Illuminati Rappers: The Symbolism of $ki Mask the Slump God

Today we’ll look at another new rapper who utilizes the avant garde style to perpetuate the same symbols of the esoteric group we refer to as the “Illuminati.”

This rapper is named $ki Mask the Slump God (seriously) and I’d like to share some themes I’ve noticed with you…


Is $ki Mask the Slump God in the Illuminati?…


The All Seeing Eye

Those of you that are well versed on these things already know about the All Seeing Eye.

$ki Mask the Slump God (here on out referred to as SMSG) may be using this symbol like the other musicians- to indicate his awareness of a “Grand Creator” and the alternate occult belief system of the Illuminati.

SMSG’s “Babywipe” video and the All Seeing Eye


This symbol is also famously used by the Freemasons to represent their understanding of a consciousness that created our world. To understand this is to “step into the light” or become the “Illuminated” one…


So when we see SMSG emphasizing the eye we can infer that he believes he is in this camp.


He did, after all, get his start from a song called New World Order (although the lyrics have nothing to do with the Illuminati, enlightenment, or anything of that nature).



Moloch: The Horned Deity

I wasn’t surprised to also see imagery that supports the idea of the pagan occultists who worship the horned deity known as Moloch. The horned hand is used to demonstrate this; but it could also be used as a witch hex known as the Mano Cornuto.


Most people associate the horns as the “rock ‘n’ roll” hand but even Ronnie James Dio (the rocker who popularized it) said that wasn’t the case.

In Conclusion

SMSG is another avant garde rapper akin to Tyler the Creator (another rapper with satanic & Crowley adoration).

We’ve seen an influx of this type of rap in the last couple of years from the likes of Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTentacion (a name that translates as 666 Temptation). **UPDATE** After writing this article it was revealed that XXXTentacion was supposedly attempting a sacrifice of Ski Mask the Slump God. See that 666 Temptation article for more on that.

I wrote a book on the scope of this hip hop conspiracy a few years back which made enough of a splash that I had to defend it on SIRIUS/XM’s Eminem channel (SHADE45). You can read about how these dots connect as well as my personal experience at the L.A. SIRIUS/XM studios in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.


It’s available now on Gumroad (*author-signed paperbacks in limited quantities), Amazon, iTunes and Audible (author-narrated audiobook)!



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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