Hunger Games Predictive Programming Conspiracy

Alex Jones says Hunger Games contains predictive programming for mass conditioning. The idea is that if you watch the film passively it will plant some kind of acceptance for the concepts. The dictatorship, resistance efforts, centralized government, even the monorail connecting the cities (I’m thinking that was an Obama jab of sorts from his cross country rail project). He says the author works for the government to help push the idea that this type of future with a collapsed America is possible, and acceptable. The story does in fact seem to talk about a future with a post industrial society with militant super cities, population reduction, and the acceptance of human sacrifice. Human sacrifice is one of the continuing themes in history, arguably still happening today. David Icke says that the reptilian E.T. beings need the energy that is given off when a human is sacrificed, and this has never changed since the time of sacrifice at Chichen Itza by the Mayans.

I disagree with Jones on a lot of stuff, this one is a reach also. First off, the story focuses more on the negative aspects of this dystopian society, and makes the viewer sympathetic towards the masses. I’m not sure how the story could be planting the idea in our heads of what is down the road for us. If anything it’d be a warning and would expose the New World Order. BUT, I do agree that the entertainment industry could be used to push a predictive programming agenda to ease us into the accepting of foreign ideas. It kind of goes along the lines of the legend of the American Indians not being able to see one of the Columbus ships when it was approaching their shores, simply because they had no idea of their existence. Jones says that this film is the blueprint of what the global elite wants to do with our society. Why the elite would feel the need to show it to us is beyond me. Jones says they do it as part of the brainwashing process.


A theme that I did find interesting, that could’ve been a form of predictive programming was the idea of competing inside of an artificial bubble of a world where creatures, disasters, etc. could be created by implementing software code. It’s basically the Matrix and the people locked inside of it can’t tell that they are inside of it. This is one of the themes that comes across unconsciously without much argument, so perhaps I’d concede that one idea. The rest of Jones’ ideas are kind of “meh.”


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Out here in the fields.
    I fight for my meals…

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  2. “The Purge” is similar to the hunger games cause when you die during the purge you sacrafice your life to make the u.s. a better place

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  3. He’s correct in many ways, America 2050 will have ‘MegaCities’, Hunger Games has ‘Districts’, Obama’s land grab turning land into wildlife refuges is like that of where they had to sneak in to hunt…

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