Illuminati Roundup: Big Sean, Tom Hanks, Ellie Goulding, Pee Wee Herman, iZombie, and more

The community have been identifying “Illuminati” symbolism everywhere and forwarding their findings to me through social media, email, or simply through comments on the website. I get flooded with symbolism that you all are finding online, on television, film, music videos, album covers, magazines, news stories, etc.

In this post I will regurgitate what I’ve been seeing (that couldn’t quite be worthy of an entire post), alongside the stuff you all have been able to spot. I appreciate all that you do and let’s keep trying to unravel this great conspiracy mystery until we find the truth.


Let’s see what we’ve been compiling (big ups to anyone that sent material over).

I saw the Illuminati Mark of the Beast during the trailer for Straight Outta Compton; do you see it?…

Straight Outta Compton Mark of the Beast X and O

Suge Knight completed the “Illuminati blood sacrifice” during the filming of this movie; a concept I covered in the hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, so that makes me think there might be even more to this film…

Staying on the rap theme; A$AP Ferg continued A$AP Rocky’s Illuminati symbolism legacy by doing the All Seeing Eye on the cover to a recent project:

ASAP Ferg Overdoz All Seeing Eye Illuminati

I felt ten shades whiter after watching this latest GAP commercial music video from Carly Rae Jepsen called I Really Like You in which we see Tom Hanks doing the All Seeing Eye:

Tom Hanks Carly Rae Jepseon all seeing eye I really like you Illuminati

I’ve heard that Tom Hanks is an Orthodox Christian (and a nice guy), so I think we can probably guess that the Eye symbol was just a coincidence, given the context of the lyrics about “watching television” during that gesture, but I wanted to make a joke about the music video so I had to include it.

Watcher xyzc sent an image of Eva Mendes in an issue of Women’s Health that also depicts the All Seeing Eye:

IlluminatiWatcher Eva Mendes all seeing eye Womens Health cover

Watcher xyzc also found images of Madonna depicted around the shattered glass that symbolizes mind control through the fracturing process:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna broken mirror mind control

In a recent interview with Madonna, she had some choice words that suggested that she is pushing to make the “Illuminati” something “cool”:

West worked on tracks including “Holy Water,” ”Wash All Over Me,” ”Auto-tune Baby” and “Illuminati,” which Madonna said she wrote “because I wanted to dispel the myth of what Illuminati means because people don’t really understand the origin of the word.”

“It’s misused, misappropriated and misunderstood, so I tried to get that across in the song. Not sure anyone’s paying attention to the lyrics just yet, but they will, certainly when I do it live,” she said, who name-drops Justin Bieber, Jay Z and Lady Gaga on the song. “If people say, ‘Oh I’m a member of the Illuminati and they think they’re insulting me, I’m actually flattered by it because the real Illuminati were incredible thinkers, inventors, artists, philosophers, scientists.

Like who doesn’t want to be put in that group, right?” she asked. “It has nothing to do with how many Mercedes-Benz you have or how much money you have or power.”

If you recall; we saw this other example of mind control fracture in the most recent Illuminati Roundup article with Kelly Clarkston’s latest album as well:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom All Seeing Eye Kelly Clarkson mind control fracture WO

Ellie Goulding was featured in the video for Calvin Harris’ Outside and this continued the never ending spiral of EDM-Illuminati symbolism. Here we see her shattering a mirror; again, a symbol of the mind control fracture, or Dissociative Identity Disorder:

IlluminatiWatcher Ellie Goulding Shatter Mirror Calvin Harris Outside

Right before that telekinetic mirror shattering, we saw Ellie Goulding levitating:

IlluminatiWatcher Ellie Goulding Levitate Calvin Harris Outside

This is a show of demonic influence as well; and we’ve been seeing a trend of it in music videos like Eminem’s Illuminati Rap God:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eminem Rap God Illuminati levitate

And Jessie J’s Thunder video (notice the Satanic reference to lightning there):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jessie J Thunder Levitate One All Seeing Eye 4

Nicki Minaj doing the exorcism of one of her many alter egos during the Grammys (again- learn about the alter egos in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC):

NIcki Minaj grammys levitation WO

Should you think I’m being over dramatic, take a look at what Lady Gaga’s hair stylist, Michael Pooter, said back in 2011:

One day, when she was mumbling more than normal, which I found out later was her actually speaking in tongues, I saw the number 666 on her scalp and I quickly asked for God to protect me. She rose up out of her chair and floated 3 feet above the ground while yelling…..


..He also stated she would stare at him when he cut with the scariest of eyes. The devil’s eyes. Michael Pooter, who cut her hair since January 2010, said in a interview for “Stylists of the Whores” magazine that when he confronted her about it, she told him she would eat his children if he ever told anyone….

