Illuminati Roundup: Robert ‘The Jinx’ Durst, The Walking Dead, Gravity Falls, Muse, and more

The community have been identifying “Illuminati” symbolism everywhere and forwarding their findings to me through social media, email, or simply through comments on the website. I get lots of images with symbolism that you all are finding online, on television, film, music videos, album covers, magazines, news stories, etc.

In this post I will regurgitate what I’ve been seeing (that couldn’t quite be worthy of an entire post), alongside the stuff YOU ALL have been able to spot. I appreciate all that you do and let’s keep trying to unravel this great conspiracy mystery until we find the truth.


Let’s see what we’ve been compiling (big ups to anyone that sent material over).

Watcher xyzc sent me this image of English celeb- Holly Hagan doing the All Seeing Eye:

Holly Hagan Illuminati All Seeing Eye Instagram


Playboy bunny and star of Girls Next Door, Holly Madison, released a book that depicts her on the cover doing the Illuminati Vow of Silence while dressed in Alice in Wonderland garb- both indicative of the exposing of oneself to the Illuminati rituals and mind control:

Holly Madison Down the Rabbit Hole Vow of Silence Alice


In the book, she details how miserable she was and how she even contemplated suicide (I could only imagine why?…).

Watcher Laura sent me some heavy duty imagery from Disney’s Gravity Falls cartoon:

Gravity Falls magick illuminati Disney WO


Here is a magic spell book (aka a grimoire) that has the lightning bolts forming an “X” over the All Seeing Eye- which supports my Illuminati Mark of the Beast theory:

Gravity Falls All Seeing Eye Mark Beast X lightning WO


Here’s more from the grimoire; we see the pyramid, All Seeing Eye, references to Alchemy, the five elements (as seen on several of my 30 Seconds to Mars analysis‘), and references to ‘STAN’ (which my conspiracy theorizing mind sees as ‘SATAN’):

Gravity Falls Illuminati symbolism Pyramid Eye Alchemy WO


For those of you who think magic is innocent fun, you’ll have to read my hip hop conspiracy book called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I explain the occult basis for this sinister practice, and why they’re trying to instill it into the youth.

Here we see the skull (as in Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society), and an interesting triad symbol…

Gravity Falls skull ritual magic WO


Notice the triad symbol at the upper right corner from anywhere?… Watcher DJW sent me a similar image from a recent episode of The Walking Dead from a woman who also has a tattoo of an owl:


Walking Dead tattoo tri

Walking Dead tattoo tri zoomin


She is playing an interesting role which I’m covering in my The Walking Dead conspiracy theories post that continues to unfold.

I found the following mixtape on Datpiff; it appears that there is an interest in actually labeling things as “Illuminati”, which is terrifying:

Illuminati Mixtapes DJ Rock Triangles


Watcher Geo sent me some imagery from the 2015 SXSW festival that has a handful of Illuminati-occult symbols, primarily the aliens, serpents, and horned deity:

Miller Lite SXSW alien UFO ad WO


You’ll notice Miller Lite is sponsor of that particular ad, which I’ve laid out in a post as well for it’s Mark of the Beast ‘X’ over the Eye:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Miller-Draft-Beer-ad-X-Beast-Eye WO


The SXSW festival is held in Austin, Texas; where Freeman Fly asserted the original copy of Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law is held in their Harry Ransom Library, at the University of Texas Austin campus. If you want to dive one step further, the U of T practices a witch hex ritual that I’ve laid out in my True Detective Illuminati Symbolism post (because Matthew McConaughey went there).

