Illuminati and Occult Symbolism of “HELLBOY” Film

Hello and welcome to! Today we’ll be covering some of the symbolism found in the film Hellboy

I realize I’m about 10 years late in reporting on this, but I only just now decided to investigate it based on some research I’ve been doing on demonic aliens. Freeman talked about this film during his Aliens From Hell presentation (highly recommend- go HERE to download it) and it prompted me to see what all the fuss was about.


Let me tell you; this film is FAR too close to the truth…

Hellboy Poster


The film starts with Nazis conducting a ritual to summon evil inter-dimensional spirits with a mystic named Grigori Rasputin as the conductor of the ritual. The Nazis seek to employ the dark powers to counter the Allied Forces but their efforts are thwarted by the good guys; yet Hellboy crosses the portal and Rasputin ends up going to the “Other Side.”

Regulars to know that the concepts of magick and occult rituals are cited on a frequent basis (see my more detailed analysis of these subjects in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC). It’s also very telling that the story uses Nazis since they had a genuine interest in these dark arts and occult wisdom (such as Theosophy).

In the film, Hitler’s Nazi party consisted of members of the Thule society which is a group that believed in the idea that there was an Aryan society living in an Atlantis-like island on the northern edge of the world. This idea was further pushed by Theosophist Helena Blavatsky (see the Illuminati symbolism behind EYES WIDE SHUT).

After they conduct the Nazi-occult ritual that summons the demonic entities known as the Ogdru Jahad; they head into a tunnel to find Hellboy but before they do that, you’ll notice a certain logo that I’ve covered here in the past… It’s difficult to see, but there is an X side of an O on the side of the sarcophagus:

Hellboy Coffin Post Ritual Mark of Beast XO


This same symbol is seen on the logo for the Nazi-Thule Society:

Thule Society Mark of the Beast XO


That symbol of the X inside of the O is the symbol I’ve discussed as the Illuminati Mark of the Beast, and its only fitting that it should appear after they summon the demons from the Abyss…

After some time, the remaining Nazis resurrect Rasputin, but you’ll notice that they do with the blood sacrifice of a human which brings him back to life:

Hellboy Blood Sacrifice


Rasputin proceeds to bring another demonic entity from the Abyss named Sammael and you’ll notice that Hellboy identifies him with an image from a book:

Hellboy Samael Typhon Nodens


That image coincides with the “Beast” from the Abyss I mention in that Mark of the Beast post- Typhon, aka Nodens:


Typhon Nodens Abyss


This Beast is precisely that which is trying to be evoked in magick-ritual groups like the Crowley-inspired Typhonian OTO (hence the name “Typhonian”).

Starfire Typhonian OTO WO



You’ll notice on the cover of their periodical there is also an image that looks just like Hellboy’s character named Abe Sapien:

Hellboy Abe Sapien


If you were still in doubt of the hidden occult message of the film, take a look at where Hellboy first meets the demonic entity Sammael with its use of the word “MAGICK” in the background:

Hellboy Magick Museum


This is what Crowley himself defined as ritual magick instead of “magic” because the letter “k” is supposed to separate it from the stage magic illusory. Instead, this magick seeks to orchestrate the supernatural world and pull demonic entities in from these other dimensions.

This is no different than the UFO sightings, ghost hunting, Bigfoot sighting, and other occult related phenomenon. Yes, I believe they work, and yes I believe people genuinely experience contact with these things, but I believe they are demonic in nature. I would recommend keeping your distance, as those who dabble in the occult are known to go insane and even commit suicide.

In fact, I’ve covered this concept before and referred to it as going to the ‘Other Side’ and you also hear Hellboy tell one of the demonic entities the following:

Hey, you on the Other Side, let her go

Hellboy Whisper Liz Other Side


Could this be why many celebrities affiliated with “Illuminati symbolism” go nuts? Is this why they die at premature ages? Are they truly getting in contact with demonic entities from the “Other Side”? Only they know, but the gatekeepers won’t allow the truth out. Spread the word and warn others- the occult is real, and these supernatural phenomenon are not all they seem…

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my DISCOUNTED books and resources where you’ll learn all about the secret agendas being used by the Illuminati in their pursuit of occult desires.

-Isaac Weishaupt


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Important message here. thanks Isaac!

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  2. The Other Side, or Sitra Ahra, is another name for the Qliphoth. Sammael is the ruler of the Qliphoth, the negative side of the sephirotic Tree of Life in kabbalah, aka the Tree of Death.

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  3. In the second Hellboy movie, it is revealed that he will destroy her (the girlfriend) and the rest of the world, but she stays with him anyway. Do watch it. I’m running on some old memories with this, and it came out in 2007, but I strongly recommend watching it to find out all the eschatological ruminations. Perhaps this is why there is no Hellboy 3. Food for thought. Please watch and then write another review!

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  4. You missed something about Abe sapiens eyes when they flicker…

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  5. Ugh, how do I always find my way to this guy’s ignorant speculation. People that don’t have any connection to occult philosophy & practices are also known to go insane & commit suicide. You can find people that have mental health issues that commit suicide involved with any category of thing you can imagine which shows nothing other than the obvious, that mental illness can sometimes lead to suicide. I love it when folks like this tell others to stay away from occult information, but the real reason is that it doesn’t take much serious objective research into this area to see that these folks are full of crap & that most of their info is made up or pulled straight from fictional entertainment. If magick were this cartoonishly effective & easy there would be tons of people practicing it daily, but even beginner books always start with abstract & difficult meditations, not to mention the other necessary things to learn. In short, it only works like dorks like this guy says it does in the video games, movies, & comic books that he still has hidden under his mattress in his mom’s basement where he still lives. Another wannabe Mike Warnke without the personal experience lies.

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  6. Hey man –

    I was google searching for anyone who may have had insight into Hellboy – instead I find Paranoia

    Perhaps if we take a step back from the illuminati-eque villainizing of these type of movies, and look into the archetypal brilliance the writers of these stories convey – we could garnish some gems instead of fixating paranoia.

    All comic type plots are archetypal in nature and describe the human psyche. all the characters and sub stories which come from cultural myths (which are all based on the human psyche) are entwined in the plots to allow the viewer to make connections inside their own underworld or unconsious pysche.

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