Illuminati Roundup: Sia, Madonna, Jaden Smith, Jared Leto, Suri, LiLo, Kristen Stewart, and more

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out this latest article of the Illuminati Roundup series. As you already know, many of us in the Watcher community enjoy learning about these occult symbols that I point out in film, music, and entertainment. Some of you have taken that next step and started looking for symbols and forwarded the findings to your humble webmaster.

In the “Illuminati Roundup” venue we can see some of the images and findings the community has found, while I also get to insert some examples that I’ve been exploring but didn’t quite have enough content to be worthy of an entire article.


Let’s take a look…

Watcher Emeza sent me some screenshots found on Sia’s video for Chandelier in which we see Maddie Ziegler showing us the All Seeing Eye while embedded into the sign of Typhon from the Abyss with the “V”:

Sia Maddie Ziegler Chandalier All Seeing Eye V Nodens

Also in that video, Emeza noticed the shark hanging from the ceiling (as seen on the post Katy Perry: Goddess of the 2015 Super Bowl where some commenters discussed the importance of the shark symbolism):

Sia Maddie Ziegler Chandalier Shark

Artwork for an album by Max Gibberish has the Vow of Silence placed upon him with the Mark of the Beast across his mouth:

IlluminatiWatcher Max Gibberish Vow of Silence Mark of the Beast

Watcher Gabriele told me about Fifth Harmony’s video Worth It, we see Kid Ink pushing the 666 hands:

IlluminatiWatcher Kid Ink Fifth Harmony Im Worth It 666 Hand

Watcher “Just A Girl Called Bob” (great name by the way) noticed similarities to the post I made about Eyes Wide Shut and the tiger symbolism found on Marilyn Monroe’s song called Teach Me Tiger. I also noticed on the artwork she is covering one of the eye’s up, so mark up one for the All Seeing Eye from a victim of MKULTRA Presidential Diamond programming:

Marilyn Monroe Teach Me Tiger All Seeing Eye

Watcher xyzc found some images of Mick Jagger’s daughter, Georgia May Jagger, doing some modeling in some curious Minnie Mouse garb:

Georgia Jagger Micky Mouse programming

Brian Harvey (from the band East 17- a pop group from the 90s) was splashed on the news for destroying some of his gold records in the past, but he is now being portrayed as suffering from mental disorders (from DailyMail):

The 40-year-old, who has had depression for over a decade, has joined forces with his local Labour MP Simon Danczuk as part of a drive to help embattled musicians who have lost their fame and fortune, urging the music industry to do more when it all comes to an end.

Later on it reveals a bit more on this whole ordeal…

“It was recently revealed in a survey by Help Musicians UK that nearly 60% of musicians have psychological issues, and that nearly half have battled problems with alcohol.

This supports the occult idea that approaching these dark entities and rituals takes much preparation and occult knowledge, otherwise one is bound to go crazy (even Aleister Crowley said this before).


Take a look at Julia Dreyfus on the cover of Entertainment. You’ll notice the goat on here and a comment on the bottom that says the goat is real and “she’s spectacular“. Is this a symbol for Pan; the satanic goat? It is placed under a comment about Harry Potter with the satanic lightning bolts (see my section on ‘Creatures of the Abyss’):

Entertainment Goat Julia Dreyfus Harry Potter

WWE wrestling is pushing the Mark of the Beast with the ‘X’ over John Cena’s face:

John Cena WWE Extreme Rules Mark of the Beast X

Madonna released the video for GhostTown on TIDAL, but then released on YouTube as well (proving that you don’t need to really pay them for that monthly service). I mentioned this last time because the teaser to the video showed us the Mark of the Beast:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Ghosttown Mark of the Beast

Sure enough, the video is about an apocalyptic future:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Terence Howard Apocalypse GhostTown

Which is ironic because I also spotted the same symbol in Ariana Grande’s apocalyptic music video awhile back:

Ariana Grande Mark of Beast X O video

In that Madonna GhostTown video we also see her and Terrance Howard dancing on the Freemason dance floor (the black and white checkered floor referred to as “Moses Pavement”):

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Terence Howard Masonic floor GhostTown

Which is supporting evidence that Madonna is wearing the Freemason ‘Worshipful Master’ top hat in the video as well:

Madonna Ghosttown top hat mason

You remember that same top hat that she wore when she was involved with the high profile ritual where she kissed Britney Spears and Christian Aguilera at the MTV VMAs, right? That’s the same one:

Madonna Mason hat britney christina

Freemason Worshipful Master Cube

Why is she wearing the Freemason hat? Because it goes hand in hand with the occult magick groups like the O.T.O. that practice Kabbalah and the like.

