz they have the power to.

    Madonna was 100% on point with her explanation on Twitter and I fully agree with it. What else is Satanic lol? Meditation? Lucid Dreaming? if bettering yourself is evil man… i must be the devil because it’s all i think about, I meditate everyday, keeps me smart and calm, I lucid dream been practicing for years actually…

    These Symbols are ancient egyptian symbols, used from ancient times for alchemy and calligraphy, the ALL SEEING EYE , or EYE OF HORUS represents the FUCKING PINEAL GLAND you idiot! we all have one, so you are the DEVIL TOO! lol… your too old for this non sense mate, smarten up

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  16. We need to be aware of all of the symbolism and recognize it for what it is, so that we may avoid it and warn others. Just don’t let it bring you down. Sometimes I have to step away because this stuff is very powerful and evil and it can be demoralizing, which is what they want. If you dwell on it too much it will start to control you even though you are against it. We do need to be aware of the evil but we also need to dwell on the pure and beautiful things that God has given us and always keep our eyes on Him. He will triumph over Satan in the end! God Bless.

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    • You have a strong point Paula. In as much as we should be aware we shouldnt fall victims in the process afterall, theyre all about mind control. I also think they control even some sites and media that “expose” them. Think of it, for a cult that intends to be accepted worldwide theyd have to be known at some point right? And hasnt it dawned on anybody else that secrets that had been kept sine 1776 are just unravelling in a time when the table is set for their deeds, not minding the fact that death is a penalty for leaking their secrets? I think thats an added reason for their constant symbolism; so we grow into it

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  17. Madonna’s comment about cryogenics reminded me of Avi Ben-Abraham (google him), a fellow I was acquainted with in the mid-80’s LA party scene. He was messing with cryogenics even back then…scary to think how far things may have progressed since.

    Avi wasn’t a clinical scientist-type: he hung out at parties in Malibu and Bel Air, and at Vertigo (“the” club at the time), and dated tall blondes (not me). Funny, we used to joke that if a girl didn’t come back from a date with Avi, we should check the freezer. Could it get any creepier?

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  18. The Illuminati, Satan and Lucifer are all quite different…

    ILLUMINATI, a group intent on control, power, and halting the spread of real knowledge through misdirection. The knowledge they impart is disinformation, at best, partial truth. Global depopulation a necessity. Perceived as evil by those misunderstanding their goals. Possibly Luciferian, but not Satanic.

    SATAN, a personification of all corporate giants, big business and government. Power, fame, fortune, and glory by any and every means at their disposal, without care for the future, environment or human suffering. Greed is the driving force. Global depopulation would be counter productive. Anyone in awe of fame and fortune is already in thrall to Satan.

    LUCIFER, the fallen Angel, expelled for imparting knowledge and free will to mankind.

    How can ancient ‘gods’ all be evil? Even those with monotheistic religions have subdivisional ‘aspects’ of their god… those religions perceived as having many deities still only have one creator. I despair at the current trend toward human intellectual regression. Dark Ages II on the way to a region near you soon! Hurry!

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    • As a postscript…

      On the subject of TIDAL and Dalit. Like, man, yeh, so dude, dog is an anagram of god… dooood.

      These people are untouchable as they have access the very best legal advice and have the indirect backing of the enlightened ones for their work in the NWO propaganda machine.

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  19. Just watched an on demand version of Lifetimes Devious Maids episode 310 that aired Monday Aug 3 2015 where the little boy shows pictures of the accidently drugged guest and in slow motion it shows her givibg the satanic hand gesture with both hands and then another screen shot of double triangle symbol with her fingers over both eyes. I don’t know this actress name but it’s an Eva Longoria combined production with the producer of desperate housewives.

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  20. There is also “Cheap Thrills” from Sia. If you look at the video, you might notice the 666 hand gestures on both sides while they are dancing. Basically, the 3 dancers are making the “6” gesture from top to bottom and their hair color is black and white (duality I guess…). So it is like the Mark of the Beast (666) is on both black and white universes.

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