Matthew-McConaughey-Illuminati-horns-hand WO


You’ll recall that the SXSW of 2014 featured Lady Gaga on the Doritos ‘Vending Machine’ stage (promoted with the Doritos Illuminati triangle):

Lady Gaga SXSW Doritos stage triangle

This was also the performance where she showed us how #BOLD she was by having a girl vomit on her during the performance of Swine:

Lady Gaga SXSW Doritos Vomit Puke Mark of the Beast X

Did you notice the Illuminati Mark of the Beast covering the vomit girl’s nipple?… They keep pushing the boundaries of sexual norms by juxtaposing gross acts like vomit and the Mark of the Beast with sexual images. It’s actually kind of funny that the girl is vomiting on the Doritos stage if you think about it. Maybe she’s trying to rid herself of the Doritos GMOs?…

We saw that sexuality-confusion with the Mark of the Beast on the Weeknd’s Earned It video that I mentioned awhile back as well on the post about the MKULTRA Mind Control of Fifty Shades of Grey:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Weeknd Mark of Beast X Earned It video WO


I saw this shoe ad in the recent Rolling Stone that had a Baphomet-esque goat on it. Makes sense, right?… Not really. It’s a subtle image that suggests man is like an animal, which you see in the verbiage when it says “Climb like an animal.” This could be a reference to the Church of Satan whose 7th commandment says the following:

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

Baphomet Merrell shoe ad

We saw this on the video breakdown I did for Maroon 5’s Animals video where we saw more of the blurring of sexual lines in which Adam Levine plays a rapist stalker covered in blood:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Maroon 5 V of blood 3

Watcher xyzc sent a slew of great links; here is one for a recent Lindsay Lohan non-event where she used the ‘n-word’ on Twitter to describe a Kanye concert (not the n-word that ends in ‘-er’ but rather ‘-a’; as in a term of endearment). However, given that she is white and that term is off limits, many people jumped on it and she took it down.

Point is, here is the image that went along with the article about that, where LiLo gives us the All Seeing Eye and triangle:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lindsay Lohan All Seeing Eye Triangle

Jared Leto was in the news (and on my last Illuminati Roundup article) for his All Seeing Eye image; but Watcher xyzc noticed that he was also in the news for claiming he was a male stripper at the age of 16:

I mention this because the underage sexual fetishes run rampant in this “Illuminati” conspiracy world. This suggests he might’ve been part of this alleged ring of sex slaves to the Illuminati (see The Fappening conspiracy theories).

It should also be noted Leto was publicizing his upcoming role in a film that I am predicting will have HEAVY occult symbolism called Suicide Squad. I say this because Will Smith will be playing the role for the character Deadshot (Will Smith is an alleged high ranking Scientologist and pro-New Ager), Leto is playing the Joker (the role that Heath Ledger played when he died), Oprah Winfrey is being considered, and lastly the ever-Illuminati-loving Cara Delevingne is playing Enchantress; and I’ve been talking about her for years, including her work with the Satanic group Die Antwoord:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Ugly Boy Cara Develigne All Seeing Eye

Also, the Suicide Squad storyline stems from the comic book plot about a group called “Task Force X”, suggesting it might have Mark of the Beast attributes. You’ll also recognize that all of the villians are part of this film, which takes this Illuminati agenda of dark hero programming one step further…

Speaking of the DC comic book connections, we can also see Heidi Klum posing for photos with Batman and Joker and you’ll notice the covering up of her left eye; implying the All Seeing Eye:

Heidi Klum Batman Joker All Seeing Eye

Floyd Mayweather’s son was wearing a shirt of interest…

Floyd Mayweather son All Seeing Eye

The film franchise for Insidious is marching on with a third installment. Notice it says “This is how you die” and shows us the light on the All Seeing Eye (just like you’ll see with Robert Durst’s logo- it’s Lucifer’s presence telling you his way is that of death):

Insidious 3 All Seeing Eye

In a DailyMail article on a new guide that details ‘the 31 steps to unlocking a woman’s brilliance’ they had one photo that didn’t seem to make sense with anything they spoke of in the text. Is this a subliminal message telling women they must subscribe to the 666 All Seeing Eye symbols of the Illuminati to become “brilliant”?