In fact, we see Miley Cyrus’ brother, Noah, posing for PETA with the same ‘Moses Pavement’ beneath him as well:

Illuminati Noah Cyrus PETA mason floor

This ad brought much controversy because people like to get fired up about the Cyrus family and PETA on a regular basis. I was hoping Miley would be the last one from the family to be a personality but it appears that we’ll be subjected to Noah for the next 10-20 years as well.

Speaking of children of celebrities (and Miley Cyrus), there are some images of Suri that surfaced online (daughter to Tom Cruise- featured Scientologist on the HBO documentary GOING CLEAR, and Katie Holmes). Typically I wouldn’t even post this because I leave little kids out of this unless there is a decent reason to include them. Here is one such exception.

We see that Suri has the butterfly painted on her face while she is doing a gesture that should look familiar to anyone who’s seen my posts about Miley Cyrus…

Suri Illuminati Kali tongue butterfly

In case you don’t see it, take a look at Miley:

Miley Cyrus butterfly Kali

The reason I’m posting this is because Miley is obviously falling victim to some form of mind control or fame breakdown. As sad as it is, this is the result of dabbling into the occult (if that is in fact why she is acting out recently). I find it disturbing that Suri is making the same facial gestures as Miley, who is actually portraying the Hindu goddess of death- Kali; a topic I covered in more detail in CERN Welcomes the Goddess of Death on Friday the 13th with Beyonce and similar arguments:

CERN Kali Dance

Another non-celebrity we have to hear about is Will Smith’s son, Jaden. He is now promoting the wearing of dresses. Not that I care, but I find it amusing that he is pushing the Illuminati-belief in this androgynous future for mankind. As far as I can tell, he is not dressing up as a woman because he feels like one, but he rather likes to. I’m still fine with all of that, but this just supports this breaking of the norms that Crowley ushered in while also hinting at the idea that we shouldn’t stick to any kinds of tradition (e.g. Christianity).

People scoff at that notion, but the truth is that there has been a calculated effort since the 60s to make us rethink our conventional choices and to make religion appear to be some kind of sacrifice or submission to a ‘master’ as a way of drawing people to ‘other’ beliefs…

Jaden Smith Illuminati dress

Watcher xyzc found this birthday invitation for Kourtney Kardashian’s party. I don’t think I can make it this year, but I’m sure it’ll be a riotous affair given the All Seeing Eye on the invite:

Kourtney Kardashian All Seeing Eye birthday

The 2016 release of Suicide Squad continues to push along as director David Ayers released some images from behind the scenes. You’ll notice in this shot that Joel Kinnaman is doing the Mano Cornuto (whilst sitting among other Illuminati types like Will Smith and Cara Delevingne):

David Ayer Suicide Squad Moloch Tom Hardy

That high level symbolism pusher Jared Leto is going to play the Joker, and he provided this subtle version of the All Seeing Eye that was also depicted on the cover of an older Joker comic book:

Jared leto Joker Suicide Squad All Seeing Eye

You can just throw that on the pile of Jared Leto Illuminati symbols that I’ve exposed previously

Lindsay Lohan was in a provocative spread for Homme Style magazine. I would typically say that these images where one of her eyes are covered are merely just that- hair covering one of the eyes. However, you’ll notice it is in every single photo, leading me to believe this is All Seeing Eye territory:

Lindsay Lohan Homme Style All Seeing Eye

Lindsay Lohan Illuminati Homme Style All Seeing Eye 2

Lindsay Lohan Illuminati Homme Style All Seeing Eye 3

Here she is with the mind control sex-kitten ears for good measure:

Lindsay Lohan Illuminati Homme Style All Seeing Eye 4

Kristen Stewart continues to push that All Seeing Eye in her latest Chanel ad:

Kristen Stewart Illuminati All Seeing Eye Chanel

What was I just saying about Google pushing us into the digital Matrix in my latest ebook?… (from DailyMail):

Google has developed a system to allow robots to download new personalities online.

