Ill Bill interview on Rick Ross, Swastikas, and Jew Gangstas

Ill Bill gets interviewed and discusses Rick Ross’s Black Bar Mitzvah, Gunplay’s swastika tattoo, and Jewish gangster swag:

When you first started rapping was it difficult being a Jewish MC in hip-hop? Did you catch any flak?

I definitely experienced eye rolls and skepticism before I opened my mouth, like “who’s this white kid think he is coming up into the cypher?”. Not really for being Jewish ‘cause you usually can’t tell if somebody’s a Jew by just looking at them, but yeah, just being white, I had to rhyme better than the black kid standing next to me to be taken seriously. I had to work harder to get respect. I never caught flak from anybody with a brain though. Once I started to spit, it blew people’s minds. Back then, very few white kids could rap how I was rapping. At that time, you could count the white emcees that could really rhyme on one hand. People thought I was an alien.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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