Illuminati Roundup: Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Judge Judy and Big Brother

It’s time once again for the Illuminati Roundup post! This is a post where the random imagery found in the entertainment world gets displayed for all to see. Is it truly occult messaging? Is it predictive programming telling us to pursue Illuminati endeavors? You decide, but be sure to hit the links provided to learn more.

Shout outs to everyone who sent me info via Facebook, Twitter,, and email- keep ’em coming!!



Kevin found this shirt at Kmart with a skeleton worshiping an All Seeing Eye inside of an inverted pyramid (also note the inverted crosses throughout):

Kmart All Seeing Eye worship inverted cross skeleton


Jennifer Lawrence got a tattoo of ‘H2O’ on her hand (yes, the ‘2’ is in the wrong spot), which supports this ever-expanding usage of water symbolism that I talk about in my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Water and the Occult Bathtub article:

Jennifer Lawrence H2O water tattoo


Keith sent me this image from Disney’s I Didn’t Do It where you can see the All Seeing Eye and pyramid:

I Didnt Do It Disney Pyramid All Seeing Eye


Geo found some imagery of a company called Blenders that has the triangle and eye inside- this image is from some EDM DJs (Bassjackers and Stafford Brothers):

Bassjackers Stafford Moloch Eye


Blenders All Seeing Eye Pyramid


Geo also saw this Best Buy ad with SHARP’s All Seeing Eye as well:

SHARP Best Buy All Seeing Eye


…as well as the 2015 BET Awards show which couldn’t have been any more blatant:

BET Awards 2015 All Seeing Eye pyramid

Geo told me that on the latest installment of Big Brother there are a couple of contestants that seem to push the current agenda. For example they have the first transgender contestant named Audrey, while there is also a contestant Austin who throws up the 666 hand gesture while talking about his alter ego who just so happens to have the name “Judas.”

Is Austin channeling the spirit of Judas- the deceiver of Christ?…

There are several images from the show that seem to support satanic links like the owl and the All Seeing Eye:


Big Brother After Dark Owl Minerva All Seeing Eye


Big Brother After Dark Owl Minerva Moloch



And here is Julie Chen from that Big Brother After Dark doing the All Seeing Eye:

Big Brother After Dark All Seeing Eye


Julie Chen Big Brother After Dark All Seeing Eye


Sinister 2 releases on August 21st, 2015 and in it we are supposed to learn more about the demon Bughuul’s past. Geo sent me this movie poster that gets real specific about his past- which turns out to have the real occult roots of Babylonian Moloch worship in it:

Sinister 2 Bughuul Moloch Sulfur


You can also see the alchemical symbol of sulfur (aka the satanic Cross of Leviathan) on there which I’ve linked to Dave Navarro in my article:




Francesca informed me about a YouTube celebrity named Michelle Phan who’s Instagram page is loaded with imagery that suggests she dabbles in occult practices:

Michelle Phan Boaz Jachin Tarot Eye


You can see that she’s dabbling with influential occultists like Rudolph Steiner with talks about Atlantis and Lemuria where all of the “secret” knowledge was contained:

Michelle Phan Atlantis Lemuria Rudolph Steiner


She’s also messing with orgonite pyramids- something I’ve talked about with Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner (who’s totally Illuminati) in the past:

Michelle Phan orgonite pyramida

Mihaela provided some images of Robbie Williams doing the devil horns (*recall that a couple of years ago he was talking about quitting music to become a full time UFO chaser- perhaps he made contact with a demonic entity after all…):

Robbie Williams Devil Horns Joker


Notice the joker on the drum set which comes at an “odd” time where we’re being surrounded by various forms of the Tarot joker; a concept I cover in my article on the upcoming super villain film SUICIDE SQUAD:

Joker Jared Leto Heath Ledger tarot Fool Magician Batman


A Facebook friend and I both see the black cubes on the intro to Judge Judy, which is appropriate since the black robes of the judge AND the cube are both symbols of Saturn:

Judge Judy Saturn Cubes of Justice


XYZC sent me a slew of good finds- let’s go through them…

Bristol Palin is doing the 666 hand for no apparent reason:

Bristol Palin 666 hand


Ellar Coltrane from Boyhood shows off the All Seeing Eye on the cover of ‘L’Uomo Vogue:

Ellar Coltrane All Seeing Eye Boyhood


Anyone think Justin Bieber’s photo shoot for Interview magazine looks a bit… occultish?…

Justin Bieber All Seeing Eye Interview Magazine


I just did my exhaustive analysis of his Where Are U Now video so it’s just more of the same…

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Greatest Trick Devil


Staying on the boy band topic- 5 Seconds of Summer released some new artwork with the Illuminati Mark of the Beast ‘X’s on the eyes and the dark spiral:

5SOS Mark of the Beast X Spiral


Take a look at the cover of Variety with more All Seeing Eye and Ellen Degeneres:

Variety Ellen Degeneres All Seeing Eye


Mike found some interesting festivals on an advertisement at his bank…

Experience Something New All Seeing Eye


Take a look at a Kohl’s ad I found in the mail where they have the kids doing the All Seeing Eye:

Kohls All Seeing Eye


There was also this shot of Miranda Kerr wearing the evil eye (the All Seeing Eye):

