Illuminati & occult symbolism in Maleficent & Disney’s Sleeping Beauty tale

The tale of Sleeping Beauty was actually modified from an Italian fairy tale called Sun, Moon, and Talia written by Giambattista Basile in 1634. In this grim fairy tale, the King’s daughter Talia (who is the female protagonist similar to Aurora in Sleeping Beauty) is born with a divination that she would die from a splinter of flax. She eventually fulfills the prophecy when she attempts to help an old woman spin flax and a splinter goes under her fingernail and she drops dead/unconscious instantly. The king puts her body in one of his spare country houses and after some time a hunter finds the body after following his falcon to the location (akin to the raven Diablo in Sleeping Beauty). The hunter rapes the lifeless body, and Talia eventually gives birth to twins (whilst still unconscious), and the boy sucks on his mother’s motionless finger in an attempt to feed and pulls the splinter out. Talia awakens and names her twins Sun and Moon.

The king finds Talia and her children alive in the house and his wife (the queen; or Maleficent) becomes jealous and insists that Talia be thrown into a bonfire (aka bailfire, aka Ba’al-fire; see the Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post). Ultimately, the queen gets a reversal of fortune and ends up in the fire herself.


Sun Moon Talia

What a lovely children’s tale. It’s obvious why Disney would add a bit of magic to it and retell it as Sleeping Beauty, right? Let’s explore it a bit more and see what Holly-weird has in store for the children in 2014…

The queen from the original Sun, Moon, and Talia tale will be explored through a portrayal by Angelina Jolie in the 2014 film Maleficent. Maleficent is a demonic fairy from the Disney fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, who lives up to her title which means “to do harm or evil.” She teleports supernaturally while King Stefan’s daughter, Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) is christened and curses her to die on her 16th birthday. The name Aurora means “dawn” and theorists believe it is important to the occult with the symbolism behind the Aurora, Colorado Batman shootings. The dawn is symbolic of the original tale in that we see more worship of the sun and moon, which is what all of these ancient cultures held as deities and arguably the secret societies and elite Illuminati types continue to worship.

We can see that Maleficent has demonic horns, which are all over the entertainment industry:

Angelina Jolie Maleficent Illuminati


If you visit this website frequently you’re probably sick of hearing about the horns of Moloch, so if you need more knowledge dropped, hit read up on the Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions post, or comb through some of these posts. I’ve got an entire two-part post on Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls, and the Horns of Satan that goes really deep into this occult secret:

The importance of the symbolism is expressed by occultist Manly Palmer Hall in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

In the World of Assiah are to be found the demons and tempters. These are likewise reflections of the ten great globes of Atziluth, but because of the distortion of the images resulting from the base substances of the World of Assiah upon which they are reflected, they become evil creatures, called shells by Qabbalists. There are ten hierarchies of these demons to correlate with the ten hierarchies of good spirits composing the Yetziratic World. There are also ten Archdemons, corresponding to the ten Archangels of Briah. The black magicians use these inverted spirits in their efforts to attain their nefarious ends, but in time the demon destroys those who bind themselves to it. The ten orders of demons and the ten Archdemons of the World of Assiah are as follows:

D1, the evil Crown; the hierarchy is called Thaumiel, the doubles of God, the Two-head; the Archdemons are Satan and Moloch.


James Franco Moloch Horns



Additional ideas behind the horns of Moloch would be the astrological basis of the various ages we’ve gone through. The Age of Taurus; the bull, is one in which the worship of Moloch is based and took place around 4000-2000 BC. This corresponds to what you can read in the Bible with Moses talking about the worship of the golden calf and the people sacrificing babies to the bull god Moloch in exchange for mercy and prosperity. The next astrological after that was the Age of Aries; the lamb, or ram from about 2000 BC to 1 AD. So we can see two consecutive ages where the symbol of two horns atop the head played an important part of culture and society. The Illuminati roots into the worship of these older polytheistic traditions and you can see it prevalent in tons of entertainment symbolism.



