Hopi Petroglyph Website Portal

A website that uses surveys, photographs, and scanning combined with CAD drawing and software to render 3-D recreations has documented the Hopi Indian tribe on an interactive website. This website aims to reduce future damage to sites such as the one at Tutuveni in Arizona, so that we can preserve these findings. The Hopi Indians carved symbols on their pilgrimages to the Grand Canyon (Ongtupqa) and these symbols have been featured on Ancient Aliens due to their extraterrestrial appearances. Although after spending a few minutes on their website, I wasn’t able to find much by way of these alien carvings. The Hopi have legends of ancestors emerging from the underground after a cataclysmic event as part of a cycle in time and also snake people from the stars. I don’t know much about this, I’ve just heard them discusses on television but can’t seem to find a whole lot about them online (as far as the alien theories go).





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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