Iggy Azalea is newest Illuminati musician inducted to industry


An Australian hip hop artist is going to be the next big Illuminati musician because she just signed on with Island Def Jam (which is the Illuminati label that Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, and 2 Chainz are all affiliated with). It’s a matter of time before her videos are loaded up with the Illuminati symbolism, so keep a watch out for it. She’s already got songs that glorify drugs and sex, so she’s on the right path. Her previous videos include a song called ‘Pu$$y’ and she’s a model for Levi Jeans.

Here’s the cover of her mixtape ‘Trapgold’ that features that Illuminati all seeing eye of Horus:




Here’s an interview where she talks about how Kanye reached out to her, and she’s got a shirt with what appears to be a Baphomet type image:


“I haven’t worked with him but I met him. He actually invited me to be in his “niccas In Paris” video, which I didn’t get to do because I had a flight to New York that day. But I met him and we had a conversation and he wanted me to be in it. He’s doing this new label, I’m sure you saw him tweet about it… he wanted me to become involved in all of that [and] I think his idea is completely genius but for me I think I want more of a traditional structure. I don’t wanna be a guinea pig.

Here she is with an occult sweatshirt of inverted crosses, which I explained the importance of in Ke$ha’s Die Young Satanic symbolism post:

You’ll also notice a ton of inverted, satanic crosses. This one is a two-fer ‘cuz we get one embedded inside of a triangle. In the book Lords of the Left-Hand Path, Stephen Flowers, Ph.D. explains how the Hindu left-hand pathers (often times conflated with Satan worshippers) use the power of inversion:

What is important here is the left-hand -path technique or philosophical model of inverting or reversing natural processes through the power of will and consciousness . By being able to reverse natural “flow patterns”— be they subjective (in the body) or objective (in the world)— practitioners of the left-hand path demonstrate or exercise their independence from the natural universe. In doing so, they establish what is divine in their individualities (jivatman). This would seem to be the central philosophical and magical statement underlying the machinations of the tantric semen cult.


And here’s just a slew of Illuminati images, including one with a two-fer of a Project MONARCH butterfly (MK ULTRA type project of brainwashing as seen with Katy Perry and Britney Spears) and the all seeing eye emphasis:




Here’s one video for her newest song ‘Work‘ where you can see the Moloch/Ba’al occult bull god in the background of the bar as she gives the guy a lap dance of sorts. I go into further detail on the importance of Moloch, owls, and Satanic horns in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls and the Horns of Satan post:

The oldest mention of a horned deity starts with Nimrod, El, and Moloch. These somewhat-interchangeable deities were thought to be depicted as either a single or double horned-god who was worshipped in the Bronze Ages of Mesopotamian culture. He was one of multiple gods in these ancient Pagan cultures that we see the Canaanites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Babylonians devoting much energy and bloodshed.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Iggy’s not Illuminati. Just because other artists who turned Illuminati were signed to Island Def Jam at some point in their careers, doesn’t make the label itself Illuminati and doesn’t automatically make Iggy Illuminati. I suggest getting some proof that she’s Illuminati before making some article about her.

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    • Did you not see the symbolism? … are you stupid?

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    • Re u blnd or ddnt u c al doz illuminati stuffs shez doin she z a fan of mine bt i guez shez DIER!!!

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  2. Iggy was awesome and ddnt need to turn illuminati but she has and im saying thats definetly enough proof.

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  3. Okay, every bar has the light up bull head thing, The pictture of the girl with the ball in front of her eye is NOT Iggy Azalea, and the “occult sweatshirt” is just a stupid indie fashion trend so calm down.

    The only credible thing is the pictures with the butterfly on the eye.

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    • AAron

      You are the perfect example of a person that is brainwashed by culture. I suggest a book called “The Culture Industry” by Adorno a french intellectual. Although when you say things like “stupid indy trend” i fear its already too late for you. lmao

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      • So you think that everobody who says “illuminati doesnt exist” you automatically saying that everybody is brainwashed? Thats literally stupid. Not everyone MUST believe in illuminati and not everyone who doesnt believe in illuminati is brainwashed. I think that if you gonna spend too much time with “finding truth about illuminati” youre gonna be brainwashed by yourself (or get insane if you want it like that). P.s. I believe in illuminati but i have some hobbies 🙂 So bye bye

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