Hollywood’s Casting Couch, Hurricane Harvey Weinstein, and Illuminati Mind Control

What exactly is wrong with Hollywood? Their sexual deviancy and abuse seems to be rampant, and given the long history of conspiracy theories about this subject one has to realize there is some truth behind all this. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Well, I’m going to explore it and demonstrate the “Illuminati” connections to be found…

This article will be prefaced with a lot of “alleged”ness. I’ve provided sources for most everything mentioned in order to keep the facts straight. I find this topic of high disturbance and quite possibly the darkest underbelly of the “Illuminati” conspiracy.


The sad part is that sexual harassment, abuse, or rape occur in many other facets of life; not just this industry of entertainment. This article is in no way trying to discount the experiences of the people who have been subjected to this type of behavior; but rather an attempt to prove that there is a cover up system in place that needs exposed and further investigated in order to stop this cycle.

Read on to learn about the history of this idea and where we need to go from here…

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Casting Couch: Hollywood’s “Star System”

The concept behind all this started in the early days of entertainment and continues to this day. Hollywood key figures (e.g. executives, producers, directors, actors, etc.) are alleged to trade key roles in films or television to actors or actresses in exchange for sexual favors.

Metro wrote an article on the subject that details the first such allegation back in 1921:

One of the first and most historic cases of sexual assault was in 1921 when Hollywood first one million dollar star, Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, was found beside actress Virginia Rappe who was screaming in pain on the bed. She accused him of raping her.1

Shirley Temple was also a victim of this from the shockingly young age of 11; as per the New York Times article on the subject:

In her autobiography, “Child Star,” Shirley Temple described going with her mother to see her new bosses at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer after leaving Fox.

Louis B. Mayer spirited away Gertrude Temple. The curly-haired superstar — hailed by F.D.R. for helping America get through the Depression — was taken to the office of Arthur Freed, an associate producer on “The Wizard of Oz.”

After telling her that she would have to get rid of her baby fat, Freed abruptly stood up and pulled out his penis. The 11-year-old had never even seen one before. She gave a nervous laugh, which offended the producer.

“Get out!” he shouted.2

Louis Mayer appeared to have a habitual pattern of this if we listen to Judy Garland’s experience:

Judy Garland used to have her breasts groped by the head of MGM Studio Louis B. Mayer and he would tell her to sing from the heart while doing it.1

Mayer was known for creating Hollywood movie stars through the “star system.” This meant the studios would fabricate and create a false persona of the actors and actresses:

The star system put an emphasis on the image rather than the acting, although discreet acting, voice, and dancing lessons were a common part of the regimen. Women were expected to behave like ladies, and were never to leave the house without makeup and stylish clothes. Men were expected to be seen in public as gentlemen. Morality clauses were a common part of actors’ studio contracts.3

This adds to the expanding theory that Holly-Wood is indeed the magical deception meant to create illusions and deceive the masses (“Holly Wood” being the stick from which magic wands are made).

We’ll get into that later but for now let’s go through some more examples to further cement the concept that there is indeed a problem with Hollywood…


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one example of how Hollywood can take a child actor and completely destroy a life. While her example doesn’t specifically go into sexual abuse; we can see the nature of the Hollywood environment as it lives by a different standard of rules. This is part of the argument to consider when I talk about the questionable influence of entertainment and who is providing it.


The Guardian wrote an article on her experiences detailed in the memoir Wildflower:

From the age of eight, she called herself a “party girl”, going out with her mother and her mother’s friends up to five times a week. But she soon couldn’t cope. By the age of 12, she had already been in rehab and was supporting Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign. She fell off the wagon again, and at 13 found herself beginning an 18-month stint in hospital, where she was treated for alcohol and drug addiction.4


Seinfeld: She’s Only 17

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld had the decency to not sexually assault somebody; but that doesn’t justify the age difference considered when he was 40 years old and dating a 17 year old in high school in 1993.5

Gawker reported on it in 2015:

And yet, the article (*referring to a People article on the subject. -IW) mostly focuses on Seinfeld’s quest to justify dating a woman 21 years younger than him. Near the very top of the story, People’s Karen S. Schneider recounts an interview Seinfeld did with Howard Stern, in which Stern, as he would, jokes about Seinfeld being the sort of boogeyman in a windowless van that parents warn little children about.

