Illuminati Roundup: Holly Madison, Jason Ellis, James Bond, Vic Mensa, and more

It’s time once again for the Illuminati Roundup post! This is a post where the random imagery found in the entertainment world gets put on front street for all to see. Is it truly occult messaging? Is it paranoia? You decide, but be sure to hit the links provided to learn more before making a hasty choice.

Shout outs to everyone who sent me info via Facebook, Twitter,, and email- keep ’em coming!!


Fleurdamour spotted the symbolism on this album cover from Neckdeep called Life’s Not Out to Get You (ironic that it would have an anti paranoia album title, but there are All Seeing Eyes and triangles all over it):

NeckDeep Lifes Not Out to Get You cover All Seeing Eye


Here’s a classic shot of the Kardashian-Jenner clan espousing the 666 hand (aka the womb of the Illuminati):

Bruce Kris Jenner Scott Disdick 666 hand


A new rapper named Shamir has some symbolism on his album cover that suggests all kinds of Illuminati buggery. We’ve got the Columbia-Semiramis dove (and an 8-pointed Star of Ishtar; more goddess symbolism), the dark spiral, the All Seeing Eye inside of the pyramid, an alien, and a skull with the Illuminati Mark of the Beast “X” on its forehead; so I’d say it’s a safe bet to assume these symbols were chosen very carefully:

Shamir On the Regular Eyes Pyramids Skulls


This Ed Sheeran guy is the devil, I swear. He’s so unsuspecting; that’s what makes him dangerous. Here you see him with the lightning artwork (symbolic of Lucifer who ‘fell like lightning’), but you’ll also see the ‘X’s over the mini-Ed Sheeran on his shirt; more Mark of the Beast:

Ed Sheeran Mark of the Beast eyes XX


I’ve posted about Big Sean’s upward movement in the rap game with his alchemical transformation, but here you can see a more subtle shot of the All Seeing Eye:

Big Sean All Seeing Eye COMPLEX


Speaking of the All Seeing Eye; take a look at Kesha’s purse:


Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) was the one who sang Die Young before the Sandy Hook shootings, but then pulled the song off the radio after the shootings and proceeded to tell everyone that she was “forced” to sing that song?…

Kesha Die Young Sandy hOOK Tweet


This is part of the motivation behind my hip hop music conspiracy-analysis in the book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC (as featured recently on SHADE45’s “The All Out Show”).

Shade45 Eminem Sirius XM


Phil spotted a new series on Netflix called Sense8. This new series is a product of the Wachowski brothers so we can expect it to have subtle messages of occult importance (they are known for their Gnostic-propaganda films The Matrix and other Illuminati affiliated movies like Jupiter Ascending and V for Vendetta).

Sense8 Netflix duality


The Wachowskis family history on Wikipedia shows that they were born into atheism and shamanism, with interests in Dungeons & Dragons, so they come by it honestly (apparently).


Getting back to the show Sense8, it was also created by the man behind Babylon 5, Michael Straczynski, who revealed the occult storyline on

Created by the Wachowskis and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski, Sense8 is Netflix’s new sci-fi series about eight strangers around the world who experience a violent vision followed by the ability to connect with each other’s thoughts, actions and emotions.

Says Straczynski, “Neither Lana nor Andy nor I wanted to just do a television show. We wanted to do it if we could jointly do something no one had ever done before, and address themes that have rarely been addressed in mainstream TV and never this blatantly in a nominally science-fiction series: issues of gender, identity, sexuality and politics. We wanted to talk about the strength of the individual, but also about the belief that we are more than the sum of our parts.”

Without even having to watch the show, I can see that it’s yet another work of art that seeks to explore the potential world where religion is no longer a part of people’s lives and everyone is able to use telepathic “gifts” to become “god”-like. The question to ask is, “Who is bestowing these ‘gifts’?” It’s certainly not covered in these tales of science fiction, but I can tell you who’s work this is: the Devil.

Tbone found an interesting article about Playboy’s Holly Madison in which she reveals her contemplating of suicide… in a bathtub (from

Laying in the bath one day in “misery” in 2002, Madison wrote that she thought about ending it all. “If I just put my head under water and take a deep breath in, it would all be over,” she thought. “Would anyone even miss me?”

Her suicidal thoughts continued, “Maybe it was the pot and the alcohol, but drowning myself seemed like the logical way to escape the ridiculous life I was leading.”

In fact, the first time she met Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner she claims he offered her drugs.