The system would allow machines to download them in a similar way to an app – and even have a different personality for each user.

The patent says that the personality could replicate the robot’s owner, ‘a deceased loved one,’ or ‘a celebrity,’

Google’s patent details a cloud-based system where a personality could be downloaded to a robot, in the same way one might download an app.

 ‘The robot personality may also be modifiable within a base personality construct (i.e., a default-persona) to provide states or moods representing transitory conditions of happiness, fear, surprise, perplexion (e.g., the Woody Allen robot), thoughtfulness, derision (e.g., the Rodney Dangerfield robot), and so forth,’ states the patent.

Friends will even be able to clone their robots and swap aspects of its personality.

‘The personality and state may be shared with other robots so as to clone this robot within another device or devices.

‘In this manner, a user may travel to another city, and download within a robot in that city (another ‘skin’) the personality and state matching the user’s ‘home location’ robot.

 Google Apocalypse cover Future Eye v1 WITH TITLE wo

This entire robotic personality idea was something I discussed in my beginner’s guide to conspiracy theory A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE. It’s a calculated agenda to push all of us down the path of the revolution of mankind and turn us into transhumans. It sounds absurd but I assure you it’s coming, and that recent Google patent proves it true.

Thanks for reading and be sure to join the community in whatever means you see fit- I’ve got the Facebook, Twitter, and email links on my START HERE page where you’ll find links and resources to everything you need to get started.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. more great work mate! Keep it up.

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  2. I have wondered if the sharks are a symbol of Leviathan, the giant apocalyptic monster fish, which in turn seems to be related to Typhon, the sea beast associated with Satan.

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  3. I had noticed some of these, but not most. The PETA one is really creepy. (BTW, “Noah” is a female. Wonder what sick reason they had for giving her a boy’s name?)

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    • I was going to say the same thing- Noah is actually a girl (Miley’s sister). Remember several years ago, she caused an outrage by dressing as a prostitute for Halloween (I think she was only about 9 or 10 at the time, hence the outrage).

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  4. I wish these celebrities knew how dumb they look, pushing all of this symbolism. It’s not even scary or threatening. They look lame and downright PATHETIC.

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    • Exactly, once something becomes mass-proliferated the edge is off and it becomes boring.

      When I was a teen rebelling meant breaking the rules but also having fun knowing you were being naughty. Today’s generation has parents that are understanding about naughty so naughty isn’t naughty anymore.

      They are practically forcing you to be Mormons in order to be shocking anymore.

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    • Yes, they look like mind-controlled sheep. As do all the people who mindlessly post the ‘rock star/V’ sign, which is really a Satanic curse- meaning death.

      With the celebrities, I am sure that many of them are pushed/pressured/told how to pose, their gestures etc. They probably have no idea of the meaning, thinking it makes them ‘cool’.

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  5. Always welcome, IW and despite my failing health, I can hardly sit here even in front of the pc, Ive got some things to say:

    1. Speaking of MM, there is no such thing as tiger programming, but there is the well known cat/kitten programming. U messed them up a bit, ure forgiven:)

    2. If u google Noah Cyrus, ull see that there is/was absolutely no chance for her to be the normal one in that fucked up family. It cant be another way. Its an MK ULTRA family, intergenerationally abusive and basically noone and nothing can change that, so how poor girl could escape. As I said, google her and ull see suggestive pics of her of being just another mind controlled slave, practically like all her family.

    3. There is stupid trend among celebs to give their female offsprings male names, regardless its the first or middle name, and as u said, Noah Cyrus is one of them. It has become more and more obvious and IMO its part of the aggressive homosexual/tranny/androgynous agenda.