Howard Stern homed in on the May-August aspect of the relationship when the radio host interviewed his old friend last spring. “So,” Stern said, feigning moral indignation, “you sit in Central Park and have a candy bar on a string and pull it when the girls come?”

Amazingly, Seinfeld, master of his comedy domain, was flustered. “She’s not 17, definitely not,” he initially insisted.5

To belabor the point of difference in mentality of Hollywood; Seinfeld’s costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus actually defended the situation:

Seinfeld also seemed to have the support of his colleagues. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in an interview in New York in 1999, after Seinfeld and Lonstein broke up, said that she was in favor of the couple because it made Seinfeld happy:

“No, it didn’t make me cringe,” she says. “When he was in that relationship, it was a happy one for him. And she’s a terribly nice person, so I was in favor of it. Come on — who cares? There wasn’t anything wrong with it. I thought it was great. Anyway, they’re not dating anymore, if that gives other people any happiness.”5


The Coreys & An Open Secret

Corey Feldman appeared on ABC’s Nightline in 2011 and tried to expose the truth about the Hollywood pedo-casting couch:

Feldman blamed the adults around him, not just those looking to profit from charming children, but also some with far more sinister motives.

“I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry. … It’s the big secret,” Feldman said.

The “casting couch,” which is the old Hollywood reference to actors being expected to offer sex for roles, applied to children, Feldman said. “Oh, yeah. Not in the same way. It’s all done under the radar,” he said.

“I was surrounded by [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old. … Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted … till I went, Oh, my God. They were everywhere,” Feldman, 40, said.

The trauma of pedophilia contributed to the 2010 death of his closest friend and “The Lost Boys” co-star, Corey Haim, Feldman said.

“There’s one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim. And that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul. And that person needs to be exposed, but, unfortunately, I can’t be the one to do it,” Feldman said, adding that he, too, had been sexually abused by men in show business.6

The cycle of drug abuse that Corey Haim suffered through was a byproduct of this traumatic abuse- something that seems to run rampant.

In 2014 a documentary called An Open Secret was released in which actors revealed their experiences of this chilling abuse at the hands of Hollywood elites. Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges both shared their experiences, alongside many others like Michael Egan III (one of the major figures of the doc).

This film was notorious for its allegations against director Bryan Singer- known for making the X-Men films (a topic that I discussed back in 2014). When I wrote the article I was still very “new” to blogging, but I quoted an interesting connection:

The former child model who’s accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexually assaulting him as a teenager has now revealed shocking allegations against three more Hollywood power players.

Days after filing suit against Singer, 31-year-old Michael Egan has filed additional suits against former BBC Worldwide America president Garth Ancier, former Disney TV president David Neuman and theme park design firm head Gary Goddard.

Details emerged earlier on Tuesday of a incident in which a teenaged Egan was allegedly drugged and raped by a businessman after a Siegfried and Roy show.

Herman alleges these men and many others like them are part of a huge Hollywood sex abuse ring that victims have been afraid to out for years.

‘Hollywood adults are armed with something other adults aren’t armed with,’ said Herman. ‘It’s a tremendous amount of power…the power and influence to really make kids careers.’

But the attorney says the case will empower more victims like his client to out the sick underground culture.

Here we can see the veiled language of a “cabal” of Hollywood predators- a large “ring” that is yet to be revealed.

Egan later dropped the lawsuit with his lawyer Jeff Herman stating:

“Mr. Egan maintains the allegations and has even passed a polygraph test based on those specific allegations. We are evaluating our next step in seeking justice for Mr. Egan.”7

Things got worse for Egan; even after dropping all his lawsuits he was found guilty of fraud in 2015- owing people over $300K for deceptively luring them into investments that never were.8



Elijah Wood

The famed actor from the Lord of the Rings films talked about this abusive practice when the infamous Jimmy Saville revelations were made (**Savile was a highly decorated entertainer in the UK who was investigated after his death for the abuse of many children- allegedly reported by David Icke before the masses caught on).

