Hidden Symbols of Aleister Crowley: Tool, BMTH, Katy Perry, Yu-Gi-Oh & more

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We’re going to take a brief look at a couple of modern day rock bands that are keeping the spirit of Aleister Crowley alive…



What is the Unicursal Hexagram?

This symbol was utilized by occultist Aleister Crowley as a reference to the realm of magick. Crowley created a religion called Thelema (which means “The Will”) in which practitioners can use ritual magick to shape the universe according to their desires, or “Will.”

The symbol represents the pentagram with the inner five-petalled flower which has five points corresponding to earth, fire, air, water, and spirit; which represent the microcosm.

The hexagram symbolizes the macrocosm; the universe and the source of divine powers that the magick practitioner can call upon to alter the microcosm.

When one studies the occult (or the “Illuminati”) this symbol shows up repeatedly. What’s odd is the representation found in entertainment when one understands the esoteric meaning…

Suicide Squad

As I detailed in my Suicide Squad analysis, we see this symbol in the bathtub of the Enchantress (how appropriate):

Her character is a goddess-magician so this is only fitting. The bathtub symbolizing the cleansing ritual in terms of witchcraft as well.

H.R. Giger & Thomas Fischer

If you’ve seen the Alien films than you are familiar with H.R. Giger. He was a Swiss artist that was notorious for depicting the darkest arts one could imagine. I have an entire analysis on him that details his strange connections to the occult via a documentary about his life.

A man in the film is Thomas Fischer and he is one of the pioneers of death metal (seriously- the guy goes by the name of Satanic Slaughter). We see him wearing the necklace of the Unicursal Hexagram as well.




The Seal of Orichalcos from Yu Gi Oh shows us the Unicursal Hexagram with what appears to be Enochian script of some kind on the outer ring.


Bring Me The Horizon

An emo-rock-metal band by the name of Bring Me The Horizon has a single called Drown which features this image as well.



The death metal band Behemoth also uses this symbol on stage.

A friend of the IW community by the name of Dovakhiim wrote about Behemoth in an article called Satanic Chic as well. 

Motley Crue- The Dirt

The 2019 film about Motley Crue on Netlix, The Dirt, had a scene where Vince Neil is talking to their manager and we can clearly see the Unicursal Hexagram on the equipment:

Star of Babalon

Crowley also used a seven pointed star to symbolize his maiden goddess of Thelema- referred to as “Babalon.”

This symbol has seven points to represent the seven letters in B-A-B-A-L-O-N. We see the term “Sigillum Sanctum Fraturnitatus A A” because this was also the Holy seal of the Brotherhood of the Silver Star (another Crowley magical order).

The ‘7’s in the center are a gematria formula that equates to the gematria equivalent of B-A-B-A-L-O-N.

You’ve most likely read previous analysis about Babalon in my articles such as Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance, in which she came out atop the Beast; just like Crowley’s depiction of the “Great Mother” Babalon in the Tarot card.

As Crowley said in The Book of Thoth: “she rides astride the Beast…”

Game of Thrones

I wrote an article on the big occult secret hidden within Game of Thrones, and now it seems obvious as to what it is when we look at the center of their religious star:

Their religion is one comprised of seven gods; three male, three female, and one that is neither. This supports the androgynous deistic beliefs of the occult, a concept I go through in my new book, THE DARK PATH.



Tool is a band that seems heavily steeped in occultism, although I’ve never conducted a full analysis on them. At their 2016 concert tour they utilized the Unicursal Hexagram in the set as well as on some concert tees.

More examples…

Scooby-Doo y’all:

Scooby Doo Star of Babalon


Strange Angel show (about Jack Parsons- quite appropriate) with the 93 in the center (the number for Thelema):


Drake’s Instagram promoted it on this piece of art (shout out Fredo for the find):


In Conclusion

All of these uses for the symbols Aleister Crowley pushed into the followers of his Aeon of Horus are not coincidental. The new age is one of magical expression according to his belief system.

My only concern is that his Book of the Law that was used to start the Thelema religion was actually dictated to him from a disembodied spirit of unknown origin.

The combination of esoteric practices in contacting the divine combined with alien pursuits can only lead one down a path of darkness…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Dear Isaac, I love your work. I would be interested in your comments on this video. I believe it shows black goo, a baptism ritual among other symbolism but would like your expert opinion. It is called Blame by Bastille https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iys9IHmDJ1w

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  2. I could say a lot about the band Tool, but it seems as though they encourage the use of entheogens as a “tool” to reach a higher consciousness.

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  3. Any reason why the Blackout Radio/host emblazon these occult symbols that you seek to expose? Find your work fascinating btw.

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    • Hi B- thank you. Yes, I’d consider Samantha Scarlette a friend (long distance digital friends) and we’ve talked about this already. She is into some of these darker explorations but most definitely not a subscriber. The irony of her using that Unicursal Hexagram isn’t lost on either of us though! lol -IW

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  4. Anonymous here, I contacted you via Facebook some time ago to investigate Tool. I knew then that they weren’t your particular taste, but I’m glad to see they’ve gotten your attention. I’ve been to several of thier shows, each time the star was as large as the stage and suspended above it. I urge you, again, to investigate further. Not just the band, but individual members and various side projects aswell. A lot of your readers can’t relate to Drake and Katy Perry. Showing them the expanse of The Agenda would be beneficial to all concerned.

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  5. The long-running CW show Supernatural uses the unicursal hexagram as well as many more occult symbols. For the first few seasons the inverted pentagram was in the name of the show. I believe a lot of the show is based off of a mixture of Catholic and Kabbalah beliefs. It has been on the air for 14 1/2 seasons. It makes me wonder what sacrifices they had to commit to last that long?

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  6. Yes @katyperry portrayed the Great Mother image as the Whore of Babylon (Hollyweird) but also was invoking another great fertility goddess ISHTAR as portals were opened unbeknown to Katy for a candidate of ‘conspiracy of the decade’ to lift the Fort Knox gold supply up to another planet Nibiru 9 as it sailed close to Earth over Phoenix and Katy was used purely because she was the pre arranged star of the half time performance to concentrate the energy required from the stadium and the 118 million live viewers in America. The portals were closed in double quick time by Jesus Christ and Russel Brand and Katy after the show thus Katy made amends to her unwitting involvement after Jesus informed her that it is Gold that keeps a planet in its perfect orbit and if the planet loses a substantial amount then it will spin out of orbit. The @katyperry show is linked to a lot of esoteric symbolism as one would expect as KATHERYN ELIZABETH HUDSON is in fact the Queen ISIS the goddess of Magic where both dark and light sides are used to what aim we have yet to learn. But we can guess that life in the Katy Perry engine room is more fun than digging roads.

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  7. I have been looking into this 7-pointed star lately. Especially as it is used in many law enforcement badges and patches. it is depicted in black magic as “sigillium dei ameth”. I also found it on the cover of a book called The Sworn Book of Honorius, where it is depicted in a part of a so-called “Seal of God”. obviously, there is an occult tie in the use of this “star” in badges and patches used in law enforcement. do you have any info on what “excuses” these law enforcement agencies might have used in trying to justify using these pagan occultic icons?

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