Illuminati & Occult symbolism of Pi and Pi Day 3/14

Hi, this is Isaac and I’m the host of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast as well as the content curator on! Today we’ll explore the irrational number of “Pi” and the day of its representation: March 14th.

The number Pi (approximated to 3.1415) is one of the natural mysteries that was incorporated into many ancient sites (like the Pyramids of Giza), and also in ratios involving basic shapes such as the circle. The Freemasons are obviously interested in this number through the obvious geometrical uses, but also in the secret occult basis. What “occult” basis does Pi have? Read on my friends…


I listened to a couple of podcasts about geometry and the occult, and stumbled across a researcher named Marty Leeds. He’s been on a few podcasts with one being the Math is Magic podcast on FreemanTV, and the other being the RedIceRadio podcast:

Marty Leeds is an author and video producer widely known for uncovering a mathematical cipher or cryptogram for the English alphabet, based around the transcendental number of Pi that deciphers everything from board games, biblical verses, names and symbols of secret societies. Leeds was a featured speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia in 2013. His books include Pi & The English Alphabet Vol1 & Vol2, as well as the recently released “The Peacock’s Tales – The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis.

“In this program, Marty talks about the recent creation and modification of the English alphabet by Shakespeare and Francis Bacon. We’ll examine the numerological codes and gematria in ancient religious texts including the Bible. In the second hour, we discuss names from the Holy Bible and the “Ten Emanations of God.” Marty tells us about Phyllotaxis and how arrangements of leaves on a plant stem is a concept mirrored everywhere in nature.

The first time I mentioned Marty Leeds on this website was on the Illuminati symbolism in Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor which got me interested in his work because I’ve read elsewhere how the numbers 3 and 4 have a much deeper meaning (check out the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series for the Triangles and Pyramids):

Getting back to the mirroring/reflection stuff; the idea of symmetry and reflection is conveyed by a lot of religious and spiritual concepts (both occult and non). Heaven and Earth mirror each other and we see this in the Freemason square and compass. If you listen to more on Marty Leeds you can hear the breakdown of the compass (equating to the spirit world or Heaven) as a 3, and the square (equating to the measurable, physical world, or Earth) as a 4.



I could try and explain his theory, but I’d probably botch half of it up, or I’d misrepresent it somehow. However, I’ll try to point out the very basic aspect and you can dig in deeper if you like. He basically explores occult/esoteric knowledge of the gematria study that assigns numbers to letters (see more on the ancient Greeks, and also the Jewish-Kabbalah and Kabbalistic reduction) and numbers revealed a deeper meaning to the texts of the Talmud, Bible, etc.

In fact, I’ve posted about the Malaysian MH370 flight and how the conspiracy theorists are attaching themselves to the importance of the Boeing 777 number:

However, more importantly, occultist and magician Aleister Crowley referenced it in a document he wrote called Liber 777 Vel Prolegoma Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticae Viae Explicande, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiae Summae. The ’777′ is apparently important in the title of all of that, and it’s used in some magic rituals that I won’t pretend to understand. If you want more on Crowley and the entertainment industry’s obsession with this OTO order he created, check my Aleister Crowley’s ‘OTO’ Entertainment industry membership post.

He points out that math is the universal language god created the laws of the world with, and I have to agree with that. I’ve got a background in engineering and mathematics and have taken more math courses than I cared to, including Calculus 1-3, D.E.s, Linear Algebra, Math Theory, etc. and what he’s saying is 100% true; our world has many natural phenomenons the reoccur with mathematical consistencies and our ancient ancestors knew this. In fact Algebra came from the Middle East and the Babylonians (“Al-Jabr”). There we go with the Babylonians again…

Marty proceeds to say that we came from stardust and the first letters of the alphabet also came from outerspace (he points out that the tune of the ABC’s song is sung with the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’; something I never really thought of before…).

He thinks that numbers are encoded into words and pieces of religious works as a riddle and way of using allegory to convey some secret esoteric message. He also finds a way to link up the Holy Grail as a reference to our own hands if you watch the video (at the end of the post), along with various other religious themes (is you’re easily offended by somewhat agnostic or atheist theories, you might want to be cautious; Marty seems to have an approach of Christianity being an amalgamation of various older religions).