The Times reported the following from an interview with Elijah Wood:

“You all grew up with Savile — Jesus, it must have been devastating. Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organised. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly.

“What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power,” says Wood. “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

…“The No 1 problem in Hollywood was and is — and always will be — paedophilia,” he said, adding that by the time he was 14 he was “surrounded” by molesters.9

On a related note; that same Times article details the agent who managed Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire as a convicted offender as well:

Bob Villard, an agent who managed the young DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, was convicted of selling images of children on eBay. As far back as 1987 Villard had been found in possession of child pornography and in 2005 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for committing a “lewd act” on a 13-year-old boy who had asked him for acting lessons. There is no suggestion that DiCaprio or Maguire was ever a victim of abuse.9

Bill Cosby

The famed comedian and actor from The Cosby Show was brought to light when the comedian Hannibal Buress made a joke about Bill Cosby and subsequently told the audience to go and research it for themselves. What followed was a scandal of epic proportions; so much so, that Wikipedia had to build an entire table to detail all of the allegations:

Cosby has been accused by 59 women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, or other sexual misconduct. There were also two instances of alleged child sexual abuse, both involving girls 15 years of age. The earliest alleged incidents took place in the mid-1960s, with the rest scattered all the way until the latest in 2008.

Cosby has maintained his innocence and repeatedly denied the allegations. In November 2014, in response to a question about the allegations, Cosby said: “I don’t talk about it.”10

He went to court for a trial and the jury got gridlocked and a mistrial was announced.


R. Kelly: The Mind Controller

R. Kelly has a long history of being accused of sexual improprieties. He was alleged to be involved with 15-year olds, including the late Aaliyah (who had R. Kelly produce and write the songs for her album called Age Ain’t Nuthin but a Number).

It’s reported that Aaliyah and R. Kelly were married when she was just 15.

In 2002 he was alleged to be in a video where he was urinating on an underage girl as well. In 2007 he went to court for similar allegations of sex with minors but was found not guilty.11

What’s even more curious are the 2017 allegations that he was a cult leader; reported by Buzzfeed who detailed the experience of “J.” and “Tim” (both aliases) who are the parents to a daughter that flew out to meet R. Kelly for career advice and never returned!:

Three former members of Kelly’s inner circle — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — provided details supporting the parents’ worst fears. They said six women live in properties rented by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, and he controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records.

The last time J. saw her daughter was Dec. 1, 2016.

“It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible,” she said. “I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.”

J. and Tim said they have only heard from their daughter twice since they last saw her. They got a one-sentence text from her on Christmas Day: “I hate Christmas has to be this way this year.”

…The women in Kelly’s entourage initially think “This is R. Kelly, I’m going to live a lavish lifestyle,” said Mack, who worked as Kelly’s personal assistant for a year and a half starting in 2013 and has remained in touch with some members of his inner circle. “No. You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom. … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. … He is a puppet master.”12

It’s quite interesting to hear that R. Kelly is being accused of mastering mind control when we consider all of the MKULTRA mind control allegations and symbolism from our entertainment…


Pussycat Dolls

The girl-group known as the Pussycat Dolls selected Kaya Jones to be in the group in 2003 when she was 16 years old. Prior to that when she was only 13, R. Kelly spotted her and signed her to his label.13

The creator, Robin Antin (who’s brother is Steve Antin, an actor that was ironically in The Goonies alongside Corey Feldman), was accused of running the girl group like a “prostitution ring;” according to the tweets of Kaya Jones14:


Robin Antin asserts that not only are the prostitution claims false; but Kaya was only in a trial period of the group.

Nicole Scherzinger is the most famous of the Pussycat Dolls and she was discussed in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic for some interesting language she had about selling her soul. In hindsight perhaps she was referring to the abuse they took:

Singer Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls once warned about winning Grammys and Oscars in a deal with the devil in an interview on Independent.co.uk:

“This is such a tough industry, you know. To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.” And has she? She turns back to face the mirror, and closes her eyes. Her make-up artist resumes her work. “No, I haven’t. That’s probably why I haven’t quite reached the top of my mountain. I mean, where’s my Tony Award, my Grammy, my Oscar? Why don’t I have any of those things yet?”