As you might have already known; I’ve been exploring this symbolism of the bathtub in various articles such as the one where I explore Conspiracy Theories in Bobbi Kristina’s Passing:

Tbone hit me up on Facebook and blew my mind when she reminded me of the scenes from the film, Constantine where he uses the bathtub as a ritual used to transition over to Hell. Some forums are claiming this is an actual occult ritual (given the New Age links to suggesting that water can hold thoughts, emotions, etc.), so perhaps we’re getting really close to the truth…

Constantine Bathtub Ritual to Hell

On the cover you can see the Illuminati Vow of Silence, something she might be breaking with all that bathtub talk…

Holly Madison Down the Rabbit Hole Vow of Silence

Patrick managed to see the Satanic Ritual Abuse in a film trailer for Regression; a film due out in late 2015. The film appears to cover some of the ritualistic aspects of Satan worship, so I’m curious to see how it plays out on the movie…

Regression Satanic Ritual Abuse


Rapper Vic Mensa has a video featuring Kanye West for U Mad that ends with the symbol of the horned deity:

Vic Mensa U Mad Moloch Bull


A$AP Rocky is in the film DOPE and you can see his shirt tells the story of the All Seeing Eye…

ASAP Rocky All Seeing Eye DOPE


The new James Bond film utilizes an octopus image in the background:

James Bond Spectre Alien Illuminati Octopus Rothschild


The significance of the octopus is that it resembles the long arms of the Illuminati organization, such as the early fathers of the Industrial Revolution and Standard Oil- founded by the Rockefeller family:



As it so happens to turn out; the Bond film SPECTRE is about a shadowy, sinister organization that is comprised of all the familiar evil members of other Bond tales (e.g. Dr No), so it could arguably be a reference to the Illuminati with their all-ecompassing membership.

Another side note- the author of the Bond books, Ian Fleming, had some heavy duty connections to occultist Aleister Crowley. Some claim that Crowley even inspired Fleming in creating some of his Bond villains…


At the outbreak of war, the Beast found himself caught up in further intrigue as the occult and espionage worlds collided. Ian Fleming, working for naval intelligence in M15, contacted him with an outlandish plan to lure Rudolf Hess to Britain by using mystical enchantments and astrology. The details of this plot remain obscure, but Hess, a passionate devotee of the occult, did fly to Scotland and Fleming was keen that Crowley should interrogate him using his magical knowledge.

All that is certain about this curious episode is that Crowley provided Fleming with the template for Le Chiffre, the first Bond villain in Casino Royale (1953). This was to be the final study in his lifetime and a fitting climax to the absurd double narrative of his existence. He died in 1947, addicted to heroin, morose, penniless, exhausted.

Do you all remember how I had William Ramsey on my podcast awhile back?… Well, he put together a good argument on how the West Memphis 3 murders may have in fact been satanic-occult ritualistic sacrifices. The supposed ‘leader’ of the WM3 is a man named Damien Echols, and Kevin spotted some tattoos on him that are worth mentioning:

Damien Echols Horns Red Dragons Satan tattoo


You’ll notice that Echols has tattoos of Crowley’s unicursal hexagram on his elbows (just like Ink Master’s Dave Navarro), which symbolizes Crowley’s Thelema religion:

Crowley-Unicursal-hexagram WO

He also has horns fixed to his head; common Illuminati symbolism that represents the pagan stag god, or perhaps even the horned-Devil himself.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Horned God 2


What we want to examine here are the tattoos in the red circles:

Damien Echols Horns Red Dragons Satan tattoo

You’ll recognize those as the symbol of the red dragons (a concept I highlight in my A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE book). To make a long story short; the red dragons are a symbol that represents Satan.

You might recognize those red dragon symbols from Jason Ellis, who affiliates himself and his followers with the Red Dragons label he is a part of in the skateboarding industry:

Red Dragons DVD Jason Ellis


In fact, he has a tattoo of this symbol as well (on his ribcage):

Jason Ellis Red Dragons Logo Tattoo


Here is another shot of Ellis in the studio with the Mano Cornuto horned hands in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast “X” shape:

Jason Ellis Red Dragons Moloch Horns Mark of Beast


What’s the importance of all this?… Could the “Illuminati” be injecting their occult beliefs and symbols into the collective unconscious by using figures in pop culture? Do these people even know what these symbols mean?… Or are we being overly paranoid about all of this?

My personal beliefs are that these people in entertainment don’t see the big picture. They are being used by the Illuminati to program the world to fall into a trance of Satanism. Some people overtly worship Satan, others follow New Age principles, while others are atheists that look forward to alien visitation. The end result to all of the paths are the welcoming of the anti-Christ.

What do you think about all of this? Comment below and let me hear it.

Also- sign up for the free email newsletter and check back often for updates. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who submitted findings on the social media channels!

-Isaac W.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Oh, I think I have news for you about that guy that I told you about, remember? We were on the phone last night and I mentioned Crowley and he straight up told me some shit.

    Oh and Damian Echols is totally satanistical, bro.

    Also, I’m drunk. Hi errrybodeeeeee.

    But seriously I have news and it fucking FLOORED me, and you know I asked him if he would talk to you about it and he said “maybe”.