All Seeing Eye 31 steps of brilliant women

The 666 hand is often times used to depict feminine qualities; like the ‘womb’ of the Illuminati, so it might be a fitting theory…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Selena Gomez All Seeing Eye 666

What’s the deal with the Russian Vogue magazine??… We can see all sorts of MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterflies on this model; implying she has been victimized withe mind control. They even show one covering her mouth which implies she’s adhering to the Illuminati vow of silence:

Russian Vogue mkultra butterfly monarch vow of silence

Did you also see the Mark of the Beast fusion of the “X” and the “O” on the jacket lapels?…

Watcher Daniel sent me some great shots from Muse’s latest video called Psycho. It’s from their new album called Drones (that also has a song called JFK, which has its own conspiracy roots obviously) and they appear to be getting deeper into the occult stuff. You can see a demonic looking Moloch type beast flashed in the background:

Muse Psycho video Moloch Devil horns

We also see what appears to be Aleister Crowley as well (note the ‘devil’s haircut’ on this person):

Muse Psycho video Aleister Crowley

Daniel sent in this image of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad wearing that hoodie we recently saw Adam Levine wearing (see the recent Illuminati Roundup article) that is covered with the All Seeing Eye, pyramids, skulls, etc.

Aaron Paul Breaking Bad all seeing eye pyramid illuminati

If you haven’t caught the documentary series about Robert Durst (aka ‘The Jinx’), I highly recommend it. That being said, if you aren’t familiar with the story, it’s about a guy who allegedly (*VERY allegedly) murdered a few people and got away with it because his family is one of the biggest property owners of New York City.

What I’m getting at is Illuminati symbolism in the promos for the show; primarily the All Seeing Eye:

Robert Durst Illuminati The Jinx All Seeing Eye WO


Take a look at this other promo shot from further back. It has that ray of light over the eye; perhaps a reference to the light bearer Lucifer, who may have possessed this person to do such heinous acts:

Robert Durst Illuminati The Jinx Lucifer light Seeing Eye WO


If you’re interested in learning why we’re being subjected to these occult symbols- check out my START HERE page where you can find my social media links and research articles. Feel free to send me anything that you see and I might show it on one of the future Illuminati Roundup series.

Thanks for visiting!

-Isaac W.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I have had to deal with the Illuminati trying to personally recruit me. They recruit you in a way that is wooing spectacles, surprises if you will. Them trying to get you to take the bait. So whenever I have questioned, “Does this allude to me? What is this about?” well their response to me is that I have to accept their immorality. Specifically for me, they are trying to get me to flip-flop on my support for traditional marriage, Yes on Prop 8. I was the one that collected the most petition signatures for Yes on Prop 8. Also attorney Matthew Gregory McLaughlin has introduced a bill titled “The Sodite Suppression Act” . He recently submitted this bill and he will need petition gathers such as myself to collect signatures so that it will be on the next California voter ballot. I look forward to helping him, and the bill puts sodomizers to death. What I have observed about Illuminati executives is that they are very indifferent to people in the public, like they don’t care. I would even venture to say that your average corporate executive has murdered just any random person as an initiation into the Illuminati. Look at the child sacrifices that occur at Bohemian Grove. Now my conscious will only allow me to murder a sodomizer, but the laws prohibit me from doing this. So if we can get “The Sodite Suppression Act” passed, I believe that I will finally be able to payoff my $85K student loan. That’s all I want, is for my student loan to be paid off. So if the Illuminati is telling me that I have to kill someone so that I will be allowed to payoff my $85K student loan, then I’m telling the Illuminati that I will only kill a sodomizer.

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    • Peter,

      As sick as the Illuminati’s child blood sacrifices are, or the sickness of the Illuminati’s indifference to prosecute its own members participating in child sacrifices. Sicker than that and the most sickest thing is sodomy. Sodomy by anyone and including sodomy done within the Illuminati. We need to pray, pray, pray that all fags commit suicide soon. We need to pray, pray, pray that the The Sodite Suppression Act gets passed. Death to fags.

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      • You’re the sick one for such comments. Love is love regardless of the genders involved, and you can’t get that, then you clearly don’t understand the point of love in existence. Don’t even bring religion into this, if God is the creator, and the Bible claims God is all loving, then that incldues loving His creations that are homsoexual and so forth. If it’s really a “Sin” to love someone romantically of your gender, then that’d be pretty petty of God.

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        • Sodom and Gomorrah, all f@g$ go to hell. “Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals” (1 Corinthians 6:9).

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          • Read that in Yosemite Sam’s voice

          • Thank you very much. Wow, only just realized all of the typos there, admittedly, I was pretty mad though to be fair.

