Illuminati roundup: Iggy Azalea, Kanye, Amber Rose, Ariana, Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence & more


As many of you know, the community are simply the best. I get flooded with symbolism that you all are finding online, on television, film, music videos, album covers, magazines, news stories, etc. I appreciate all that you do and let’s keep trying to unravel this great conspiracy mystery until we find the truth.

Is that “truth” I’m talking about support for the message of Christianity, and the idea that evil is all around us and deception lies around every false promise that Satan lays out? Does it support another religion? Does it support all religions? Or are we all paranoid? I don’t know the answers, but I’ll keep plugging away as long as you all want to stay connected on social media and forwarding your findings.


Let’s see what we’ve been compiling (big ups to xyzc, Justin, Karen, Nicole, Jon C, Skyrim, and anyone else that sent material over)…

First, let’s talk about the high profile ritual of the Oscars. I didn’t watch this one (I had to take ONE night off- lol). Thanks to Watcher Nicole on Facebook who hooked me up with some great finds. First we’ve got the All Seeing Eye with the moon & key symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Oscars moon WO

Going along with that theme of astrological importance; the stage was decked out with suns

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Oscars stage2 WO


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Triangle stage WO

…a giant All Seeing Eye…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Oscars stage WO

…and a strange lineup of artists in a ritualized manner:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Oscars stage3 WO

What do you make of the Oscars? I didn’t watch it so it’s hard to decipher. Comment at the bottom and let me know.

During the infamous Katy Perry Super Bowl performance; Karen saw the Katy-Baphomet link:

**Google AdSense policies resulted in the removal of this image**


Here we see Tom Felton doing the All Seeing Eye with the Project MONARCH butterfly. This seems fitting given that he played ‘Draco’ in the Harry Potter films; covering these occult ideas of magick and also the theory that the reptilian shape shifters (aka the Illuminati) come from the constellation of Draco:


All Seeing Eye Tom Felton butterfly MONARCH mind control WO

Speaking of Harry Potter; did you see what Madonna retweeted on Twitter? Apparently the author of Harry Potter is a big fan because after Madonna’s fall (during her 2015 BRIT Award show performance in which she is practically making love to demons), JK Rowling tweeted this:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Madonna Twitter JK Rowling Harry Potter

Who’s this guy? I don’t know but he’s down for the Illuminati’s cause apparently. He must be a country musician, but I wouldn’t know because that’s not a genre I’m into:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Aaron Watson the Underdog WO

Justin sent me the latest album cover by Kelly Clarkson which depicts the fracturing of the mind. This is a classic symbol of mind control where the victim goes through a series of trauma in order to lose their identity or “ego”:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Kelly Clarkson mind control fracture WO

That Ouija movie came out- here’s the All Seeing Eye done with the Ouija board marker; how appropriate:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Ouija WO

Jennifer Lawrence is still transitioning into her more ‘sinister’ occult image. The industry loves to lure young, impressionable, innocent fans in, and then switch the celebrity on them. We’ve see it with Miley Cyrus and it appears that Jennifer Lawrence is headed down that path (given that she was part of that Fappening movement):

**Google AdSense policies resulted in the removal of this image**

Jared Leto got his haircut and I’m sure all of their cult-fans admired it (be sure to read through the scathing comments on that link to the Leto-Satanist article). Here we see him doing a “very natural” pose with his hand over one of his eyes; but it’s all paranoid delusion, right?

IlluminatiWatcher Jared Leto haircut all seeing eye

Here’s the one sheet for Amy Schumer and Bill Hader’s Trainwreck film; notice Bill in the background?…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Trainwreck All Seeing Eye Amy Schumer WO2

Here’s an interesting one that I caught while suffering through an Iggy Azalea video. Notice in the back there is a poster that says “RAISE IT UP!”:

Iggy Azalea Charli XCX Raise UP RISE WO

I believe this is part of this growing theory of an apocalyptic race war. I broke this all down in the article on Charles Manson and the HELTER GAMES (pun intended). In it, I explained why the Manson Family wrote the word “RISE” on the wall in blood. It was part of a programming using a secret language only the “Illuminati” understand. I proceeded to give other pop culture examples that could support the revealing of this agenda as “they” promote it across the world:  Beyonce’s Disney song for Epic called Rise Up, Lady Gaga’s black bird, etc. Here we see it in the Iggy Azalea Fancy video as well…

Skyrim (who did an awesome podcast with me recently) provided this image of Beyonce with Amber Rose; notice the inverted cross on Amber Rose’s forehead:

Amber Rose Beyonce inverted cross


Is this why we’ve seen this spat between her and Kanye West on Twitter recently?… Do you care?… Probably not! Amber Rose has a book coming out that is supposed to reveal Kanye’s sex secrets, so take that for what it’s worth.