Of course we’ve decided to Americanize this ‘Pi Day’ by making it ‘Pie Day’ because we love to make people lust for food (thanks probably goes to Monsanto); and food porn always sells. There are more pop culture references to Pi, including one of my favorite directors Darren Aronofsky’s appropriately named Pi. And even better, it’s in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

Even our bodies are built to try and convey the importance of variety and exploration. The human brain gets stronger and more effective if we introduce new material and ideas to it. These same brains can be wired to reinforce patterns and addictions if we don’t get control of it. If a neural pattern fires, it will strengthen each time. Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. So the only way to combat this attribute is to introduce new concepts and new processes. In mathematics, there are numbers called irrational numbers that never repeat after their decimal point.

Numbers such as Pi or Phi are revered by ancient cultures and are still found in nature and even the human anatomy as ratios. Pi (3.14….) is found in geometric measurements, trigonometry, and forces of nature such as electromagnetism. All of the technological innovations of our world incorporate these sacred numbers, yet we still can’t define them. Even the Great Pyramid of Giza was built with the knowledge of this value. Phi (aka the Golden Ratio) is found in architecture, artwork, geometry, and even ratios found all over the human body.


Taking another look at Pi; we can see that on March 14th, 2015 we’ll be aligned up precisely with this number at 03/14/15 9:26:53. At some point in that 53rd second we’ll see the entire sequence lay out (*technically it’s not possible since Pi is an irrational number that goes on for infinity).

Another oddity to this holiday is the fact that is is also Quincy Jones’ birthday. Those of you who read my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC know precisely what I’m getting at…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I read somewhere that the shape formed by 777 symbolically represents the primordial bolt of lightning that broke the original pristine sephirotic spheres and introduced evil into the world.

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    • A primordial bolt of lightening breaking the pristine sephirotic spheres would explain an ushering in of the Duality of the Electrical World (our world of matter) — two poles of Electricity — and the worship of ( wait for it) ZEUS — (Sky God) Zeus – Pater (Sky-Father) (Zeus, the god who throws the lightening bolts) Deus Pater, Ptah (Ju-Ptah) St -Ju-Peter, Zeus -Piter Iuppiter – Jup – iter — Jupiter-Zeus – J-Zeus – (Jesus) Je-Zeus.

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  2. Titanic filmed in 3 hours, 14 minutes. Is really about the Merovingian (MER-) occult bloodline and it’s Celtic/Irish ties. Christ’s true bloodline doesn’t carry the DNA for red hair. The Da Vinci Code is a misdirect. March 14th 2015 is especially “Pi”-resonant… 3.1415

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    • AAAhhh, good thoughts. I didn’t even realize we were coming up on 3/14/15. Do you have any resources for that Titanic MER- stuff?

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  3. I never thought Pi to be occult, I always viewed it as very logical Radian=s/r. But degrees on the other other hand, historians are uncertain of the origin of degrees. An equiangular triangle is 60+60+60=180, with a 666 in it, and just my personal belief is that this is were degrees come from. Degrees actually have no purpose in math and engineering, some mathematicians prefer that students not even be taught degrees. In my career goal of land surveying/geomatic engineering, angular measures of latitude and longitude, radians can be used instead. Radians and their trigonometry quadrantals are actually very logical; 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the circle. You might want to note that an equiangular triangle in radians is pi x 1/3. Also 1/3=.33, like the 33rd Degree Freemasons. Maybe that’s where it comes from?

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  4. Sorry I don’t agree with the “Holy Trinity”. Since we all know everything began with the Islam religion, GOD (Allah) is only ONE, there is no father and son and the holy spirit. Of course there are Angels, Jinns and spirits but for Him it’s the biggest sin to say that He is part of trinity. As He said in the Quran “Dont ever associate me with anything”. I agree that He created everything based on Pi and mostly on the golden number Phi. But no there is no father, son and holy spirits. There is no trinity. Trinity is something that those scumbags illuminates wanted you to believe in. So if you believe in that then you felt into the shaytan’s trap. So wake up again because obviously you are still sleeping in the illuminate’s world

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    • Your right their is no such thing as father,son,HolyGhost. Jesus is father son and HolyGhost. So many dominations believe in the trinity but I guess they skip over Acts 2:38. The word Christian is so loosely used. Its a spirit of religion that so many use instead of sayin or better yet acting like a person who follows Jesus. The term Christian has been degraded by people who use it to describe whom they are or what they been taught instead of comin to the realization themselves

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  5. Isaac Weishaupt ???

    Serious ???

    Euhm…. why ???

    Seriously … exposing illuminati and naming yourself with same surname as its supposed founder … strange…

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    • That is the best part he is in on it.

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  6. Thanks Issac for sharing your thoughts and resources on this subject!

