Glenn Beck calls Alex Jones a double agent

I can’t stand Glenn Beck, and now he threw his hat into the conspiracy theory ring by labeling Alex Jones a secret agent for gun control. He asserts that Piers Morgan is seeking to promote gun control (true) and that is the reason he put Alex Jones on his show. Jones was characterized as a nutter (he’s always been a little aggressive) by the masses, which does in fact help the gun control movement if you think about it.


Jones responded on The Young Turks, claiming that Piers planned on having Jones admit to violating his First Amendment rights. Jones calls Beck a punk because he supports the Patriot Act and whatnot. Jones defends himself by ranting about how he’s against Bush and the new Conservatives (which I do love about him, for as much I talk about Jones’ fear mongering). Jones builds up and blows up as expected during the interview, it’s pretty good. You also get to see the Glenn Beck clip where he calls Jones an agent of gun control. There’s talk about Jon Stewart and more Piers Morgan also, and Jones breaks down the “big” conspiracy of why there is a global control group. The Young Turks play a hilarious compilation of the best parts of the Piers Morgan interview too-around the 10-minute mark. Jones defends the “crazy” parts by saying he wanted to snap people out of their trance and listen.

The best quote from the clip: “Thomas Jefferson would spit on you, you little bastard!” –Alex Jones

There’s also more theories out there that claim Jones is a disinformation agent, saying he secretly works for Stratfor- a global intelligence company out of Austin, TX (where Jones lives).


Here is Jones responding to these allegations:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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