Illuminati, Occult, and Death Symbolism in the Fashion Industry


Hi everyone, this is Isaac Weishaupt with a short preamble to what you’re about to read. The following is a guest post written by the star of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast E14- Watcher ‘Dovakhiim.’ You all have been giving us a lot of great feedback from her interview and I plan on having her back on the show in the future.

For now, you can take a look at her observations from a realm that I’ve long wanted to write a post on- the fashion industry. So without further adieu, here is Dovakhiim…



pop culˑ˙turenoun

modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.

I got that as my first “definition” on Google, the Internet’s largest search engine, so I think it’s fair to say that this is the common definition of “pop culture”. It is something transmitted en masse to a younger audience. Note for the record that this target audience of pop culture is young people because that will be important later in this post.

The Urban Dictionary which is the go-to place for younger audiences to receive the latest in slang and definitions defines “pop culture” as:

the cultural phenomenon that facilitates the definition of words on the internet. Pop Culture simply denotes a widely accepted group of practices or customs. Goths, preps, youths all are parts of its’ embodiment, but so are you/we, internet users who slander others on websites.

nearly anything on television. books on bestseller lists. top grossing movies. as well as their respective countercultures.

So pop culture is widely accepted practices or customs. I could write a dissertation on the change in culture from one where you got married first then had a baby to the current custom of getting knocked up and maybe getting married if that whole raising a kid together thing works out. So I won’t. You’ll have to infer the shade from that last sentence.

What I wanted to discuss is something somewhat less controversial but still highly important as it is reflective on all the rest. In the last decade there has been a clear switch in dark and light, bad and good. What was considered scandalous, shocking, or naughty ten years ago is de rigueur today, and what was considered normal ten years ago is antiquated if not outright “bad” today. Music and lyrics have always been somewhat more subversive and ahead of the curve with the darker meanings obscured using poetic metaphors and double entendres. If you saw darker images they were associated with bad things. You saw them in horror movies. They were in death metal, black metal, or doom metal videos. The occult was not passe or pop culture.

It is today.

To prove this I’ll submit to you the epitome of pop culture: fashion.

Fashion ads are designed to sell a product. That means they must be appealing. There is an industry phrase called “fashion forward” meaning people who push an extreme style before it become mainstream. Fashion is a form of subversive art and fashion ads help lead you to ideas before they are popular.

This first post for is one where fashion forward designers and photographers are leading us, and to do so I have to pick on one of the main fashion photogs in the world…

Steven Klein is one of the hottest fashion photographers in the business. Madonna works almost exclusively with Steven Klein which should tell you something. Google the guy and then click on Images. Yeh. You’ll see what I mean.


These are “fashion” ads from a very famous W Magazine edition featuring Kate Moss being both good and bad. Trust me, even the good is “bad”. Here is Kate being evil wearing devil horn type things on her head.

Kate Moss Baphomet horns moloch


Obviously evil right? Now check out the “good” Kate which in my opinion is even scarier than the bad version of her.

Kate Moss evil cross

Now this is a very important occult and black magic tool. To take something “good” and invert it. Notice that in this “good” image she’s far more frightening than her as a dark and demonic woman? It is both a psychic instruction (good is bad) and a way of reducing the goodness or obscuring it from your space.

Before I move on does anyone in Watcher land even know what those ads are selling? Well, besides the occult. Handless gloves. I’m sure you’ll remember to buy them.

Trust me even in the Seattle Grunge 90’s there is no way those sets of ads would have been in a major magazine without someone losing their job over them. That’s how different the world of today is. Occult, but more importantly anti-Christian themes are popular culture now.

Moving on in this pop culture fashion expo I’m going to post some very graphic pop culture images. These were in magazines that any child could look at in the grocery line. They were in Vogue, Interview, and W Magazine. In addition to anti-christian images, part of our new pop culture is the idea that pain, violence, and suffering is beautiful. See below:

Fashion morbid death

Great lipstick, huh?

Fashion morbid death BDSM

This was first in Interview Magazine (they’re selling white shirts, by the way).

Fashion morbid death two

We’re not supposed to ignore the really horrible scene of violence and mental illness and focus on she was once a plus sized model that got thin or something. By the way, I can’t wait to wear that dress as I’m torturing a mentally ill woman in my care.