Another curious connection is that Kaya Jones was also on the Corey Feldman 2016 album Angelic 2 the Core for the song 4 Bid in Attraction– a song about waiting for… something… before making love:

Forbidden attraction
A long time coming
You need me, desire
Come quench my fire
Forbidden attraction
The wait is over
Come on now, just take me
Passionate lover

“Hurricane” Harvey Weinstein

In October 2017, the New York Times and New Yorker published articles on the allegations against the film studio executive Harvey Weinstein. The allegations were familiar to many Hollywood insiders, but to the masses it was horrifying testimony of sexual assault and even rape.

The fallout is being played out as we speak; with the Academy expelling him from the group, as well as his own business, The Weinstein Company, giving him the boot.

Metro reported the following:

Harvey Weinstein was accused of three decades of sexual harassment and paying off settlements to actresses Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and Ambra Battilana Gutierrez as well as other unnamed Miramax and Weinstein company employees. Since the report emerged Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Judith Godreche, Heather Graham, Cara Delevingne and Léa Seydoux have spoken out about their experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of Weinstein.1

Many people felt empowered to speak out about personal experiences of sexual assault in the subsequent fallout of the Weinstein situation. At this point, TMZ brought up the historical trends that have been overlooked which brings up some valid points (*note that I find it amusing that TMZ has become the “voice of reason” somewhat):

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expressed its outrage by kicking Harvey Weinstein out of the org, but the question … is this honest indignation or PR?

Bill Cosby is still a member in good standing, and the Academy has been silent as a church mouse for more than a year after more than 60 women have accused him of rape, date rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

Ditto Roman Polanski, who raped a 13-year-old in 1977.  In fact, the Academy bestowed on him Best Director in 2003 for “The Pianist,” and the likes of Meryl Streep gave him a standing ovation.

In expelling Weinstein, the Academy said it wanted to “send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over.”

The question … did they know about Weinstein’s antics for years, and were they complicit?15

Roman Polanski Sidebar

I previously spoke about Bill Cosby, but didn’t discuss Roman Polanski. Here we have a prominent director and producer who was also famous for a tragedy before the rape accusations. Polanski made the film about elite satanic cults with Rosemary’s Baby shortly before his wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in the Manson Family murders of 1969.

In Adam Gorightly’s book on Manson’s occult connections to strangeness, The Shadow over Santa Susana; he details some allegations that were flying around that Anton LaVey was involved with the filming of Rosemary’s Baby. Polanski and LaVey were allegedly fighting when he spit at LaVey during the filming of Rosemary’s Baby. LaVey placed a curse on him which resulted in the death of his Tate and their unborn child.17

The Polanski residence would also be alleged to be a place that was full of black magick and ritual sex. A detective once claimed:

Half the weirdos, kooks and creeps in Hollywood were hanging out there17

Claims of strange gore-filled videos and orgy-sex were also supposedly going down at the Polanski residence (although no films have been found- allegedly still held by authorities). One time an interviewer asked Charles Manson about the murders and his then strange response was:

Don’t you think those people deserved to die?… They were involved with kiddie porn!17

In Doris Day: Her Own Story, Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day and the owner of 10050 Cielo Drive at the time) said:

…Murders had something to do with the weird film Polanski had made, and the equally weird people who were hanging around the house. I knew they had been making a lot of homemade sadomasochistic-porn movies there with quite a few recognizable Hollywood faces in them. The reason I knew was that I had gone out with a girl named Michelle Phillips, one of the Mamas and Papas, whose ex-husband, John Phillips, was the leader of the group. Michelle told me she and John had had dinner one night, to discuss maybe getting back together, and afterward he had taken her up to visit the Polanskis in my old house. Michelle said that when they arrived there, everyone in the house was busy filming an orgy and that Sharon Tate was part of it. That was just one of the stories I had heard about what went on in my former house.17