Speaking of Kanye, we saw him on the 40th SNL Anniversary performing Jesus Walks while laying down in the shape of an inverted cross. Seems to me that he’s showing the ‘industry’ that he’s committed to their angle of occult manipulation:

Kanye West SNL 40 Inverted Cross Jesus Walks

He was on the Breakfast Club show and revealed that he’s making a video game to simulate getting his mother into Heaven:

“I’m working on a video game for [my song] ‘Only One,’ and the idea is it’s my mother going through the gates of heaven. And you gotta bring her to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light.”

This seems so appropriate for what we’re dealing with; but you already know because I’m sure you’ve read through my two books that cover all of this. The books  A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY and SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC fully cover why these occultists seek to live immortally through a digital consciousness.

Kanye also teased his upcoming album with the mysterious album cover on Twitter:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kanye West So Help Me God

They say it’s the 13th century image of the Virgin Mary. Perhaps that’s true, but why did he choose that image? Is he coming back to the Christianity? We’ll see…

Ariana Grande released another video called One Last Time– this time it depicts the end of the world as the camera chases her around. You’ll notice in one of the shots you can see a prominent image of the fusion of the X and O; a symbol known as the Mark of the Beast:

Ariana Grande Mark of Beast X O video

Take a look at this image of Damien Echols (one of the ‘West Memphis Three’ accused of satanically murdering three little boys; but recently released from prison thanks to celebrities who stood up for his cause) with his thumbs up:

damien echols thumbs up

William Ramsey asserts that the thumbs are a subtle way of doing the Mano Cornuto- or the symbol of the horns of Satan. I also saw this on a Kiss image with the thumbs up (and the classic Mano Cornuto):

KISS thumbs up moloch horns

Let’s take a look at where pop culture is leading us sexually. It appears that we’ve moved past making homosexual acceptable (which I’m actually okay with- I’m an equal rights kind of fella), but now it appears that they’re pushing something far darker. They are surrounding us with images and tales of women being abused sexually (whether it’s agreed to by women or not is besides the point).

First we see the film release of Fifty Shades of Grey which I already displayed its use of mind control symbolism; but now we’re seeing it in music videos.

The band Florence + The Machine released a new video called What Kind of Man; in it we see the lead singer being portrayed as a woman who is being sexually used by several men in a gangbang fashion:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Florence and the Machine What kind of man gang rape

It was very reminiscent of the Lars von Trier film called Nymphomaniac (which actually featured Shia LaBeouf; who I’ve also associated with mind control breakdowns as well). In this film, the protagonist is a woman who is addicted to sex and gets involved in anonymous sex, anonymous S&M sex (just like the BDSM in Fifty Shades), and even gangbangs like we see here in the Florence video.

Later on in the Florence video we see her getting ‘baptized’ by water, which plays on the theory Skyrim gave us about how these Illuminati types are being ritually murdered in bathtubs or other bodies of water in an attempt to cleanse their soul before death (or perhaps something is to be said about the Age of Aquarius water carrier symbolism here):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Florence and the Machine What kind of man aquarius water

None of this is a surprise if you looked at Florence’s Twitter page where we see her logo that has the double triangle symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Florence and the Machine Twitter As Above So Below Triangles

As a side note- notice the shape of her hand in that image. Does it look familiar? Maybe Aleister Crowley-ish?…

Aleister Crowley

Staying on that same subject; Hozier released a video called ‘Somebody New‘ that has Natalie Dormer playing an female that’s struggling as she gets promiscuous with random people:

IlluminatiWatcher Natalie Dormer Hozier Somebody New

The lyrics confirm that this is what we’re witnessing:

“Fall in love with a stranger, the stranger the better”

We also saw the next group of Kardashians coming up with Kylie Jenner (who made the last Illuminati Roundup post with her boyfriend rapper Tyga) hitting the cover of FAULT magazine with the sex bunny imagery:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kylie Jenner bunny fault cover

All of this is being done to try and get women’s sexual inclinations on par with men’s, which is stereotypically much more vulgar and impulsive (ex: men typically watch far more disturbing porn than women).  While the liberal side of me believes it’s every person’s right to choose how they want to spend their free time and sexuality; I can’t help but wonder if the conspiracy theorists are right about this ‘feminism’ push we’ve experienced in America. They’ve been claiming that feminism was a movement pushed by the Illuminati in an attempt to somehow pervert and confuse the roles of society in order to break down the family (see theorists like Henry Makow). We’ve seen big pushes in ‘hookup’ apps like Tinder, and in my personal life I’ve heard a lot of stories about the younger generation and how lax their attitudes are towards sex.