Continuing on another theme is what is known as genderfuck made really famous by Boy George but I guess you could say Bowie kicked that off. What was scandalous in Bowie and Boy George is now just normal today. Check out these ads:

Fashion morbid death sex three

I think they’re selling black tops, but I’m not sure. What we have is an ad in French Vogue for something, maybe a blouse, maybe a bra, but we need an androgenous young male and some blood to make sure you buy it I guess.

Fashion morbid death heels

If you’ve seen one skinny naked guy in heels you’ve seen them all, amirite?

Now to remain edgy you can’t just have androgeny you have to have pregnant men holding guns to sell underwear (like we wouldn’t buy underwear without an edgy ad).

Fashion gun model

That whole underwear serious with a pregnant man is really odd and I could write a whole spot on that but I wanted to get to the last thing we see a lot of now and I think it is done deliberately to get us used to an idea before that idea is meant to be mainstreamed.

You see a lot of age disparity in ads and there is (for now) a malevolent twinge to them which allows them to get away with printing and distributing them. Sort of the way the people on Always Sunny in Philadelphia can say awful things because we know they’re bad people, we can introduce awful ideas as long as they’re painted as awful.

Of course, the more you show them the less shocking they are and soon will become mainstream and “considered” but I’m rushing the conclusion. Take a look at these:

Fashion male model age

Fashion male model age 2

We have older people with younger people in a sexual or semi-sexual scene. Allegedly suits, sunglasses, and bras are being sold. My first inclination is to burn my eyes rather than shop, but the more of these I see that will go away and I’ll see the sunglasses and lace edged bra while the idea behind this (older-younger relations) goes into that section of my brain that adapts to the environment I’m living in.

There is a reason why Terry Richardson making Selena Gomez look like she’s 16 again to sell a Lolita style topless ad and why that ad is making the cover of “fashion forward” magazines. Hint: it’s not to sell summer shorts.

Selena gomez V Magazine Terry Richardson pedo

You are being led in the direction they want you to go. Fashion is pop culture is the present. We now live in a society where violence is beautiful, young people are acceptable for sex even by the geriatric community, and where Christianity is “scary” and “bad”.

Do you even know when that change occurred? I don’t. That’s how quietly and quickly things changed.

So now that we “know” what do we do? Ideas don’t have to come from the top to be proliferated to the masses. We live in a technological age of Internet anarchy. I say we create out own fashion, our own fashion ads, and reverse the polarity on this.

What say you?





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. One of the worst things about America is that now almost no one even seems to be able to tell the difference between pop culture and actual deep, meaningful art or social discourse. People who would never darken the doors of a museum or library lose their minds over a Super Bowl commercial. American culture IS pop culture: shallow, disposable and created to sell things. You’re right. We need to take back our society from the marketing teams.

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    • You made a good point. IF I saw these in a museum or art gallery that would be one thing, but selling white dressed, blouses, etc using the mistreatment of the mentally ill (or possessed since the chick looks ghoulish) should have elicited outrage instead of people considering that fashionable. When you mix two things, sex and violence, violence and beauty you are leading people to a very dangerous and dark message purely by how our brains work.

      When this happens over and over again, you equate the two as “normal” and it is very hard to retreat from that.

      The elites have a misogynistic world view, although they cleverly disguise it. Now it is pro-woman to dance like a whore on a stage wearing skimpy clothes. That’s empowering.

      Being a research scientist is less empowering, it seems.

      Being a physician, not very empowering.

      Being a computer programmer, wayyyy not empowering.

      Showing your boobs for art= empowering.

      We have to not be afraid to say that the emperor has no clothes on and many of us have to risk not being considered “cool” and do the right thing.

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        • That’s what I really don’t understand about celebrity “feminists” like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus who dance wearing next to nothing like a stripper and call that empowering women to own their sexuality.

          What the hell does that even mean? Like if I don’t want to be a tool for a man’s next spank I’m not empowered?

          It is also an incredibly shallow and superficial type of empowerment and is actually alienating to a great many women on the planet. If you don’t look like Beyonce your shaking on the pole will not produce the feeling of empowerment that they get from being a man’s plaything but the feeling of remorse and hurt from being derided and ridiculed.

          What makes it all worse is when President Obama says that good old “Yonce” is a role model for his girls.

          …but Kim Kardassian was not.

