Illuminati Race War Conspiracy: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

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**Note that this is a republish of an article I wrote just before this fight happened. I’m leaving it intact as it was originally written but republishing it since I had some website theme issues I had to fix.**


Today we’ll take a brief look at the “Mega-Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor (and learn how Charles Manson may be involved)…


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Freemason Symbolism

The promo poster for the fight depicts the familiar Freemason Compass and Square logo (*thanks to Sammi for sending me the image):



What’s the purpose for this symbol one may ask?… Well, it’s the belief held by those in the realm of occult and esoteric knowledge. They think mental projections into the universe can become reality. Through ritual magick they are able to make changes to our world (“in conformity with the Will” as Crowley defined it).

The up and down triangles (compass and square) symbolize the Hermetic and wiccan axioms of As Above So Below to reflect this idea.


The real question is: What is their will?…

They believe they are conducting The Great Work which involves putting us into a new world- the New World Order. Ultimately, I believe it to be a false belief in man becoming god through digital consciousness transfer, but there will be more on that later…


Anyone who’s familiar with my work from the past two years on already knows where I’m going with this one. In the last couple of years we’ve seen a “RISE” in racial tensions in our country.

While there is some merit to explore racial relationships, there also exists a theory that Charles Manson’s desires from 1969 are playing out today. Manson and his “Family” conducted a series of murders in an attempt to stoke a race war as part of the HELTER SKELTER plan to put Manson in charge of the country to lead the black people after they destroyed the white people.

They went as far as to write the word “RISE” in blood on the walls, as a subliminal message telling the black people to rise up against the whites.


We’ve seen a variety of “RISE” messages in entertainment the last couple of years right alongside racial tensions such as Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and most recently; Charlottesville with Trump’s Eclipse.

It’s quite curious that Charles Manson was allegedly educated in the ways of occult doctrine through Scientology and witchcraft, which would give him understanding of how his mental projections can still create the reality he desires from prison. He is still alive in his cell, waiting…

The Great White Hype

As far as how this race war theory relates to this fight, it seems only obvious that McGregor and Mayweather symbolize the battle between the two races. While most people aren’t really rooting for one athlete over another strictly because of their race; it is indeed a tone that the media as picked up on. Such as the article from the Chicago Tribune that cites some interesting dialogue between the fighters:

In press tours stops in Los Angeles and Toronto, McGregor said to Mayweather, “Dance for me, boy.” In a subsequent tour stop in Brooklyn, following criticism of those remarks, McGregor explained he couldn’t be racist because he was “half-black from the belly button down.” He then thrust his pelvis as a gesture “to all my beautiful black female fans.” Mayweather has since stated many people believe McGregor is racist and dedicated the fight to “all the blacks around the world.”

The racial undertones emanating from the promotion of Mayweather-McGregor echo the sport’s history of using racial conflict — genuine or otherwise — as a selling point. McGregor may not be cast as a traditional Great White Hope, an oft-used trope for 100 years of fights. But playing up a black-white divide has been a hallmark of boxing promotion since the early 20th century, and Mayweather and McGregor have proven the durability of the tactic.

“We have a very polarized and very conflicted racial environment right now,” said Jeffrey Sammons, a history professor at New York University and the author of “Beyond The Ring: The Role of Boxing in American Society.” “And I’m sure McGregor probably has a lot of white supremacists that are rooting for him.”

That article goes on to detail the sordid history of boxing fights and the racial cards being used to sell tickets, so it seems quite obvious that it’s being used today.


It wouldn’t be a complete article if I didn’t provide some predictions. I’m a novice at this kind of thing, but I would guess Mayweather will win with lightning speed dodges and jabs for a boring 12-round fight.

Another consideration is if McGregor gets frustrated and violates the rules early in the match. This would result in a forfeit and set up for a possible rematch. I find this to be quite possible, considering the amount of cash being thrown around here, as well as MMA’s dominance in the fighting sport arena and no real exciting boxers left to promote.

A third idea I’ll float is that if a forfeit happens, there will be A LOT of angry folks since this fight is rather expensive to watch and there is surely a ton of cash on the line. This could lead to riots in the streets, giving us more of the same contention we’ve seen the last two years.

Why the “Illuminati” would want a race war is beyond me. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s because they want to keep us distracted by focusing on one another instead of what THEY are doing. This fight could indeed be another weapon of mass “distraction”…

If you want to learn THE ENTIRE scope of the agenda (and why I suggested that the ultimate end game is a digital consciousness); you can check out my magnum opus: THE DARK PATH (*as of this writing, the book is only available on this exclusive Gumroad link to the PDF ebook; it will be available on paperback, audiobook, iTunes, Amazon, etc. in Sept. 2017!).


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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