I can’t help but think that the 60s saw the intro to feminism, and now that we’ve given women a larger voice (as they deserve and should have), are they now trying to make women “horny perverts” like men are? Of course I’m being a bit tongue in cheek here because these are stereotypes and of course women are just as sexual as men (if not more), but the point is that the art seems to be putting the idea into women’s minds that being used and abused is somehow okay, or even empowering.

Of course, they’ll argue that it’s just ‘art’, but whatever. I can’t help but notice that all of their ‘art’ is pushing the same symbolism, so it’ll be interesting to see where this heads…

To get back into a more lighter topic; take a look at French Montana’s video for Bad Bitch (geez- are we already back on the topic of putting women down?… Or is ‘Bad Bitch’ a term women like being called?… See how confusing things are now?…).

In it we see French flashing the ‘666’ hands:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom French Montana Bad Bitch 666 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom French Montana Bad Bitch 666

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson dropped another garbage-ass video called Trouble. In it we see a poster in the background that says “METROPOLIS” which supports this ongoing conspiracy I talked about in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC with the film of the same name that seems to have been telling us about the plan of the Illuminati:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Iggy Azalea Trouble METROPOLIS

In that same salon we saw the Moses Pavement, which is the black and white checkered floor that you can see in any Freemason temple:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Iggy Azalea Trouble Black white floor checkered

So there you have it. So much symbolism you should be tired of looking at it! If you’re not tired of it- keep sending it to me and I’ll keep compiling it along side the stuff that I’ve been noticing. We can work together to spread awareness before it’s too late.

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Thanks for looking!





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I did not watch the Oscars but I am not surprised by any of that.

    Onto UK comments…Did anyone read Kanye’s transcripts from when he spoke at the Oxford? Very interesting stuff in them.

    Also, JK Rowling is someone that I have long been suspicious of ever since she waited until late in her series to declare Dumbledore gay and then pretended she meant for him to be gay the whole while. I have nothing but libertarian inclinations towards gays (their life, their choice to be happy however they choose) but I am not without notice that in recent years almost every page of every periodical, celeb gossip site, etc has a pro-gay (and now moving towards transgender) article.

    Since I know people at the top hate all of us plebeians equally I have to wonder why they celebrate gays when they are all marrying and having legacy babies. They don’t love gay people, black people, etc anymore than they love straight white people, so what is their ultimate agenda?

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    • I read through that Kanye transcript a couple of days ago- he says some things that seem to help “our” cause, but not really. It seems like he knows the truth but is afraid to really let loose. I feel like he’ll either break down or turn into a truther.

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      • I just noticed this. IF he intends to break down and reveal he will either a) go crazy (aka be rehabbed and never quite the same), b) go crazy and not be rehabbed but publicly crucified when they reveal his affair with Ricardo and watch his marriage crumble on reality television, or c) be suicided.

        As Jim Morrison said, “…no one gets out of here alive.”

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    • They had more to gain letting states marry gays while many of these same states closed women’s health clinics. Population control is the name of the game.

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  2. IW, you may have mentioned this before, but the X inside a circle has an alchemical meaning as well.

    A clear explanation is found on page 68 of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy by Dennis Hauck:

    “The cipher for the First Matter can be shown in two orientations. Shown here [in an accompanying illustration] as a cross “+” inside a circle, it signifies the purified or rectified First Matter. If it were shown as an “x” in a circle, it would have signified the chaotic or unrefined First Matter.”

    The First Matter, or Prima Materia, is the primordial chaos. In alchemy it must be processed and refined through great effort in order for spiritual development to occur. Posting the symbol for its unregenerate state over and over again in pop culture sends a pretty clear signal discouraging spiritual development and refinement. Or is truth in advertising – underdeveloped primordial soup is what you are getting if you purchase this crap.