    4. Some months ago I sent u a link to Jaden Smith’s twatter, sorry, twitter, lol, in which the pic, at least for that day was showing an invisible Jaden, only the clothes could be seen, but shaped after his body. Ghostlike, which I found very telling. Id be glad if u could find that. If u dont have it anymore, I can understand.

    5. Its also about Jaden, have u seen this? Check the link below. Not also the Smith family (xcept mabe for the older son, Trey) is MK ULTRA, but they are closeted Scientonuts too, which xplains kids rantings about life, god and so on. As far as I knew, Will and Tom Cruise used to have a strong bonding (perhaps they still do, and I mean even sexually) and Connor Cruise would actually be Will’s son from another relationship. In order to avoid scandal and such, as a good boy, Cruise adopted Connor….

    6. From now on, Ill post with my real name, Christinne. But my alter ego is still XYZC, 🙂

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  6. Forgot to tell that a few years back, Brian Harvey acknowledged publicly he is a fan of David Icke, so his “meltdown” (programming breakup) makes sense.

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  7. Can I make a small adjustment to the Marilyn/EWS link…I think my original meaning got lost somewhere….what I was pointing out was, of course, the stuffed tigers near the teddy bears in EWS, but also that they drew my attention because it reminded me of the story that emerged in the wake of Marilyn’s death; a stuffed tiger was found in the house and a report from an eye witness (reliable or not, unsure), states that this had been delivered the day before, in a box tied with string, allegedly from one of the Kennedy brothers. She was allegedly seen opening the box, removing the tiger, and upon seeing what it was, became visibly distressed.

    It may or not be symbolic, but in light of the Delta programming subject, it may be significant, and when stuffed tigers appeared again in EWS, it raised a flag for me.

    Kudos to you for picking up on the song and the photograph though, that slipped past me!! Keep up the good work, I love your site.

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    • Interesting- yea I totally didn’t know all of that. Glad you like the site, stay in touch if you see more.

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  8. Wait a minute here, Are you telling me that the top hats have masonic meanings?
    If the hat Madonna wears is “master freemason” hat, then you really need to update your article about “a clockwork Orange”, because these are the same hats that alex and his droogs were wearing, I didn’t know that they have a symbolic meaning but if they do, then of course Kubrick wouldn’t just have them wear these hats in the movie accidentally

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  9. Hey Issac, just letting you know I’m watching the scientology documentary tonight. It came on HBO today so i dvrd it! Can’t wait to check it out and pick your brain about it.

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  10. I just got the new issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Madonna on the cover. LOTS of sex kitten, Illuminati, all seeing eye photos. Just a heads up!

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  11. Madonna!!! I need your help to pay off my $85,000 student loan that I have had since 2007. I really need help. Please, please, please help me Madonna.

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    • Well, I have a six figure debt that I am struggling to pay off too (on below poverty line wages). If Madonna (or anyone) is listening, please help me too!

      Worth a try.

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  13. I also used to get butteflies paint in my face when i was little and nothing bad happened to me.
    OF course i was not the child of Tom Cruise.
    But i think that suri was just happy and being a child, she is so much better since Katie went away from tom cruise.

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    • Do you really think so !? God Condemns Idolatry
      3″But come here, you sons of a sorceress, Offspring of an adulterer and a prostitute. 4″Against whom do you jest? Against whom do you open wide your mouth And stick out your tongue? Are you not children of rebellion, Offspring of deceit, 5Who inflame yourselves among the oaks, Under every luxuriant tree, Who slaughter the children in the ravines, Under the clefts of the crags?… You must be one of those liberal Christians that picks and chooses which Scriptures apply and which ones don’t !

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      • And you are not? Tell me, have you ever eaten shellfish? Have you allowed a menstruating woman near you at anytime (they should be banished). Have you stoned all adulterers? Do you make regular sacrifices to your God? Including your first born child? No? Then you pick and choose your verses too! And you are going to Hell my friend! What’s worse is you are a hypocrite!!!!

        And let’s not forget that you are breaking one of God’s central teachings “judge not, lest you be judged!!” Fire and damnation awaits you, oh sinner!

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