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    • Blowing my mind as usual😎👍

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  2. As much as I loved this show back in the early eighties, guess what was on the costume of The Greatest American Hero? (Don’t know if my links will work – came from an image search). If I recall correctly, he got his powers from an encounter with “outer space aliens”. Seemed like an amusing premise at the time…

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  3. Also, still keep thinking about Maroon 5 having the song title “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker”. With all this predictive programming, will we be experiencing “Helter Skelter in the summer swelter” (Don McLean)?
    I so hope not.

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  4. Twice on this season’s Hannibal there has been a bathtub scene where Gillian Anderson’s character has appeared to try to drown herself the first episode she seems to have some kind of vision or OBE

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    • gillian is def into the occult. along with who x files counter part

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  5. Water is associated with the occult. It’s a gateway.

    Post a Reply
    • Pretty much all is associated with the occult

      Post a Reply
    • Franz Bardon’s “initiation into Hermetics”. I believe the first chapter is on the power of water. Check it out…

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  6. As usual awesome post. Really interesting stuff on the WM3 and the significance of the octopus.

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    • Its for the 2nd time u say the same thing

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  7. Holly also begins each chapter of her book with quotes from Alice in Wonderland. (Programming?), says she sold her soul to the devil, and when “girls next door” began, someone online said her big eyes made her look “reptilian.”

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  8. I found it strange of all the online comments she could have put in the book, she went with “reptilian.”

    Bathtub stuff is interesting… Britney insinuated suicide by drowning in the bathtub in her video “everytime”

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  9. Please can you do an article regarding ‘transgender-ism’ and How it is used as propaganda. There are MANY celebrities and people in the entertainment industry who are misleading us and the population.

    -Cough cough, The First Lady, Michelle or (Michael) Obama.

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  10. Always amazing, how open they put these things in the public!
    I am curious, when these things are more hidden…. then I think it’s really fishy.
    Yes, thank you for your work exposting that!

    But … sometime it also might be just some “imitiation” , as you can today find lots of websites and Youtube-Videos dealing with the “hidden illuminati agenda” in pop culture. So I can imagine young bands thinking it’s funny to bring pyramids and other illuminati symbolism in their artwork. They know it might make them look “dangerous” and people like us start to analyse their art-work and videos (I never ever would have listened to “kesha” without that article, lol)-
    And I think, it’s possible, that bands are mocking the illuminati design for fun (that “neckdeep”-cover looks like that!)

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  11. Something vewy vewy stwange is going on awound heah!

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  12. Thank you all! Such great ideas!! Like many of you, you also have probably heard: “Hiding in plain sight” SO it could be blatant “in our faces” illuminati stuff in all these entertainment video’s. Or it could be a mix of entertainer’s management and producers putting it there just to look “dangerous” or Bad-A**. Yet I do believe there is truth to it being promoted under the radar…to the uneducated viewer. There are so many “Sheeple” viewers of TV… just getting their fix, and or getting aroused..which keeps teh mind stuck in an addiction mode for more of the same. And there is also the field of Disinformation — Where the enemy gives us a “partial truth” abut adds so many distracting deceptions, it is easy to get people confused and alarmed. This is huge in UFO world. SO many government agencies and Intel guys have put out deliberate misinformation… In fact, on Face Book, and other on-line talk sites– There are “Sock Puppets” (aka – Government Intel people who have 10-20 false identities and pages on social media, and make all sorts of crazy statements. A lot of what they post is partially true, but mostly hyped fals einfo… and it does cause fear… They are doing it to keep people confused, distracted.) The powers that be, LOVE TO PLAY “Smoke and MIrror” tricks with us constantly! Mainstream MEdia is full of it. Usually when some emergency or crisis is dominating the news, that is usually when congress or senate passes some secret bill…when everyone was looking elsewhere. Also, I must thank you so much Isaac for pointing out the “Six” finger symbol was related to mark of the beast! I usually see so much fake New Age spirituality imitated by celebs… it is easy to discount their finger sign, as “meditating” or “they are just so peaceful and spiritual” — all the while they are behaving as morally bankrupt and corrupt as possible. Signs of satanic worship are everywhere…and I hear from a Catholic website a church of Lucifer is having a grand opening in Chicago. I think it best to be careful… and keep our eyes open for subtle mind control. Subliminal messages are laced throughout the media. Another old adage: Hope for the best, yet be prepared for the worst. Thanks again! Intriguing discussion!!

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  13. Hi Isaac,

    I love your blog…
    I would like to tell you about a documentary called Da Vinci Darkest Secret… You can find it at Netflix…

    Could you watch it I give your opinion about it?

    Thank you

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  14. I read only this on Sense8 “The question to ask is, “Who is bestowing these ‘gifts’?” It’s certainly not covered in these tales of science fiction, but I can tell you who’s work this is: the Devil” Thank you for giving me a real LOL!!!! It made my day!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  15. You’re research is impressive and I think you are totally correct. All roads will eventually lead to antichrist and the new age/lucifarian agenda is going to pave his way.

    I’m curious what your thoughts are on hollow earth theory and the alien deception? Aliens as demons, etc…

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