Get Out: Illuminati Symbolism of the Baphomet, MKULTRA and HELTER SKELTER

I just got done with Jordan Peele’s film called Get Out and WOW was that an intriguing film!

If you haven’t seen it I beg you to do so in order to follow along. Not only is it a GREAT film, but it’ll make this analysis that much better (*this is NOT a paid advertisement).


Needless to say, there are plot spoilers ahead…

All Seeing Eye in the fractured alters of the mind- everything we’re about to talk about in plain sight!


You can now watch the analysis:



As I alluded to in my RISE: Manson’s HELTER SKELTER Race War & New Millenium Triggers article, this film pushes the boundaries of racial conversations in what could be construed as a form of race-baiting. I’ll explain why…

The film is all about a group of elites (mostly white- I recall seeing one asian man) that auction off young black people for nefarious purposes. They seek to transfer their minds into the younger, more able-bodied black people for various reasons.

Some of these elitists believe that black people have superior genetics while others think they are more in vogue. Regardless of their false beliefs, they kidnap the black people and subject them to various mind control hypnosis techniques before shoving them into “the sunken place.”

This “sunken place” is a realm that the director, Jordan Peele, himself compared to modern day struggles of the African-American culture. He said it refers to the marginalization of the culture on his Twitter:

So it seems there is a racial undertone to this film. Aside from the obvious plotlines of elite white people auctioning off black people, there are the subtle cues like the “sunken place” that need considered. This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider the links between the “Illuminati” and ideas presented in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic with the careful destruction of prominent black civil rights leaders (e.g. Martin Luther King Jr., Black Panthers, COINTELPRO, Tupac, etc.).

All of these themes play into a narrative of divisiveness between different races. I propose that distractions and the embracing of conflict are two goals of the Illuminati. Just like the stated goals of COINTELPRO; in-fighting only helps “THEM” so the more they can push us down the path of Manson’s race war the easier it is for them to proceed with their agenda.

Going further back, we saw occultists like Hitler defend his eugenics programs through ideas of superior races which were originally presented by the New Age occultist Helena Blavatsky who channeled them through a Luciferian spirit. When we hear the character Dean Armitage talk about the population control of the deer in the area, we later find out that he may be referencing the same line of thinking as Hitler’s eugenics program.

*It should also be noted that the “sunken place” may be akin to the dark side of the Kabbalah Tree of Life where the qlippoth reside (the damaged gods).

Duality of Man

Another racial component to consider is the fact that we see the duality symbolism on the movie poster.


We see the importance of black and white (which is the theme of the film- racial divides) which is also important to occultists. They believe in the reconciliation of opposites which almost beautifully fits the narrative of this film!

When you consider that they take the mind of a white person and merge it with the body of a black person; then you can see the alchemical transmutation into a reconciled set of opposites. This is the same concept echoed by the Freemason Boaz and Jachin pillars and is precisely why we see black and white checkered floors (“Moses Pavement”) on the floors of all Freemason Temples.

This same idea is on display with the Baphomet. This is the symbol of the followers of satanism for its demonstration of a male with breasts (again- a reconciled opposite).

The Baphomet

If you had doubts of my connections, look no further than the film itself where we see the statement of the Baphomet with “Behold the Coagula” (with “Coagula” being one of two statements on Baphomet’s forearms).

Coagula is a term of alchemy with SOLVE and COAGULA meaning to “separate” and “join together”:

One final example is that of the Star Wars Conspiracy– the Force has a light and dark side; Luke & Vader are meant to “bring balance” by merging the opposites.


MKULTRA Mind Control

In the film we find the mother (Missy Armitage) has the abilities to hypnotize our protagonist (Chris Washington) with a spoon and tea cup. This is the “trigger” that so many have alleged to be part of the actual brainwashing events of the CIA MKULTRA experiments of the 1950s-1970s. They were practicing with mind control techniques similar to what we saw in The Manchurian Candidate which had a trigger that initiated a conditioned response.

The victims of this mind control say that they have conditioned responses that push them into a dissociative state and a different identity (called an “alter”). This is the exact sequence we see when Chris hears the spoon in the cup and it sends him into the dissociative state of the “sunken place.”

To further echo this idea, we see the actual symbolism of the MKULTRA Project MONARCH in the film (a subprogram of MKULTRA used for genetic transfer of brainwashing; symbolized by the monarch butterfly). Chris is forced to watch video clips of what he is being prepared for (which is another concept of the Illuminati- predictive programming).


Mind Transfer Technology & Transhumanism

In the film we find out that the neurosurgeon, Dean Armitage, is conducting surgery to transplant the actual brain from the white person into the black person. Meanwhile the mind control pushes the black person’s consciousness into the sunken place. Like they state in the film, they will still be a small sliver of observation in this newly renovated human.

This is not far from the concepts being explored by the futurists today. They seek to create “mindfiles” which will be uploaded and downloadable from a cloud storage. This means consciousness will ultimately be transferred into new hosts through a transhuman revolution. Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 novels show the progression and evolution of humanity as we spiral towards the Illuminati goals of digital consciousness and immortality.

However, the immortality will mean that the human form is no longer in existence, but instead it will be man’s creation: the transhuman.

This concept has been explored in-depth with my analysis of HBO’s Westworld (a highly acclaimed project if I don’t mind saying so myself).


The somewhat-scary truth is that technological advancements are coming that the human mind is incapable of understanding (in general). We think on a linear scale while technology is increasing on an exponential scale. Very few people can comprehend the rate of changes that are coming our way and I fear that without proper guidance it will lead us into the transhuman apocalypse of man. Films like this open the door to ponder on these types of philosophical questions.


Illuminati Symbolism: The Stag God

If you had doubts of the Illuminati-occult connections in this film, consider the recurring theme of the stag. You see it referenced multiple times in the film because in the pagan-occult history they worshipped this entity of the stag god (also seen in my analysis of True Detective).

First we see it when Chris and Rose are en route to her parents house. They accidentally hit a deer and Chris has a strange foreboding encounter with it as it dies slowly in the woods.

Speaking of Rose- it should be noted that Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlet Woman” shared the same name: Rose Edith Kelly and she helped him channel the spirit for the Book of the Law. A prominent follower of Crowley, Jack Parsons (founder of JPL- the predecessor to NASA) was married to a Crowley Thelemite Marjorie Cameron who was an occultist known for her artwork. One particular piece of art in Get Out shares a similar vibe to Cameron’s:

Artwork in Get Out


Marjorie Cameron’s art of alien having sex with female


Getting back to the stag symbolism, we see it inside of the Armitage household on the wall.

It’s also on the wall of the ‘prep’ room that Chris is constrained to look at.

When Chris breaks free we see more stags in the decor.

And last (but certainly not least), Chris takes care of Dean Armitage with the head of the stag. A bit of justice the hard way.


In Conclusion

It seems that this film was able to put several ideas of occultism into the plot without overstating the obvious. I think that the less-knowledgable masses wouldn’t notice the subliminal symbols so I’d ask you to please share this article with others.

The more we can ALL understand what is going on, the easier it will be steer humanity down the RIGHT path. The path towards humanity and not transhumanism and a false immortality.

Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for my FREE email newsletter for TONS of examples just like this of symbolism hidden in entertainment.

Comment below and let me know what you thought of the film!


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Excellent breakdown. But the protagonist name is Chris Washington, Andre was the man who was kidnapped in the beginning of the movie. Loved the movie also

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  2. Symbols aside, it is a race-baiting pos. Somebody needs a real lesson of REAL history here, including the director of this mess.

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    • Race baiting lol, that’s a good one! Love how people cry, “It’s racist!”

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