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  7. The Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The sacred heart of Jesus photos — (Particular-ily -the first Pic left column — in the attached link) is said to be Jesus ‘gangster’ signing PI 3.14 with his fingers — And the ‘Sacred Heart’ he is pointing to — Well, this image of Jesus’ heart s actually the encoded Glyph for Saturn… the Crown of Thorns being the Ring around Saturn.

    Now I will add my own conspiracy theories to this — My Theory is that Jesus has two key representations in metaphysics (many esoteric meanings but 2 are of interest to me especially)

    One my Theorem is that one of the secret encoded name meanings of the non-Hebrew name –“Jesus” is a deeply hidden ancient name for the Sun our blazing star in the Sky Sun’s little reported ancient name of — ‘Yes’ ‘== ‘Yesuha –or Greek ‘Ies’ Iesous, Iesus (‘us’ is a Greek & Roman Male designation suffix) — in Hebrew and Aramaic i sumise that the ‘Y’ became a ‘J’ in modern times — as Yes is one of the hidden names for our Sun — (The Son of God, the Sun of God) Yes-Us or Jes-Us is a representation of the Sun (The Sun in Pisces; The Sun in the Age of Pisces more specifically ) The Fisherman .. See Jesus symbols on backs of Christian pedestrian vehicles.. (sign of the fish Pisces).

    But more to the point of pointing to the ‘Sacred Heart’ Jesus second (and even more Occult’ed) name emanation and representation is that of JUPITER — (the planet AND the Roman God Jupiter) Zeus in Greek.. which is where I am getting the combo name Jupiter-Zeus from.. — (after Rome stole Egypt aka Ancient Kemet from the Greeks) — They ( I speculate) combined the Roman and Greek deities into Jupiter-Zeus or J-Zeus —

    Remember in the mythologies; Jupiter overthrew his Father Saturn to become KING OF THE GODZ — (Jesus vs. Satan) the most beautiful Angel – aka, angle of Light, Saturn — many observers believe it to be the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos — but also Saturn can be incredibly stormy and Malevolent

    Whereas Jupiter is known for Justice, we can see Jesus/Jupiter’s role may be said to be akin to that of your Lawyer (Attorney; I turn you over) — who re-presents you .. since you cannot present yourself to his Father Saturn — which is why the Catholic church is the church of ST. Ju-piter, run by the God-Father excuse me The Father God (Pater, Piter) or When you die you (
    According to Catholic/Christian mythos) — you have to explain your sins and your life to st. Peter (St. Ju-Piter) —-But here on Earth we have HIS representative — Pappa — The Vicar of Christ Jesus(Jupiter) — The Pope. The Pontifex Maximus, the builder of bridges and ruler of all of Christendom’s Holy See (Sea) — and Pappas also presides over the Regal system. God the Father’s (Saturn’s) Crown. — (the L and R can be swapped) to also mean the LEGAL system — However it is rumored that western legal system Courtroom Judges, wear the Black Robes of Saturn (The Black Cube) — according to Jordan Maxwell; the Western legal system Judges — are also Priests Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Church. complete with Clerics (clerks) and Writs (Rites) and adMINISTER.Penance, once the Witness has dutifully confessed his Sins, the Sinner ( defendant ) will then be allowed to pay for his sins — – hmm.. Remember Ancient Rome’s Chief Deities were.. (& I say still are.. ) Saturn and Jupiter.

    — As Saturn (SATN -Satan) is a most harsh judge, and opposition to man’s aspirations — and an opposition in KaBaLLah is ‘The Devil’ or Sa-taan.(Saturn is an opposition who’s zodiac Sign is Capricorn he of the Cloven Hooves? ) and the Chakra Color for Saturn is represented as — Red.
    Which is probably why the The Devil (Capricorn-Saturn-) is said to wear Red.

    –Jesus or Jupiter Zeus is saying in the Photos; imo– ” My heart still belongs to Saturn.:)” so in Ancient Roman culture — Saturn is the original ‘God the Father’ — and therefore Jesus (Jupiter – Zeus ) is ‘The Son of God” —

