Ill Bill Interview with ‘The Well Versed’

A new interview with Ill Bill where they ask questions on the new La Coka Nostra album (Master of the Dark Arts). They touch on some of this occult stuff:


TWV: You mentioned about the occult symbolism, what got you interested in that?

Bill: Everything from old movies, to Iron Maiden, or just Metal music in general. The typical thing that gets the attention of a 14 year-old kid. I remember Ozzy Osbourne had a song called “Mr Crowley,” which I looked into about a guy named Aleister Crowley, who was real conscious with those rituals and symbols. So that’s how I got interested in that kind of stuff. For me It’s from a fun point of view though. I’m not into sacrificing cults or no sh*t like that. It’s all just bugged out to me, I don’t get shook by the hocus pocus of it.

Read the whole interview:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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