Gloria Estefan Illuminati symbolism on ‘Standards’ album

Thanks to the unidentified email I received, it’s been brought to my attention that Gloria Estefan is back on the scene with a new album called Standards which brought with it some Illuminati symbolism. She was on a Spanish show called ‘El Hormiguero’ promoting it and you can clearly see her wearing a necklace with the All Seeing Eye of Horus on it:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Gloria Estefan illuminati

Here’s the video; it’s entirely in Spanish (which I don’t speak fluently enough to comprehend):



Her new album also features Illuminati symbolism because not only is she dressed in red (which is symbolic for the Scarlet woman that Aleister Crowley speaks of), but she is also embracing the two columns/pillars known as Boaz and Jachin which are representative of Saturn, which we saw in the Monsters University Illuminati symbolism post:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Gloria Estefan illuminati standards

She has an odd history of being affiliated with the CIA when they tried to hire her. Here’s the Telegraph from 2009:

Cuban-born singer Estefan, 52, said she was approached by the Central Intelligence Agency to become an undercover agent because of her language skills.

At the time the young singer was working as an interpreter for US Customs at Miami International airport.

“They realised I was someone who could pass as a regular person without raising any eyebrow,” she told the Miami Herald.

“So the CIA approached me and wanted me to train in their Atlanta HQ,” she added.

Estefan, who is fluent English, Spanish and French, was reluctant to take the job, as her father had worked for the Cuban government.

Her father, Jose Fajardo, once worked as a bodyguard for Cuban President Fulgencio Batista, and had been imprisoned in Cuba after being captured at the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961.

Fajardo later fled to Florida, where he was granted citizenship and then enlisted in the US army to fight in Vietnam.

Estefan, who has sold 90 million albums worldwide with hits such as Rhythm Is Gonna Get You and Dr Beat, said her mother Gloria convinced her to decline the job offer.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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