        • I doubt this person even believes it and is just a troll making fun of all of us because that’s what he/she thinks we believe.

          ((double eyeroll))

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          • Ahh, that’s a good point. Yeah, it’s strange to think of how split the Truther community can be in terms of beliefs.

      • Easy there Taylor- Christ doesn’t want anyone to commit suicide. Even if you want to say being gay is a sin, there is not one sin worse than another. Christ wants us to recognize Himself in each of us, which means that even if someone worships Satan, we are supposed to look past that and see that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Some of us may be lost, but we need to help them with compassion. You seem like a decent person, I don’t want you to get consumed in hating one person or thing. I personally think people that are gay are born that way (e.g. I don’t find myself “fighting” to not lust after other men). We all have enough problems on our own plate to be TOO wrapped up in how others are doing.

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  2. If you go to one of Honey Cocaine’s facebook page you can see in of the newest pictures pentagram on her shirt.

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  3. The “butterflied” woman is Russian model Natasha Poly

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  4. Durst is Jewish, no big deal, u know what I mean….

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  5. I smell a troll… don’t take the bait.

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  6. Many thanks to you Mr.Isaac and rest of astute IW Watchers for yet another great post. IW is now one of the main websites I visit everyday and I’m sure God will bless you Mr.Isaac for your continual work of informing people of the Dreadful Few who practice Satanism and have hijacked Hollywood. It’s very disturbing to know children of age under 10 are being bombarded by Satanism symbols. It’s most disturbing to see music and movie industry is teaching children not the sayings and beliefs of God’s holy prophet Jesus (PBUH) but beliefs of bunch of lunatic Moloch worshipers who have the quest of eliminating every religion. These people have done and are doing everything they can to eliminate religion. Their quest of De-Christianizing of USA began when they hijacked Hollywood and started sexual policy and porn industry.
    Today when someone says ‘Jesus’ everyone is reminded of corrupt and pedophile “priests”. Everyone is reminded of praying 24/7 and abandoning every pleasure in the world. Everyone is reminded that if they are not ‘perfect’, the angry and ever watchful God will be extremely furious at them. That’s how they are trying to picture Christianity in the mind of the youth.
    Today when people say ‘Islam’, everyone is reminded of suicide-bombings, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and every other recruited maniac brainwashed Saudi Arabia/UK created Wahabist who are not shooting even one bullet at Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Qatar/UAE and World Zionism -mainly Zionist Regime of Israel- who are operating them. If you look at the propaganda magazines of ISIS (which is somehow ‘magically’ available everywhere on the Internet instead of being banned) you’ll notice the word ‘Crusader’ many times. The most ridiculous and obvious attempt to make Muslims and Christians fight each other while the Zionists triumph by eliminating Syria which is a great obstacle against [Greater] Israel and their dominance of Middle East.
    These incredibly evil maniac bloodsuckers have waged a war against sanity itself which started when Rothschilds hijacked Federal Reserve in 1913.
    This is what their own magazine has PUBLISHED 5 years ago:
    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
    [Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, reported in Jerusalem Post, October 10, 2010]
    And what they have said THEMSELVES:
    “The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine, not because the Dead Sea water by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars of metaloids and powdered metals; not because the subsoil of Palestine contains twenty times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas; but because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic center for world control.”
    [Nahum Goldman, President World Jewish Congress]
    And let’s not forget every time they faced a nation which can actually ‘fight back’ their dominance of ME, they ‘order’ US to do it:
    “The aim of the counterfeit State of Israel, is to get the United States of America involved in a war in the Middle East” –The Rev. Gerald K. Smith. “The Cross and The Flag” every two weeks from 1969 through 1975.
    And if someone tried to criticize their atrocities, even if they are Jews themselves like professor Norman Finkelstein, they are flagged ‘Antisemitic’. If someone bring their incredibly evil beliefs into the light, like you Mr.Isaac, they are flagged ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. This is what they say themselves:
    “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the [Jewish] organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK. They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is ‘Israel, my country right or wrong,’ identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic, and to bring up the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that is justify everything we do to the Palestinians.”
    [Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister, Democracy Now, August 14, 2002]
    Sorry I wrote too long..
    Thanks again to Mr.Isaac and other Watchers for their great continual work.