Years after the Tate-LaBianca murders, Polanski pled guilty to raping a 13-year old at Jack Nicholson’s home before fleeing to avoid serving time:

In 1977, Polanski was arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old girl named Samantha Geimer. He subsequently pled guilty to the charge of statutory rape. He was released from prison after serving 42 days, and as part of an apparent plea bargain, was to be put on probation. When he learned that the judge had changed his mind and planned to reject the plea bargain, he fled to Paris before sentencing.18

This seems to back up the idea that Manson floated in which Polanski was into pedophilia, but we don’t need to rely on a cult leader to learn the truth; just take it direct from Polanski himself:

“Judges want to fuck young girls,” he told Martin Ames in 1979. “Juries want to fuck young girls — everyone wants to fuck young girls!”19

Polanski’s problems didn’t stop in the 1970’s; as reported by the New York Times:

In August (2017), a woman in Los Angeles, identified only as Robin M., came forward at a news conference to report that Mr. Polanski had sexually assaulted her in 1973 when she was 16.

At the time, Mr. Braun said in a statement that Mr. Polanski’s reaction had been “I don’t know what this is about.”

In 2010, the British actress Charlotte Lewis also accused Mr. Polanski of abusing her sexually when she was 16.

Mr. Polanski has been living in exile from the United States since fleeing the country in 1978 on the eve of his sentencing in the Geimer case.20

Defending Weinstein

To bring this back into Weinstein and the culture of cover-up in Hollywood, we can look at his defense of Polanski in 2009:

In September 2009, Weinstein publicly voiced opposition to efforts to extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland to the U.S. regarding a 1977 charge that he had drugged and raped a 13-year-old, to which Polanski had pleaded guilty before fleeing the country. Weinstein, whose company had distributed a film about the Polanski case, questioned whether Polanski committed any crime.21

This begs the question of whether the people inside this circle of pedophilia and sexual abuse are coordinating efforts to keep their actions from the masses. Which brings us to the comments of Woody Allen, a director that infamously married his adopted daughter he had with his then-wife Mia Farrow (who not-so-ironically played Rosemary in Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby).

Woody Allen made some comments that seemed to support Weinstein; as reported by The Daily Beast:

With jaw-dropping sexual assault allegations leveled against the mogul galvanizing the industry and making headlines around the globe, it’s an almost unfathomably awkward time to premiere a new film from Woody Allen, who himself has been subject of sexual abuse allegations, and which is distributed by Amazon Studios, whose programming chief has just been accused of sexual harassment as well.

But then again, maybe it’s always a bad time to release a Woody Allen film with casual references to a father who might be sexually attracted to his daughter.

…The fact remains, however, that Winslet acted in the film Carnage for Roman Polanski, who was just accused by a fourth woman of sexually assaulting her while she was underage. (Weinstein, for his part, rallied the filmmaking community around Polanski to shield him from jail time, saying in 2009, “Whatever you think about the so-called crime, Polanski has served his time.”)

And when asked about whether the molestation allegations against Woody Allen gave her pause before agreeing to star in Wonder Wheel, her defense was, to be blunt, clumsy.

“Of course one thinks about it,” she told The New York Times. “But at the same time, I didn’t know Woody and I don’t know anything about that family. As the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false. Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person. Woody Allen is an incredible director. So is Roman Polanski. I had an extraordinary working experience with both of those men, and that’s the truth.”22

Beyond Woody Allen; there are other Hollywood celebs that appear to be defending Weinstein, including allegations about Matt Damon and Russell Crowe:

Waxman claims that she discovered a woman in London who had allegedly been paid off after what she claimed was an unwanted sexual encounter with Weinstein. Waxman claimed her reporting showed the head of Miramax Italy at the time, Fabrizio Lombardo, had no real film experience and was simply there to be sure women were always available to Weinstein. The story was supposedly gutted to remove any mention of sexual misconduct after associates of the Hollywood executive, reportedly including Damon and Russell Crowe, called to vouch for Lombardo at the behest of Weinstein.

Speaking to Deadline, Damon has a much different recollection of the events in question.