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          • I think you and I must be linked in some way,lol! I have been saying this for a while- What’s liberating about cavorting like strippers and behaving as if the only thing of value about a woman is how “sexy” she is?What exactly are they liberating us from? Dignity?Self-respect? Being judged by the content of our characters rather than the contents of our bras? I though that’s what women were ASPIRING to! I know I value myself for my character and behaviour but I am old and know myself very well!I feel for the young girls who these vapid popstars and their boring but degenerate music is aimed at and I suppose they are the targets,aren’t they?Not the likes of me! It is blood-chilling and yet makes my blood boil at the same time! Those images,especially the ones supposedly set in a mental hospital, are vile! As an ex-psychiatric nurse,I find them particularly offensive and I am surprised Mental Health groups and Nursing organisations haven’t made official complaints!

  2. I was just thinking about how, not too long ago, everyone was wearing angel jewelry and buying angel decorations for their homes. Then, it seemed all of a sudden it turned to skulls. And now it’s getting even worse. Another subject I wanted to mention is that scandal in the UK involving Prince Andrew and the teenage girl. From what I’ve read, it seems like she was an actual elite slave.

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    • Uh, yeh. We have the covered up Franklin Conspiracy then the Saville paedo ring and on and on it goes.

      We are being desensitized to evil and hyper-sexuality. Again, Christianity and “religion” is being portrayed as evil because it tells people “no, don’t do what you want because it’s not good for you” and the occult and “do what thou wilt” as the correct modern path.

      They force memes down your throat that are just anti-Christian (and anti-Muslim/religion) to an extent. For example, you will hear how many people religion allegedly killed. When you read SECULAR scholar totals less then 36,000 people were killed for practicing witchcraft from the middle ages onward. Compare that to socialism (USSR, China, North Korea, Cambodia, etc) and you’re looking at 36,000 to over 100 million and when you throw in the damage of governments in the 20th century alone with our wars then we have 36,000 to 250 million people.

      But religion = bad and socialism (ie government control of the economy, ie “government control) = good

      The numbers just don’t work but people believe religion kills because they have literally heard it over and over again. Thinking people ignore the data because the elites have used source amnesia to embed in their heads that religion is bad.

      But why do they want to “kill” religion? They need state control to be sacrosanct because the elites are in both politics and the businesses feeding the politics. Get rid of competition for authority and you own the world.

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      • It’s interesting that you’re making these points Skyrim- I’ve long been a fan of Bill Maher (although I don’t fully agree with 100% of what he says). His film “Religulous” pushes this same idea and he’s constantly talking about how religion is the cause of most deaths in the world, blablabla. I kind of saw his point, but you’re right; what about socialism? How many deaths have been caused by the same ideals he is putting forward? I’m an ‘equal-rights’ free speech guy so I support a lot of what he says but that particular argument is now completely void and raises my suspicions of him even more.

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        • Well of course they bring up the Crusades in regards to Christianity being “bad”, forgetting that they were set to retake the “Holy Land” which had been forcibly taken by Muslim invaders and the people there converted with swords, but that doesn’t matter. It’s Christianity that comes out looking bad for what reason I can only guess.

          Even our dipshit president brings up the Crusades like those are our fault–well what is all this crap we’re doing now in the Ukraine but us trying to help the Ukrainians hold what they took from the Russian ethnic Crimeans.

          All countries do this crap. It’s politics, not religion, unless “Democracy” is now a religion, because we’ve been spreading that type of “freedom” with bombs all over the world since 1914.

          Like Christians aren’t perfect and Christianity’s history is nowhere near perfect, but it is not when you look at the numbers anywhere close to doing the damage that governments can do but if you try to say limit the power of government today the religious statists (Statism being their religion) crap the bed.

          Seriously the hypocrisy is mind-numbing on the part of modern progressives.

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          • And before anyone shits the bed, Bush was a huge dipshit, too. I am a two party hater. Political parties are a distraction.


            But back to fashion…you’ll note the push for androgynous hairstyles beginning with Miley taking her shoulder length bob two years ago and bleaching and chopping it so that she looks like a boy with that frame. Why? We’re gender-morphing. Why are we gender-morphing? We want to be able to break down every sexual barrier and make sex=always good so that when these rich, old white pervert bastards get caught with little kids then they can say that sex isn’t harmful.