    and the metaphysical ascension — (see Santos Bonacci YouTube — Mr.astro-theology videos) on the Anointed Oil — the Cerebral Spinal fluid — bringing the Anointed oil out of the Sacrum and up into the Cerebrum (Abram) Sera-Abram (Cere-e-brum) –and ‘Illuminating’ the Pineal Gland is how one becomes ‘The Christ’ or having a Crystalline Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) — I butchered that.. see Santos for a Clear explanation — Illuminati name is (Imho) simply bragging that they the El-ite rulers and worshippers of El (Saturn) have an Illuminated Pineal Gland is large and active (see etymology of word – EL you will get Illum, and Illi -Electrecet in other languages (my take; EL means aka Electricity, or EL is The God of Duality and The Electrical world of dual/ dueling polarities, man vs. woman, black vs white, etc) — — a Universe which is powered by tension strife & Friction, worry, war, sickness, and the lower slow moving Chakra energies of Saturn) in order to keep this Electrical Universe going. the world given to Satan (Yadolobroth -) Yahweh — in the Gnostic Scriptures.–) — — & that they the modern., Illum-inati (El-ders/El-ites) –are alive and can see.. (research the meaning of the Eye of Horus, I say it is on the U.S. Dollar Bill, some say that eye is the so-called malevolent ‘all seeing eye..’ I say it is The eye of Horus/Heru – the Christ. Eye of Horus + the Eye of ILLUMINATION and Enlightenment, (It is your third eye.. or at least it should be..) which is why on the fed reserve dollar note — it is depicted hovering above the Pyramid, a Chevron symbol of the four elements rising into the ascension of the fifth element) — while we.. well our (most of us..) our Pineal Gland/3rd eye is miniscule (shrunken) & calcified we are blind and dumb in the Universal Law, and to the subconscious and blind to the Astral world, having only 5 senses instead of at least 6 (and those 5 are controlled by someone else — controlled by THEM) and their ELF’s — and we (most of us) are basically Dead, and trapped in matter and hexed on Terra (Earth) The Hexahedron– only to be considered non-existent in the eyes of the RO-man’s Law & legally represented by The Straw Man.

    Genesis 1:26-28King James Version (KJV)

    26 ”

    And God said, Let us make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness:”

    From the Torah –(Jewish Bible)
    (B’reishit bara Elohim), which is often translated as, “In the beginning, God created…”

    — the Elohim(Hebrew plural) , = (my theory) –The 12 Zodiac (Plural) or 7 of the 9 visible planets, The Planetary Archeons — who ‘rule over us’ are the Gods of the Bible —
    The Elohim’ chief among them is Saturn king of the Stars — or EL — (see 7of9 character in Star Trek series and how she wears the Eye of Horus symbol over her left eye — aka The Moon) — the Eye of Horus/Heru is the representation of your third eye.. (the Pineal gland)

    The 7 Chakras in your body are said to mirror 7 of the 9 visible planets —
    In Metaphysics — In our bodies — Saturn (Red) atomic energies reside in the Root Chakra — while Jupiter (Orange) atomic energies reside in the Sacrum — Jesus has a ‘sacred’ heart because he is Jupiter — of the Sacrum and the Sacral Chakra (words Sacred, Sacrament and Secret have etymons in the word Sacrum) — That which is Sacred .. comes from the Sacrum — (The spine is the tail and the head of the snake, is the Sacrum — oft depicted as a Cobra, or the Kundalini- also called Wadjet in Egypt, The Dragon in Asia, the second G in Google was the coiled Cobra) imo downward pyramind Triangle and the upside down snake in your body — is representing the fall of the sinewave. the light-being, The snake= the Downward pyramid/triangle = the fall of Lucifer (Venus/the heart, the light-bearer, the light–bringer– into Matter – The Matrix – The Ma-ternal or Ma-at) — which is why ‘Egyptian’ rulers sarcophagi and statues were often depicted with the rulers male and female having a Snake coming out of their crown Chakra or Third Eye Chakra area, your life-force energy (The Force in Star Wars) is Isis.Sophia,(The Moon, Venus, Sirius) — The Snake from the Garden of Eden the vilified Sinewave of the Ecliptic the Reptilian force that charlatan ‘truthers’ like David Icke who probably work for THEM doing mis-direction — want you to be afraid of fear your own DNA coiled snake energy– (see staff of Hermes/Mercury,Thoth/Thehuti aka the AMA Medical symbol) == the Snake (the Reptilian force they want you to fear) is the one who requested that Eve & Adam seek knowledge and the meaning of life and you could become like a God!! — ohh my.. Blasphemy! — they were becoming ‘the Christ’ — which is why Jesus — is Christ Jesus (as he resides in the Sacrum ) the storehouse of the at least 10% of the Crystalline anointed oil. (Tithing= returning 10% of the anointed oil back up to the Source, The Temple of God Solomon’s Temple, your Temple (s) aka your HEAD) Which is also why, when the snake alledgedly told Eve to eat of the Apple (The Apis Bull/Taurus — representative of the Heart – anagram for Earth and Aether) — Eve (Electron) and Adam (Atom – Proton) & then theri 7 ChakRA’s were enlightened with the light of the Sun (R.A. right Ascension of the Sun) — and the Light of the All (prime creator) .. (see Apple Computers logo for reference) — an Apple is made by the light of the Sun yeah?? then they began to see the light and have knowledge which meant they could no longer remain in the Garden of Eden as the God of matter wants you to be dumb, Ignorant of the real Creators Multiverse — and not be able to take care of yourself and to remain under the rulership of the Elohim.. and it’s kind Saturn in order to remain in the Garden of Ignorance (I mean Eden) being Naked.