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    • I found an X inside a circle in the Ariana Grande (sp?) video that was posted in this article. It was when she was running up a flight of stairs, and it was to the left, black circle with white X.

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      • Wow and that’s the picture he posted hahaha. My pictures didn’t load but the text did.

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  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about this very subject and it’s heart-wrenching to me that I feel like “they” are trying to make us feel powerless, even if we do know about them, like there’s nothing we can do about it. You say “We can work together to spread awareness before it’s too late.” I love reading your articles very much, and awareness and knowledge of this stuff is so very important. But the hard question is, what can we actually do about any of this? I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I wish I knew of a way to actually take action instead of just thinking about it and trying to spread awareness.

    Post a Reply
    • Awareness is key because this is a magic spell they are putting on us, and even if you don’t believe the people doing it DO believe. Breaking the spell, forcing people to think for themselves and to question everything–even the things they think are good, to really work through the entirety of an issue and to see both sides even if it hurts breaks the collectivist spell that allows them to move us without force.

      That is an important part. They can get us to do whatever they want without force right now so their masks never come off.

      Once they use force (and they will if we break the spell) then what we DO about it will become obvious.

      Shock and awe. Problem, reaction, solution. They create problems and provide the solution after we react predictably so it feels like they have the answer. Even if the problem is miniscule they can blow it up until it seems menacing and huge.

      We have to confront our fears, become educated and spread the word.

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      • I agree. Awareness probably is everything and will ultimately break the spell. What I’m concerned about is when Hitler was power, he came out with his plan, and even after everyone knew what was happening to them and the worst of what Hitler had planned came about, they didn’t do anything about it. Because they were too scared and probably felt like it was out of their control. I don’t want this to become another version of that. The only way something could have been done about someone like him would have been to just have him terminated. That’s the only far-reach solution I can actually think of that would resolve the catastrophe altogether before it’s “too late.” If we break the spell and they use force, this is the only solution I can think of.

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        • Well, my feelings (hopes) is that we still retain a bit of that revolutionary spirit and would fight back like we did in 1776. It wouldn’t take much as there are more of “us” than them.

          If we force them to show their hand (violent force) people will leave the military rather than fire on their citizens. It happened in Russia, it happened here, it’s happened in other parts of the world where centralization didn’t take hold.

          This is why we need to wake people up BEFORE this happens, before they can create full robotic armies which they are moving to (and soldier suits) under the pretense of preserving soldier’s lives. I doubt this because if that was the real reason they just wouldn’t go to war and use more diplomacy.

          I am going off on a tangent…the thing we need to do is wake people up to the concept of “all that glitters is not gold”.

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  4. 1. Indeed, Aaron Watson is a country singer
    2. On the poster of Trainwreck, see the word “one” from “we all know one” placed above and symetrically to Bill Hader’s eye. Twice as subtle hint to “one eye” or “all seeing eye” dont u think?

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  5. IW- I appreciate the fact that you say that you don’t know what the truth is, even when it comes to Christianity. Honestly, how can anyone trust anything with 100% assurance in this world? If everything else is corrupt, then why not religion as well? The bible is forced on us from every angle, so why do we think that it’s not there to manipulate us as well?

    I’m curious- what is that you actually believe? Deep down, why do you think these people are doing this? Is it really magic spells (which, I’m really thinking it is) or is it just a big distraction to keep us compliant and ignorant to real issues, or is it both? Or something else? It’s all so much, and so mixed up at this point. There are so many theories that make sense but then contradict one another. I don’t know where to put my mind at this point.

    Post a Reply
    • The Bible is absolutely not forced on us from every angle, at least no in the last twenty years. Name a single time on any news station other than Fox that an media person said something complimentary about Christians. Fox is just the other half of the Hegelian dialectic pushing us left, btw.

      The Bible is barely spoken of in complimentary light anymore. Even the phrasing that it is “pushed on us” is just a subconscious meme that most liberals like myself have been taught. I just woke up and looked around and then said, “Wow, that’s not very true anymore.”

      Christians are constantly made fun of or if they’re not made fun of they are outright criticized for things that haven’t happened since the Inquisition or Salem Witch Trials. It’s a fangless threat brought out to scare people into a Theosophy approach that can then be manipulated elsewhere.

      When the Department of Homeland Security is saying that right wing Christians are a greater threat than Al Qaeda you can no longer say Christianity is pushed.

      Pushed back and controlled, maybe, but not “pushed”.

