Illuminati All Seeing Eyes and Pyramids at 2014 Nuclear Security Summit


Conspiracy theory websites are abuzz about the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) taking place in the Netherlands. Why are they losing their shit? It’s because the leaders are wearing pins on their lapels that have the symbol for the 2014 NSS that just so happens to be a pyramid/triangle with an eye inside of it; BOTH Illuminati symbols:




Just to play devil’s advocate here, you can see a flag at the NSS that shows the pyramid dissolving and turns into doves of peace, which might be showing us that the leaders are attempting to break up the Illuminati powers that be:


Nuclear Security Summit Illuminati triangle


Infowars/Prison Planet were one of the first to report on this, and ironically they pointed out that President Obama was one of the few leaders who wasn’t wearing the pin (so how does that play into the conspiracy world since virtually every theorist wants to claim he is the antichrist- besides me). Around 2:30 you can hear them talk about the Egyptian hieroglyph looking symbols around the tables at the meeting (which could also look like the Roswell UFO glyphs):





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I saw this on Infowars and thought to myself, “And people wonder why I think there could be something to the conspiracy theories.”

    The doves could be a reference to Venus/Aphrodite, and thus unfortunately a Luciferian symbol, through conflation with Morning Star symbolism. And “World Peace” is supposedly an NWO euphemism for peace imposed through force via a one world dictatorship.

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  2. I do not equate the Eye of Horus with the Illuminati. As for Obama…wearing an American flag is simply showing his commitment to the American people.

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