Hannibal Moloch horns 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch2


Commenter fleurdamour added a link to Winterspells which provides another description of the symbolism of horns through a unicorn:

The innocence of the Unicorn is signified, not only by its clean, white coat, but by its single, uncloven, horn. One horn suggests unity,  it  cannot be entered, it wards off intrusion. Dual horns, in this context, suggest that that which was whole is now split. The possessor of two horns lives in the world of opposites, of two sexes, and therefore is concerned with procreation. That which is split then seeks reunion through the birth of the third, mirror image of itself, and so the regenerative cycle goes on.

That is why the Unicorn can only be tamed by a virgin, for the Virgin is undefiled, unitary, and protected. The Men of the World cannot open the Unicorn’s body unless he lies in the lap of the Virgin who comes forward voluntarily with an aura of sacrifice. The symbolism of the single fertilizing horn in a Virgin’s lap is clear. In the case of the Unicorn, there is a divine fertilization. Only when the Soul, (the Virgin) is torn away from her union with the Divine, can she be joined with man. Therefore the men, who seek to re-discover lost innocence, and because they are of the World, cannot value purity as inner possession only, and kill the Virgin’s Divine connection so she will be available for them in the world of duality.

This interpretation suggests that there is an alternate allegory to that of the passion of Christ possible here, something to do with the Virgin as World Soul in union with the Divine, and the Unicorn as the mystic seeking return to the source.It is also a Creation myth that shows the Fall into duality without which earthly life would not be possible.


Another aspect of the film is the male protagonist who is named Prince Philip, who was named after the Duke of Edinburgh and the Royal Family. Prince Philip has his dark history, with family members in the Nazi party. I explored this topic a bit in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture:

Another facet of this conspiracy includes Prince Philip and the Royal Family’s checkered history. There is photo of Prince Philip with Nazis because he had married into a family that included Nazi S.S. soldiers. Years later, Prince Harry would be splashed across tabloids because of a Halloween costume with a Nazi swastika that he wore. Again, this is supposed to all just be a coincidence.  Prince Philip was interviewed and made this now infamous dark quote:

I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”- Prince Philip

This seems to support the wide conspiracy theory that there is a secret plan to have a reduction in population through a eugenics program. This reduction in population is supposedly a multi-faceted approach using abortion clinics, fertility measures, and chemicals in the food in order to keep the number of people on earth below a certain level.

Philip Nazi

Getting back to Maleficent, we can see that she has some of that good reptilian Illuminati blood because she shape shifts into a dragon to fight Aurora’s suitor, who eventually overpowers her through the use of white magic from the help of the good fairies. She also has a raven named Diablo, which is an obvious reference to the Devil, (portrayed as “Diaval” in the 2014 film that shape shifts from human to raven).

In the original film, the three fairies bestow gifts of beauty and song upon Aurora , which is akin to what today’s pop singers are getting in trade for their soul, such as Britney Spears and Ariana Grande. To take this music industry connection a bit further, let’s explore the spinning wheel that will kill Aurora. The spinning wheel is akin to a record, effectively saying that the music industry will kill her. In Sleeping Beauty she is supposed to prick her finger on the spinning wheel, which was referring to a tapestry spindle used for clothing many years ago. The Phonograph (vinyl) record players of the mid-1950s (Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959) had a changer called a “spindle” that would hold records to be dropped after the previous record was done playing. It’s not too far of a stretch to think that this could be a metaphor for trading one’s soul for youth and beauty in the entertainment industry.