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    • There’s gotta b an even playing field somewhere?

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    • Thanks for taking the time to write the comment, I appreciate the thought you put into it. Are you able to confirm that statement about the Goyim by Rabbi Yosef? I wasn’t able to find the original article that came from- only blogs and the such. I typically don’t take those things at face value until I read it’s ‘official’ version. However, that doesn’t make you wrong! I think you’re speaking on a lot of truths there.

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      • Sorry for late respones Mr.Isaac. You are right and have a point about believing only ‘offical’ versions… however I’ve found a source of this in Jerusalem Post:
        There are other sayings too which they have written in their own books, such as this (which is availabe on google books preview if you google it):
        Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles (1924)

        But I believe actions of these people are as official as their sayings. How else could they massacare 550 children in 50 days?!? I believe this ‘Gentile’ killing roots fo really deep in these inhumans when they call for murder of Palestinian mothers in public (and ofc no Major Mass Media covers it)
        or when they are proud of killing children with sniper rifles: … one just can’t make this stuff up…

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        • Interesting… Yea, it’s hard to dismiss some of that garbage huh? Perhaps he’s a disinfo agent of sorts- just trying to spread hate. Or maybe he’s revealing the true agenda? Who knows.

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      • BTW I forgot to say these quotes are from “Zionists” not Jews… Judaism is not Zionism.. They’re just hiding behind “Judaism” just as ISIL (which is a Wahabism group with 0 relation to Islam created by Saudi Arabia/UK to destabalize ME for several reasons, most important of them is benefit of Israel from sectarian war of Muslims) is hiding behind “Islam” yet ironically only Muslims and Christians are dying not a single bullet shot at Israel and Saudi Arabia…

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  7. I think ISIS is a CIA creation but…so is the drug war. <>

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  8. Re the name Suicide Squad – the group of rocket scientists around Jack Parsons at the Jet Propulsion Lab was nicknamed that. For those who don’t know, Parsons was a follower of Thelema, personally well-acquainted with Aleister Crowley. He wrote the Babalon Working, to manifest the goddess-bearer of the Antichrist into the world, and died due to a horrific explosion not long after.

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    • Fleur

      yes and also Parsons “wife swapped” with L Ron Hubbard.. groan.

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  9. To pimp a butterfly though.. Shaking my head.

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    • Yeah…symbolism pertinent.

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  10. Where can you find the documentary about robert durst? Also i wanted you guys to check this out

    The had a ceremony where they evoked an evil spirit from the city… Really. Avid reader and i love the site. Would love to poke your brain about few things mr.Isaac

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    • It’s on HBO. If you have a sub you can get the HBO GO app that has it too. It’s really good. Glad you like the site! Pick away my friend! As far as the article goes- that’s very interesting that such a pagan activity would take place. Especially given all of the D’s problems. Here’s the quote from that article if anyone is interested:
      He’s known as the Nain Rouge. Detroit’s mythical red dwarf is said to haunt the city and represent everything evil that holds us back. Sunday, the little imp was kicked out of town.

      The annual Marche du Nain Rouge is all about pushing back against this supposed evil creature with Detroit pride and positivity. That’s exactly what happened Sunday during the yearly parade and revelry that winds through Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood.

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      • So basically the organizers had everyone participate in a pagan activity and no one took any note of it. I’ve from Detroit and i never knew the city had an “evil spirit”. On a side note we just a satanical church open up here in the heart of the city new the Detroit lions stadium. Thinking about stopping by an seeing the symbolism. Very religious christian here and i find the occult and all the sub layers fascinating honestly.

        Personally i think all the racial violence we have been experiencing is a distraction. Not to mention the CIA crock that is ISIS. Funny what happened to Jihad, Al Queda, or Ebola???? as always i appreciate your time

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  11. Check out this blog:

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    • Wow that is some serious next level ‘ish there. Good find. That blogger seems to know a lot of details behind Bobbi Kristina. I’ll research it further. Thanks

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  12. Hey Taylor

    At least these evil illuminati types have made the Choice to be that way. You are just plain ignorant, so much worse than anyone in the illuminati, and more dangerous! You obviously now little of Christ Consciousness and need help. Ill pray for you brother.

