Ghost Adventures Aaron Goodwin ‘America’s Most Haunted’ podcast

How can’t you love this guy? From BlogTalkRadio:

Aaron Goodwin joined the Ghost Adventures team as reluctant cameraman and equipment tech for ghost hunting sessions of historic Nevada mining towns that resulted in an award winning documentary, and eventurally the triumphant GHOST ADVENTURES series on Travel Channel, now in its sixth season (Fridays 9pE/P).

Early on, Aaron was the comic relief, the shambling EVERYMAN wearing his fear on his sleeve, paired with the steely spirit stalkers Zak Bagans and Nick Groff.

But we have seen Aaron transformed into a lean, mean ghost hunting soldier over the course of the show.

An Oregon native, Goodwin didn’t believe in ghosts until he had a personal experience in the GHOST ADVENTURES documentary – forever changing him. Goodwin first fell in love with film in high school. He moved to Las Vegas when he turned 21, where he taught himself how to edit and operate a camera.

Aaron’s only formal film education is from the times h sneaked into classes and film seminars at UNLV to gauge if his technique was correct.

Goodwin continued to work in production and gained experience as cameraman on numerous television and film productions over the past fifteen years. Filming is a passion for Goodwin, and he is always armed with a camera. It was in Las Vegas that Goodwin met Bagans and Groff.

In addition, his Aaron Goodwin Collections site offers artwork from and selected by Goodwin, as well as his Big Steppin clothing line, video, audio, and philosophy.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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