Here’s the triple Mano Cornuto on the artwork to Corey Feldman’s tribute song to Corey Haim (yes, you read that correctly). Both of these men were allegedly subjected to different forms of abuse while growing up in the film industry, and Feldman has been acting quite strange lately, so it’ll be interesting to see where this ends up:

Corey Feldman 222 Corey Haim Mano Cornuto

Harry Potter alumni Rupert Grint continues the tradition of other Harry Potter child actors by sporting a shirt with a giant All Seeing eyeball on it:

Harry Potter Rupert Grint All Seeing Eye shirt

I mention that because other actors from these Harry Potter films have been leaking out images that suggest the same manipulation; which shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the nature of the stories revolve around magic and spell casting:

All Seeing Eye Tom Felton butterfly MONARCH mind control WO


There’s a new singer on the block named Katy Tiz (who is the UK white version of Nicki Minaj of sorts). She’s plugging all of the familiarities of the Illuminati; check it out:

Katy Tiz 666 All Seeing Eye

Katy Tiz All Seeing Eye

Here’s a mark of the abyss demon- Typhon with the V over one eye:

Katy Tiz Typhon V All Seeing Eye

And of course she’s doing the Illuminati Vow of Silence:

Katy Tiz Vow of Silence

Adam Levine was spotted wearing this “interesting” jacket… Notice the All Seeing Eye, pyramid, skull, and diamond programming symbolism all over it:

Adam Levine All Seeing Eye Pyramid Skull Diamond

This is all status-quo for Adam Levine, given his Church of Satan professions in the Animals music video.

Watcher Laura sent this over; an inner artwork piece on an Adam Ant album with some interesting symbolism on it (*recall that Adam Ant had that ‘episode’ that landed him in a mental hospital and said “The whole thing is a conspiracy, and they’re out to get me“):

Adam Ant black white checkered floor

You probably notice that Masonic checkered floor, but if you didn’t catch the BIG symbol hidden here, take another look…

Baphomet_small WO

Speaking of Baphomet; I noticed this Merrell shoe ad in the recent Rolling Stone that has the demon staring you down (they are really getting over with this stuff now):

Baphomet Merrell shoe ad

And here we have the Mark of the Beast from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and we all know how they did Pee Wee Herman in… (sorry- I lost track of who sent this to me, but thanks!!):

Pee Wee Playhouse Mark of Beast X and O

Watcher xyzc saw the ‘humor’ in this next shot of the new CW television series- iZombie. Not only do we have the All Seeing Eye; but there is the brain in a jar:

iZombie all seeing eye brain in jar

This is a hypothesis used in philosophy by great minds such as Descartes, where we explore the idea of our minds being inside of a jar and only being fed signals by some other entity. This is the theme of the Matrix, and one which I explore in A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS,  AND POP CULTURE.

I had a slew of people tell me about the WWE wrestling group known as The Ascension (who look like a rip-off/homage of Demolition or The Legion of Doom). As it turns out; yea, they do in fact have the All Seeing Eye of Horus inside of triangle, so add them to the list:

wwe ascension triangle all seeing eye v2

Watcher Tbone sent me some disturbing images that were found on various Netflix children’s shows. Since I don’t have children I’ll refrain from commenting on the background of these shows; but the symbols speak for themselves.

For example, in The Adventures of Figaro Pho there is he usage of UFOs inducing fear in the characters which suggests they are showing the characters how to react for when the UFOs really do come (or so the theory goes):

Figaro Pho UFO Typhonian

We also have Ruby Gloom showing us the skulls and crossbones(tied in with the music industry, no less):

Ruby Gloom Mark of the Beast All SEeing Eye

Here is some more zombie programming with Mummy, I’m a Zombie. You’ll also see the lightning symbolism of Satan, (see Illuminati Mark of the Beast), and the Egyptian symbolism of the Giza Pyramids with a Sphinx that looks an awful lot like President Obama-Akhentaten

Mummy Im a Zombie lightning moon Obama pyramids

WTF is a “Lalaloopsy”? I don’t know, but he/she has the All Seeing Eye on through the patch, plus the one on the shirt which has the skull and bones, plus the winking parrot:

Lalaloopsy Illuminati All Seeing Eye

Last, but not least, Coraline gets in on the act with more of the All Seeing Eye; this time with her eye being held up open via A Clockwork Orange style by creepy entities;

Coraline All Seeing Eye pentagrams

I’ll be prepping for a podcast with author William Ramsey about the controversial West Memphis 3 case (stay tuned for that one to air- it’s going to be eye opening, I promise you!), and I happened to notice the Mark of the Beast in the HBO documentaries for Paradise Lost (about the WM3 case):

Paradise Lost Mark of the Beast X and O WM3


DJW hooked us up with an interesting video of Barney Miller warning us of the impending doom, clear back in 1981!


Big Sean continues the push on Illuminati symbolism by showing up on the Whoolywood Shuffle (DJ Whoo Kid) and “joking” about Illuminati rituals that 2 Chainz was making claims about:


Again, thanks to EVERYONE who sent links/images/videos; please keep them coming! We’ll continue to expose this evil agenda as they try to keep surrounding us with their symbols and sigils. Perhaps that will reverse this dark energy (if you want to subscribe to that theory- – I do).

If you like this and want to stay connected with me and forward your findings over, hit me up on social media and explore the START HERE page where I’ll give you more info:

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Thanks for looking!




