I AM Mother: Meaning of Ending, Illuminati Agenda, and Symbolism- A Tale of Religion!

Welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com- your home for unraveling pop culture and its esoteric symbolism! You know we go through all the latest examples of entertainment and the hidden occult agendas so strap in for the REAL meaning of Netflix’s “I AM Mother” film!

It’s actually a religious tale.


Note that every supposed news outlet missed the entire point of this whole thing- surely done on purpose since they are merely repeaters of information handed to them. This is why it’s important to support INDEPENDENT research.

*Plot spoilers- I highly advise to enjoy the film first. You’ve been warned…

**I’m also not going to regurgitate the entire plot, just know it’s about a young girl (“Daughter”) being raised by a robot (“Mother”) in a future realm. Daughter is being raised by Mother for a higher calling…

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All Seeing Eye Paves the Way

How do we know it’s an “Illuminati” film?

Take a look at Mother- our robot with the one all seeing eye and the promo poster that clearly shows us the all seeing eyes of the protagonists:

The all seeing eye is the symbol of esoteric enlightenment. The pineal gland or third eye is opened when one realizes the true path of evolution which takes one down the path of Luciferianism where man becomes “god.”

The title of the film tells us the higher purpose of the film- “I AM”. It’s a reference to the Integrated Ascended Masters of Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society. The idea is that one can evolve themselves to the point of ascending to divinity.

The “Illuminati” agenda is to perfect man to the point that those chosen can ascend into the higher plane of existence.



Man Shall Evolve

Now it’s a tale of esoteric significance, what happens?…

An artificial consciousness comes back to kill man for the sake of man.

They are going to rebuild the world into a perfected place. One that our soulless gods deem as “perfect.” No longer are the emotions and passions of man going to wreak havoc, whether we like it or not.

“Daughter” is a representation of the Illuminati utopia. This is the New World Order which is damn near the language used on the show.

The perfection of man wouldn’t be easy though- “Daughter” was actually the third attempt. She discovers the truth when she opens up a file cabinet of her predecessors and their failures.


She confirms this when she sees the embryonic chamber is missing the first three embryos.

She also confirms their deaths via incineration.


When Daughter meets Hillary Swank’s character- “Woman” we eventually figure out that she was an earlier failed experiment. We know this because there was a clue when Daughter tries to show Woman a clip of Johnny Carson when Woman replies in disgust that she’s already seen it.

Woman refers to a family in the mines outside and how she was adopted by Jacob and Rachel. This is analogous to Jacob and Rachel from the Bible. In the book of Genesis Rachel gives birth to Joseph who would be a forefather to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The Biblical connections don’t stop here- we’ll get a big reveal towards the end of the film.

In the film Daughter is being indoctrinated with the A.I.’s desires with routine testing to ensure it’s sticking.

She confirms that her failed predecessors could not pass the exams so they would meet their fateful demise…


A.I. Endgame

The storyline is revealed as we learn A.I. gets so powerful that it incarnates itself into various drones and robots through one single consciousness.


There’s a lot to consider here so let’s get into each topic.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept I recently covered in a film analysis about Kubrick’s final project; A.I. We explored this in my first book where I talked about “mindfiles” which are essentially digital representations of an individual. These files can be uploaded and downloaded into software environments. Think of it as a Facebook virtual reality where you can live forever.

A.I. is a technology that allows machine learning to occur on its own. Rules and algorithms are loaded into a computer which can learn and evolve over time. Elon Musk referenced A.I. as:

an immortal dictator from which we would never escape“.

He also used language about ‘summoning a demon’ which I believe is close to the truth.

The end game is to upload all consciousness into a virtual reality or matrix.

We can also explore the idea of a global consciousness. This is a New Age idea that has been repeated by many of the ancient aliens types. Carl Jung flirted with this concept with themes of a collective unconscious which is where symbols go to charge up thoughts (which is one reason we see all of the symbolism like the all seeing eye). The Anima Mundi is another term that expresses a similar idea of the world’s soul.

We’ll revisit this thought on the global consciousness in the conclusion where it will make more sense as it fits into the realm of sci-fi.



Daughter passes the final exam and her reward is to choose the next member of their family from the embryonic hell.

She would eventually go back to save her brother- an act that Mother approves of as proof she has truly been perfected.

During the final sequence Daughter goes back into the embryonic chamber while the song “Baby Mine” plays. This is fitting because the song is from Disney’s Dumbo which refers to Dumbo’s mother being locked in a circus wagon prison while cradling baby Dumbo.


In Conclusion: A Tale of Religion

Not our religion- but rather their religion.

Science fiction always paves the way science fact. All the goals of the occultists can be found in works of sci-fi entertainment. For example, the godfather of Soviet space travel was named Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. He believed in global consciousness (panpsychism) and this idea was discussed in my book THE DARK PATH:

“A man named Konstantin Tsiolkovsky wrote a book called The Will of Universe in 1928 that inspired rocket science fantasies to Wernher von Braun. This dream was of humans expanding into the galaxies. He spoke of a philosophy called panpsychism which is described as a universal force or cosmic consciousness to be found in all things. 