    “he who is without sin can cast the first stone”?

    @ Isaac

    Keep up the good fight bro!

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    • My Dad exposed me to pornography before I knew what it was, and once I learned what it was he said, “We are going to ducktape Taylor’s eyes open.” I never remember Father touching me. I only took a job at D-Land (Disneyland) because my mother has worked there over 35 years and I needed a college job. I resigned from D-Land because its executives blacklisted me for being a Christian. Executives immaturely creating merchandise that was a personal pun directed at me. It was merchandise implying that I was a homosexual and that I had HIV. Well I don’t have HIV, nor am I a MSM because I have to donate blood. I believe that the creation of the merchandise was done by a combination of my mother and other D-Land executives. I have a 47 pythagorean numerology in my name, my birthday reduces to 34 and my brother’s reduces to 33; we were also born a few days a part. My parents never explained these numerology concepts to me, I only learned about them after resigning from D-Land on March 8, 2014. See after I resigned from D-Land it continued its harassment of me. It hacked my iPhone’s email accounts, and D-Land was pinging my cell’s Caller ID with inoperable numbers from Disney World Florida. D-Land hacked my email accounts because it was attempting to gather “intelligence” to see if I was going to sue. This was my sendoff from D-Land, having its f@g$ communicating to me. My ending pay was $10/hour, I still have my $85K student loan, and D-Land would never allow me to promote in any way because I am a Christian. In the past, I always privately believed in traditional marriage, but I even wanted gays to have access to HIV treatment. But now I pray that all gays commit suicide and that gays get no HIV treatment.

      Whatever secret occult deals my parents cut with D-Land is an example of the Illuminati’s destructive agenda. I am age 30, I have a bad case of ADD, and I am taking Linear Algebra for the 3rd time. I might have to take it a 4th time, and I got a D the first time because D-Land was hacking me in March 2014. I work to be constructive, I do not work to be destructive (but I have a right to defend myself). The additional education that I want to earn is so that I can be a researcher, so that I can make positive contributions to Geomatic Engineering (like the maps on your smartphone). Mankind will soon have to colonize Mars by 2050 because of the growing population. Whatever race or religion you are, you are a druggie prostitute with HIV, you might have had an abortion, even if you are black, we need you to have more babies. Because the positive externalities of your 11th or 12th child will be their engineering for whatever technologies are needed to go to Mars. The only positivity you’ll get out of gay men are HIV POZ, next your ObamaCare has to pay for yet another POZ. My mother does not go to church, and she cannot seem to accept that when I tell her, “You are going to hell.” Even if mother does not believe it, it is a fact, mother is going to hell.

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  13. I’ve was watching an episode of Gravity Falls and saw the one with “The Blind Eye Society”. I heard some of the ones in red cloaks kinda chanting “Novus Ordo Seclorum” over and over again. I turned away from the TV to see that my brothers were completely unaware of what was going on. I thought it was crazy that I was the only one out of the whole family that saw it.

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    • No way- that’s crazy! I’ll look that episode up. I haven’t seen the series but it looks dark as all get out. But yea- they’re making it so blatant and nobody seems to mind or notice. It’s a slippery slope my friend.

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  14. I’ve also seen many logos with freemasonry symbolism and other crazy stuff.

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  15. Yo! That’s ME in that MUSE video!!! hahaha. Wow. Too funny. I played a couple different characters in it. In this screen capture, I am representing pure evil. The song Psycho is about how young kids are manipulated into becoming psychopathic killing machines. (IMO)
    There is also a quick image of me (moustache) as an evil dictator.
    Let me just say this right out of the gates. MUSE are a TRUTHER band! I work closely with them in regards to GETTING THE TRUTH OUT!!! They are NOT towing the “Illuminati” line.
    They are using their words and imagery to AWAKEN people. Not the other way around.
    Feel free to email me if you wanna chat further about this. You should be promoting MUSE as thee biggest Truth band on the planet. They are on our side! In fact, I’ve shown them some of your material! I really dig your stuff and share the hell out of it. No pun.