The whole concept behind this is the indoctrination of magic so that it allures children and gets them to play it out in real life. This is similar to Harry Potter, Masters of the Universe, and other occult themed children’s shows. You get the children to take part of the ritual and perform magic spells, whether they seem harmless or not is of no consequence. What matters is that they eventually grow up and subconsciously accept themes of white and black magic and the idea that one can become their own god without spiritual guidance. We see this taking place in New Age religions and concepts like The Secret. Even Aleister Crowley liked to perform tantra and yoga…



Aleister Crowley


When interviewed about the character’s appearance, Angelina Jolie said she “liked the way Lady Gaga had her makeup done with the triangular forms under the skin.”  Hmm… Gaga and Moloch horns?…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lady Gaga Illuminati




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Jesus is coming back soon

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    • The sickest thing Disney promotes is sodomy, and sodomy is the most evil sin. Sodomy is unforgivable, and it will not be forgiven even after someone dies. The grave sins enacted in this movie might be forgivable, but only after the person dies; again, only after the person dies, these grave sins might be forgivable. But to reiterate, Jesus will not forgive sodomizers, sodomizers are only bound for hell. If the USA had been killing sodomizers, 9/11 and the Iraq War would have never occurred. God has told me there is looming catastrophe and war as his judgement on our nation for not enforcing his laws on sodomy. God’s law is that sodomizers are to be put to death. Please pray, pray, pray that all sodomizers commit suicide soon. Please pray, pray, pray that the USA’s law puts sodomizers to death. Pray for The Sodomite Suppression Act to be passed as soon as possible:

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      • I’ll paste in my comment from the “Illuminati Roundup” article-

        “Easy there Taylor- Christ doesn’t want anyone to commit suicide. Even if you want to say being gay is a sin, there is not one sin worse than another. Christ wants us to recognize Himself in each of us, which means that even if someone worships Satan, we are supposed to look past that and see that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Some of us may be lost, but we need to help them with compassion. You seem like a decent person, I don’t want you to get consumed in hating one person or thing. I personally think people that are gay are born that way (e.g. I don’t find myself “fighting” to not lust after other men). We all have enough problems on our own plate to be TOO wrapped up in how others are doing.”

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    • He already has but society with its human laws has judged him and destroyed him, you humans are Now on a predestined path that was originally planned as an alternate way. The creator knows this yet lost its bet

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    • Yes he is and all who don’t believe will die and go to hell God is the only one who can is the one is love even God damned many kings to be kings over many nations it’s in the Bible all this talk about who rule this world it can be so many Colts but OUR GOD IS THE ONE !!!! So people who want to find a secret society you don’t have to kill or do things that you don’t wont to all you have to do is let God in to your heart and all of this talk about sale n your soul how can u sale some thing is not yours

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  2. Jesus is Lord! Know Him and be covered!

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  3. I just recently found this interesting article that gives an interpretation of what horns symbolically mean, both the single horn of a unicorn and the double horns of a goat or stag. The one horn represents the spirit in unity within itself and the double ones represent incarnation, nature and carnality, split into the duality of this existence (male/female, solar/lunar, etc).

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  4. The “Nazi Solute” as you so call it was used in the United States long before the Nazis used it in Germany. Look up your history, and you will see many photos of children saluting the US flag this way. This stopped when the Nazis started using it. Google “Bellamy salute” and you will see it being used in the USA in the 1920’2 -1930’s.
    The Bellamy salute is the salute described by Francis Bellamy, Christian socialist minister and author, to accompany the American Pledge of Allegiance, which he had authored. During the period when it was used with the Pledge of Allegiance, it was sometimes known as the “flag salute”. During the 1920s and 1930s, Italian fascists and Nazis adopted a salute which had the same form, resulting in controversy over the use of the Bellamy salute in the United States. It was officially replaced by the hand-over-heart salute when Congress amended the Flag Code on December 22, 1942.

    I guess you still have some things to learn!

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    • Actually, you have some things to learn. The “Nazi salute” comes from ancient Rome.

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    • Actually, I will have to disagree with most of your take on the mythology behind Maleficient. She is more closely related to Het Heru of Egypt, otherwise known as Hathor, than to the theory of Moloch. From her horned head, to her magical staff, to her ability to lure people with her beam of moonlight, to her being able to predict the future of a new born baby.

