Henry Makow’s “How Satanism Works”

The ever-controversial Henry Makow posted an interesting article on how satanism works. I wanted to post this because I subscribe to parts of his theory. For example, it explains why there is so much child abuse in the world today and also the true purpose behind secret societies. Why did so many people cover up the Penn State child abuse? Wouldn’t you think that it is disgusting and ensure that the police are contacted if you were told about what was going on? Out of all of those high level, highly educated professionals who knew Sandusky was abusing children, WHY would NOBODY follow up? It doesn’t make any sense unless you apply this theory to it.They are all members of a secret group with a dark secret to worship Satan. This goes back to David Icke and his explanation of how the reptilian shape shifters feed off of this negative energy. The reptilians may or may not be Satan, the theories get convoluted at this point, but really it’s beside the point. The fact that Joe Paterno died right in the midst of all of this is just a huge elephant in the room, it could be possible that either he was killed or committed suicide.

Going on to the secret societies; the group tests the initiate to see how foul they can really be, to see if they can be trusted to keep their most ruthless secrets to themselves. This is why the lower level freemasons don’t understand what the actual agenda of the overall group is. If you go against the top powerful members of your group, then there would be hell to pay. This is one reason people coverup such atrocious crimes as child abuse.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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