          • And they all omit to discuss all the good done by Christians all over the world for years and years; feeding ,educating,sheltering and giving health care to the poorest people of the world for instance! No,that’s never mentioned.And this so-called socialism they practise,well,I used to be a Labour voter but I do not recognise these people! They are not on the side of the working classes and the disabled and elderly. They do nothing to help only siphon the small bit we have to line their own pockets and the pockets of their billionare cronies- they are hypocrites! What they are practising is like the Soviet communism where the elite have a luxury life-style and the peasants,the plebs have next to nothing,because they have taken it, stolen it from us. Their policies cause vulnerable people to die,families to be homeless and live in cars,tents and huts built from pallets and the sick to lie on trollies for hours because there are no beds to put them in and not enough nurses to look after them! They point out the splinter in the eye of Christianity whilst refusing to admit the beam in their own eye! Nest of vipers!

    • Ahhh good thought my friend! You’re right- there was a period of time when it was angels. I barely remembered that until you said something. I’ll have to catch up to speed on the UK’s issues; I’ve seen there was a sex-abuse circle that came to light but I’m fuzzy on the details (you know how we do here in America; if it ain’t us, it don’t matter lol-jk).

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      • It would be great if you would be able to research Jimmy Saville and do an article on him and the BBC paedophile ring.There are still investigations going on;I think Cliff Richard,a British pop-star from the 60s has just been under investigation but I think he’s been cleared.It has soured my childhood and teenage memories because watching Top of the Pops was an institution- I grew up in England with two Irish parents and I have lived in Ireland for 10 years now, so I’m very Gaelicised,but at that time in England Saville and co were like national treasures.If only we had known! Check out an interview with John Lydon where he said he’d like to kill Jimmy Saville back in the 70s or very early 80s.He has since said that it was common knowledge that Saville was abusing very young girls but no one was allowed to say anything- there was a culture of fear at good old Auntie Beeb it would seem!

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    • Games of child’s play.

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  3. Very, uh, ILLUMINATING post. I’ve been thinking for some time about how the culture creators, to borrow a Freeman term, push the envelope and then later say “but this is artistic expression,” or “but this is what the public wanted ” or “you have free choice” to view what you want…except that everyone now thinks it’s normal and to opt out completely only makes you look wierd.

    Believe it or not, when I was only around 12 (I think?), I had the strong impression that the show “Married with Children” had been produced to push boundaries forward. I had no way to describe my feeling at the time, but from that point on, I could sense this kind of thing was going on, although only recently did I sense the depth of it, and the purposefulness behind it.

    Do you find that keeping oneself grounded requires an ever-increasing, focused effort to avoid more and more of pop culture? It’s as if a cancer is taking over the entire body….

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    • Also- they claim creative expression but yet they all push the same symbols! It’s laughable. As far as I am (not speaking for Skyrim), I feel that the more I explore the harder it is to ‘come back’ to the good side. I’ve had to throttle back at times.

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    • My mom was ahead on that curve. She said this stuff back then, but I thought she was being a religious fruitcake and just turned Eminem up louder.

      Now, I think she had some revelation or something because she was dead on when she said “Give it 10 or 15 years and you’ll see….”

      It’s why I’m so forceful about this now. We have to throttle back or we’re all doomed and the only way to do it is to do like they did. We have to basically make this stuff seem like a tired ass trope.

      We have to do stuff like say “Oh, THAT again. WOW, how ‘inventive'” **eyeroll**

      so that sheeple who don’t want to be uncool start to think this is uncool.

      It’s all in how you do it. I’ve totally converted people just by making progressivism seem like it’s “so ten years ago!”.

      Peace, love, and liberty!

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  4. Uuugh!!! We should all be parading right up to those magazine stands and protest all of this! It doesn’t surprise me as I have been noting how odd those ad pictures keep getting. The first thing in these magazines I had noticed was the ‘gay’ pictures and I have gay friends. I don’t judge others and I don’t know whether you would call them gay pictues. But it was like they are trying to promote it on everyone. All you would have to do is open magazine and there would be a layout for usually I would see a lot of 2 women photography. They would be advertising perfumes or makeup, etc. It seemed that the 2 women were practically kissing each other.

    Now, those pictures above just beats everything. And what is bad is there will be a lot of people calling it ‘art’! Yes, it would be a ‘forwarding fashion’ as stated. Trying to brainwash the masses into thinking this is art. Anyone that would like that or think of it as a fashion is mentally ill!!! Yes, I do miss that ‘angel jewelry’ they used to have and promote.

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