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  5. Anji joli was playing the role of satan, prince role of god, satan is considered female and prince that is lord in this movie, a male. they want to show god betrayed satan and satan is true love that is totally worng. god is true love. these satanic occults in hollywood, and majority of them are free masons and kabalists and jewish, just want to make minds ready for kingdom of satan. satan changed his/her face and now he always try to preach love and say he was threwn away of heaven because of his love that is wrong. that is the reason they always preach about homosexuality and fake love and ….

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    • You do understand that this is just a movie right??? You also realize Jesus was a Jewish man born to a Jewish mother right????

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    • I agree with what you have said as according to witchcraft they do believe that Satan is good and was treated badly by God.

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      • No wiccans don’t believe in a devil or satin that is Christian not pagan.

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    • You are so wright !! I would also say that Maleficient kidnapped baby (Human Kind) keeping it away from his father all his life, an after that taring to kill the loving father who his hole life fought to find, save, rescue his child, then stealing the love of the child for his father trying to make the child to hate father.

      So you kidnap baby, kill his father and after all that YOU are the positive Character ? OMG ?

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  6. This film makes me so angry. It seems they are not only going for the teens but also the little children now who will be the main audience of this film. Angelina Jolie will have a lot to answer for unless she repents. Jesus said “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

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    • OH, Gethsemane YOU HAVE NO, NO CLUE about WHAT YOU are EVEN TALKING ABOUT! So Gethsemane PLEASE STOP TALKING! It’s Clear that YOU KNOW NOTHING about God or YOU Would have Never Ever Posted What YOU Posted!

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      • Noelle you are lost. Read the Bible and pray because after reading your post below I am very concerned about your spiritual state. Please be more gentle in your language toward others because your comment is just nasty.

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        • Kate, I did not find Noelle’s post nasty, but a post of a enthusiastic teenager. And a lot of what Noelle says is absolutely correct. The devil does not have horns, is a fallen angel and appears as a normal human. I cannot possibly see what you thought was nasty.

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          • Sorry, an enthusiastic 24 year old. I misread. However, my opinion is still the same in this and my other post. You all are truly scary.

      • Noelle i think you need to open your eyes to whats happening in the world. You obviously don’t realize whats being put out in Hollywood to pollute the soul of man. I pray your eyes are opened before its too late.

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    • Every single one will be judged, unless they repent