      It’s like I said about blacks and guns. The media takes a minority issue in a nation of 340 million and scares the crap out of people that there are evil black gang bangers everywhere or guns around little kids everywhere or Christians doing hate crimes everywhere, when it’s really less than 1% of those target populations doing anything bad at all.

      That’s how we’re controlled.

      Thank you, I’ll think for myself on this one. Numbers don’t lie. Only media people do.

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    • Thanks for the comment/question; I believe it’s all playing out the way Jesus and the Bible said it would. It seems to me that they are using symbols as a form of magick to change the world according to THEIR will. They first must deconstruct the norms and then rebuild it with the ‘new’ norm (THEIR norm). I believe in the Bible because it was written so many years ago, yet is able to accurately predict what we’re observing all around us. I break a lot of my beliefs about this stuff in my interviews and books as well (I could ramble all day LOL).

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      • Yeh, that’s the scary part. It’s also playing out like the Koran. Their version of the antiChrist has one eye.


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  6. The Arromanati and The All Smelling Nose.

    Post a Reply
  7. Hi Mr.Isaac.
    Thanks for this informative post. About this sentence you wrote: “While the liberal side of me believes it’s every person’s right to choose how they want to spend their free time and sexuality; I can’t help but wonder if the conspiracy theorists are right about this ‘feminism’ push we’ve experienced in America.”
    This perversion of youth mind under the name of “Liberalism and Freedom” is not right. It is not freedom to be enslaved of your darkest unethical and unnatural desires.To ignore God completely and follow whatever your desires tell you is what Satanists do. Human desires were not given to mankind for unethical purposes. It was given to make a strong bond named ‘family’ in which people grow in every aspect. But these pop-cultures try to tell us to have relation with every man/woman we desire so this means death of family and end of trust between husband and wife. But more importantly this perversion makes us forget God’s commands for us. (about Fifty shades .. this is a good article
    It’s very clear to me now that their end is to destroy all divine religions and use some miraculous science when they create Antichrist to make people believe in him and worship him.
    Thanks again Mr.Isaac.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks for the comment- I find this liberal agenda interesting because I’ve been groomed to buy into it through college and whatnot. I honestly feel like the liberal attitudes are the most “fair”, so it’s counter intuitive for me to hear otherwise. The counter argument is quite interesting though (like, who would’ve thought “liberty” and “freedom” were originally Illuminati ideals!).

      Post a Reply
      • I am a “classical liberal” in the Thomas Paine, Locke, and Thomas Jefferson sense. I believe in individuals, not collective masses, and I believe in allowing people, right or wrong, to make their own choices about their lives provided they don’t hurt others.

        The power of media cannot be denied and the same people who espouse “liberalism” are not liberals. They impose their thoughts on your with alleged peer pressure (if it’s on TV everyone thinks it) and mass mind rape through pop culture.

        I was pro-gay rights before it was everywhere. I still believe in individual freedom and the concept of people marrying who they choose, but then I don’t believe that marriage is something any state should play with. When you allow a government to dictate who you can marry (even to agree that its okay) you’re in deep trouble. Government shouldn’t micromanage relationships. I digress.

        I am not for the way that gay rights are now being advocated through pop culture. It is not a “pop” issue. Pop is temporary and plastic. It is a human issue and that is something individuals within a community must get out and advocate for.

        Post a Reply
        • Yeah, what she said.

          (You nailed my beliefs…and said it more clearly than I could have. Good job!)

          Post a Reply
        • I can agree with most of that. It does seem that they are pushing the gay agenda harder than ever. It MIGHT be due to previous mistreatments of people who are gay though too. Sometimes we rely on pop culture to change the way people think in order to make them stop fearing and hating so much. Just an idea. But yea- I totally see that the entertainment industry is very much pushing a lot of gay issues.

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          • The “gay agenda” & feminist values are two totally separate things. The true definition of a feminist is someone who simply believes women should have the same full set of human rights that men have taken for granted, period. Since the ERA didn’t pass women still aren’t paid the same for the same work men do.

            Coming from a religious standpoint, it can be argued that Jesus is the only man that truly exhibited the compassion & sacrifice women are expected to do on a regular basis.

            Just as there is healthy heterosexuality versus decadent, exploitive, orgiastic, hedonism, so there is healthy homosexuality versus destructive homosexuality. When one is born gay and dates other gays within the same age range as consenting adults, that’s a healthy lifestyle. Yet there is a type of straight male that hates women so much it makes them “go gay.” When women are kept in the political background and men of power seek only men’s company due to a shared contempt for women you eventually get – ancient Greece – or the Christian fundie group The Family or the Taliban – or the Bohemian’s Club.