    Bottom line. I think MOST of the artists you lambast on your site are in fact, controlled by TPTB.
    However, I can say 100%, MUSE are not. I’ve known them for 10 years and they are the real deal. Just wait til you hear the rest of this coming album. You’ll see what I mean.


    Lee Sayer

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  16. If you extend the inner “light” (possibly intentional to have two meanings) lines from the UFOs in the SXSW poster, the lines form the Masonic square and compass, with the grey alien standing in for the “G” (grey begins with g).

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  17. Note how the SXSW Festival ended on 3.22..of course those triangular UFO beams with the Miller cans intentionally look like all-seeing-eyes..

    Gematria: Miller=33.

    and note how Floyd Mayweather’s son wears not just that shirt, but an Oakland Raiders hat, which is basically a skull & crossbones logo, with a patch covering one eye, of course.

    note Oakland Raiders initials, O.R.
    Gematria: O.R.=33.

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  18. I watched the Jinx – and part of what was “unsaid” was the more money and power you have the more things you can get away with. The Durts’ own many building in NYC), the Trade Center/Freedom Tower being one of them. Definitely Illuminati, hence the illuminated one eye in the promotional poster.

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    The church of satan was created by our late hight priest magus anton
    szandor lavey on walpurgisachd 1966 as year one,since that date the church
    of satan
    and anton szandor lavey have become household name,the opening and
    floodgates of a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and unreason of
    organised religion and mystical philosophies of either rigit or left
    our primary goals is to clearly disseminate the philosophy created by
    Anton szandor lavey to those who have an intrest in becoming a member of
    the church of satan, we are looking for a few outstanding individual who
    have what it takes to be one of the Alite elite.
    To us satan is the symbol that best suite the nature of we who are
    carner by birth.the name “illuminati” is a name given to the church of
    satan because of the aim of the church and the name “illuminati” means ALL
    The church of satan is a religion that best suit men who want to increase
    their wisdom,their talent,their famouness and their wealth. the church of
    satan have help so many people in worldwide till date, the blessing of the
    church of satan is unlimited and can never stop if you are a member.
    Satanism is not for everyone but if you choose to be a member,we welcome of satan is not a fan club,a pen pal society,or a loney heart
    group, the church of satan is a group of dynamic individuals who stand
    forth as the ultimate underground alternative -the Alien Elite. we realize
    what we have,what we are and what we shall become. our scope is unlimited
    and extent of your involvement is base upon your own potential.
    Beware of who you contact if you choose to become member of the church
    of satan because not all post are real. the church of satan is not a play
    ground for kids or those who just want to become a member and posses
    wealth, before joinning the church of satan you must have something you
    engage yourself in that you want the church of satan to increase.
    PLEASE NOTE: There is no local branched on any local contact through which
    one can become a member, the only central administration office is only
    here in U.S.A in new york
    church of satan 666
    new york
    phone calls are not accepted or returned.
    That is the administration office, if you choose to make your dreams
    come true you can join through that address giving above or if you think
    that you can not make it to U.S.A you can send a mail to that email
    address that is also there, so that you can be instruct how to join the
    church of satan
    WARNING: only those who are intrested to become a member of the church of
    satan are allow to visit office or send a mail to the email address below…
    Do not contact if you are not intrested and once you contact there is no
    going back. so think befor contacting.

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    • We are not “all one” but individuals having our own experiences and should be thinking and learning from our own circumstances and not be swayed into believing whatever the hell you deem we should trust in. You are using “mind and soul control” to satisfy your own malevolent, egotistical agenda. I can think for myself and therefore decline to heed your meaningless threat and I am certainly NOT interested in joining your evil cult. Learn to spell you ignorant mindless pile of infested feces! I would say “Go to Hell!” but you know that you are already heading there. Get a grip, a.s.l. is dead. Your cult is dying and going down and your end is near. Your game is almost over and you are going to lose very soon!

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  20. Has anyone seen the new make-up commercial with Katie Perry dressed up as a cat? Can you please do an article on this? It is a cat themed commercial. So obvious to those of us who know!!

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