    To be in the Garden where everything is done for you you must remain delicately mortal — ignorantly mortal — to be under the rulership of the 12 disciplines of the zodiac (the 12 disciples) rather than becoming the 13 (Christ Jesus) a God — Yes-Us, The Christ — Sun of God! Avram. Abram Al L – ibrahim (LibRA) — or Aries the Ram — The Lamb who’s motto is ‘I Am”

    Evil (secret society leaders) of the mega-Corporations make fun of the fact that we (most of us..) are primarily asleep (they say ‘Dead’ – The walking dead,) btw Hollywood movies, TV shows and big time sports teams owners make fun of our metaphysical/Spiritual ignorance too..These entities are octopus arms of illuminati as well.. imo) – and most workers and common folk (consumers) don’t understand or are even aware of the process of becoming the Christ and so the Evil Corpse-persons entities Corp -or(eal) -a-tions, and their leaders who preside over this dead system — Gleefully (I think) — label their physically, mentally and spiritually damaging products with Christ Ascension names — while they are laughing in our i faces all the way to the bank; such comical product spiritual names such as ‘7up’ soda pop — (=7 chakras up) the Acid, inside 7up; it is theorized helps keep the human body in an acidic state’ whereas the body actually needs to be more alkaline than acidic for ascension purposes or sending one’s life force energies 7 Chakras back up through your Chakra alignment, up and out of the prison of Matter (The Cross of the Zodiac) –Which is why/how Jesus died on the cross and ascended back up into heaven — for Spiritual Ascension into higher light vibration or becoming the christ. — (Promoting Acidity also is said to be more Corporate secret Saturn worship) and another example is.. Crest toothpaste with Fluoride — (Crest or Chrestos in Greek means Christ – Krishna in India) — Fluoride Calcifies the pineal gland and keeps it from becoming a crystalline Astral Antennae or ‘The Christ’. Which is why many of these products feature Ice-snow capped mountain tops which are a symbols of the Crystalized Pineal Gland.. or ‘The Christ’.

    More of my wacky theories (last one I promise for now:) — Mel -c (means Melanin) I= Ions+ Zedek means Jupiter in Greek (transliterated as Tsdek, Sydek and more..) –MELCHIZEDEK — Means the Melanin moving through the Ions in Jupiter. King Jupiter (or the Melanin in the Sacrum rising to the Cerebrum and the Cerebellum) Abram (Father Aries the Ram( and his beautiful wife Sera (bella means beautiful in Italian of course) — Taurus the Bull.

    Thus the Sacred order of bringing the anointed oils of Melanin and the Cere-brospinal fluid ‘The Kundalini- Wadjet — up and out of Jupiter (the Sacrum, The sacral Chakra) is the order of Melchizedek —

    Thus Jesus is a Priest in the order of Melchizedek. whew.

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    • This is really interesting but I felt I had to point out an error you made about Catholic belief; we don’t have to explain our sins to St.Peter; he is the gate-keeper of Heaven and if your name’s not down ,you’re not coming in( sorry,couldn’t resist paraphrasing that Rave classic,”The Doorman”- I used to think he was saying if your name wasn’t ” Dan” ,you’re not coming in, because of the strong Cockney accent!) but he isn’t a judge. Catholics will be judged by Christ Himself on Judgement Day,just like everyone else.Only God has the authority to judge and the right to call us to account for ourselves when it’s our Eternal Salvation that’s at stake. St.Peter is a saint,but he is just a human being, a created creature like all of us and does not have that power or authority.

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    • You need help. All satanic dogma dear. You are a lost soul

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  8. 8830 581168Spot on with this write-up, I truly assume this web site needs a lot much more consideration. Ill probably be once much more to read far much more, thanks for that info. 303258

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  9. Marty Leeds is clearly a satanic mason. Their goal is to convince the world their god Lucifer is the Christ. Only the blind will be fooled and we can look around now and see who those fools are today. All New Agers, alien believers, Egyptian followers and every relgion on earth other than Catholic the first and only Church Jesus established. That is why all others are called denominators.

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