  8. LOL, I’m reading that thread on Leto. Holy Hand Grenades does he have some fanboyz and gurlz.

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  9. For the Jared Leto “he’s such a nice guy” stans…

    “The other girls and I stripped down to bikinis and hung out with Jared and the band backstage,” Vicki, now a mainstream actress, tells Star. “After a while, Jared invited me onto his tour bus. His brother, Shannon, the band’s drummer, was already on it and the three of us were the only people there. I gave Jared a lap dance for just a minute, but then he asked me to do the same for his brother, who was sitting on a cough. As I started to dance for Shannon, Jared suddenly grabbed me around the throat from behind and said to me, I can reach pure sexual enjoyment in 30 seconds just by looking into your eyes.’ Obviously it was kind of weird situation.”

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  10. Wonderful gay kid’s blog where he tells it like it is about Leto

    shmegeh replied to your post: I’m a big fan of BMTH, but that fucking gif of Oli is fucked up. I totally just lost so much disrespect for that guy.

    WAIT I’VE NEVER HEARD THIS BIT ABOUT JARED TELL ME MORE. Like I know he’s a fucking nutjob but this is news to me and I’m super not surprised because he’s a huge fucking tool.

    yeah go google ‘jared leto groupie’ or something, he fucks fans a lot and a lot of them aren’t happy about it. he’s like “call me daddy” and they’re like “…no” and he’s like “DO IT BITCH C’MON”

    here’s the first thing that pops up on google when you search for ‘jared leto groupie’:

    He’s a fucking dick and an asshole and doesn’t give a shit about the girls he hook up with in the least! […] Alot of rockstars don’t give a shit but at least they treat you like a person. This guy is one of the most selfish lovers i’ve ever experienced […]

    Anyway, the choking is 100% true as well as restraining and alot of holding you down. He fucks hard and rough and quick. There’s alot of movement and position shifting and tit biting and sucking. There were marks left. He doesn’t give a shit that his cock is fucking giganto and it hurt like satan. It’s not only long, had to be about 11-12”. It’s thick and it burned and he wouldn’t slow down even when I told him to. There were times were I had to bite down on him because of the pain down there and he didn’t give 2 pisses about it. I think he got pleasure out of hurting me, in retrospect but I was too young and didn’t know that then. He was a major dick when I would tell him to slow down or to change position to ease the pain a little. After that, I’d get attitude.

    I didn’t like the choking and at least he eased a bit on that but he still did the wrist restraining and ramming. I like rough sex but he seems to zone out and it’s scary.

    I liked the ass smacking, that was a huge turn on and I didn’t mind his name-calling but basically the whole time I was fucking him, I felt as though I was being raped and not even a “play rape”. In his mind, it seemed like he thought he was fucking raping me. It was very odd.


    hey girl… if you felt like you were being raped, if you told him to slow down or stop and he didn’t and he physically restrained you and you actually tried to deter him with pain via biting and he ignored you, it was rape. let me also mention that that girl had just turned seventeen at the time, so even if you have your head up your ass about the definition of rape, that’s illegal.

    another story, taking place after jared ignores fans who are waiting to meet him to flirt with some other girl:

    So, i got pissed. Like, realllly pissed. I pushed my way through her and walked up to jared and just started saying shit. i yelled at him a little bit. and he kept smiling at me. and then he took me by my shirt, roughly, and brought me back inside where the concert was and lead me up the stairs to this small really congested room. i was even more pissed at him. i was kind of scared too. he started telling me that i shouldnt be a ‘fucking bitch.’ but then he put his hands around me and shit went down from there. we hooked up. and i kept thinking about the post that i read on here about how he rapes his hookups, and i was really nervous. i didnt want anything to hurt or damage me. so, i took charge instead. it still hurt.


    so jared’s response to being being a ‘fucking bitch’ is to rape them into submission. great.

    the internet’s full of stories about him raping people. this guy is literally a sadistic serial rapist who gets away with it because, as one commenter on one of these stories said, “why do groupies expect respect?” no-one’s reporting him because he’s jared fucking leto but oh my god if some guy starting choking me in the middle of sex in a hotel room and i told him to stop and i fought back and he kept going… dear lord i’d castrate him.

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