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  7. Hi, My Name is Noelle and I AM 24 Years Old! I am a Christain and I have been a Christain Since I was 12 Years Old. I Live in Orlando, Fl and I Work at BOTH Disney World and Universal Studios! I am Also a an Unfamous Singer/SongWriter and Story Writer! I LOVE to Write My OWN Songs and Write My OWN Stories! YOU are SO WRONG about Everything YOU Say! Satan has Tricked YOU Big Time! I LOVE Disney Movies and Disney TV Shows and I WATCH Disney Movies and Disney TV Shows! I LOVE Listening to Rock Music and Screamo Music! I DO Rock On Sometimes! Doing the Sign for Rock On is SO NOT Evil or a Sin! Rock On is NOT, SO NOT Devil Horns! Rock On means Just that, it means ROCK ON! FYI, satan DOES NOT Horns! I AM SO SORRY, if YOUR one of those Foolish and Wrong People that think satan has Horns on his head! NO, satan DOES NOT have Horns, he is NOT Red or Black Colored, and he DOES NOT have a Tail and Pitch Fork Like Thing! If YOU have Ever READ the BIBLE like I have then YOU know that satan is an Angel, he is an Fallen Angel but an Angel, Nothing More and Nothing Less! Another FYI, Angels have Halos and Wings! If YOU READ the BIBLE then YOU Know that Angels Look Just Like US PEOPLE! So satan DOES NOT Look Scary at all, if anything saten looks pretty and beautiful, satan looks nice and seems nice! That’s WHY satan is able to Trick and Fool some many people, if satan Looked Scary and acted mean people wouldn’t be Tricked by him! Remember satan Tricked Adam and Eve! I LOVE the Color Black and the Color Red too! My 4 Favorite Colors are Black, Red, Baby Blue, and Green! I LOVE A WHOLE LOT of Movies and TV Shows! I LOVE God and because I LOVE God, I know the Differents Between REAL and TRUE and FAKE and MADE UP! MOST, MOST Movies and TV Shows are FAKE and MADE UP! I ALSO LOVE Things that are FAKE and MADE UP! I LOVE Vampires, Werewolfs, Zombies, Mummies, Godzilla, Dragons, Pirates, and I LOVE Other Kind of Monster Like Things! I LOVE Skulls, Bones, Hearts, Animals, Guitars, Drums, Stars and Star Shapes, Shords, the Rock On Hand Sign, and I LOVE Many Other Stuff! I LOVE READING Different Books and WATCHING Different Movies and TV Shows, I LOVE Disney Books and Movies, Harry Potter Books and Movies, Twilight Books and Movies, Scooby Doo, Teen Wolf on MTV, MTV, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Pirates of The Carriben, The Goonies, Star Wars, Zombie Movies, TV Shows, and Books, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Warm Bodies, City Of Bones The Morital Instriments, ALL 3 of The Mummy Movies, Casper The Friendly Ghost Movies, LOTS of Godzilla Movies and the Brand New 2014 Godzilla Movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Any Dog or Animal Movies or TV Shows, Hocos Pocos, Some Halloween Movies and Halloween TV Shows ”NOT the Scary Halloween Movies, I Dislike the Halloween Movies with the Knife Killer Guy Named Michael in it”, the Vampire Movies Called Underworld, the 2 Hellboy Movies, the 2 Taken Movies, The 4 Jaws Movies, Most Christmas Movies and TV Shows, The Land Before Time Movies, The 2 Cheaper By The Dozen Movies, and WHOLE LOT of Other Movies! I LOVE Halloween and Halloween Day, Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Christmas Eve and Day, Valetine’s Day, and July The 4th! I have MANY Different Styles of Dressing! I Dress Tomboy, Gothic or Goth, Emo, Scene, Punk Rock, Sk8er Girl or Skater Girl, a Sporty kind of Look, and a Look that’s Crazy, Fun, and Wild, a Look that’s all My OWN! I AM A Christain and I LOVE God with ALL MY HEART! I AM SORRY, that satan has Tricked YOU! PLEASE, Please STOP Treating Everything as Evil and a Sin and STOP Calling and Saying Everything is Evil and a Sin! God is LOVE! God Bless You! God is LOVE!

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    • You perhaps need to consider that most Christians are very, very easily-duped.

      Considering what may be going on in the world, being too naïve is currently a very UN-Christian way to be.

      “The time of Christ is at-hand. Re-form your life.”

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    • This is exactly what the devil wants you to believe Noelle. He deceives you to make you believe that everything is alright and is good and enjoy. But Christ came to bring a sword and He clearly said, If you love me carry your cross. We are supposed to be fighting in spiritual battles to deliver souls like you Noelle which the enemy has deceived with all his illusions and lies. And read the book of Revelation and find out how angels can look like as there are many. God help us

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      • OMG, You people are unbelievable . Does God not want us to ever have fun? Should we whip ourselves every minute and carry Jesus’ cross? Jesus did this to forgive our sins, do you really think Jesus expects us save every 12 year old that has fun? I love God too, but I believe your post is way out of line.
        Anngels, and only three are mentioned in the First Testiment, are messengers of God, and they never were described as having wings. Early art clearly show.angels with no wings. God is all powerful, does he really need an angels help? I don’t think so.

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    • hello dear, u really shouldn’t go about announcing u re a Christian. that is a fact pple should see and testify about you. and if u calm down a little bit from all of that list, you’ll also remember that anything that does not glorify God glorifies d devil. its as simple as that. please love. take care not to like things that do not glorify who u claim to be d owner of your soul since u were 12.

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    • You are sick,if you think this is how a man or woman must worship God then you are heading destruction.