“My recollection was that it was about a one minute phone call. Harvey had called me and said, they’re writing a story about Fabrizio, who I knew from ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.’ He has organized our premiere in Italy and so I knew him in a professional capacity and I’d had dinner at his house,” Damon explained. “Harvey said, Sharon Waxman is writing a story about Fabrizio and it’s really negative. Can you just call and tell her what your experience with Fabrizio was. So I did, and that’s what I said to her. It didn’t even make the piece that she wrote.”23

Upon further research into the journalist’s story (Sharon Waxman), it was revealed in her article on TheWrap that Weinstein may have had a part in dismantling this damaging story:

I also tracked down a woman in London who had been paid off after an unwanted sexual encounter with Weinstein. She was terrified to speak because of her non-disclosure agreement, but at least we had evidence of a pay-off.

The story I reported never ran.

After intense pressure from Weinstein, which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly to vouch for Lombardo and unknown discussions well above my head at the Times, the story was gutted.

I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known. I knew he was a major advertiser in the Times, and that he was a powerful person overall.

But I had the facts, and this was the Times. Right?

Wrong. The story was stripped of any reference to sexual favors or coercion and buried on the inside of the Culture section, an obscure story about Miramax firing an Italian executive. Who cared?24

Waxman’s story discusses an NDA, which leads us to TMZ who also released the contract Weinstein had in place which has a misconduct clause to protect him from the abuse alleged against him:

Harvey Weinstein may have been fired illegally by The Weinstein Company, a company that wrote a contract that said Weinstein could get sued over and over for sexual harassment and as long as he shelled out money, that was good enough for the Company.

TMZ is privy to Weinstein’s 2015 employment contract, which says if he gets sued for sexual harassment or any other “misconduct” that results in a settlement or judgment against TWC, all Weinstein has to do is pay what the company’s out, along with a fine, and he’s in the clear.

According to the contract, if Weinstein “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he must reimburse TWC for settlements or judgments. Additionally, “You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance.”

The contract says as long as Weinstein pays, it constitutes a “cure” for the misconduct and no further action can be taken. Translation — Weinstein could be sued over and over and as long as he wrote a check, he keeps his job.16

The contractual protections that were established weren’t quite enough to keep everyone’s voice silent on this (the “vow of silence” if you will). An actress named Asia Argento shared her story with the New Yorker and even had the incident reenacted on the film Scarlet Diva:

Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, said that she did not speak out until now—Weinstein, she told me, forcibly performed oral sex on her—because she feared that Weinstein would “crush” her. “I know he has crushed a lot of people before,” Argento said. “That’s why this story—in my case, it’s twenty years old, some of them are older—has never come out.”25

The list of people speaking out about their experiences with Weinstein becomes staggering when we look back at previous statements made. Courtney Love, Rose McGowan, Seth McFarlane, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Heather Graham, and Cara Delevingne are just some of those that spoke about Weinstein’s improprieties (and the list grows everyday- even as I write this article).


Putting it all together

For years I’ve been examining our entertainment and pop culture with the underlying idea that there was something dark or hidden beneath the surface. Historically we’ve come to understand and maybe even accept the perversion and unorthodox behaviors of these celebrities because we’ve fallen for the lie that they are modern day “gods.”

The occult belief system seeks to elevate man’s status to that of the gods but that is a dangerous proposition for reasons such as this.

The Times article on Elijah Wood seems to hit the theory close to home:

“People look at Corey Feldman and think he’s a drug addict, so why should they listen to him?” says Anne Henry, co-founder of the BizParentz Foundation, an organisation established to protect child actors. “But that plays into the predators’ hands. They don’t want victims to be believed. We estimate that about 75% of the child actors who ‘went off the rails’ suffered earlier abuse. Drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide attempts, wandering through life without a purpose — they can all be symptoms.”9

When we look at the ideas of the MKULTRA mind control program and the alleged experiences of those who were subjected to it, we can see there is a bit of coping that occurs to deal with the trauma. Lindsay Lohan infamously defended Weinstein and we know that she has had similar depressed behavior in the past, including her “accent” and other behaviors typical of MKULTRA victims. R. Kelly was also alleged to be a mind controller as well, considering his “cults” of women.