Miranda Kerr All Seeing Eye necklace


There’s a video for a singer named Prince Royce that gives us the Mano Cornuto witch hex with his VEVO award (which has the same thing):

Prince Royce Moloch Mano Cornuto horns

In what could be the most blatant display of Illuminati symbolism came by way of Hot Rod with the band created by Blink 182’s Travis Barker called “Prayers” with a video called Young Gods. In this song they have some interesting words in the lyrics that most of you will notice…

If you’re not in my circle don’t even bother
Your crews not tight and tells on each other
Me and my brothers are down for each other
The blood is thicker, thicker than water
My mothers the Earth, and my father is fire
Deceived by my own so they could f*ck my Daughter

Young Gods, Young Gods
Do what thy will, shall be the law
Young Gods, Young Gods
Do what thy will, shall be the law

Did you see it??… That last set of lyrics in the chorus says it all with the classic Do what thy will, shall be the law line that was popularized by British occultist Aleister Crowley. In this example we have yet another example of the links of the occult and UFOs because Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 is an avid believer in UFOs (even starting his own website devoted to it called Strange Times).

In the video the singer is wearing a pentagram, so it’s not SO far off base…

Prayers Young Gods Pentagram Do What Thou Wilt


Thanks to everyone who sent their findings in, keep ’em coming! You can connect with me on social media- with the links on my START HERE page.

-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Though I dig Judge Judy, she clearly sustains the farce of the Powers that Be. In her intro, at the very end, she is shown as the blindfolded guardian of the scales that balance justice with mercy…but then she lifts the blindfold to reveal a single illuminated eye.

    I have caught Dr. Phil making hand gestures, often with no discernible reason: 6-6-6 and the canuto horns. He and Robin both are big into that “Purpose Driven”™ nonsense, and they’re thick as thieves with people like Steve Harvey and TD Jakes.

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    • Could you elaborate on TD?

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      • He (TD) is a prosperity preacher – all about getting money.

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  2. Julie Chen looks completely crazy. And out of every ‘Illuminati’ thing out there, that scissor hands gesture is the one that makes me just want to start uncontrollably slapping whoever is photographed doing it. No one does that in real life, it looks idiotic. And it’s EVERYWHERE.

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    • She doesnt look herself anymore and I dont mean plastic surgery. She may have been cloned/imposter replaced, its a common practice since always.

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    • I agree! most of them need a sobering slap from time to time.

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    • Oh I agree w/you… That’s something when I saw that..She makes me vomit..

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  3. Hi Isaac

    Good job as ususal. I saw one billboard just outside of LA they really made we want to scream or cry or both.. the Special Olympics is now being telivesed on network tv and the billboard had a special needs person doing the “666” over one eye holding a golf ball over the eye. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i just got into a big fight with my gf because she was defending satanism 🙁 “I never had a satanist tell me what im doing is wrong or preventing me from making my own choices in life” she had alot of agressive overzelous witnesses that really gave her a crazy hard time when she was young

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  4. We artist of illuminati how can we gat know ourself in this geart power but some of you want to let down. And is not good or it is not joking matter, just soon as you enjoy.

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    • No, thanks. I’ll pass on that cake.

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    • If your “power” is so great………….ask lucy for some spelling lessons…..:O

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  5. De Longe is a mason and as far as I remember its mentioned in the Wikipedia

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  6. I’ve noticed septum piercing is getting popular now. Like Ellar Coltrane’s, piercing through the nose. I wonder if it has some connection to the beast symbolism.

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  7. Also note that at the end of the Judge Judy opening, Lady Justice lifts her blindfold from one eye and winks.

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  8. Actually you might have the all seeing eye necklace worn by Miranda Kerr with the eye of envy. It’s worn by many women in the Middle East and Turkey and it’s supposed to protect the person from bad luck and,hence the name, envy from others that would lead to something bad. It’s a popular fashion piece at the moment so maybe that is the real reason that Miranda is wearing the necklace. She is a model after all.

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  9. Awesome, thanks Issac (Weishapt?? NOT your real name?? 😉 I am a rather advanced iconographer. One thing you didnt mention here is the juxtaposition of BLUE and RED – representing to the ill’nati hot and cold, as above so below, but most importantly the DUALISM of this fallen world, which they want to trap us in, and from which only Christ can free us. (Watch R$E’s youtube about christ breaking open the cube on the cross). Go back and look at how often red and blue are used here (most obviously in the Big Brother after Dark photo). Thanks again Issac, keep up the good work!! BobDob

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  10. Well, now my comment looks awkward lol

    thanks for taking down all those ridiculous posts by that one guy

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  11. It’s really disheartening how the Illuminati people have stolen our signs or words, and use them for their evil agendas. The triple 6 sign use to be an OKAY good jo done sign, but not done by the eye. The word ‘gay’ is a public word for happy, joyous, and they have turned it into their homosexual word ! But i never use ‘gay’ for their meaning, I use it as it is suppose to be used and use Homo for their word which the accurate word / term. Or Queer, or same sex, etc. They have enough terms without stealing OUR good word. It does not belong to them. And anyone who helps them along with using it I consider approving of homosexuality or homosexual themselves !


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