George Noory at Conscious Life Expo

February 10-12 in L.A. the Conscious Life Expo is going down, here’s more details about George Noory’s appearance:

“George Noory, host of Coast-to-Coast AM, invites you to join him for lunch at the Expo!   Enjoy a three-course


meal in a private dining room (vegetarian available)  where each table will have an extra seat for George to sit and chat with you.  The room is limited to 75 Special Guests.”

Tickets for that one are $95 ‘cuz it’s pretty up close and personal.



“Join host George Noory and a sparkling celebrity panel of pioneers as we explore the ‘Physics of 2012’.  The amazing accuracy of the Mayan Calendar, synching with the Precession of the Equanoxes is the tip of the scientific iceberg.  Our ancestors appeared to know secrets of a universal science and cosmology that we are only now becoming aware of. Join us in this lively conversation about what’s really happening in 2012. ”

Tickets for that are only $15+.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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