Another consideration is that droopy eye of Weinstein which suggests he may be a victim of MKULTRA mind control as well!

I spoke about this back when Bob Costas had the droopy eye (it was pink eye but the story was funny). Anyhow, I referenced the work of Fritz Springmeier who asserts there is a coordinated ring still operating that conducts these mind control experiments. He claims the victims are subjected to abuse that alters the mind and face in The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave:

Some alters are tortured in a fashion that the eye area is traumatized and they squint the left eye. They look like Baron Guy de Rothschild of France ’s left eye looks. Guy de Rothschild Guy de Rothschild is a major handler/programmer, but the reason for his drooping eye is not known. Perhaps it was torture.

Granted its Weinstein’s right eye that is drooping; but the idea remains because the theory is that the trauma causes frontal lobe damage which causes the nerves around the eye to malfunction.


Seth Rogen once spoke about the differences between Hollywood and the “normal” world and made an interesting statement:

“There is kind of like a wink and acceptance of that type behavior. A lot of Hollywood people like the fact we work in a business that doesn’t have the same rules as other businesses,” Rogen said. “They’re free to have varying personalities and stuff like that. That ultimately also allows people to excuse a lot of horribly inappropriate behavior that shouldn’t be acceptable.”26

Conspiracy theorists and other “independent researchers” have been given a bad reputation from the whole “fake news” fallout of 2016; but it seems this is a situation in which they were right.

The pervasiveness of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry is finally coming to light and many celebrities have said that Weinstein is the “tip of the iceberg.”

The rest of the “iceberg” is of course, the abuse of children- whether it be sexual or the actual blood sacrifice. These literal monsters that conduct these forms of abuse do so because they believe in the absorption and release of fear as some kind of aphrodisiac or attainment of power (or even channeling it to the Archons reptilians if you consider David Icke’s theories).

We see these ideas encapsulated in Stephen King’s IT which saw a re-popularizing in 2017 with the new film (see my analysis HERE).

Another connection to be had with the “Illuminati” is their throwback references to the ancient pagan-esque cultures like the Mesopotamians and Phoenicians which conducted blood sacrifices of children to deities such as Moloch. I mention it because Harvey Weinstein immediately “escaped” the allegations by heading to a resort in Scottsdale, AZ called “The Phoenician.”

Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe for Silver Linings Playbook and thanked Harvey Weinstein in her acceptance speech and for: “killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today” which leads me to wonder how literal this was…

I realize “independent researchers” such as myself are supposed to be at odds with the mainstream media, but here is a case where I believe we can BOTH work to pull these creeps out from the shadows. The MSM helped put light on the Weinstein case when the New York Times published their Oct. 5th article on the subject so they’re not always entirely bad (albeit this was after many years of suspicions, allegations, and even proof of his actions).

However, the MSM isn’t always instrumental in getting the spotlight where it needs to be either. It was only after comedian Hannibal Buress made a joke about Cosby and told the audience to Google “Bill Cosby rape” that the idea went viral and action was finally taken.

All of this demonstrates the power of the NON-mainstream media in causing real change in our world. The attack of “fake news” and net neutrality puts these things at risk since we need both a mainstream media AND independent researchers.

My research into this realm of occult ideas in entertainment came to a few shocking conclusions. One of these was that they are seeking to instill their occult beliefs into our world: the idea that man can become god.

What’s a better example of man becoming “god” than celebrities?… They are basically treated as such and get away with atrocious acts of sexual abuse. This demonstrates what it can look like when we become “gods.” Nobody is capable of holding that title (except for Jesus Christ).

Now, let’s get back to investigating that Pizzagate theory…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I’m glad you touched on pedophilia and Corey Feldman’s revelation. I don’t just think it’s a HollyWEIRD problem. DC has been covering stuff up for ages. I’m currently reading “The Franklin Cover Up,” and it’s been explosive thus far. It implicated many famous politicians but George Bush isn’t exactly surprising to me but Reagan is…

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    • The Antin family is cringey to say the least, starting from the way they look like. All are in deepest shit possible. Scott Antin harassed and sexually abused his co-starring child actors while filming The Goonies for instance. Guess who starred in the movie? Corey Feldman. Dots connect.