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    It’s unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything LIKE IT. Check it for yourself.


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  9. If studied closely maleficent resembles baphomeht

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  10. So what if the movie contains elements of the Occult, the Occult existed way before Christianity, thus has nothing to with monotheistic religions. Get over it.

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  11. ———-After reading the other comments———
    You poor following sheep,blind and hoping on the nearest bandwagon you can find- following the masses,I’m a proud BLACK SHEEP and yes my fleece is not as pure as the driven snow but I’m a free thinker and have my own convictions and stand firmly by them. I guess that’s the perk or being faction-less, divergent from society and rebellious.I believe in the godly power of us all to create our own fate. It a damn movie!!!!!!

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  12. Hail Satan!!!!!!!!

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  13. So this is what people think of me, hummmmmm…. who shall I take to hell first. What do you think Diablo….. yes …. yes I agree let’s take them all…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!1

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  14. Come to be my children >:)

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        • I will greet you in hell my fried >:)

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          • *friend

    • NOPE.

      Gonna have to disagree with the description of meditation,yoga,and anything to do with chakras.

      I am against Illuminati,but this is going too far to assume now that yoga and meditation allows demons to disrupt the peace.

      Take the DaliaLama-would you consider him to be a person who allows demons?

      NO. Buddhism is about compassion and love for everything to do with nature.

      Consider this,Jesus was full of compassion and constantly preached that we should do the same.

      And as for allegedly that yoga and meditation is “black magic,” is incorrect.

      Meditation is mindfulness,and doesn’t open up your soul to demons..Or the spirits,for that matter. Meditation is a time to relax and enjoy-that’s why we came here in the first place-to enjoy life (no,NOT sex,drugs,twerking,or anything like that,) but to fully appreciate what we have and enjoy what we do.

      Black magic I regard as Illuminati in with Lucifer and his demonic crowd are part of.

      Meditation and yoga doesn’t worship the alleged “Gods and Goddesses,” of Greece and Rome,but encourages mindfulness..Does that strike anyone as “black magic,” “demonic,” or like “Harry Potter?”

      AGAIN I am going to go further,but commenting on the book entitled “The Secret.”

      This book is,no,not about waving your hands to the devil,but is about thinking POSITIVITY,LOVE with your thoughts (thoughts do create,) and more importantly,feeling love and in-tune with God,the source of all energy.

      Yes,and doesn’t that what the Bible teaches?


      So,no,meditation,yoga,LOVE,MINDFULLNESS,and The Secret,is NOT pagan Black Magic,and IS NOT witchcraft!

      Thank you!

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      • I can see the point being made here. I’m still navigating the research to figure out what is happening in our world. Thanks for the insight. -Isaac

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  15. write s lot of garbage with no clear point whatsoever and make sure you go off on a tangent to fill in the word quota.
    Such great journalism here.

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  16. If some one desires to be updated with newest technologies therefore he must be pay a quick visit
    this website and be up to date everyday.

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  17. As well, they probably aren’t demon horns, rather cow horns, (ie. Hathor). I’m not sure, but I don’t think anyone has ever seen a demon, other than human depicture of Baphomet, who actually isn’t a demon at all.

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  18. I’ve read all the comments to the bottom. I find it strange that people don’t seem to see anything wrong with Maleficent; the majority of people. If you talk to most folks about how this movie is evil, they just look at you blankly.

    I remove all responsibility of telling others about how evil this movie is. Nobody really seems to care about the consciousness of others, and how such an evil movie can damage the minds and hearts of children.

    Jesus saves. Read the bible with no preconceptions of it. Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit to understand the word. You may find Jesus word says something different from what you were taught growing up. It has for me.

    I won’t waste much time on Maleficent. I watched it. It’s filth. It’s not intellectual. It’s just evil.

    Jesus, I pray you come sooner than later.

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    • I think the time is coming…

      Just look at all the signs.

      .The Four horses (featured in racy videos by numerous artists,such as Beyonce ‘Run The World’)



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