Iced Earth Metal Band Talks David Icke

The band Iced Earth is one of those heavy metal bands that still kicks out heavy ballad type music since the 80’s. I appreciate them for that, I’ve got several of their albums and I recommend them if you’re into 80’s metal.

So anyways, much to my delight I found an interview where Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth actually talks about David Icke for a little bit. Here’s the copy/paste (you can read the whole article here on this link:


What inspired the concept for the Setians from your Something Wicked albums? Is it based loosely on the sorts of ideas that informed David Icke’s ideas about Reptilians?

Well the freaky thing is…there’s some stuff, I don’t know what it is, there’s some similarities. But I came up with this back in ’97, and I had never heard of David Icke. I think the Something Wicked story hit me all at once like a ton of bricks. The trilogy came out in 1998 on the album Something Wicked This Way Comes. You know, I never learned about a lot of the things really going on. I’m not sure I could go all the way with David Icke. I don’t have any proof. I agree with much of what he says but there’s a certain point where I say, “That’s interesting, but I can’t prove it.”


The things I can prove are how criminal and corrupt our government is–that’s easy. And all the governments around the world. I think they’re working together to lull the population into a nightmarish existence and I’m not fucking putting up with it. I know a lot of people that aren’t.

When it comes to that kind of stuff, I agree with David Icke completely. But I have say this, I think there’s far more going on, probably, than meets the eye but you have to pick your battles. To me it’s far easier to convince free human beings that there’s something really wrong when you talk about the blatant and obvious level of corruption we’re all dealing with.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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