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    • Your right, it isn’t. One week ago South African news reported that a school official sexual assaulted and rape 38 Grade R (that is 5 year olds) students. This morning, 5 other school reported similar incidences.

      It has to be stopped.

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  2. Fatty Arbukle raped women very violently and was charged with murdering one by crushing her with his huge weight. This happened at a party to celebrate his huge signing with MGM. Guests at the party tried to revive her by covering her in ice (not sure if on the bed where she was found or jn a bath) and eventually she was taken to hospital where she later died. Fatty was acquitted when the main prosecution witness did a runner and left he country (would be interesting to know if he were ever heard from again). Fatty died the next year.

    Roman Polanski’s rape of the young girl in US was an extremely violent assault which left the girl with internal injuries. It would be bad enough if it were ‘just’ sex with a minor but it was a very violent sexual assault.

    Why do parents allow and encourage their children to go into this industry? Are they all completely naive? Did any of the stars now reporting historic rapes and assaults tell their parents at the time? Most of them seem to have continued in the industry so I assume not.

    Predators love power and deception, I think it’s the deception that gives them that extra level of enjoyment.

    Post a Reply
    • OMG that’s awful (about Arbuckle). They should’ve shut all this stuff down back then. We’ll see how far this scandal goes- I’m sure we’ll get “distracted” with something else before justice is served. -Isaac

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  3. See the books at KerthBarker.com. They’ve been doing this Luciferian child abuse forever.

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  4. This is the truth about showbiz. Behind glam theres just dung.

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  5. Shirley Temple was sold into showbiz slavery by her own family, just like Judy Garland and Liz Taylor and much later, Britney&Aguilera. All of them were – and the latter two still are – sexually abused on a regular basis. Shirley was abused, among many others, by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt (closeted bisexual). The Hollyweird/showbiz gay mafia exists and both men and women fall victims to it. At the tender age of 15, Kylie Jenner was sold into showbiz/sexual slavery by her “mom”. Countless celebs, male and female, had her. Drugs and booze involved too, how else to resist? Is there any wonder she turned out like that? Not to say that all Kardashian kids are damaged and thats common knowledge. BTW, how many French and Swiss underage girls did Polanski sleep with? Did anyone ask Warren Beatty why he slept with a 15 years old Molly Ringwald? Harry Dean Stanton was another creep and probably bedded Ringwald too. He did it with underaged Milla Jovovich and Charlotte Lewis anyway. Unfortunately the list is endless….

    Post a Reply
    • Christinne- the list is indeed staggering. The parents need to know what they’re getting the kids into. Good find on the Katy Perry/Saturn link- I’m going to work with that! -Isaac

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      • We have the power to put an end to that list but of course we are too idiot to do that. And look who pays the price…. Why do u think Natalie Wood was killed? Because she knew too much about Hollyweird rampant paedo business to which she fell victim at the beginning of her career (pimped by her “mother” like many others). If Wagner and Walken did it asked by someone “up there” or by someone else most likely we will never know. Both Sal Mineo&legend Jimmy Dean were sexually abused since kids and Mineo (abused while entering showbiz at an early age and Jimmy by a priest) unfortunately continued the “tradition”. One of his victims was a very young Don Johnson, also at his debut when the abuse took place.

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  6. Did I mention “the special bond” between Ed Sheeran and Elton John? Elton John, next to Cliff Richard, IanMcKellen and Stephen Fry are some of the UK’s biggest paedos. Oh, and add Tony Blair to the list. Yes, the ex-PM. McKellen abused Brad Renfro with whom he starred in APT PUPIL. Brad Renfro, another child actor, in a movie directed by equally filthy Bryan Singer (u bet he “had fun” with Brad too), was “suicided” in 2008, go figure….


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    • Cliff Richard has been accused by someone and his house has been searched, but nothing has been found.

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  7. Yes, Pizzagate deserves real investigation.

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