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. And the one/all seeing eye is watching over the brain in the jar. And the caption “Taking brains”…. Makes 100% sense, IW….

    As for Hanks being an Orthodox Xtian this is literally nothing if u know what I mean. He’s just a puppet like any others. Faith or its lack is irrelevant in the showbiz. No need to develop, u know it as good as I do.

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  2. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast with William Ramsey, can we send questions?

    I have followed that case for years. First, I was on their side because the documentaries subtly push you in that direction.

    I’m torn because as a libertarian and a Jeffersonian at that (also props to John Adams) I’d rather let potentially guilty pieces of shit like Echols go rather than see a guilty person sit on death row when the evidence is incomplete, but at the same time there is enough evidence to make a judgment that these dudes most-likely did it.

    I sorted through all of that on Callahan (took months) and evidence #501 (the mountain of psych transcripts) from his time in care when his own parents turned him in, to the death penalty eval, and Echol’s lies about the evals after. He really counts on people going with his Jedi Mind Trick of “you don’t need to read the evaluations” and disregarding the evidence.

    Jesse Misskelly maybe dumb but he’s not so dumb that he would confess multiple times even with his own attorney begging him to stfu. Sounds like someone with a conscience to me.

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  3. Thanks for using my Adam Ant photo! I forgot about his time in an institution. Will have to look up more on that again! Thanks for all your great work! I know it is time consuming but it keeps us Watchers well informed!

    Post a Reply
  4. Loved this.. Thank you for all your work in compiling and making sense of everything for us. Excited for the podcast!

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  5. love your work bro,even little old New Zealand is waking up!
    We are watching the collapse happen,even if not on the six oclock news.

    Post a Reply
    • Right on! Good to see there are friends over in the N.Z.! I’ve read that N.Z. has a rich history of magic (ritual, occult magick). Not sure how valid that is, but I’ve heard it in passing somewhere.

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      • And there is the connection to Lord of the Rings, which was filmed in NZ

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  6. Hi everyone,
    greetings from Nigeria.
    IWs, im kind of an on&off commenter ( sometimes i read but don’t comment ). pls i didn’t notice the symbolism on that “paradise lost” cover, anyone notice???

    Aside that, Isaac , this is a great work, all your works are. I enjoy reading them, keep up the good work. *Even though some people don’t agree with what you’re doing*
    I can’t open your postcads even when i follow the link you leave here, i don’t know if it’s my browser or from your end.

    Post a Reply
    • It’s in the Paradise Lost text. The circle with the X in lost. It’s considered a beast mark. Also if you look real close to the Ellie Goulding levitation pick she has an eye(Egyptian I think) tattooed on her ribs. It’s crazy how blatant they’re getting with normalizing this garbage. A frightening trend indeed.

      Post a Reply
    • Hi sarry- if you check out that Mark of the Beast link by the photo you’ll see it. The fusion of the “X” and “O” is of occult importance. The “O” on Paradise Lost has the “X” inside. Glad you like the theories I’m presenting. I’m not sure about that last comment- what are postcads?

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  7. The director is dead now, but he was known for finding “interesting” subjects for documentaries.

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  8. Those ratings are amazing for The CW. Not Flash good, but good. Flash is more of a family show so I didn’t think iZombie would retain those ratings. It still did very well . Other shows that “do well” on the cw get 0.5 and 0.6

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  9. Madonna’s snapback to Dolce and Gabanna’s comment on synthetic babies (we all know this was 100% for show), note the “as above”:

    All babies contain a soul however they come to this earth and their families. There is nothing synthetic about a soul!! So how can we dismiss IVF and surrogacy? Every soul comes to us to teach us a lesson. God has his hand in everything even technology! We are arrogant to think Man does anything on his own. As above so below! Think before you speak.,,,,,,,,,,

    Post a Reply
  10. Nice post,i was hoping you would give us insights on the tv series ‘sleepy hollow’,it’s filled with so much symbolism

    Post a Reply
  11. By the way, has anybody ever verified that Lady Gaga story about “Michael Pooter”? That just sounds like a sarcastic joke somebody put out there to “fool” Christians/”conspiracy theorists”/whatever. Does such a hairdresser even exist?

    Post a Reply
      • I hope you jest. You didn’t find the “666 on her scalp” and ‘“Stylists of the Whores” magazine’ bits dubious?

        Post a Reply
        • Perhaps. But IF it was true, you don’t believe the mainstream media would publish it do you? But yea, I would bet the car on this one; not the house.

          Post a Reply
          • Me too. Seems way too far-fetched for me.


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  13. whatever… if emma watson was part of this she will have been sodimised and be willing to show tits and all…. she dont act like that

    Post a Reply
  14. Coraline has that image because of the beldame who wants to sew buttons on her eyes to keep her in her world. It may be Illuminati… But I’ve been kind of familiar with Neil Gaiman’s work for a while, and I’ve never thought that he was Illuminati. Maybe I just like Coraline so much that I don’t want it to be Illuminati… Lol.

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