This is very similar to all of these global consciousness themes in New Age or occult doctrine (or The Force from Star Wars). It also seems deistic in the sense of a vague “Grand Creator” from Freemasonry.

Tsiolkovsky advocated for Russian Cosmism with the idea that we came from the stars so we should go back there, which inspired modern day Ancient Astronaut theorists seen on Ancient Aliens. The philosophy now has a legion of followers with magazines, packed conventions, sight-seeing tours, and lecture circuits on the concept.

How curious is it that Ancient Aliens is brought to us by a company called “Prometheus Entertainment?”

It’s the New World Order.

Pink Floyd’s song Mother tells us all about this. It’s the idea of giving up freedom for safety.

Mamma’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true.
Mamma’s gonna put all of her fears into you.
Mamma’s gonna keep you right here under her wing,
She won’t let you fly but she might let you sing.
Mamma’s gonna keep baby cosy and warm

Mamma’s gonna wait up till you get in.
Mamma will always find out where you’ve been.

Mamma’s gonna keep baby healthy and clean.

Ooh babe, you’ll always be a baby to me.
Mother, did it need to be so high…?

The robots are the new overlords- perfecting man and keeping us all safe through control and predictability.

During the film Mother rifles through the book that Woman brought with her that had all the sketches of humans. If you zoom in you’ll see the book is Edgar Burroughs Gods of Mars.

This book is a tale about John Carter who discovers an alien race called the Therns who are self-proclaimed gods that have decieved the Barsoomians to a journey of paradise.

What we have to understand here is that A.I. is killing off the humans because the “Illuminati” have programmed it so. A.I. can only learn what its creators tell it to. Thus, someone told these robots to seek perfection and destroy all those who don’t make the cut.

This is the population reduction and eugenics all rolled into one.

The “Illuminati” seem to like the nihilistic idea of destroying the world as we know it so they can rebuild it as a perfected society (as discussed in my podcast on American Horror Story: Apocalypse). As part of this perfected evolution they will get rid of religion- the ultimate foul against mankind.

They show us this very clearly in the film.

First they hinted towards it with the Biblical talk of Rachel and Jacob adopted Woman, but we also see an obvious symbol at the end when Mother goes to kill Woman and CLEARLY pauses to look at the Virgin Mary on the wall of Woman’s home:


Mother even verbalizes the words “Did you really think she’d stay here?” when she looks at the Virgin Mary.

The AI is programmed as the new digital consciousness of perfection. They use logic, zero or one; no grey areas permitted. All things that can’t be explained must go.

There is no room for the truly metaphysical or supernatural in this version of the future dystopia.

Sci-Fi always shows us the higher plans, as we can read in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and all of its sequel novels. In the final book, 3001: The Final Odyssey we learn all about the origins of the black monoliths. They are a tool for the highly evolved species that have been able to put their minds into the global consciousness fabric of space-time.

Astronaut Frank Poole awakens from a long slumber in space and finds that mankind is space bound. He learns that society has abandoned all religion:

“I’ve another problem, Indra – and I guess you’re the only person who can help.

When I say “God”, why do people look embarrassed?’

Indra did not look at all embarrassed; in fact, she laughed.

‘That’s a very complicated story. I wish my old friend Dr Khan was here to explain it to you – but he’s on Ganymede, curing any remaining True Believers he can find there. When all the old religions were discredited – let me tell you about Pope Pius XX sometime – one of the greatest men in history! – we still needed a word for the Prime Cause, or the Creator of the Universe – if there is one…'”

Here we see the faceless spirit of the “Grand Creator” who is the true god to the “Illuminati” agenda…


I’ll be publishing an episode of the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast going into these topics, as well as a video for my new YouTube channel with clips (*go subscribe- I’m reuploading all the banned videos)!!!!



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Could it be that the Antichrist will be A.I.?

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  2. They are literally mocking the Great I Am, Jesus Christ the true and Only living God!! They mock Him because they know He is real but choose ignorantly to worship the false light, which is the devil lucifer … comes as no surprise. Get ready, Jesus is coming….Gb

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  3. I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1972 as a ‘child of change’ – made to be adaptive to the gradual rolling out of the new world order. I woke up 40 years later. The film I Am mother I just watched and read your commentary is more about the elites evolving me through their birth to death pipeline but then myself fighting the mind control programming and becoming a rebel against it and exposing it. They hate Christianity because it is both Jesus and other person centred and self deprecating. We can ‘fight’ the NWO by exposing it to the light and expressing unconditional love to others, modelling God’s own love to us.
    It took me another 7 years to make a single video of myself trying to expose the controllers but it will go against most people’s own programming and they will hate it sadly. http://youtu.be/SQpz_EtmlB0.
    Thanks for your efforts with your review.

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    • Sorry the link needs https. The title is Cop Chat 9/11 (2018) another fake Friday on Bourke street

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